Chapter 721: The power of the heavenly realm descends

“By relying on the unyielding will contained in his bloodline, venerable monster ape was able to get rid of the control of the Tai Qing stick. ”

“At this moment, he was full of gratitude for the venerable tree. ”

“If it wasn’t for the venerable tree, he would be no different from the clansmen who were enslaved by the corpse clan but didn’t know about it and even took it for granted. ”

He was still being controlled and had no intention of resisting.

“However, at this time, the venerable tree turned to the right and waved his hand. Suddenly, the ground shook, and a Green Tiger tore the earth apart with the black iron rod in its mouth and came to the side of the venerable tree. ”

“Taking the black iron rod from the Tiger’s mouth, the venerable tree’s face turned serious. ”

“Although he had no weapons, his fists had broken countless divine weapons. ”

“However, the black iron rod had blocked his attacks time and time again. He felt that there was something strange about the rod. ”

“Just now, when venerable devil ape had attacked him in a rage, he clearly remembered that a piece of rust had fallen from the black iron rod. At that time, it had revealed an aura that made him feel moved. ”

It seemed to be a power that did not exist in the netherworld.

“However, the black iron rod had returned to its unremarkable state, and the green-silver light had been concealed inside. ”

“Venerable tree wanted to find out what was going on, and he had a guess in his heart. ”

And the direction he was guessing in was the heaven realm.

“In fact, he had long known about the pawns that the heaven realm had placed in the netherworld. He had even personally removed several forces that the heaven realm had placed in the netherworld. ”

“If his guess was correct, this rod was probably one of the pawns that the heaven realm had placed in the netherworld. ”

“Thinking of this, venerable tree clenched his fist. As the Tiger roared, his right fist suddenly struck out. ”

“Venerable tree did not hold back his power in this punch, and a space countercurrent immediately formed at the point of collision and began to tear at his arm and the Tai Qing stick. ”

“The tree didn’t move, but the strength of his right arm kept increasing. ”

“Ding! Ding! With a crisp sound, the black iron rod trembled at this moment, and a layer of rust fell off, once again revealing the green-silver part of its body. ”

“Seeing this, venerable tree immediately pulled back his fist and punched again. ”

“After each collision, the rust on the surface of the black iron rod became less and less, gradually revealing its true body. ”

“The green and silver colors reflected each other and flickered as they changed colors. There was a lotus pattern on both ends, and the word “”up”” was engraved on the top of one end. ”

“Seeing this word, the venerable tree frowned and fell into deep thought. Then, his expression suddenly changed. ”

He suddenly remembered who the owner of the stick was.

It was an existence he couldn’t afford to offend at all. Even the great emperors who controlled the netherworld had to be afraid of him.

“However, the tree did not let go of the struggling tai Qing stick. Instead, he had the idea of destroying it. ”


“At this moment, in the heavenly realm, in the heavenly Dao realm. ”

“The ethereal clouds shrouded the pool water, and the Lotus in the center bloomed at this moment. The Grand Supreme, who was healing inside, opened his eyes. ”

“At this moment, his expression was cold, and his eyes flickered. ”

“He had thought that by using the Supreme purity staff to control venerable devil ape, he could secretly consume the power of the netherworld. However, he did not expect that the monster ape, which had been enslaved by the Tai Qing stick, would be able to break free of the shackles and even break his mark of faith. ”

All of this had clearly exceeded his expectations.

“””The blood of Ksitigarbha? I didn’t expect that your bloodline would still be passed down after your death. You’re truly a disaster!”” ”

“The Grand Supreme’s eyes flickered. Finally, all the emotions were contained in his eyes, and his eyes became cold and ruthless again. ”

“””Since you’ve already been detected, come back!”” ”

“After muttering this, the Lotus closed and the Grand Supreme once again entered a state of cultivation and healing. ”

He was waiting for the moment he fully recovered …


“At this time, in the Second World of the path of hell, venerable tree was still destroying the Supreme purity stick. ”

“However, no matter how he attacked, the Tai Qing stick trembled, but showed no signs of being damaged. ”

“At this moment, the rod suddenly trembled and exploded with an unimaginable force, pushing the venerable tree away and shooting up into the sky. ”

“Seeing this, venerable tree, who had taken a step back, immediately reached out to grab the Tai Qing stick. ”

“His arm tore through the space and appeared directly next to the Tai Qing staff, which had already flown far away, and held it firmly. ”

The two forces immediately wrestled with each other.

“This time, no matter how hard the stick struggled, the tree did not let go. ”

“From the bulging veins on his arms, it could be seen that the venerable tree had used all his strength to restrict the movement of the Tai Qing stick. ”

“In such a contest, the surface of the Tai Qing stick once again erupted with a similar force as before, trying to push the venerable tree away. ”

“Seeing this, venerable tree snorted and stepped on the ground, the muscles on his right arm contracting. ”

“The vigorous life force surged in his body, and the power that burst out in an instant caused the Tai Qing stick to slide down by a section, and even resisted the shock of the Tai Qing stick. ”

“This time, the Tai Qing stick failed to resist the power of the venerable tree, and it began to decline. ”

“After another burst of power, the Tai Qing stick pierced through the space crack and appeared next to the venerable tree. ”

“Holding the Tai Qing stick, venerable tree’s aura began to surge. ”

He wanted to try again!

“However, just as he was about to make a move, a gap suddenly appeared in the sky, and countless figures emerged from it. ”

“These figures all had divine imprints that belonged to the heaven realm on their foreheads, and there were hundreds of them. ”

The person in charge of the heavenly Policy Bureau was none other than the man in charge. The profound heavens immortal Lord.

“He stared coldly at the venerable tree below, and after a moment of silence, he said,”” ”

“””I suspect that this staff was left behind by the heaven defying Alliance, so I’ll investigate it!”” ”

“””The heaven defying Alliance? This is your excuse?”” Venerable tree said with a cold expression. ”

“””I don’t care what you think, just give me the stick!”” As he spoke, a dazzling Golden Wheel bloomed behind taixuan immortal Lord, and the energy fluctuation around him was no weaker than that of the Supreme tree. ”

“In the face of the profound sky immortal Lord’s oppression, the tree man looked neither happy nor sad. His right hand was still holding the Tai Qing stick tightly, and he had no intention of giving it to the Lord. ”

“””You have to consider carefully whether you want to be the enemy of the heaven realm. If you make the wrong decision, you will have to pay the price!”” ”

“””Why talk nonsense? if you want to snatch it, come!”” As he spoke, he clenched his left fist. ”

“Looking at the unyielding venerable tree, the profound sky immortal Lord couldn’t help but frown. ”

“He was not afraid of venerable tree, but the great emperor of the netherworld. ”

“After all, he had descended in a hurry this time, and there was not enough reason for him to make a move. ”

“Therefore, he could only use the heaven defying Alliance as an excuse to try to make venerable tree hand over the Tai Qing stick. ”

“Under normal circumstances, no one was willing to have anything to do with the heaven defying Alliance. Even if they were unwilling, they would still choose to let go. ”

“But clearly, the venerable tree did not. ”

“Looking at the cold-faced Supreme tree, the profound sky immortal Lord’s face turned cold as well.”” ”

“””This item must be related to the heaven defying Alliance. Since you’re so stubborn, I’ll take it myself!”” ”

“After saying that, heavenly Mystic immortal Lord Wang spoke again,”” ”

“””It’s our duty as the heavenly Policy Bureau to enforce the law on everything related to the heaven defying Alliance. Please forgive us, Your Majesty!”” ”

“These words were naturally not for venerable tree, but for the netherworld Emperor. ”

“As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his hand, and all the gods of the heavenly Policy Bureau immediately lined up in a row and began to arrange the formation. ”

“For the first time, the venerable tree’s eyes were filled with killing intent. ”

“At this moment, the tree could sense that the sky Mystic immortal Lord was no weaker than him, and with the help of the array, it seemed difficult for him to fight. ”

“In addition, he was controlling the Tai Qing stick with his right hand, so he could only use his left hand to fight with these gods. ”

“But even so, he had no intention of compromising. ”

He knew that he was not alone!

“””How dare you come to the path of hell to be so presumptuous! Have you asked for my permission?”” Accompanied by a hoarse roar, a huge half-human, half-beast figure tore through space and appeared in the Second World of the path of hell. ”

“””If you want to fight, I’ll fight you to the end.”” Another spatial crack appeared, and a huge goat-like creature with a twisted horn suddenly descended. Its horn shone with a dim light and pointed upwards. ”

“””Hahaha, this time you came to attack first, so I have a reason to attack. Great emperors, don’t interfere. Let me kill to my heart’s content!”” ”

“””How can I be left out at this time, come!”” ”

“””Using numbers to bully the few? It’s indeed the style of heaven realm, but you have to recognize whose home field this is!”” ”

“””I thought it would be a good show, but I didn’t expect to attract the B * stards of the heaven realm. It seems that this stick is not simple, then all the more I can’t hand it over!”” ”

“””Leave the stick behind, or you guys stay with the stick!”” ”


“One after another, spatial cracks appeared in the Second World of the path of hell and the gods of the path of hell appeared. ”

“Like the players, they had been watching the battle between venerable tree and venerable monster ape in the dark. ”

“Even if venerable tree or venerable monster ape died, they would not appear here. ”

“However, when they saw the gods from heaven coming to force venerable tree to hand over the Tai Qing stick, they came together without any discussion. ”

“They could ignore the infighting and wouldn’t even interfere, but the gods of heaven realm dared to bully the gods of the netherworld, which touched their reverse scale. ”

“There was no need for outsiders to interfere in their own affairs, not to mention the forces of the heaven realm. ”

“The gods, who were already dissatisfied with the forces of the heaven realm, had been suppressing their anger. However, with the restriction of the great emperor, they could not erupt, so they could only choose to endure. ”

“However, at this moment, the gods of the heavenly realm had taken the initiative to humiliate them, so they had a reason to attack! ”


“Looking at the path of Hell’s fiendcelestials in front of him and sensing the nomological aura that was dissipating from their bodies, the expression of the profound sky immortal Lord, who had wanted to snatch the Supreme purity rod, suddenly changed. ”

The advantage in numbers was gone at this moment.

“The profound heavens immortal Lord was completely flustered, and he hurriedly waved his hand to signal for the formation to stop operating. ”

“Otherwise, he was afraid that he would have to face the combined attacks of the path of Hell’s gods. ”

This was not a power they could resist!


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