Chapter 741: The forbidden Sword Saint

“In the face of the upcoming war, the players were a little worried, but when they thought that they would have a chance to turn the tables as long as their points reached three billion, they made the decision to fight to the death. ”

“Thinking about the competition for the major domain rankings, the players ‘fighting spirit was ignited. ”

“This time, the Guild leaders of the major servers had discussed in advance that there would be no internal strife in this battle, and that they would work together to face the outside world. ”

Even though everyone was still worried about being scammed by players from other servers …

The footsteps of the great battle were gradually approaching.

“As the NPCs in the major players ‘main cities had not arrived, they could not receive any external help in this battle. ”

“For example, suiye from the central server, heretic King from the European server, and Aike from the hell server … ”

“If all of these forces were present, the players would definitely have the confidence to fight against the Alliance of forces in Western Yin. However, at this moment, the players could only rely on themselves. ”

“However, in the face of the upcoming battle, the players would not sit still and wait for death. They immediately began to deploy the defense Project. ”

The bombs made by explosive man were sold out at this moment.

“Not only did the players from the mid-server buy it, but the players from the other servers also bought it in large numbers. ”

“As long as these powerful “”bombs”” were thrown properly, they could kill a lot of monsters and earn back the money. They were gambling tools on the battlefield. ”

“You can’t lose soul coins, but if you lose them accurately, it’s a profit. ”

“During this period, the non-server players had also started to set up totem traps outside the city gate, such as the vine trap of the ancient bronze tree, the entanglement trap, and so on … ”

“The hell server’s players began to set up a battle fortress at the East Gate, as well as a series of technological defense projects. ”

“During this period, the work occupation players in the central server were shining. ”

“As a life profession development and a complete central server, it could produce all kinds of pills, potions, alchemy tools, and other items that could increase combat power for a short period of time, showing the strength of the central server’s soft power to the players of other servers. ”

Such items were sold in large quantities at the auction house.

“However, this time, the players from the mid-tier servers did it very well. They didn’t choose to scam the players from the other servers. The prices were basically the cost price, and they didn’t try to drive up the prices of the goods to make a profit from the war. ”

“This was because this battle required all players to work together to fight against outsiders. Victory belonged to everyone, and the same went for failure. ”

The actions of the players from the central servers also reduced the hatred in the hearts of the players from the major servers who had been continuously cheated.

“While the players were preparing for the upcoming war, the forces of the Western netherworld arrived. ”

“This time, it was a real monster attack, not a simple test. ”

“Standing on top of the city wall and looking forward, the huge horde of monsters covered the sky and the ground like locusts. At this moment, they were rapidly advancing. ”

“At that moment, the players standing outside the East Gate were ready to face the attack. ”

“At this time, a figure took the lead and began to charge. ”

“Although he was not fast, his footsteps were unusually firm. He charged towards the beast tide Army without looking back. ”

“At first, some players wanted to stop this reckless player, but when they saw the signature “”shiny”” head, they suddenly lost their thoughts and smiled. ”

That was because the player who was charging forward was Yuan Fang.

“After being in heaven reverse city for a long time, Yuan Fang was extremely sad. He had originally planned to increase his sacred art proficiency in battle, but no one wanted to play with him. ”

“Moreover, every time a wave of monsters came, the players would not have enough to split among themselves, and they would not leave the monsters for him. ”

“This really made Yuan Fang feel suffocated. He felt that if this continued, he would be depressed. ”

“Now that he saw such a huge wave of monsters, Yuan Fang knew that his chance to farm god art had come. ”

“In order not to be killed, he decided to go first. ”

“At this moment, the round figure became extremely tall in the eyes of the players. ”

“Running towards the sunset, in front of him was a mountain full of monsters. The thin figure really had a trace of bravery. ”

Some players even saved a screenshot of the scene.

“As they got closer and closer, the square came into contact with the monster tide. ”

“Immediately, countless monsters pounced on him and began to madly bite and tear his body apart. ”

“””Kacha!”” ”

“””Gah!”” ”

“The sound of bones breaking and teeth breaking rang out in succession. In the face of Yuan Fang’s powerful defense and damage reflection talent, these monsters were unable to break through his defense at all and were instead injured. ”

“However, the unconscious monsters did not care about the injuries on their bodies. They continued to attack the square madly. As long as one of their companions died, new monsters would replace it … ”

“Yuan Fang had no intention of resisting. After looking at his slowly increasing proficiency, he opened the forum and began to observe the battle from a different perspective through the live streaming room. ”

As for his body … Let him roll on his own.

“After all, his body had matured, so it was time for him to learn how to increase his god art proficiency. ”


“Other than the square circle formed by the monsters, the rest of the monsters were pushing forward toward heaven reverse city. ”

The battle erupted at this moment.

The hell server’s players immediately activated their lightning storm.

“A dark cloud surrounded by lightning suddenly formed in the sky, and countless Thunderbolts as thick as bowls began to strike the monsters. ”

“The feisui’s totem trap was also triggered at this moment. Countless vines rose from the ground and began to wrap around the nearby monsters, killing them. ”


“Seeing this scene, the five leaders at the back of the monster tide looked a little pale and turned their eyes to blood Tiger. ”

“””This … I’m not sure why they still have so many soldiers … I might have made a mistake!”” Blood Tiger’s expression turned awkward. ”

“””Don’t bother explaining. Since we’ve already made the decision, let’s just attack this city!”” Ran Fu said coldly. Then, he turned into a ray of light and rushed to the front of the battlefield. ”

“After blood Tiger and the others exchanged a glance, they immediately followed and flew towards the battle. ”

“””They’re coming, ao Jian, go!”” Seeing the five figures coming from the back of the battlefield, Liu Chan immediately roared in the team’s voice channel. ”

“Ao Jian didn’t reply, but his body also shot out at this moment, heading straight for Ran Fu. ”

“””Rheinhardt, go help!”” At this moment, Li Xing spoke in the team voice channel. ”

“Hearing this, Rheinhardt immediately nodded and patted Hakkar,”” ”

“””Brother, let’s go!”” ”

“””Roar!”” ”

“Hakkar immediately flapped his wings, and his body turned into a black lightning bolt, shooting into the sky. ”

“As the Army of players and the tide of monsters collided, the battle in the sky also began. ”

“Seeing the incoming ao Jian, Ran Fu made the first move. His half-real and half-illusionary body suddenly turned into nine incarnations that charged at ao Jian. ”

“””Seal the devil!”” ”

“The nine incarnations and the main body slapped forward at the same time. Instantly, ten distorted words formed in the air and were pushed towards ao Jian. ”

“””Slash!”” ”

“At this moment, ao Jian’s eyes glowed. The nine spiritual swords on his back spun forward and a majestic sword intent soared into the sky. ”

“””BOOM!”” ”

The sword will collided with the seal and then went straight through it. Its power was not reduced at all as it went straight for flame floating.

“Seeing this, Ran Fu’s face was filled with shock. ”

“Although he only had the strength of a demigod, he had a thorough understanding of the demigod realm since he was stuck in the demigod realm and could not make a breakthrough. Although he could not guarantee that he was the strongest among the demigods, he was almost invincible in the same realm. ”

“Thus, in his opinion, his “”demon-sealing seal”” was more than enough to deal with ao Jian’s sword intent. It could even seal both the sword intent and ao Jian. However, he didn’t think that it would be pierced through by the sword intent without even being able to block it. ”

Ao Jian’s boundless sword essence had truly shocked him.

“Just as ao Jian’s sword intent was about to strike Yan Fu, a figure suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked the attack for him. ”

“””Be careful. His sword intent is extraordinary. I suspect that he has comprehended a complete nomological sword intent!”” Molten, who had taken the blow for Renfu, said with an ugly expression. It was obvious that it was not an easy blow. ”

“””What!”” Hearing molten’s Dao law sword intent, Ran Fu was shocked. ”

“If molten’s guess was correct, then this person had the potential to become an ancient God! ”

“””I can’t leave him alive!”” At this moment, the soul Catcher suddenly charged towards ao Jian. As she roared, ghostly figures appeared in the sky and flew towards ao Jian. ”

“””Sword domain!”” ”

“Facing the attack, ao Jian was extremely calm. With a wave of his hand, nine spiritual swords circled around his body. Then, they suddenly spread out, forming a sword array domain that covered a diameter of a hundred meters. ”

Spiritual swords slowly formed in the sword domain and stabbed toward the ghostly figures under ao Jian’s control.

“As the number of spiritual swords in the sword domain increased, the ghostly shadows that filled the sky were quickly wiped out. ”

“At this moment, ten thousand swords revolved around ao Jian’s body, as if he had descended from the heavens. Not only were the five leaders dumbfounded, but even the players were shocked. ”

“At this moment, ao Jian raised his hand and pointed at the soul Catcher. ”

“Before the sword intent had even arrived, the sword finger’s majestic killing intent had already hit him. ”

“””Not good, help me!”” The soul Catcher was frightened and shouted out. ”

“When blood Tiger and the others heard this, they quickly came in front of the soul Catcher. They raised their hands forward at the same time, and the spiritual energy in their bodies surged to form a black energy barrier. ”

“””Go!”” ”

“Ao Jian let out a soft cry, and the ten thousand swords immediately pointed in the direction he was pointing at. ”

“Countless spiritual swords rushed out of the sword realm and bombarded the black barrier like raindrops. Instantly, countless spiritual Qi light spots appeared in the sky, and it started to rain down. ”

“At this moment, the five leaders of Western netherworld who were hiding behind the energy barrier were frightened. ”

“At this moment, they could already confirm one thing. This person had truly comprehended a complete nomological sword intent! ”

“””Return!”” At this moment, ao Jian waved his hand, and the 10000 spiritual swords immediately returned to the sword domain. ”

“However, before the five chieftains could catch their breath, the fully charged spiritual swords in the sword Dao domain attacked again. ”

“””Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!”” ”

“The sound of collision rang out continuously, and the black energy barrier gradually became transparent under the impact of the spiritual swords. ”

The players below were dumbfounded.

“””F * ck, did ao Jian fake his match last time? his strength is too terrifying!”” ”

“””One against five, and five demigods at that. Oh my God, he’s too strong. No wonder he’s one of the strongest in the central server’s cheater group!”” ”

“””When I first used a sword, I saw his battle videos. Big Boss aojian is awesome …”” ”


“As the players discussed among themselves, Northstar one blade, who was also watching this scene, was shocked. ”

The sword intent that ao Jian was currently displaying made him feel as if he was completely undefeatable. It even made his sword heart tremble.

“After a brief moment of shock, he couldn’t help but shake his head, a smile appearing on his face. ”

“””You’ve finally found a new path. Congratulations!”” ”