Chapter 726: A karmic strike

“Under the relentless efforts of tai Qing, the players ‘strength began to improve significantly. ”

Many players who had been prepared for this even launched an attack on the trial of the spirit King realm after obtaining the opportunity.

“By relying on this opportunity, a large number of players had crossed the realm barrier that they had been unable to cross and advanced to the spirit King realm. ”

It could be said that the improvement of the players ‘combat power at this stage could not be done without the Tai Qing staff.

“However, as time passed, the weapon spirit in the Tai Qing staff felt despair. ”

“Originally, it had planned to control the entire player race in one go, but it still saw unfamiliar faces every day, as if there was no end to it. ”

I’m almost emptied …

He couldn’t imagine how huge this race was.

Were they still a race from the netherworld? Would there be enough resources to support so many clansmen? Why is there no family planning?

The weapon spirit of the Tai Qing staff was full of doubts.

“In fact, Lu Wu had a deep understanding of the depression of tai Qing. ”

“Fortunately, he didn’t need to support the players at all. It was entirely up to the players to fight on their own. However, the expenditure of each event was a huge sum of soul coins. ”

This was also the reason why he didn’t dare to open an event.

This was also why the players thought that the stupid official was stingy.

“However, the difference between him and Lu Wu was that tai Qing was a one-sided contribution, while Lu Wu could rely on the players to collect soul coins. They were two completely different concepts. ”

“However, at this moment, seeing that tai Qing stick was willing to help him give benefits to the players, he was pleased. He even helped the players to create a virtual panel on tai Qing stick, on which they could clearly see the percentage of energy left in tai Qing stick. ”

This would allow the players to exploit him even more.

“In such a one-sided demand, tai Qing was a little autistic. ”

“If this continued, he was sure that his inventory would not be enough. ”

“The constant effort would weaken its ability. Although its material and hardness would not change, it would make it unable to move on its own, because all actions required energy. ”

“If all its energy was exhausted, it would not be able to go anywhere. Even if it could still think, it would just be a stick. ”

“However, when it thought of its own plan, it gritted its teeth and chose to persist. ”

“However, when the remaining energy was consumed to about 10%, tai Qing was completely isolated. ”

He realized that he could not afford to raise this race with his abilities.

Unless there was an endless supply of lake water from the heavenly Dao realm as a supplement.

“Realizing this, the weapon spirit of the Tai Qing stick changed its mind. It no longer wanted to keep players and decided to order this race to wage war on the outside. ”

“In this regard, tai Qing cudgel took the lead in targeting those neutral races in Beiqi. ”

“These races did not participate in any Wars and were weak, so the players never attacked them and even formed friendships with them. ”

“However, tai Qing did not care about this. ”

“In its eyes, all the forces of the netherworld were hidden dangers, and they all had to die. ”

“Therefore, it planned to start with these ‘small fish’ and see how good this race’s war potential was. ”

“At this moment, tai Qing began to move on his own, and his order rang in the minds of many players. ”

“The players who received the order were stunned at first, but then they understood that the stick had revealed its true intentions. ”

Was he preparing to do something?

“However, while tai Qing was waiting, no player listened to his orders. ”

“This was because when the players looked at the Tai Qing stick, they could clearly see that there was less than 10% of energy left inside it. It was almost completely drained. ”

“Therefore, the players decided to stop pretending and lay their cards on the table. ”

“We’re the freeloaders, we admit this fact. ”

“Seeing that the players did not respond, the weapon spirit in tai Qing was at a loss. It thought that there was a problem with its order and immediately sent another order to the players. ”

“[Game prompt: you have received tai Qing stick’s thought transmission, indicating that you should turn around on the spot … This damage has been nullified by the soul!] ”

“Upon hearing the game prompt, a player walked up to Tai Qing stick and kicked it. “” ”

“””You’re still F * cking running around in circles. I’ve been tolerating you for a long time!”” ”

“Tai Qing rod: “”???”” ”

“At this moment, the weapon spirit in tai Qing staff was dumbfounded. He knew this player. He had been very obedient before, so why did he suddenly betray him? ”

He tried to order the player again.

“However, he was met with another kick from the player. ”

“At this moment, the weapon spirit in tai Qing confirmed that the player had broken free from the restraint of his power of faith, so he immediately sent an order to the other players, wanting to control them to kill the player on the spot. ”

“Since you’ve already broken free from my control, then you can just die! ”

The weapon spirit inside the Tai Qing stick sneered.

“However, what made it dumbfounded was that there were still no players who listened to his orders. ”

“””Are you stupid? we won’t do anything. Hahaha!”” At this moment, a dumbass player couldn’t help but laugh. ”

“Following that, the surrounding players laughed as well. ”

The weapon spirit of the Tai Qing staff was indeed dumbfounded.

He also didn’t understand why the members of this race had broken free from the control of their faith.

“What it was sure of was that every time it gave power to the players, it injected power of faith, so it was sure that these players were under its control. ”

But how did it end up like this?

“Tai Qing stick, who couldn’t understand this phenomenon, suddenly realized a problem. ”

Could it be that they had been pretending before to gain his trust and then obtain power from him?

This thought gave it a fright.

“The weapon spirit of tai Qing staff, who was a little unwilling to give up, immediately sent out orders to the surrounding players in an attempt to find the fish that had not escaped from its control. ”

“This time, the players reacted. ”

They all surrounded him and began to punch and kick him.

“Although it didn’t have much of an effect, the players had been tolerating it for a long time. ”

“After all, in order to verify if the stick was controlling them, it would make them do very silly actions from time to time. ”

“For example, he could do things like crawling upside down, turning in circles, and so on … ”

“Now that he had shed all pretenses of cordiality, he had to vent his anger. ”

“There were even some blacksmiths who took advantage of the weakened stage of tai Qing staff and began to hammer it, wanting to see if it could still withstand their hammering. ”

“However, it was a pity that although there was not much power left inside the Tai Qing staff, the material used to cast it had not changed, and its hardness had naturally not changed. ”

“After a round of knocking, there was still no trace of a mark on it. ”

“At this time, the weapon spirit of the Tai Qing staff was shocked and angry. It knew that it had really been fooled, and it was a one-sided effort. ”

“His actions weren’t nurturing a hidden Army from the heaven realm in the netherworld at all. Instead, he was F * cking helping the power of the netherworld to develop. It had completely produced the opposite effect. ”

“Now that his body was almost emptied and his spirit had also suffered a blow, the Tai Qing staff’s spirit exploded. ”

“After a mental struggle, the Tai Qing staff controlled itself to rise from the ground and fly into the sky. ”

“At this moment, he decided to leave the netherworld. ”

“Since he could no longer carry out his plan, and he did not have much energy left in his body, it was not enough to cultivate a new force. Leaving was the best choice. ”

“Seeing tai Qing stick suddenly rise from the ground and fly into the sky, the players raised their middle fingers in unison and watched it leave. ”

“Although they didn’t know where the Tai Qing stick would fly to, it was almost drained and had no value to them. The only thing the players felt sorry for was that the remaining energy had not been used up. ”

It could be considered a loss.

“In the blink of an eye, the Tai Qing stick disappeared from the players ‘sight. ”

“However, just as it was about to pass through the boundary barrier and prepare to go to the heaven realm, a great force suddenly descended and hit the Tai Qing stick back. ”

“Tai Qing cudgel was very familiar with this power. Back then, Taishang had used it to fight with the master of this power. ”

“This person was one of the great emperors of the netherworld, Fengdu. ”

“Under the pressure of this force, not only did the Tai Qing stick not penetrate the boundary barrier, it was knocked back. ”

“This hit made the item spirit of the Tai Qing staff dizzy. It couldn’t even recognize North, South, East, and West. It fell straight down rapidly. ”


“West of the wangxu territorial waters, in the direction of the Nebula territorial waters. ”

“The reason why this Sea area was called the Nebula Sea area was because there were countless glowing spherical aquatic grass growing all over the sea area. Every time night fell, the entire sea area would be like a sea of stars, shining with different Starlight. ”

“At this moment, near the Nebula ocean, doctor hai was looking at a Man in Black armor with a grave expression. ”

“After some hesitation, doctor hai finally spoke, ”

“””Boss, please give me another chance. I really want to join the wicked Alliance. Don’t worry, I won’t have any more problems!”” ”

“Looking at doctor Hai’s solemn expression, the Man in Black armor revealed a look of despair.”” ”

“””Give me a chance too. Let’s mind our own business and let me go, okay?”” ”

He was truly helpless when it came to doctor hai.

“Even though he had the strength of a demigod, no matter how much he tried to harm doctor hai, he would always be thwarted by all sorts of inexplicable things. In the end, he might even be the one who suffered. ”

So he couldn’t beat him up. He could only try to persuade doctor hai to give up on being an evil person.

“However, doctor hai did not listen to their advice and was determined to join the wicked Alliance. He was stubborn and had no idea what was going on … ”

He was in despair.

Doctor hai had caused him immeasurable losses.

“As long as doctor hai was present in every operation, it was certain to fail, and the losses would be severe. ”

“If this continues, I really want to be a good person. It’s not easy to be a bad person! ”

“””Boss, it was my fault back then. I admit it, but I’ve repented now. I promise I won’t make any more mistakes. Otherwise, you’ll kick me out of the wicked Alliance!”” ”

“Hearing this, the leader of the wicked Alliance could not help but hold his forehead. ”

“If he could drive them away, he would have done so a long time ago. He didn’t believe a single punctuation mark in these words. ”

“””Boss, I swear, if you’re implicated because of us again, I’ll leave and never come back!”” ”

“””Really?”” The leader of the wicked Alliance was suspicious. ”

“””Really, I promise!”” ”

“At this moment, the leader of the wicked Alliance softened his heart. After all, he couldn’t beat doctor hai away or scold him away. He might as well let doctor hai try again and make him give up completely. ”

Even though there was a 99.9% chance that the next operation would fail if doctor hai joined them.

“However, in order to persuade doctor hai to back off, he gritted his teeth and decided to hold on for one more time. ”

“””Doctor hai, you said it yourself. If you go back on your word, you’ll be a F * cking coward. I’ll let you re-enter the wicked Alliance!”” ”

“””Thank you, boss!”” At this moment, a smile appeared on doctor Hai’s face. ”

He knew that his hard work had paid off.

“At this moment, there was a loud noise in the sky. The two of them immediately looked up and saw a meteor falling from the sky, falling directly to the East of the area where they were. ”

He could also vaguely see a green-silver rod-like object among the flaming meteors …

“””BOOM!”” With a loud bang, an Island in the distance was blown into pieces, and gravel flew everywhere. ”

“””F * ck, boss, our headquarters has been blown up!”” Doctor hai exclaimed in shock. ”

“At that moment, the leader of the wicked Alliance could not help but cover his face. ”

“He didn’t expect doctor Hai’s karmic blow to arrive so soon. This time, his entire force was gone. ”

All the hard work I’ve put in in this life has turned into bubbles …

What did I do to invite you to join the wicked Alliance?