Chapter 734: Monster attack

“After heaven reverse city was officially opened, a large number of players from different servers were teleported to heaven reverse city. ”

“At the moment, the square in the center of the city was filled with players. The number of players had spread to the four major Urban area of heaven reverse city. ”

“During this period, the players from the various servers were already filled with the smell of gunpowder. If not for the fact that the main city was a safe zone that prevented them from attacking each other, a huge battle would have been inevitable. ”

“At this stage, the most important thing was still the competition for the major domain’s point rankings. ”

“Since the players had never been to this area before, they could only see fog when they opened the map. There was no fixed route to use. ”

His exploration of the outside world had also begun.


“In the East of the Great Western Region, in the evil spirit Mountain. ”

“Looking down from the sky, there was a circular pit that seemed to be bottomless and had a diameter of more than 3000 meters in the continuous mountains. ”

“At this moment, black mist was constantly emerging from the pit. From time to time, ferocious-looking evil spirits would drift out from the pit. ”

“Outside the pit, a burly man, who was two meters tall and half-solid, was staring at the pit with bright eyes. His eyes were filled with anticipation. ”

“Time passed, and half a day quickly passed. ”

“At this moment, an ear-piercing wail rang out from the pit, and a winged lizard that was a hundred meters tall flew out from the inside. The two-winged lizard’s body was mostly left with its skeleton, covered in rotten flesh, but its head was burning with the ghost fire. ”

The man laughed out loud when he saw this.

He knew that his experiment had succeeded.

“As a force that the heaven realm had planted in Western netherworld, the ‘burning float’ had always followed the will of the heaven realm and constantly deployed its forces in Western netherworld. ”

“And he himself was not from the heaven realm, but a new life created by the forces of the heaven realm with special means. ”

“Although his own characteristics were more inclined to the netherworld, he never considered himself a part of the netherworld. ”

“And his greatest hope was to complete the task given by the heaven realm, and then be led to heaven. After his body was reconstructed, he would become a true part of the heaven realm. ”

“During the long period of cultivation and waiting, the heaven realm would often provide mystical materials and other supplies. Ran Fu had always followed the instructions of the heaven realm and studied how to develop the power in his hands. ”

“With the help of the heaven realm, he created the “”evil spirit pit””, which could continuously provide new power for his own force. ”

“However, there was still a bottleneck in development. ”

“The biggest obstacle was his own breakthrough. No matter how hard Ran Fu tried, he couldn’t break through to God Realm. He was stuck at the peak of demigod realm. ”

“After countless attempts, he gave up on the growth of his own strength and instead devoted himself to the expansion of his subordinates. ”

“For this reason, he fixed his eyes on the remains of the Warriors who had died in Wars or clashes of forces buried deep under the ground of the Western netherworld. ”

“Although these dead Warriors had long lost their souls, part of their physical strength was still preserved. ”

This was extremely useful to him.

“He began his research on this. Other than evil ghosts, he wanted to create a new kind of skeletal life. ”

“After days and nights of constant experimentation and research, the combustion engine did not achieve its desired goal. Instead, it was dejected to find that it had no ability to control the remains of its dead soldiers. ”

But this plan did not stop.

“He had once again received the help of the heaven realm, and a powerful immortal Lord had guided him on what to do. ”

“Over the course of 50000 years, the experiments had wasted a large number of warrior remains. But now, the experiment had finally succeeded. ”

“Looking at the demigod realm rotten Dragon that had flown out of the evil spirit pit, Ran Fu laughed out loud excitedly. ”

He knew that he already had the ability to mass-produce powerful warriors.

“The entire Western netherworld was filled with the remains of Warriors, so he had plenty of resources to use. ”

“In the future, he would be the strongest in this field, and no creature could compete with him. ”

“No matter if it was the nearby lava tomb, the bone Spirit city in the North, or the blood pool and the black demon forest in the South … They would not be his match. He would be the most important force in the heavenly realm. ”

“At this moment, Ran Fu felt that he was not far from his dream. He would soon be rewarded by the heaven realm and become a real life in the heaven realm. ”

“Although he had the ability to think, he had also suspected whether the heaven realm was using him and would abandon him in the end. ”

“But in reality, he didn’t really care. ”

“I’m just a dog, a dog of heaven! ”

“This was the position he had given himself, and it had never changed. ”

“In the days to come, he would continue to serve the heaven realm and work hard for the tasks assigned by the gods. ”

“At this moment, Ran Fu suddenly felt a pain in his head. Then, he heard a voice in his mind,”” ”

“””Burning float!”” ”

“Hearing the familiar voice, Ran Fu’s heart trembled. He immediately said respectfully,”” ”

“””Master, what instructions do you have?”” ”

“””What happened in the death domain at the border of your evil spirit Mountain?”” ”

“These words made Ran Fu suspicious.”” ”

“””My Lord, nothing happened, why do you say that?”” ”

“””According to the information from the heavenly Policy Bureau, their heavenly eye can’t detect any information in the Eastern Region of the great death domain anymore. It’s as if it’s covered by some kind of power … You go and investigate and report to me. I suspect that the forces of the netherworld are going to attack you!”” ”

“””Yes, I’ll do it now!”” When Ran Fu heard this, he replied respectfully. ”

“As the consciousness in his mind faded, Ran Fu felt uneasy. ”

“If it was really an Army from the netherworld, it would be an absolute disaster for the “”dogs”” that the heaven realm had planted here. ”

“Thinking of this, Ran Fu turned his gaze to the rotten Dragon that was devouring the evil spirits in the air and immediately gave an order. ”

The rotten Dragon shook its head and let out a deafening roar. It then flapped its wings and flew towards the burning float.

“As the rotten Dragon approached, Ran Fu jumped onto its back and headed towards the death domain. ”


“At this time, the other chess pieces working for the heaven realm, like Ran Fu, had also received the news from the heaven realm at the same time. They all went to the death region to investigate the situation. ”

The reason why the heavenly Policy Bureau could not find any information about the Eastern Region of the great death region was naturally because of Lu Wu.

“As the headquarters to fight against the Western netherworld, Lu Wu must have made some preparations in heaven reverse city. He could not expose all the information. ”

“As for what the heaven realm would think, Lu Wu couldn’t be bothered. ”

“In any case, this was what the netherworld emperors meant. Since they had shed all pretenses of cordiality, then it was over. ”


“After half a day of traveling, the rotten Dragon flew into the death zone. ”

“As he continued forward, the outline of a city appeared before his eyes. ”

“Seeing this city, Ran Fu’s face was filled with shock. ”

“In his impression, the east side of the death domain was a barren land without any living creatures. ”

“However, at this moment, a city appeared in front of them. Judging from the size of the city, it was obvious that it was not built in a short time. ”

This made Ran Fu confused.

“For safety’s sake, he immediately ordered the rotten Dragon to fly higher. After passing through the clouds, he continued to move forward. ”

“As they got closer to the city, the interior of the city appeared before Ran Fu’s eyes. ”

“At this moment, he was in disbelief. ”

It was strange that there were so many buildings in the city.

“If the forces of the netherworld were preparing to exterminate them, they wouldn’t spend so much effort to build a city. This was completely unnecessary and unnecessary. They could just directly start a war with the five major forces. ”

“On the contrary, it was more likely that the forces of the netherworld who had fled here were preparing to settle down and build a city here. But there was something that didn’t make sense. There was a lack of resources nearby, so there was no value in staying here. ”

“Hence, the city seemed unreasonable to the floating nation. ”

“As they continued to approach, Ran Fu sensed something and immediately flew to the side. Passing through layers of clouds, he immediately found the leaders of the other four forces who had also come to investigate. ”

“They were “”Firestone”” from the lava tomb,””Black Overlord”” from the bone Spirit city,””blood Tiger”” from the blood pool, and “”Soul Catcher”” from the black Goblin forest. ”

“Seeing the four of them gathered here, Ran Fu immediately approached.”” ”

“””You also received the order from the Lord?”” ”

“The four of them nodded. Huo Rong, who was the leader, frowned and said,”” ”

“””Have you ever seen this city in the death domain? I remember that the death domain was occupied by the corpse Ghost Army. Logically speaking, there shouldn’t be any life here!”” ”

“””I came here two years ago, and I’m sure there’s no city here. Judging from the size of this city, it’s obviously not something that could be built in two years. So, the appearance of this city is a bit strange.”” The soul Catcher from the black demon forest spoke at this moment. ”

“At this moment, the five of them once again looked at the huge city below the clouds. ”

“Although they had the urge to go down and take a closer look, they didn’t do so because they were cautious. After all, they couldn’t tell if there was danger. ”

“””I have a suggestion. How about we each send a force to investigate?”” Firesmelt suggested. ”

“””Alright, let’s get to the bottom of it first. If we’re sure that it’s a force from the netherworld that has fled here, we’ll destroy this force!”” A bloodthirsty glint flashed across the soul catcher’s eyes as he spoke. ”

“After confirming the direction, Ran Fu and the others didn’t stay any longer. They each headed to the area where their forces were. ”


“On the third day, countless monsters appeared outside the city of heaven reverse. ”

“Evil ghosts, blood slaves, lava beasts, dark demons, bone soldiers … ”

“Although it was just an investigation, the five major forces of Western netherworld had sufficient military reserves. Even if they were to send out an investigation force, it could still be mighty. ”

“As they advanced, the huge Army killed many lone players who were scouting outside and headed straight for the heaven reverse main city. ”

“After learning about this through the forums, the players in the main city were not nervous. Instead, they were excited. ”

“After exploring for a long time, many guilds did not even find a single hair here, not to mention the monsters that could increase their points. ”

“Now that they knew that the Horde of monsters was coming, they knew that it was time to farm points. The regional leaderboard was finally going to change. ”

The various guilds immediately gathered their forces and prepared for battle.

“In the players ‘eyes, their opponent was not the monsters that were about to arrive, but the players from other servers. ”

These people would definitely be cruel and merciless to their different camps. They might even backstab you when they were having fun killing.

“Therefore, the first thought that came to many players ‘minds was: ”

“The first to attack was the stronger, the second to attack would suffer! ”

“As a war player, if he didn’t stab his own people for the first time, was he still worthy of being a player? ”

Chapter 735: Killing the healer first at the start

At the East Gate of Heaven reverse city.

“As the ‘monster tide’ came, the players were ready. ”

“The guilds in the various servers had also finished gathering their manpower at this moment. They were just waiting for the monsters to attack, and then they could farm for experience, soul coins, and points. ”

“Even though the war was coming, the players were still smiling. ”

“It was less than a month away from the four-year-long war campaign, and the players had experienced many battles. Even the battles that the netherworld forces had accumulated for hundreds of years were not as many as the players had experienced in the past four years. ”

“Therefore, the players were already familiar with war and were not afraid at all. ”

“As the dense black dots appeared in the distance, the voice channel of each server sounded with a “”prepare for battle””. ”

“When the monsters approached, the battle broke out in advance. ”

“At that moment, the players did not attack the monsters that were coming at them, but the players from the other servers. ”

He had implemented the principle of striking first.

“After all, there were only so many monsters, and they didn’t seem to be as large as the number of players. ”

“Therefore, killing a player from another server would mean one less competitor for soul coins, experience, and points. ”

“Among them, many healers became the target of the fire. ”

“As the healers of the team, they had the ability to help the team continue fighting. No matter how much damage the best of them suffered, they could always recover in time to their peak. ”

The players who were deeply aware of this naturally targeted the healer players from other servers.

“The wood spirits from the central server, the priests from the European server, the auxiliary mecha from the hell server, the ancient bronze totem from the non-server, and the psionites from the sub-server. ”

All of these classes had the ability to help their teammates in battle.

They were also the main targets of the current focus fire.

“As the Forum’s number one healer,””Gou ‘Zi,”” he had become the number one target of many guilds. Long before the battle started, many melee and ranged players, even assassin players, had their eyes locked on him. ”

“When the battle started, Gou ‘Zi was terrified as he felt the killing intent coming from all directions. ”

“””Kill the dog first. His group healing is too strong. We can’t let him Live!”” ”

“””If the dog doesn’t die, it can heal a large number of players from the central server and make them stand up again. Kill him first!”” ”

“””Aim the laser cannon at the puppy and shoot!”” ”

“””Assassin, go over with stealth and kill that puppy in the myth’s backline!”” ”


“At that moment, Gou ‘Zi was shocked. ”

‘I’m just a white charm who loves peace and nature. Can you bear to attack me?’

“The truth was that the players from the other servers were not only cruel, but they could also be very cruel. ”

“””Boss, save me!”” Gou ‘Zi immediately looked at Gu Yu. ”

“Gu Yu immediately nodded.”” ”

“””Don’t worry, the entire myth Guild will protect you. I guarantee that there won’t be any problems!”” ”

“””BOOM!”” As soon as Gu Yu finished speaking, a loud noise came from beside him. A metal box was smashed into the crowd of people from their Guild. Then, the metal box began to tremble and reorganize. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a two-meter-tall robot that fiercely pounced at Gou ‘Zi. ”

“””F * ck!”” Seeing this, Gu Yu immediately activated his ‘evil god Body’ and punched forward. ”

“As the flames rose, the robot that had suddenly attacked was blasted into pieces. However, before Gu Yu could react, attacks came from all directions. ”

The members of the myth Guild were immediately besieged and suffered unspeakable hardships.

“Although the myth was very strong, they were facing the joint attack of four servers and many guilds. ”

“Their target was not the myth Guild, but Gou ‘Zi, who could release group healing on a large scale. ”

“With one less dog, they would have less competition. ”

“After all, without Gou ‘Zi’s milk, many players might not be able to quickly recover and join the battle again after being injured. ”

“Therefore, killing a dog was equivalent to killing a large number of players from the central server. ”

“In order to protect Gou ‘Zi, the members of the myth Guild went all out and immediately started to fight back. ”

“Gou ‘Zi didn’t waste any time either. When he saw that his Guild brothers were injured, he immediately released healing light. ”

“As the light green fluorescent raindrops fell, many injured members of the myth Guild recovered in the blink of an eye. ”

“Seeing this scene, the members of the major guilds who were besieging the myth Guild were even more determined to kill Gou ‘Zi. ”

“If he didn’t get rid of this dog, it would definitely become a great disaster! ”

“Following that, the attacks became even more ferocious. One of the guilds from the hell server even used plasma cannons and fired at Gou ‘Zi. ”

“Faced with the infernal court’s pay-to-win attacks, Gu Yu was also having a headache. However, he still gritted his teeth and took the hit. After all, he had to protect the dog. ”

“””BOOM!”” The charged particles United and hit Gu Yu’s chest hard, making him dizzy and feel that the world was spinning. ”

“Fortunately, Gou ‘Zi’s life-saving milk came in time and pulled Gu Yu’s health back to full. ”

“However, this was only the beginning. As the assassination team approached, the battle became even more intense. ”

“In the face of such a violent attack, members of the myth Guild began to fall. Even Gou ‘Zi could not save them in time. ”

“As the members of the myth Guild became fewer and fewer, Gou ‘Zi was in despair. ”

“Gu Yu was even more desperate. During this period, his health bar was constantly decreasing, and he had drunk a lot of potions, but he still felt that his strength was not in his control when he was surrounded. ”

Gu Yu had never expected that their first opportunity to farm points would end before the myth Guild even started.

“As the hell suit’s fully charged plasma cannon shot out again, Gu Yu was beaten to a critical state. ”

“Seeing this, Gou ‘Zi immediately used the rejuvenation technique on Gu Yu. ”

“However, before the skill was released, the young paparazzo suddenly realized in horror that his vision was gradually dimming, and then a game prompt sounded in his mind: ”

“[Game prompt: you have been sniped by a player from the hellish server,””Emily.”” Fatal head injury … Determined to be death!] ”

“At that moment, Gou ‘Zi’s eyes widened. ”

“One hit kill, I’m a F * cking divine beast, this damage is too much! ”

“Although he had always been the healer of the Guild, Gou ‘Zi was still very confident in his defense. ”

“After all, it was a white Charm Spirit beast, and its agility and defense were attributes that came with the inheritance. ”

“However, at this moment, he was killed in one hit. The damage really shocked Gou ‘Zi. ”

“However, with a flash of white light, the effects of the soul praying wine came into play, and the dog was resurrected on the spot. ”

“””Bang!”” At this moment, another bullet came. ”

“The young paparazzo, who had not yet found his footing, turned into black mist and disappeared. ”

The young paparazzo was speechless.

Gu Yu was speechless.

“In less than three seconds of death, the effects of the soul praying wine took effect for the second time, and Gou ‘Zi was resurrected again. ”

“This time, Gu Yu, who realized that the other party had a sniper, immediately stepped in front of the dog and put on a defensive posture. ”

“Then, an exquisitely-made bullet with a Lily carved on it appeared in Gu Yu’s vision. ”

“Gu Yu immediately held his breath and clenched his fists, ready to take the attack head-on. ”

He didn’t believe that he would be instantly killed in the state of the evil god Body.

“However, to Gu Yu’s surprise, the bullet made a strange turn in the air and disappeared from the corner of his eye. ”

“””Bang!”” The dog behind him was shot in the forehead and died on the spot. ”

“As his vision dimmed again, Gou ‘Zi was going crazy. This was too much. ”

“Even a bullet could curve, how could they play the game properly … ”

“At this moment, Gou ‘Zi only had one revival left. ”

“Because the soul praying wine was expensive and there was a 30-day effective period after drinking it, under normal circumstances, Gou ‘Zi would not drink all of it at once. Instead, he would only drink four bottles and keep the rest. ”

“However, the current situation was that even if he could still use the soul praying wine, the sniper in the dark would not give him the chance. ”

“With the arrival of the last resurrection, the moment Gou ‘Zi was resurrected, he looked at Gu Yu and shouted,”” ”

“””Boss, hold on tight!”” ”

“From the young paparazzo’s point of view, he could only get Gu Yu to hug him tightly in order to guard against the unexpected bullets from all directions. ”

“However, after hearing this, Gu Yu’s expression became complicated.”” ”

“””Why Don’t You Just Die? I feel like you’re really hopeless!”” ”

“Gou ‘Zi was stunned and then he died on the spot, turning into black mist and dissipating. ”

“At this moment, Gou ‘Zi cried and felt like he was being bullied. ”

Was it really good to be so fierce to a nanny?

“In the future, if this Emily were to Cross Worlds, I would blacklist her, and I definitely wouldn’t give her a single heartache … ”

“Without the effects of the soul praying wine, the young paparazzo could only wait for the cooldown period of three hours before he could resurrect again. He opened the forum with resentment and could only watch the battle through the live broadcast. ”

“However, through the live broadcast, the young paparazzo quickly found out that there were many other healers who had the same experience as him. ”

It could be said that all the healers present were attacked by players from other servers.


“At this moment, the chaotic battle between the players was still ongoing at the East Gate. ”

“In order to protect their healers, many players were extremely aggrieved. ”

“At this moment, some players couldn’t hold it in anymore. ”

“””I’m not F * cking going to protect you anymore. You killed my wet nurse, I’ll kill your wet nurse. Come on, let’s hurt each other. Let’s just not have a wet nurse together!”” ”

“””I’m not protecting you anymore. I’m so tired. I’ve already drunk 200 soul coins of potions. If this continues, I’ll be poor. Nanny, you protect yourself. I’m going to charge first!”” ”

“””There are assassins everywhere. It’s impossible to guard against them. Why should I protect hammer? I’m going to start the counterattack!”” ”


“At this moment, many tank players changed their battle strategy. ”

They decided not to protect the healers anymore and led the team to attack the other guilds. They also made counterattacks to the other guilds ‘healers.

“Only the healers from both sides were left, their faint figures scattered in the wind. ”

“You said that if you want to kill me, you’ll have to step Over Your Dead Body first. ”

“I said that as long as you’re here, no one can hurt me. ”

“You said you were the strongest meat shield in the team. As long as you didn’t fall, I wouldn’t be hurt … ”

“‘Hmph … Bah, a scumbag shield!’ ”

“At this moment, the healer players were hurt. ”

“With great hope, they turned their eyes to the long-range players around them, trying to get help. ”

“However, all they saw were the long-range players standing far away from them, as if they were afraid of being implicated. ”

“Hmph … Bah, scumbag mage (long range) ”

“In the midst of the resentment, many mage players fell to the ground with hatred, entering the cooldown time of resurrection like the dog. Killing the healer first at the start, although the players of the major servers had not unified this point, they all knew that this was the way to maximize their benefits. ”

“Without a healer, a protracted battle would inevitably result in a large number of players being reduced, so killing the healer was the best way to prevent other servers from stealing monsters. ”

“In addition, many highly destructive café players had also become the target of concentrated fire. ”

“For example, nie Feng. ”

He was surrounded by a group of assassin players at the start of the game and died on the spot before he could even say a word.

“At this moment, the only person who could remain calm was Yuan Fang. ”

“At this moment, he was sitting at the city gate with his hands on his chin, looking at the chaotic crowd with an experienced face. ”

It’s another day where no one is playing with me …