Chapter 733: Chapter 733-version update

“After the construction of heaven reverse city in the Western netherworld was completed, Lu Wu decided to officially open it to players. ”

“At this moment, the game notification rang in the minds of all the players. ”

[Game prompt: a server-wide version update has opened a new war zone. The update is as follows: ]

1. The opening of a new main city

“[Description: a new main city, heaven reverse city, will be opened in this update. This city is connected to the main cities of other major servers. Players can go to heaven reverse city through the teleportation circle in the main city.] ”

2. New auction system

[Content Overview: the newly launched auction house is only available in heaven reverse city. There are no server barriers. Free trade is available. All items will be charged with an 8% processing fee (cross-server auction will be charged with a 10% processing fee)]

3. New war system

“[Content Overview: after this update, battle achievement points, region point leaderboard, individual merit leaderboard will be released …] ”

The specific functions are as follows:

4. The arrival of the heavenly demon

“[Content Overview: after this update is completed, the points obtained by all players will become the source of power to awaken the otherworldly demon. When the points reach a certain amount, the otherworldly demon will be awakened and help the players in battle.] ”

[Condition to awaken the heavenly Devil: points (0/3000000000)]


“The last “”Devil’s Descent””, the so-called devil was naturally Lu Wu. ”

The reason he decided to join the players ‘war against the outside world was that he felt it was time to hone his combat skills.

It could be said that the netherworld and the heavenly realm had completely fallen out.

“The war would have broken out long ago, and he should have made preparations. ”

“In addition to the players ‘development, the training of their own strength would also be the next focus. ”

“Of course, he would not come in person. Instead, he would join the players ‘conquest as an otherworldly demon. ”

“After the server-wide announcement, Lu Wu also posted an update post on the forum as an official so that the players could better read the updated content. ”

“At this moment, the forum was in an uproar. There were many discussions about the content of the update. ”

[Watermelon Taro: heavenly demon?] Isn’t this the big meat shield? I still remember him. I didn’t expect him to officially join us players. Looking forward to it (funny)

“A big wolfdog: “”hahaha, big meat shield. I even handed him a cigarette and took a screenshot at the same time.””(Big meat shield smoking dispiritedly.jpg) ”

“[The strongest Xue Li: meat shield: take the most vicious hits and smoke the strongest cigarettes. I may not be able to beat you, but I can tire you to death. Please continue to hit me hard, thank you (funny)] ”

“Peppa the wild boar: “”now that you’ve mentioned it, I remember. The big meat shield who withstood Ziggs ‘nuclear explosion and remained safe and sound has a terrifying amount of health. We’re going to have some fun now (funny)”” ”

[Cosmic stars (Europe): it seems like the opportunity for the rise of the European server has arrived. I propose that the European server should be the leader of the five major servers in this joint battle. Who agrees and who objects?]

“Crayon Shinchan replied to universe star,[you’re so drunk over a few dishes?] Why don’t you have any F * cking sense? ”

“[Totem power (non-server): I’ve put up with you for a long time. This time, not only will we wage war against the outside world, but we will also beat up the players of your four servers. We are the best in the world!] ”

“Sword of faith (Asia server):””looks like the competition has started again. Our Asia server has been developing in secret for a long time. I think it’s very stable for the Asia server to be in the top three. Perhaps we have a chance to compete with the central server.”” ”

[Man’s romance (Inferno server): stop bullshitting. Let’s use data to speak. The inferno server is definitely stronger than the Chinese server. I’ll bet 100 soul coins.]


“After learning about the new update, the players from the various servers began to argue on the forum. ”

“As for who was stronger, since there was no cross-border Battle at this stage, the players did not have a specific concept of the combat power of the other servers, only a vague guess. ”

“Especially after ao Jian’s defeat, the Asia server’s players felt that with the advantage in numbers and the strength of the cheaters, their potential was the greatest among the five servers. ”

“The hell server felt the same way. After all, they now had the God slaying weapon and the players had become United. Their combat power had soared. They believed that their server had already surpassed the central server. ”

“It was even more so for the non-servers. After they established the tribal Federation, their strength was different from before, and they felt that they had the ability to compete with any server. ”

“At this moment, the players felt that the server they were in was probably the strongest at this stage. ”

Only the players from the European server knew that he was still the best in the central server.

“As it was close to the central server, they often paid attention to the development of the central server, and players often crossed servers. ”

“After the Tai Qing stick incident, the players from the European server knew that the momentum of the mid-server was stronger than before. The gap between the mid-server and the other servers had not narrowed, but had widened instead. ”

“Of course, knowing the strength of the central server was one thing, but in terms of momentum, he definitely could not lose. ”

“Anyway, I’m on the forum. So what if I’m a little arrogant? if you have the ability, come out and bite me! ”

That was why the players from the European server were so arrogant.

“At this moment, players from all the major servers gathered on the forum, and a war of words was inevitable. ”

“Crayon Shin-chan had even activated his ‘ranting’ mode, shooting out five shots in one second, fighting against the crowd … As a result, his bounty was rising. ”

“He felt great, but there was still a faint sadness in the depths of his heart. ”


“After the update, players noticed that there was an additional option on the teleportation circle in the main cities, which was heaven reverse city. ”

Going once would cost 5 soul coins.

“Compared to the teleportation fee of one soul coin in other areas, the teleportation fee in the heaven reverse main city was five times more expensive. ”

The players had no other choice but to curse the officials for being stingy.

“However, out of curiosity about the new main city, the players reluctantly chose to teleport … ”

At the central plaza of underworld city.

“The various large guilds had already begun to gather their guild members, preparing to go together. They had even made preparations to start the war ahead of time. ”

They wanted to fight for the lead in points for the central server.

“At this moment, Gu Yu and Gou ‘Zi were also among them. ”

“After telling the Guild members to come back as soon as possible and gather at heaven reverse city, Gu Yu brought the dog to open the teleportation panel. ”

“As the white light flickered, Gu Yu and Gou ‘Zi noticed that the scene in front of them had changed. ”

“They found themselves in the sky, and below them were thick clouds. ”

“At this time, his line of sight went through the clouds and continued to descend. Then, a magnificent main city appeared in front of him. It had all kinds of buildings and was divided into four Urban area, East, South, West, and North. There was a huge screen in the central square, and on it were three rankings: ”

“Domain point leaderboard, individual merit leaderboard, achievement point leaderboard (individual). ”

“At this moment, the image disappeared and Gu Yu and Gou ‘Zi found themselves in the central square of heaven reverse city. ”

“A bustling crowd appeared in front of the two of them. Some were running, some were riding around on their mounts, and even more outrageous were players from hell suit who were driving planes and tanks in the city … The scene was extremely chaotic. ”

“””So many people!”” Looking at the players from the various major servers that kept appearing in front of him, the dog let out a sigh. ”

“Upon hearing this, Gu Yu’s face lit up with excitement.”” ”

“””I’m afraid it’s going to be fun next. It’s one thing to fight an external expedition, but it’s definitely going to be a lot of internal friction! ”

“When Gou ‘Zi heard this, he couldn’t help but grit his teeth,”” ”

“””Remember to protect our nanny!”” ”