Chapter 732: A new journey

“With the rise of the cultivation craze, the strength of the players had greatly increased, and Lu Wu also began to plan the next step for the players. ”

“At this stage, Lu Wu had three things to consider. ”

“First, the central sea. ”

“As the area closest to the six paths of reincarnation, this place was rich in precious divine mystical materials, which would be of great help to the improvement of players ‘strength. Divine mystical materials could also help players better understand the power of laws when they break through to the immortal state in the future. ”

“Second, hell Dao. ”

“Although there were many powerhouses in the path of hell, Ksitigarbha had also left behind many treasures after his death, such as the forbidden techniques of the path of hell, the power of bloodline … And also the production of divine mystical materials, but the production could not be compared with the central Sea area. ”

“Although there were already players from the hell server in the path of hell, they only occupied a small area in the Third World of the path of hell. ”

The players from the central server could totally open up a new battlefield in the path of hell.

“Third, Western netherworld. ”

“This world was relatively unfamiliar to the players, but when Lu Wu used the artifact to carefully explore this area, he found that it had long been occupied by the minions of heaven. ”

“Although the heaven realm stronghold in the great death domain had been removed, the entire Western Yin world was the same. It had not been completely eradicated. ”

It was also a good place for players to hone their combat skills and improve their overall quality.

“All three options were feasible, and Lu Wu and little Bei Li began to discuss their next step. ”

“Just as Lu Wu was hesitating about this, the divine artifact captured a message in the world of six paths of Samsara. ”

“””Western netherworld, fight!”” ”

Lu Wu immediately guessed who this message came from.

“Naturally, it was from one of the great emperors in the world of six paths of reincarnation. ”

“As for why they used this method to contact Lu Wu, it was naturally because the great emperors didn’t know where Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes, was, and they couldn’t take the initiative to establish contact with him, so they took such a method. ”

It was obvious that the great emperors were also quietly watching the players ‘growth.

He also realized the direction of the players ‘future development.

“In this regard, after some hesitation, Lu Wu decided to listen to the suggestions of the great emperors and choose to develop in the Western netherworld. ”

“Although the path of hell and the yellow Springs sea could help the players grow, it was still too early for the players to settle in these two areas with their current strength. ”

“Even if he went to the path of hell and the central Sea area, he would only be beaten up in the early stages. ”

“After all, the immortal state was just the beginning in those two places, and the players had not even produced a single immortal state powerhouse yet, so the difference in strength was huge. ”

“At this stage, Western netherworld was the only place that could match the players ‘combat power. ”

“In addition to the heaven, it was completely possible to open up a battlefield in the Western netherworld, helping the players to improve while removing the hidden danger in the heaven. ”

“As for the suggestions of the great emperors, Lu Wu immediately adopted them. ”

“However, since he had the emperor’s support, Lu Wu was ready to play a big game this time. Not only would he let the players from the central server join the battlefield, but all the players from the entire server would also join in the crusade against Western netherworld. ”

“For this reason, Lu Wu began to build a “”player city”” in the death region, which was at the border of the senluo region. ”

“Lu Wu named this city “”heaven’s reverse””. The size of the city was much larger than underworld city because it had to accommodate players from five servers. If the city was too small, it would definitely affect its development. ”

“At the same time, Lu Wu also built five main city teleportation arrays in this “”heaven reverse city””. ”

“They all led to underworld city, Hidden Dragon City (vast void region), Burning Sky City (demon Phoenix region), Blue Valley City (hell region), and tribal city-states (profound wind region). ”

“By then, players from the five servers would be able to enter the new city through the main city and expand outwards. ”

“After all of this was completed, Lu Wu began to set up the campaign activities. ”

“Although he didn’t set a main mission, he did set up rewards to encourage the players to fight. ”

“For example, the reward for the first kill of a BOSS: ”

“First kill of ghost Governor, ghost general, ghost king, ghost emperor, demigod … As for gods and ancient gods, from the information that Lu Wu had gathered, there were no experts of the God Realm or ancient God Realm in the Western netherworld. ”

There was also the ‘major domain point rankings’.

“Every time a player in this server kills an enemy soldier, they will be rewarded with a corresponding amount of points. The points created by all the players in this server will be the total points of this server, which will be compared with the other servers. At the same time, all players in the top-ranked regions will receive good rewards. ”

There was also a Special Achievement setting.

“For example, achievements in the number of enemies killed, achievements in battle, special achievements, and so on. ”

“All in all, players would receive achievement points for anything that helped their faction gain a huge advantage in this war. ”

“At the same time, the achievement mall was also online. ”

There was a new batch of items and equipment that Xiao Bei Li had recently developed.

This was definitely a good thing for many civilian players.

“After all, at the current stage, the value of soul coins had risen due to the opening of the cultivation system, and the price to pay to buy soul coins had also increased accordingly. ”

“Therefore, when their level increased and they wanted to exchange for new equipment, the soul coins of the civilian players were even more stretched out, and they were very insufficient. ”

“However, there was a new way now, which was to create achievements in the war and then use achievement points to directly exchange for the equipment he wanted. ”

“There were still many other plans. After a series of simulation tests, Lu Wu put them into use. ”


“About ten days later, heaven reverse city had taken shape. It was located in the southern region of the great death region, at the border of the five regions in Western Yin. ”

“In fact, at this stage, the Western netherworld was already a barren land, and there were not many living beings in the netherworld. ”

“Not only did the netherworld’s great emperors not pay attention to it, but even many of the netherworld’s native creatures also evacuated from this place. ”

The reason for this was the Great War of the Three Realms.

“The Western netherworld was a battlefield, which caused the entire Western netherworld to become a ruin. ”

“Not only was there a lack of resources, but the environment was also extremely harsh. It was basically a place where the undead and soul-type creatures lived. ”

“According to Lu Wu’s investigation, there were five major forces in Western netherworld at this stage. ”

“They were the evil spirit Mountain and the lava tomb in the East, the bone Spirit city in the North, and the blood pool and black demon forest in the South. ”

“At first, there was still the “”Ghoul”” camp in the death zone, but this force had long been eliminated by Lu Wu. The member of heaven behind the scenes had also been killed by the players and no longer existed. ”

The remaining Five Forces would be Lu Wu’s next target.

“In fact, these Western netherworld territories controlled by the forces of the heaven realm were originally inhabited by the local forces of the netherworld. ”

“However, at the current stage, these forces had either retreated or were controlled or eliminated by the heaven realm, completely leaving the netherworld camp. ”

“The great emperors naturally knew this, but they never interfered. ”

“It was also one of the means to appease the heaven realm. After all, at that time, the great emperors of the netherworld didn’t know whether the Grand Supreme had recovered or not. ”

“Rashly attacking the Western netherworld would send a message to the heaven realm that the netherworld had a heaven-defying intent. This might trigger a war between the Three Realms, which would be a disaster that even the netherworld could not bear. ”

“At that time, the netherworld would definitely be defeated, and the three Realms would be unified by the heaven realm. ”

“So as long as the heaven realm didn’t interfere with the levels above the gods of the netherworld, the great emperors would choose to turn a blind eye. ”

“However, at this stage, after the Tai Qing stick incident, the great emperors had already noticed the clues of the heaven realm. ”

“They realized that the Grand Supreme had not yet recovered, and the forces of the heaven realm did not crush the netherworld as they had thought. ”

“At that moment, the great emperors had a new idea. ”

“After enduring for so long, it was finally time to do something. ”

“Although the heaven realm was still stronger than the netherworld at this stage, the difference wasn’t too great. If they started a war rashly at this time, the heaven realm would still have the greatest chance of winning. ”

“However, if they wanted to win, the heaven realm would also have to pay a heavy price. ”

This was clearly unacceptable to the heavenly realm.

“Therefore, this was the best time to weaken the power of the heavenly realm as much as possible. ”

“However, the great emperors of the netherworld wouldn’t take the initiative to attack, nor would they not interfere with the development and choice of any forces of the netherworld and let them take the initiative to attack the Western netherworld. ”

“So at this time, they thought of the player clans, and they knew that the player clans had the ability to do it. ”

“Therefore, they released a message in the six paths of reincarnation for Lu Wu to capture and express their thoughts. ”

Lu Wu chose to accept this.

Heaven reverse city was the first step for Lu Wu to wage war against the Western netherworld.

“In the next few days, Lu Wu was busy with the construction of heaven reverse city. ”

“After all the facilities in the city were settled, Lu Wu added a new set of “”auction house””. This auction house was only suitable for the heaven reverse city and was a joint auction house of the five major servers. All internal transactions would be charged a “”cross-server”” service fee. ”

This included the trading of items between players on the same server.

“Lu Wu had also considered setting up this auction house, mainly to make it easier for players to find the items they need. ”

“At the same time, Lu Wu could also earn more soul coins. ”

“After all, the construction of a city required money, and this part of the money was naturally the same as before. ”

Sheep’s wool comes from the sheep’s body …

“He had spent so many soul coins to build heaven reverse city, so he had to get some back. ”

“After all, Lu Wu’s cultivation also required a large number of soul coins to support. ”

“In fact, with the help of a large number of soul coins, Lu Wu could directly ascend to godhood at this stage. ”

“However, he was fundamentally different from the life forms of the netherworld. All creatures of the netherworld who wanted to be listed on the ‘Yin God ranking’ had to master the power of law and pass the great Emperor’s trial. ”

“However, Lu Wu was different. He already had the right to become a God. ”

“He had the heavenly demon list, which was of a completely different system from the heaven realm and the netherworld. ”

“For Lu Wu, it was just a matter of nodding his head if he wanted to become a God. ”

But Lu Wu didn’t do that.

“This was because he had already surpassed the level of gods and was a Supreme existence who held the power of deification. In the future, his cultivation would be to strengthen the heavenly demon ranking and collect more power of laws for it. This way, his strength would increase along with the increase of the heavenly demon ranking. ”

“At the same time, as the power of laws collected by the heavenly demon list continued to increase, the value of the players ‘future Ascension to godhood would also increase. ”

“At that time, the players would be special existences who could master the different nomological powers of the heaven realm and the netherworld. ”

“Of course, the heavenly demon list was just one of the means for Lu Wu to become stronger. ”

The cultivation of the human Emperor’s mirror was also of utmost importance.

“At the same time, as the human Emperor, the stronger the players were, the more human race’s luck he would obtain. ”

It could be said that the development of the entire human race had played a decisive role in the growth of Lu Wu’s strength.

“Therefore, in the days to come, Lu Wu’s focus was still on helping the players grow. ”

“It was only when the players became stronger that he could obtain more soul coins for the consumption of development and construction. At the same time, he could also obtain more powerful strength. ”