Chapter 737: The source of the monster

“In reality, the players only cared about the players from other servers in this battle. They did not care about the wave of monsters at all. ”

“This was the truth. Even though the players in the back row were busy killing each other, the monsters were unable to advance to heaven reverse city. They were stopped outside by the players in the front row. ”

Some high-level players even took the initiative to kill the monsters and started harvesting.

“For example, ao Jian’s nine spirit swords were like the god of death as they rapidly shuttled through the Horde of monsters and reaped their lives. The sword Dao domain that was formed around his body killed anyone who stepped in! ”

“Lionheart from the European server had a demigod-level mount, Hakkar, and he killed his way into the monsters as if he was unstoppable. ”

“There was also Hu nuo, who carried an Army of undead spirits with him, Zara, who had activated his ancestral leopard form, and the cyborgs, Eric, etc … ”

“Although there would be players who would be killed in the chaos, it would still be a one-sided battle, and the players had a huge advantage. ”

“The monsters that were sent to test the waters were forced to retreat, unable to resist the players ‘attacks. ”

“The battle lasted for about four hours. When all the monsters in the mountains and fields were cleared, the battle ended. ”

“At this moment, the players still wanted more. They had not killed enough. ”

“After all, the players were always in a state of dissatisfaction with things like soul coins, experience, and credit points. ”

“The dog officials never took the initiative to give out benefits, so he had to fight for all this himself. ”

But there weren’t many ways to earn soul coins.

Most players still had to rely on killing monsters to obtain them.

“The wave of monsters was the best time for the players to carry bricks, but it ended in a short four hours, which made many players dissatisfied. ”

“At this moment, the players were ready to go back to heaven reverse city to count their loot. ”

“However, when the players in the front row turned to look behind them, they were dumbfounded. ”

“There was an empty space behind him, and less than a third of the long-range attackers were left. ”

“He could also see a few mid-server players in mage robes with long swords in their hands, chasing after players from other servers. ”

“At this time, the mage players on the Chinese server had ferocious looks on their faces and were already on a killing spree. ”

“In order to prevent a subsequent wave of monsters, the players from the central server stepped forward to stop the fight. ”

“Although they were angry, since the monster tide had ended and there was no conflict of interest, the players felt that there was no need to continue killing. ”

“As a result, the players from the various servers stepped forward and started to stop the fight. ”

“””Don’t stop me. I’ll let him use the death Coil. Come on, try it again!”” ”

“””You’re good. Why don’t you cut me down now? go on, catch up to me if you have the ability!”” ”

“””Let me go, I’ll kill this grandson!”” ”

“””Don’t let him go. He can’t kill me. You’re my grandson!”” ”


“The two sides that were being mediated had obviously gone crazy at this moment, and they were talking to each other. ”

“Looking at the crude long-range damage output of both sides, the players from the major servers could not help but hold their foreheads. They could only drag their respective guilds ‘””embarrassing things”” into the city. ”

“At the same time, the regional leaderboard had been refreshed in heaven reverse city. ”

[1st place: Beiqi region (points: 6.85 million)

[2nd place: great domain of hell (points: 5.76 million)

[3rd place: Blue Void region (points: 5.09 million)

[4th place: demon Phoenix region (points: 4.47 million)

[Fifth place: profound wind great domain (points: 3.99 million)


“Seeing the rankings on the big screen in the central square, the players on the central server smiled. ”

“However, they knew that the mages had contributed a lot to the results of this battle. ”

“In a war like this, the hell server had a huge advantage. ”

“Fortunately, the back row was in a mess because of the mage players who had learned sword will, so the hell server’s long-ranged damage dealers could not fully display their skills. ”

“Once this was contained, the advantage of the players from the Chinese server was revealed, and they were temporarily at the first place with more than a million points ahead of the second place. ”

The most depressed of all were the non-server players.

“They had thought that they would be able to rise in the joint battle of the five major servers, but they did not expect that they would still be at the bottom after the first victory. ”

“From the looks of it, he would have to be called “”fifth-level trash”” for a while … ”

“The players from the European server were hurt as well. Back then, they thought that it was a pity to always be in second place, but now, they could no longer keep their position, and the hell server had caught up to them … ”

“However, this battle was only the beginning, and the players from the European server had a strong desire to improve themselves. ”

“Among them, the most excited were undoubtedly the hell server’s players. Although the long-range damage output from the back row had been suppressed in this battle, they had still achieved a good result with their technological weapons. They felt that if they worked hard, it would not be a problem for them to surpass the players from the central server. ”

The players from the various servers were both happy and worried.


“While the players were counting the data and checking their gains, the five leaders hiding in the clouds had also retreated. ”

They had watched the entire battle.

“Although he was amazed by the players ‘combat power, he also found some clues. ”

What excited them the most was that they did not find any godly state experts in this force.

“In other words, even if they started a war with this force, they didn’t have to worry about godly state experts directly coming to behead them. ”

“However, for safety’s sake, they decided to use a “”attrition strategy”” after some discussion. ”

“With the means of creating monsters continuously, they believed that if this continued, the effective strength of this force would be exhausted sooner or later. At that time, they would be able to take it down in one go. ”

“However, what the five leaders of Western netherworld didn’t know was that it was their decision that made the players feel so good. ”


“In the following days, the players would encounter a wave of monster attacks every three days. ”

This undoubtedly allowed the players to find a way to get rich.

“Soul coins, experience points, and credit points could be obtained every time a monster attacked, and the happiness was endless. ”

“However, after three waves of monster hordes, the players suddenly had doubts. ”

Where did these monsters come from?

“The players were all clear about the characteristics of the game, and they knew that monsters could not be born out of thin air. There must be a reason. ”

“And so, the exploration team set off again. ”

“This time, their goal was to find the source of the monster tide and explore the map of Western netherworld. ”

The exploration teams from the various servers set off in the following days.

“About five days later, the sub-server’s exploration team sent a message to the players on the forum, which attracted the attention of players from all major servers. ”

“In the post, the players of the exploration team had uploaded a video. ”

“After the players clicked on the video, they found that there was a blood-colored Lake on the screen. From time to time, bubbles would rise from the bottom of the lake and explode. ”

What caught the players ‘attention were the creatures swimming in the blood-red Lake.

Blood slave!

“It was a special form of life that had the shape of a human, blood-colored, and no facial features. ”

The players were already familiar with the blood slave since it was one of the monsters that came every three days.

“At the end of the scene, the camera shook violently. The members of the sub-server exploration team, who were sneaking forward, were surrounded by the swarming blood slaves before they could even get close to the blood Lake. They ended up in a miserable state … ”

“However, even though the exploration team had been destroyed, they had provided a path to the bloody lake in the South for the majority of the players. ”

“The players were unusually excited by the discovery, and gathered people to investigate whether this was the source of the monster tide. ”

“Soon, a large number of teams set off from heaven reverse city to the South, following the route provided by the exploration team. ”

“Gu Yu, Liu Chan, and the others from the central server, after some discussion, decided to form a temporary cheater team to follow most of them to find out what was going on. ”


“In the blood pool, South of the Western netherworld. ”

“Although this place was called the blood pool, it was more appropriate to describe it as a Blood Lake based on the size of the blood pool. ”

“In fact, the original blood pool wasn’t as large as it was now. It was originally the territory of the blood race, a native force of Western Yin. ”

“However, with the arrival of the “”blood Tiger””, a chess piece that the heaven realm had planted, everything changed. ”

“In the end, the blood Tribe was enslaved by him, and the blood pool was also modified and used by him. ”

The blood clan of the past no longer existed.

“The blood Tiger also relied on the transformed blood pool to continuously cultivate blood slaves, completely wiping out all the forces around and occupying this territory. ”

“Not only was he the strongest here, but he was also the ruler. He controlled the entire Western netherworld with the other four leaders. ”

“At this moment, blood Tiger was floating in the air above the blood pool. He looked to the North with a serious expression. ”

“The creatures from the strange main city in the death zone had appeared in his territory more than once, so he was a little worried. ”

He had killed all the creatures that had stepped into the territory of the blood pool to ensure that no information would be leaked.

“However, as more and more creatures arrived, he had a bad feeling. ”

“While he was thinking, countless black dots appeared in the distance. ”

“Blood Tiger’s eyes glowed with a blood-red light as he zoomed in, taking in everything in the distance. ”

“Just as he had guessed, the creatures that had arrived were still from the city in the death zone. ”

“Moreover, this time, the number of people who came was not small. The marching team pulled out a long line behind them, with no end in sight. ”

“Seeing this scene, blood Tiger’s eyes flashed with a fierce light. ”

“He felt that this force had obviously discovered something. Otherwise, they would not have sent such a large team to the South to investigate in the face of the continuous monster tides. ”

“But what made blood Tiger puzzled was why they didn’t go to the North or the East, but instead came in his direction. ”

“Although he was suspicious, he was prepared. ”

“Since you dared to come, then don’t leave! ”

“As for the upcoming battle, blood Tiger wasn’t too worried. ”

He had thrown all the mystical materials that heaven realm had given him into the blood pool under his feet. He could create as many blood slaves as he wanted without any fear of consumption. He did not believe that he could not destroy this force.

“Thinking of this, the blood Tiger let out a roar. ”

“At this moment, the blood pool churned, and countless blood slaves appeared. They rushed to the shore in waves. As more and more blood slaves emerged from the bottom of the lake, the demons around the blood pool danced wildly, and the scene was shocking. ”

“””Kill!”” Blood Tiger said coldly. ”

All the blood slaves roared at the same time and ran toward the North where the players were.

“At this moment, blood slaves were still emerging from the blood pool. Soon, the second Army of blood slaves appeared … ”


“Among the Army of players who had just arrived, Gu Yu and the others were discussing the matter of the blood pool with the players from the other guilds. ”

“Even though they often fought, they were all in agreement on foreign policies. ”

“The investigation of the blood pool this time was also the same. If they really wanted to fight, there would not be many players who could make it to the blood pool alive. They would all die on the way … ”

“At this moment, Gu Yu received a message. After checking it, he immediately asked on the voice channel,”” ”

“””I heard that one of your teams was just wiped out near the blood pool?”” ”

“””Yeah, I’ve just received the news too. It’s said that the process was very tragic!”” The Guild leader of a certain non-server Guild immediately replied. ”

“””Flush out the water! We have to drain the blood pool dry! How can we let this go!”” Gou ‘Zi smiled. ”

“As soon as he finished speaking, countless blood-colored figures appeared in front of him. Like a blood-colored ocean, they attacked him with the power to topple mountains and overturn the seas … ”

“The smile on Gou ‘Zi’s face instantly froze,”” ”

“””Boss, protect our nanny!”” ”