Chapter 717: Can’t you be as strong as me?

“In the face of the Sea King’s initiative to join them, Gu Yu and the others decisively chose to refuse. ”

There was no room for discussion.

“The mature leeks should be able to make a name for themselves in the outside world. Staying in Hell City would only make them more and more dispirited, and they would not be able to make any progress. ”

This could be seen from Tongguan and the others.

“Ever since they had joined the northern divergent’s camp, they had never faced any life-and-death crisis. The cruel laws of survival in the netherworld had nothing to do with them. ”

“Such days were comfortable, but it would make people lose their fighting spirit. ”

“Gu Yu and the others couldn’t imagine how the Sea King, who had always been full of fighting spirit and wanted to dominate the yellow spring Sea area, would play cards and drink with Tong gua and the others every day. ”

“At that time, the Sea King would probably be crippled. ”

“Therefore, in order to preserve the Sea King’s fighting spirit, Gu Yu and the others threw him into the sea without hesitation and gave him freedom. They would never give him an inch of greenhouse land. ”

“At this moment, the Sea King was undoubtedly dumbfounded. ”

“In fact, he had always wondered why the players were so good to him, lending him a hand every time he was in danger. ”

“The Sea King’s various speculations all pointed to one point, and that was that the players wanted to recruit him and make him work for the players. ”

“However, this was a joke in the eyes of the Sea King at that time. ”

“Even if I die in the sea, I will never work for your family! ”

“However, after experiencing so much together, some things would change. The Sea King realized that the players were sincerely good to him. Therefore, the idea of ‘never joining a player clan’ gradually wavered in the days that followed. ”

“However, the Sea King still had its own power at that time. ”

“First, it was the kingdom of muntsea, and then it was the name of the war Chamber of Commerce, which was why he did not take that step. ”

“However, at this moment, his hope of relying on the netherworld Chamber of Commerce to rise up had disappeared with the break with the netherworld Chamber of Commerce. ”

“Therefore, at this moment, the Sea King had the thought of whether or not to join the player family. ”

“But this time, Gou ‘Zi and the other players had saved his life, and the idea of the Sea King joining the players’ families had taken root. ”

“After some internal struggle, the Sea King finally said,”” ”

“””I’ve decided to join a player clan!”” ”

“In the Sea King’s opinion, these words would definitely make Gu Yu and the others smile. After all, obtaining him was equivalent to obtaining the entire country of the mutt sea and the shadow race’s forces. ”

“However, the smiles on Gu Yu and the others ‘faces froze when they heard this, and they revealed looks of disdain as if they expected better from him. ”

“Then, without a word, he threw him into the sea. ”

“At this moment, the Sea King was full of question marks as he looked at the mythical warship that was flying into the distance. What the hell, are these fools having a stroke again? ”

“He looked at Gou ‘Zi, who was giving him the middle finger on the legendary warship. ”

“At this moment, the Sea King cursed in its heart. ”

“If you don’t want to join, then don’t join. Just you wait. When I rise up and become strong, even if you beg me, I won’t give you such an opportunity! ”

“The river flows thirty years East, thirty years West. Don’t think that I’m poor. When I’m so terrifying, there will be a time when you’ll come begging me. ”

This King is so angry!


“On the players ‘side, after knowing that the Sea King was safe … ”

The players didn’t hesitate to chase away the kingdom of mutsea’s Army that was stationed on the veluriyam Coast.

“At this moment, hei sui was dumbfounded. He couldn’t understand why the player clan that had made them station here would suddenly turn hostile. ”

“So, he immediately asked the nearby players to know why. ”

The reason given by the players was simple:

“””Your boss is safe now. Hurry up and go find him. It’s time to start a new journey!”” ”

“Knowing that the Sea King was safe, hei sui and the others were undoubtedly very happy. However, they were puzzled as to why the players were urging them to become stronger. ”

He felt that something was wrong.

“In particular, the players ‘expectant eyes were very similar to when they raised spirit beasts and hoped that the spirit beasts would quickly grow fat. ”

“Although they couldn’t understand, hei sui and the others still started to leave the lapis lazuli Coast. ”

“However, before they left, the players handed over half of the resources they had obtained from the ‘collusion’ in the devouring Sea area to hei sui and the others as promised. ”

Hei sui and the other Lords were very touched.

“In the netherworld, which was ruled by the cruel law of survival, the players did not take advantage of their weakness to attack them. Instead, they fulfilled their promise and were considered a clear stream in the netherworld. ”

“In the end, under the players ‘impatient gazes, hei sui led his clansmen away from the colored glass Coast and headed towards the quilong sea, ready to find their boss, who was already safe. ”

“As for how they would proceed in the future, they were actually very confused. ”

“Moreover, they had an idea in their minds and decided to discuss it with the Sea King. ”

And that was to join a player clan!

“After weighing the pros and cons, hei sui and the others knew that they were very unsafe at this stage. They had completely offended the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, and it would be extremely difficult for them to survive in this sea. ”

“In addition to the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, the forces that wanted to please the netherworld Chamber of Commerce might also attack them in secret. ”

It could be said that they were enemies everywhere they went after offending the netherworld Chamber of Commerce.

“So in their eyes, Beiqi, where the players were from, would be the only place they could settle down. ”

“At the very least, the netherworld Chamber of Commerce wouldn’t make a move against the families of the players from Beiqi. ”

“With this in mind, hei sui and the others crossed the border of the Wuxu sea and arrived at the kui Dragon Sea. ”

“Following the players ‘hints, they searched the area and finally found the Sea King, who was with the Shadow Warriors. ”

“Seeing that the Sea King was really safe and sound as the players had said, hei sui and the others were extremely pleased. ”

They immediately went forward to meet up with him.

“After a conversation, hei sui gathered his courage and told the Sea King on behalf of all the Lords that they wanted to join the player clans. ”

“At that moment, the Sea King’s reaction caught hei sui and the others off guard. ”

“The Sea King, who was originally indifferent, suddenly became angry. It raised its palm and hit the back of hei sui’s head.”” ”

“””Don’t you have any ambition?”” ”

“””Are you discouraged by some setbacks?”” ”

“””How many benefits did the players give you?”” ”

“””If you like to play with clans so much, why don’t you join them?”” ”

“””Can’t you be stronger like me!”” ”

“””I’ll beat you to death … Who gave you such thoughts, who gave you such thoughts!”” ”


A series of ‘pa pa pa’ beatings left Sha Shui and the rest dumbfounded.

“Looking at hei sui, who was holding his head and squatting down, they shivered and felt lucky that those words didn’t come from their own mouths. ”

“Otherwise, he would be the one getting beaten up. ”

“At this moment, hei sui felt extremely wronged. ”

“He felt that he had not said anything wrong. The players had given them so much help, so it was understandable for them to join them! ”

“Like a stubborn donkey, heartless, ungrateful, and a scumbag … ”

“Of course, hei sui did not dare to say this out loud. Instead, he lay down and curled up his body skillfully to reduce the area of his injury. ”


“After hei sui and the others left with the mutt Army, another hot topic exploded on the forum. ”

“According to what ao Jian had said, a great battle was about to take place in the Second World of the path of hell. ”

Venerable tree of netherworld Chamber of Commerce would fight with venerable devil ape.

“At that moment, a large number of players headed to the Second World through the newly built teleportation point, ready to watch this epic battle. ”

“At the same time, the players on the forum were in a heated discussion, all guessing who would win this battle. ”

They even started a round of voting.

“Of course, there were also players from cruel malevolence who started a bet … ”

“From the final result, it could be seen that the players were generally more optimistic about venerable devil ape, who could fight across realms. ”

“As for the outcome, the players couldn’t wait to go to the scene to confirm their guesses. ”