Chapter 718: I long to live

“As the players were comparing venerable tree and venerable ape demon’s combat power, venerable tree had already crossed the space tunnel and arrived at the path of hell world. ”

“As he did not know the coordinates of the Second World of the path of hell and did not have a teleportation formation for the players, he wandered around the path of hell world in search of a way to head to the Second World. ”

“After some exploration, he roughly grasped the structure of the 18 layers of the Dao of hell. Finally, he tore open space and arrived at the world of the second realm. ”

“The moment venerable tree appeared, venerable monster ape, who was cultivating, felt the sudden appearance of a vast vitality. ”

“He looked to the West, trying to determine the exact location of the aura. ”

“He could sense a strong life force approaching from the West. When venerable devil ape opened his eyes, he saw a hunchbacked, seemingly weak old man standing in the air. ”

“””Who are you, and why are you looking for me?”” Venerable devil ape grinned and asked, not panicking at all. ”

“””I’m from the central sea of the yellow spring. Outsiders call me venerable tree!”” The tree replied with a calm expression. ”

“””You’re from the netherworld Chamber of Commerce … It seems like you’re here to seek revenge for that sword-wielding fellow, right?”” Hearing venerable tree say that he came from the central Sea area of the yellow spring, venerable devil ape suddenly thought of the ancient God he had killed. ”

“Instead of answering, venerable tree looked at venerable monster ape and said,”” ”

“””Can you give me some pointers?”” ”

“””Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”” Looking at venerable tree, venerable monster ape answered with a sinister smile. ”

“In his opinion, the venerable tree was here for revenge, so there was no need to talk too much. He could just kill it! ”

“Thinking of this, venerable devil ape waved his hand, and the black iron rod that was stuck in the ground not far away suddenly trembled and floated up into the air. Then, it was held in venerable devil ape’s hand. ”

“””Wait!”” ”

“””What’s the matter?”” Venerable devil ape asked with a frown. ”

“””Before we start, let your clansmen leave first. Don’t let them get involved in the battle!”” ”

“Hearing this, venerable devil ape had a strange look on his face. He couldn’t understand why venerable tree, who had come to seek revenge, would have such an idea. ”

“After a cold snort, devil ape venerable shook his body, and suddenly, countless devil apes fell down like rain. ”

“Then, devil ape venerable waved his hand again, tearing open a space and enveloping all the devil apes. ”

“After doing all this, venerable devil ape looked at venerable tree with a provocative look. ”

“Venerable tree didn’t say anything. He clenched his fist, and the law of fist intent surged. Runes of law wrapped around his right hand, and even venerable devil ape was shocked by the majestic vitality that was dissipating. ”

“The battle broke out at this moment, and the first one to attack was venerable devil ape. ”

The black iron rod suddenly transformed into thousands of blurs and smashed toward the Supreme tree.

“At this time, the tree was as small as an ant in front of the black stick. However, when he swung his right fist, the world turned gray again, as if all the life force in the surroundings had been drawn away by his right fist. ”

“When this punch collided with venerable devil ape’s Tai Qing rod, a gust of wind whistled in an instant, and the sound of space tearing rang out constantly at the point of collision. ”

Venerable devil ape’s sinister smile disappeared.

“Because he found that the venerable tree’s strength was not weaker than his, and was even a little stronger. ”

This was the first time venerable devil ape had encountered such a powerful opponent after becoming an ancient God.

Not even the zombie goddess had been able to match him in terms of strength.

He couldn’t imagine how that Hunchback body could contain such a terrifying power.

“””Roar!”” At this moment, venerable devil ape also became serious. As he roared, all the muscles in his body tensed up, and he poured all his strength into the Tai Qing stick, trying to suppress venerable tree. ”

“This time, he had the advantage of strength and slowly pushed the venerable tree to the ground. ”

“However, his advantage did not last for long. Venerable tree suddenly stretched out his left hand, clenched it into a fist, and smashed it on the Tai Qing stick. ”

“Both fists struck out at the same time, and the terrifying power directly sent venerable devil ape flying, causing him to fall to the ground. ”

“The defeat in the confrontation had completely angered venerable ape. His figure suddenly disappeared and then reappeared next to venerable tree, sweeping the Tai Qing stick again. ”

“At this moment, as venerable devil ape attacked, lines of nomological patterns appeared on the Tai Qing stick. ”

“””BOOM!”” ”

The fist and the iron rod collided again.

“Violent energy ripples spread in all directions. Under this attack, the space shattered and fell off like glass, unable to be repaired for a long time, as if suppressed by this power. ”

Venerable tree was also smashed deep into the ground.

“Without waiting for venerable tree to get up, devil ape raised his tai Qing stick and slammed it on the ground. The nearby mountains and rivers were shattered, and the violent power created a deep pit with a diameter of 3000 meters. ”

“At this time, venerable devil ape locked on to the aura of venerable tree coming from the ground. He struck out the Tai Qing stick again, piercing the earth and pointing it at venerable tree. ”

“””BOOM!”” The entire Dao of Hell’s second World trembled under this attack. ”

It was as if the earth couldn’t support such a powerful tilt and would collapse at any time.

“At this moment, a figure suddenly broke through the shackles of the earth and appeared beside venerable devil ape. His withered right arm suddenly swung towards his cheek. ”

“The power of fist intent law gathered, and this punch was like a cannonball shooting out of the chamber. It instantly exploded with a power that venerable devil ape couldn’t resist, and he was sent flying. ”

“At this moment, venerable devil ape’s heart was filled with shock. ”

“He had clearly taken two hits from her, so why did he still have battle strength? ”

His body pulled a ditch on the ground and slid for a few thousand meters before stopping.

“Feeling the pain on his right cheek, venerable devil ape clenched the Tai Qing stick in his hand. Suddenly, a familiar force surged into his body, and the injury on his cheek was completely healed in the blink of an eye. ”

“Then, he turned to look at the venerable tree in the distance and found that it was in a miserable state. It was not uninjured. ”

“Seeing this, venerable devil ape grinned again. ”

“This was because he could not lose in a battle of endurance. As long as he was not killed in one strike, he would not lose. ”

“Thinking of this, the divine seal between venerable devil ape’s eyebrows flickered, and his body began to shrink. In the blink of an eye, he became as small as venerable tree, and the Tai Qing stick in his hand also shrank. ”

“After taking a deep breath, venerable monster ape suddenly disappeared from where he was standing. When he reappeared, he was already behind venerable tree. ”

“The Tai Qing stick, which was surging with the power of law, pierced through the space and pointed at the back of the Supreme tree. ”

“The venerable tree sensed it and immediately turned around, using his right fist to meet the attack. ”

“””BOOM!”” Two violent air currents blew to the sides. ”

“””Hahaha, I feel great!”” Venerable devil ape laughed and reached out his left hand to grab venerable tree’s neck. ”

“At this moment, the divine seal on venerable tree’s forehead lit up, and the laws of his left fist surrounded him as he punched toward venerable devil ape’s left hand. ”

“This strike was like a comet hitting the earth, making venerable devil ape feel an unrivaled power. The wind from the fist came, scraping his skin and causing pain. ”

“””Kacha!”” ”

“In front of venerable devil ape’s disbelieving expression, his left hand was broken by a punch. ”

“This time, venerable tree did not give him a chance. He retracted his left hand and struck venerable monster ape’s chest again, smashing him to the ground. ”

“The punch caved in venerable devil ape’s chest, and he was in a daze. He could vaguely see a fierce tiger burning with green flames roaring in his thin body. ”

“Although venerable devil ape was injured, it was not a problem to him. ”

“He immediately clenched the Tai Qing staff in his hand. In the blink of an eye, his injuries recovered and he returned to his peak state. ”

“After recovering, venerable devil ape pounced on venerable tree again without hesitation. ”

“Although you’re strong, I’ll never lose! ”

“In fact, venerable devil ape had fought countless experts in his life. Even if he was defeated again and again, he would always win with his Infinite Recovery ability. ”

“But it was different for the tree Lord. He had also fought countless ancient God Realm experts in the central sea of the yellow spring, but he had never lost. ”

“Facing such a powerful venerable tree, venerable monster ape changed his battle strategy. ”

“Although he was brutal, he was not stupid. He knew that he was no match for the venerable tree if he fought it head-on, and he had to take special measures. ”

He could only think of one special method: Exchanging injury for injury!

“When they clashed again, venerable monster ape no longer blocked venerable tree’s attack. Instead, he chose to take the heavy punch and hit venerable tree with his rod. ”

“After a short confrontation, venerable devil ape suffered countless heavy punches. His body was twisted and deformed, and many of his bones were broken. ”

“Venerable tree was also in a miserable state. His clothes had long been turned into dust, and his emaciated body was covered with stick marks. His skin had been smashed by the Supreme purity stick, and blood was flowing out. ”

“””Hahaha!”” At the sight of this, venerable devil ape laughed madly. He clenched his tai Qing stick, and a warm current flowed into his body. His injuries healed quickly, and he was back to his peak in the blink of an eye. ”

“Venerable tree did not say anything. He raised his right fist and clenched it. Suddenly, a vigorous life force surged out of his body and filled his whole body. Under the disbelieving gaze of venerable monster ape, the injuries on the surface of venerable tree’s body healed quickly, not much slower than his. ”

“At this moment, venerable devil ape was completely stunned. ”

“He had been able to heal his wounds in a short period of time by using the “”iron rod”” in his hand. However, the tree venerable did not consume any mystical materials or carry any tools with him. He had managed to do it with his physical body. ”

This really frightened venerable devil ape.

“””You … How did you do that!”” Venerable devil ape couldn’t help but ask. ”

“””I just want to live!”” Venerable tree smiled indifferently. ”

“””Again!”” Upon hearing this, venerable devil ape, who refused to believe it, stepped forward again and chose to exchange injury with venerable tree. ”

The battle between the two began again.

“As they exchanged blows, the earth seemed to be on the verge of collapsing. It could not bear the burden, and the space was constantly breaking and healing, creating vortexes of space currents that tore everything around them. ”

“If not for the fact that the space of the path of hell was extremely special and was formed from the body of “”Ksitigarbha,”” it would have definitely shattered during the battle. ”

“At this moment, all the gods of the path of hell were alarmed. ”

“They all turned their heads to look at the battle. Their line of sight pierced through the boundary and arrived at the second realm, watching the battle. ”

“Meanwhile, the players who had come to watch the show had also entered the Second World. ”

“However, the moment they stepped into the Second World, they were stunned by what they saw. ”

“The scene in front of them was like the end of the world. Mountains crumbled, grass withered, and spatial currents appeared in the sky from time to time. Many players even thought that they had come to the wrong place. ”

“After realizing that the battle between venerable monster ape and venerable tree had begun, the players immediately moved forward. ”

“This journey was filled with danger, and if he was not careful, he would be torn apart by the spatial countercurrent. ”

“However, in order to enjoy the show, the players used their fearless spirit and avoided the space currents all the way. ”

“He used his actions to show what an iron-headed doll was, and he advanced while braving the danger of death. ”

“In order to broadcast the battle live as soon as possible, the players in the media circle on the forum pooled their funds to buy the soul prayer wine. After he finished drinking, he ran for his life, using his life to fight for a line … ”

“At the same time, Lu Wu was also paying attention to the battle between venerable tree and venerable monster ape. ”

“This time, the venerable tree’s combat power also shocked Lu Wu. ”

His physical body had been cultivated to such a realm. It was so terrifying that it could compete with his external hack!