Chapter 716: The realization of the sea leeks

“Under Gou ‘Zi’s healing light, the injuries in the Sea King’s body gradually healed. ”

“However, what gave Gou ‘Zi a huge headache was that he couldn’t dispel the curse in the Sea King’s body. ”

“After trying many methods, Gou ‘Zi gave up. ”

“However, he had also thought of a way to deal with the curse in the Sea King’s body. ”

“Among the players, Ye Shiwen had the strongest curse power. After all, she had mastered the power of the curse law given to her by Asura. ”

“As a result, Gou ‘Zi shouted on the voice channel and called Ye Shiwen to the legendary battleship he was on. ”

“At that moment, on the deck of the mythical warship, the Sea King’s face was pale. It was completely relying on Gou ‘Zi to sustain its life. ”

“As long as the healing stopped, the curse in the Sea King’s body would once again spread out and destroy him, and eventually, he would still die. ”

This bone corrosion curse made the Sea King feel even more tormented.

“However, it was fortunate that there was still Gou ‘Zi. When the Sea King thought of this, it cast a grateful look at Gou’ Zi, but Gou ‘Zi returned it with a look of disdain. ”

“After all, the enmity between the two of them had long been formed. If the sea leeks ‘lives weren’t so important, the dog wouldn’t have worked so hard. ”

“At this time, Ye Shiwen, accompanied by Gu Yu, came to the side of the Sea King. ”

“Looking at the sea King’s weak face, Ye Shiwen scratched her head. She looked at Gu Yu and asked tentatively,”” ”

“””That … What should I do?”” ”

“Gu Yu: “”???”” ”

“The young paparazzo: “”???”” ”

“””Miss, you’ve mastered the curse element and you’re asking us what to do. Are you serious?”” Gou ‘Zi was speechless. ”

“Hearing this, Ye Shiwen felt even more embarrassed. ”

“Even though she still had the Asura’s law curse power in her body, she was unable to use her abilities as skillfully as ao Jian. She was still in the process of exploring many of her curse abilities. ”

“She could curse others, but she had never tried to remove someone’s curse. ”

“””Rabbit, do you know how to?”” Thinking of this, Ye Shiwen looked at the rabbit beside her with anticipation. ”

“””I won ‘T. I’m just a rabbit. I don’t know anything!”” B.rabbit immediately replied. ”

“””I think you can. After all, you’re a herb-stirring rabbit.”” ”

“””Forget it, have you ever seen a rabbit with medical skills?”” The rabbit shook its head to show that it really didn’t know how. ”

“At this moment, Gu Yu and Gou ‘Zi’s expressions were extremely interesting. ”

“””Sea chives, you’re finished. Do you have any last words?”” Gou ‘Zi sighed and patted the Sea King’s shoulder with a look of pity. ”

“The Sea King, who had a pained expression on his face, rolled his eyes at Gou ‘Zi and couldn’t help but say,”” ”

“””I want to eat dog meat before I die!”” ”

“Upon hearing this, the dog suddenly stopped drinking milk, causing the Sea King to let out a miserable cry. ”

“””Don’t mess around!”” At this moment, Gu Yu glared at the young paparazzo. ”

“Hearing his boss’s words, Gou ‘Zi couldn’t help but curl his lips and immediately added the light of life to the sea King. ”

“””Ye Shiwen, think about it again. Treat a dead horse as if it’s still alive. Use whatever methods you have!”” Gu Yu turned his head and looked at Ye Shiwen with a serious expression. ”

The Sea King couldn’t help but roll its eyes again.

“‘As expected of a player clan, they’re so F * cking wild. I’m going to die, can you be more serious?’ ”

“Looking at the sea King’s pained face, Ye Shiwen began to rack her brain and think. ”

“After a while, Ye Shiwen raised her eyebrows and said to the sea King with a happy expression,”” ”

“””Your curse is gone!”” ”

“As soon as these words came out, everyone’s eyes immediately looked at Ye Shiwen, and the atmosphere became very heavy. ”

“However, the curse seal that was waiting for Ye Shiwen did not appear, and the sea King was still in a miserable state. ”

“””What you have mastered is the casting of negative curses. You can not dispel the curses that have already formed in others. This method will not work!”” The seven beside him shook their heads and sighed. ”

“When Ye Shiwen heard this, she scratched her head in embarrassment. ”

“””Oh right, can we use curses to fight curses?”” Gou ‘Zi raised his paw and slapped the ground as he said excitedly. ”

“””I can try.”” The seven of them nodded. ”

“””Little sister, try it. Don’t be afraid. I’m here to extend his life. You can curse him however you want!”” Gou ‘Zi turned his head and looked at Ye Shiwen. ”

“Ye Shiwen immediately nodded. After taking a deep breath, she shouted at the Sea King,”” ”

“””You turn into a pig!”” ”

“This time, the cursed sigil appeared and pierced into the sea King’s body. However, before it could take shape, it was destroyed by the purple shadow that appeared, and it was completely ineffective. ”

“Seeing this scene, the anticipation on everyone’s faces dissipated. ”

“””I’m not strong enough to curse the sea leeks at the intermediate stage of the ghost emperor realm.”” Ye Shiwen said dejectedly. ”

“When Gou ‘Zi heard this, he patted the Sea King’s shoulder sadly,”” ”

“””Sea chives, although I don’t like you, I still don’t want you to die. But this time, you’re really done for. You can’t be saved!”” ”

“””Don’t you dare touch me!”” The Sea King shouted weakly. ”

“””I remember that when we were fighting against the demonic apes, didn’t you curse a demonic ape at the ghost emperor realm? How did you do it?”” At this time, Gu Yu looked at Ye Shiwen curiously and asked. ”

“””Oh, that’s because that demonic ape has fallen into a state close to death and is extremely weak. Hence, it’s unable to resist the power of my curse!”” Ye Shiwen immediately replied with a serious face. ”

“After hearing this, Guyu gouzi and the others looked at the Sea King with a strange expression. ”

“””Ahem … I think I found a way!”” The dog grinned, revealing its white teeth. ”

“””Son of a B * tch, stop drinking milk!”” Gu Yu said at this moment. ”

“””Alright!”” Gou ‘Zi immediately cut off the release of healing light. ”

“At this moment, the Sea King let out a blood-curdling screech again, and a touch of gray appeared on its pale face. ”

“””You’re already so old. Can’t you be more tough? you’re already screaming at a little pain!”” Looking at the wailing Sea King, Gou ‘Zi said with a look of disdain. ”

“Upon hearing this, the Sea King only wanted to say,””I really F * cked the White charm dog.”” ”

“However, at this moment, his shriveling body made him scream in pain. ”

“After a short while, the Sea King stopped roaring. Its face turned completely gray, and its consciousness became blurry under the erosion of the curse. ”

Gu Yu and the others opened the analysis panel and observed the Sea King’s physical condition.

“While he was waiting, a (dying) description appeared on the Sea King’s status panel. ”

“At this moment, Gu Yu immediately looked at Ye Shiwen and said,”” ”

“””Do it!”” ”

“””Turn into a pig!”” Ye Shiwen immediately looked at the Sea King and cursed. ”

“As the curse runes appeared, they condensed into a seal in front of Ye Shiwen and pierced into the sea King’s body again. ”

“At this moment, the Sea King suddenly turned into a fat white piglet in everyone’s eyes. ”

“Seeing this scene, everyone was overjoyed. ”

“However, before everyone could be happy for long, a purple mist emerged from the sea King’s body and dispelled Ye Shiwen’s curse again, returning the Sea King to its original state. ”

“””What’s going on?”” Gou ‘Zi was stunned. ”

“””My curse is not as powerful as this one. It was neutralized!”” Ye Shiwen replied with a serious expression. ”

“””That’s easy to solve. Continue casting the curse and slowly wear down the curse of the divine seal!”” The seven people at the side immediately said. ”

“When Ye Shiwen heard this, she nodded heavily and immediately shouted the curse of turning into a pig to the sea King. ”

“Then, under the gazes of Gu Yu and the others, the Sea King turned into a pig for a moment and returned to its original form for another moment, repeating this process over and over again … ”

“At this moment, Gu Yu, the seven elders, and the others were all flushed red. However, they still held back their laughter. ”

Only Gou ‘Zi was rolling on the ground while holding his stomach. He laughed loudly and didn’t give the Sea King any face.

“However, it had to be said that the curse of the divine seal was terrifying. After turning into a pig more than ten times in a row, although the purple mist had become faint, it still stubbornly wrapped around the Sea King’s body and showed no signs of dispersing. ”

“During this period, Gou ‘Zi would extend the Sea King’s life from time to time to prevent the Sea King from dying suddenly. ”

“The Sea King was in the most pain. At this time, his heart was on the verge of collapse. ”

“So be it if he wanted to treat her, but this was too much! ”

I’ve never been so aggrieved in my life …

“Although the Sea King knew that the players were trying to heal it, it still felt humiliated. ”

“However, what the Sea King didn’t know was that the dog at the side was even more excessive than he thought. ”

“While he was turning into a pig, he kept taking pictures and was ready to send them to the forum as emojis. ”


“Time passed by just like that. As the purple curse mist was continuously offset, the time it took to turn into a pig was extended. ”

“At this moment, Gu Yu and the others finally heaved a sigh of relief. ”

He knew that the Sea King’s life was saved.

“After another ten or so curses, the purple mist dissipated under the expectant gazes of Gu Yu and the others. It was completely defeated by Ye Shiwen’s continuous curse attacks. ”

“At that moment, Gou ‘Zi decisively followed the healing light and started to heal the Sea King’s injuries. ”

“Without the curse, Gou ‘Zi’s healing became extremely smooth. In less than ten minutes, the injuries in the Sea King’s body were completely removed. Apart from the mental damage caused by the curse of the divine seal, which had yet to recover, causing the Sea King to appear a little dispirited, it was considered fully recovered. ”

“However, even though its injuries had healed, the Sea King was still lying on the ground in a dispirited manner, its face numb. ”

I’ve been turned into a pig 478 times … 478 times … I f * cked the White charm dog …

I don’t care about my face!

“At this moment, the Sea King felt very embarrassed, especially in front of the idiotic players. It was really unbearable! ”

“””Little brother, you’ve been cured by me. Do you want to thank me?”” Gou ‘Zi came to the sea King’s side and patted his shoulder. ”

“””Don’t you dare touch me, you damn dog!”” ”

“””I shouldn’t have saved you, you ungrateful leek!”” ”

“””Damn dog, get lost!”” ”


“Looking at the dog and the sea King, who were looking at each other with disdain, Gu Yu and the other seven exchanged glances and smiled. ”

They had all been shocked when they had received the news that the Sea King was in a life-and-death crisis and that the crisis came from the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

“Although the players did not fear the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, they knew how terrifying its strength was. It was not something the Sea King could contend with. ”

“Moreover, due to the long distance, there was nothing they could do in the devouring Sea area even if they were anxious. They could only hurry. ”

“Fortunately, the ocean King arrived at the kui Dragon Sea area and met ao Jian, who was about to cross the kui Dragon Sea area to the devouring Sea area to help. ”

“Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable. The Sea King would probably lose its life. A white and tender leek that had been raised for more than three years would probably die just like that. ”

“Now that the Sea King had recovered, they were relieved. ”

“At the thought of this, Gu Yu posted the news of the Sea King’s recovery on the forum. ”

“At that moment, the players below the post cheered. ”

“Although they did not come to the scene, the forum was already full of heated discussions about the curse of the divine seal on the Sea King. They were all worried about whether the Sea King could survive. ”

“When they heard that the Sea King had recovered, the players breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that the sea chives were safe. ”


“On the deck of the mythological warship, the Sea King, who looked dispirited, suddenly took a deep breath after resting for a while. He looked at Gu Yu and said with a solemn expression,”” ”

“””I’ve decided!”” ”

“When Gu Yu heard this, he said in shock,”” ”

“””Sea chives, what have you decided?”” ”

“””I’ve already been expelled from the netherworld Chamber of Commerce and have nowhere to go. Therefore, I’ve decided to join your player family and become one of you, just like the illusion fish clan!”” ”

Gu Yu and the others were dumbfounded when they heard this.

“Look, are these words coming from a leek? why don’t you have any sense? ”

“Moreover, compared to the illusionary fish clan, you’re no different from a salted fish. You have no ambition! ”

“At the thought of this, Gu Yu and Mo Lingfeng, who was standing beside him, exchanged a look. They immediately took two steps forward and lifted the Sea King up under its surprised gaze. Then, they threw him into the water. ”

“As a mature leek, you should grow on your own. How can you be a flower in a greenhouse? ”


“The Sea King that was thrown into the water: “”???”” ”

She felt uncomfortable with the curse in her heart!