Chapter 722: Refusing to return

The profound heavens immortal Lord had never expected that their appearance would attract the attention of all the gods and devils of the path of hell.

“In the past, as long as the great emperor did not show up in other regions, the heavenly Policy Bureau would not have to worry about the interference of external forces. ”

“However, it was clearly not going to work in the hell path. ”

It was because the most powerful gods of the netherworld were here.

“At this moment, the profound sky immortal Lord was a little flustered. ”

“Originally, he had planned to take the Tai Qing rod away with a tough attitude. However, with the appearance of the demonic gods, doing so was undoubtedly seeking death. ”

“At the thought of this, Tian Xuan celestial Lord quickly stopped the formation that had just been formed to prevent the conflict from escalating. ”

“At the same time, Tianxuan celestial Lord turned to the demonic gods and said,”” ”

“””Everyone, what is the meaning of this?”” ”

“””You’re asking us? This Yin God is a member of the path of hell. You brought so many people here to threaten him. Do you think we have no one else?”” The one who spoke was the one-horned spirit goat that called itself Chu Zhi. ”

“As he spoke, Chu Zhi was the first to label the tree as a member of the path of hell. ”

“””I, Tian CE, have come to collect the items left behind by the heaven defying Alliance. I suspect that this metal rod is related to the heaven defying plan. According to the rules, you are not allowed to interfere with the affairs of the heaven defying Alliance!”” The profound heavens immortal Lord replied with a solemn expression. ”

“””The heaven defying Alliance? You’re saying that this staff is related to the heaven defying Alliance? Tell me in detail whose weapon it is!”” A touch of ridicule appeared on qu Zhi’s face. ”

“At this moment, the sky Mystic celestial Lord was speechless. ”

“””Even if the Emperor made an agreement with you to investigate the heaven defying Alliance as you wish, you should at least have some evidence. How can you accuse the heaven defying Alliance without any evidence? would you believe me if I told you that the person behind you is actually a spy from the heaven defying Alliance?”” ”

“””You …”” Tianxuan celestial Lord’s face turned livid. ”

“If they weren’t in the hell Dao, he would definitely make this spirit goat pay the price in blood. ”

“However, the situation was pressing, and he knew that he had to restrain himself. ”

“””Evidence! Prove that this staff is related to the heaven defying Alliance! Otherwise, you won’t be able to take anything with you!”” At this moment, another path of Hell’s demonic god spoke. ”

“””We’re only suspicious. We’ll know everything after an investigation. As long as you hand over the stick to me, I’ll return it and apologize to you in person if I’m wrong!”” ”

“””I think this stick is something from my fifth realm. Maybe it’s a weapon I lost. Why don’t you let me investigate it first and give it to you after I’m sure it’s not mine?”” You Sha said with a sinister smile. ”

The atmosphere gradually became tense.

“At this moment, the profound sky immortal Lord didn’t dare to make a move at all. If a battle really broke out, he would definitely be no match for them. However, he couldn’t just leave like this. ”

This was because it was the Grand Supreme’s order to collect the Tai Qing stick.

“After a moment of stalemate, a golden light suddenly appeared in the sky. Then, a figure slowly condensed in the Second World. ”

“Upon seeing this person, the profound heavens immortal Lord and the others were shocked. They immediately lowered their heads and said respectfully, ”

“””Heavenly Emperor!”” ”

It was the eastern Emperor Taiyi.

“At that moment, the expressions of the path of Hell’s demonic gods changed. ”

“They could oppress the profound sky immortal Lord with their power, making him not dare to act rashly. However, it was completely ineffective against the eastern Emperor Taiyi. ”

“Even if they attacked together, they would not be a match for East Emperor Taiyi! ”

“In the entire netherworld, only the great emperors could fight with the East Emperor Taiyi. ”

“At the thought of this, many of the devil gods of the path of hell cursed in their hearts. ”

Why isn’t the rotten old man here yet? he’s already bullying us all the way to our doorstep …

“At this moment, donghuang Taiyi, who had appeared in the Second World, did not cast his gaze at the demonic gods. Instead, he turned to the left and said slowly,”” ”

“””Dongyue, come out!”” ”

“As soon as he finished speaking, the space suddenly trembled. Then, the great emperor of East Peak, who was surrounded by 3000 laws, appeared. ”

All the fiendcelestials heaved a sigh of relief when they saw the great emperor of East Peak.

“Otherwise, it would be unrealistic for them to negotiate with the East Emperor Taiyi directly, as they would not be on the same level of strength. ”

“””Donghuang, it’s just a small fight down there. Why are you here?”” ”

“””I think you already know what that stick is!”” Donghuang frowned. ”

“””I only followed you here because I found you. I don’t know what stick you have!”” The great emperor of East Peak replied with a smile. ”

“””Old … Emperor Chu, they said that the staff belongs to the heaven defying Alliance, and they’re here to investigate!”” Chu Zhi quickly said, planning to strike first. ”

“””Oh? So it’s something from the heaven defying Alliance, then we’ll just give it to them!”” The great emperor of East Peak smiled. ”

“””But I don’t think anyone in the heaven defying Alliance uses a staff. Why don’t you personally identify what this staff is?”” Chu Zhi spoke again. ”

“Upon hearing this, Eastern Emperor Taiyi turned around and glared at the profound sky immortal Lord. ”

“At this moment, he knew that he was in a passive position. ”

“He could have taken the Tai Qing staff if he had appeared, but the profound sky immortal Lord had just said that it belonged to the heaven defying Alliance. They had said this themselves, so they naturally could not deny this. ”

East Emperor Taiyi felt helpless.

“In the end, it was still because the Grand Supreme was still recuperating and could not leave the heavenly Dao realm. This was also one of the secrets of the heaven realm. Otherwise, the Grand Supreme could have just come personally to retrieve it and not have to go through so much trouble. ”

“””Dongyue, stop pretending. I believe you already know that this is the Tai Qing rod. The Grand Supreme is currently searching for the remnants of the human race in the outer realms and can’t come. It’s better for you to return this to us!”” ”

“””The Grand Supreme is outside the region? Are you sure?”” ”

“””What do you mean by that?”” East Emperor Taiyi’s expression turned cold. ”

“””I haven’t seen the Grand Supreme for a long time, and I miss him. If it’s possible, ask him to come and take it personally. It’ll be good to entertain him.”” ”

Donghuang Taiyi’s heart clenched as he faced Dong Yue’s probing attack.

One of the key reasons why the heaven realm didn’t destroy the netherworld was because of the Grand Supreme who was healing.

“Back then, when they exterminated the human race, Grand Supreme was heavily injured by Ren zu’s cooperation and had yet to recover. ”

“Although the forces of the heaven realm were still stronger than those of the netherworld, they would have to pay a heavy price if they attacked now. ”

“So they had been waiting, waiting for the Grand Supreme to completely recover before falling out. ”

“While waiting, all they could do was try to weaken the power of the netherworld so that they could reduce their losses when the war started in the future. ”

“Upon hearing great emperor of East Peak’s question, donghuang Taiyi realized that great emperor of East Peak seemed to have noticed something. ”

“””Are you sure you want the Grand Elder to come and get it personally?”” ”

“””As long as he comes here personally, I will definitely present this staff to him!”” ”

“””Alright!”” Donghuang Taiyi did not waste any more time. His body slowly disappeared from where he was. ”


“Upon seeing this, the gods and devils present felt relieved. ”

“In fact, when the great emperor of East Peak appeared, they even guessed whether he would choose to compromise as before. ”

“However, they didn’t expect this old man to be so tough. It was really beyond everyone’s expectations. ”

“””Hey … You … Tianxuan, right? your master’s gone. Aren’t you going to follow?”” Yi Zhi turned to Tianxuan celestial Lord and sneered. ”

“””You … I’ll remember this!”” The profound heavens immortal Lord glared at Chu Zhi before turning around and leaving through a spatial Rift. ”

“Seeing this, the other gods of the heavenly realm immediately tore open the space and followed. ”

“After the heaven realm’s members left, the path of Hell’s gods respectfully said to the great emperor of East Peak,”” ”

“””Great emperor!”” ”

“In fact, they all knew that the great emperors had tolerated everything for the sake of the entire netherworld, but even so, they still felt a fire in their hearts. ”

“This was the first time he had seen the forces of the heaven realm suffer a loss. He was very happy, and his attitude towards the great emperor had changed. ”

“When the Emperor of East Peak heard this, he didn’t reply. Instead, he looked at the tree venerable Lord and nodded slightly. Then, he looked at the players who were hiding in the distance and eating melons. A smile appeared on his face. ”

“He knew that the time was almost ripe, and all he had to do was wait. ”

“Then, his figure disappeared. ”

“After the great emperor left, the path of Hell’s demonic gods also looked at venerable tree. ”

“They didn’t say anything, but their eyes contained a deep meaning. ”

Venerable tree’s unyielding behavior had earned their respect.

“From the venerable tree, they could see the figure of the heaven defying Alliance, which was worthy of their respect. ”

“After the demonic gods and the venerable tree nodded in respect, they each tore open space and left without communicating with the venerable tree. ”

“After the demonic gods of the path of hell left, venerable tree turned his head to look at the Supreme purity stick that had stopped in his hand. ”

“After countless full-force strikes, there was still no trace left on the Tai Qing stick. He knew that he could not damage it with his ability. ”

“Originally, he wanted to give the staff to the great emperor of East Peak, but he did not expect that the great emperor would leave just like that. Obviously, he had no intention of taking the staff away. ”

“At this moment, even venerable tree did not know how to deal with the staff. ”

“””Do you know what this rod is?”” “”What is it?”” venerable devil ape asked. ”

“He had always known that this staff was extraordinary, but he did not expect that even the celestial Emperor and the netherworld Emperor would appear because of it. At this moment, he was curious and could not help but look at venerable tree and ask. ”

“””The Tai Qing stick is the weapon of the heavenly Emperor!”” ”

“Hearing this, venerable devil ape was shocked. ”

“Thinking of all his previous encounters, at this moment, anger suddenly welled up in his heart. He realized that he had obviously been used as a chess piece by the heaven realm and was under their control. ”

“At this time, venerable tree handed the Tai Qing stick to venerable devil ape. ”

“Venerable devil ape was stunned,”” ”

“””What are you doing?”” ”

“””I don’t have the ability to destroy this item, so you can keep it!”” ”

“When devil ape heard this, he quickly shook his head to refuse. At this moment, he had a shadow in his heart about the Tai Qing rod. He was afraid that he would be controlled by the rod again. ”

“Seeing that even demon ape venerable did not want it, venerable tree felt a little troubled. ”

He didn’t know where the staff was sealed.

“Just as the venerable tree was lost in thought, a player slowly walked over from a distance. ”

Venerable tree and venerable monster ape immediately sensed it and looked at the player who was walking toward them.

“While they were waiting, the player came up to them and asked with a face that deserved a beating,”” ”

“””What are you talking about? You’re not going to fight anymore?”” ”

“The tree venerable: “”???”” ”

“Devil ape Knight: “”???”” ”

The players in the livestream couldn’t help but cover their faces when they saw this.

They could actually understand this hotheaded player.

“Since the battle was over, they had to think about how to return. ”

“At this moment, they were far away from the teleportation array and would have to spend several hours. It would be faster to die and return to the city for free. ”

“However, the players didn’t expect that there would be players who directly sought death from venerable tree and venerable monster ape. ”

“However, since they were exposed, the players who were hiding also followed venerable tree and venerable monster ape. ”

“He wasn’t afraid at all. After all, he could just return to the city for free. ”

“The journey was long, so it was fine to turn off the pain. ”