Chapter 742: Chapter 742-ancient God Body

“At this moment, ao Jian was fighting one against five, and he clearly had the advantage. ”

“Lionheart, who was originally prepared to help, was completely dumbfounded. ”

“They were both demigods, but he and Hakkar had a hard time fighting the blood Tiger and lost in the end. ”

“However, ao Jian, who was also a demigod, was able to fight against five people by himself. This really hurt his weak heart. ”

“At this moment, Hakkar pouted and said,”” ”

“””Are you stupid? he has grasped a complete set of nomological sword intent and is completely capable of fighting above his level. He’s not on the same level as you and I at all!”” ”

“””What is law sword intent?”” Reinhardt asked with a very dubious look. ”

“””You’ll come into contact with them in the future. Let’s go and help the people below. He’s enough here!”” Hakkar didn’t wait for Lionheart’s response and brought him down. ”


“At this moment, the battle between ao Jian and the five leaders of the Western netherworld was still ongoing. ”

“The spirit swords that filled the sky gathered in front of ao Jian like a tide. After they were fully charged in the sword domain, they would once again surge towards the five leaders. ”

“After repeating this three times, it was obvious that Ran Fu and the others could not hold on any longer. ”

“””I’ll block this one. You guys retreat first and attack him from the side!”” At this moment, lava let out an angry roar and put her palms together in front of her chest. ”

“””Earth!”” As he shouted, the soil on the ground rose up and covered his body. ”

“In the blink of an eye, he had transformed into a thirty-meter-tall stone giant. ”

“””Retreat!”” With lava’s angry roar, the other four immediately retreated and split into two groups to charge at ao Jian from the left and right. ”

“At this moment, the black barrier shattered, and the 10000 spiritual swords rained down on the lava. ”

“Suddenly, gravel flew everywhere, and in the blink of an eye, more than half of the Magma Stone giant’s body was dug out by the spirit swords, and the magma inside was also baptized by the rain of spirit swords. ”

“At this moment, the light swords that filled the sky pierced through his body. ”

“””BOOM!”” It didn’t even last for a few seconds before the lava spirit body exploded. ”

“Seeing this, the other four felt their hearts tremble as a chill rose from the bottom of their hearts. ”

They didn’t expect lava to be killed by the rain of spirit swords in a single blow. He didn’t even have time to scream before he died.

“At this moment, ao Jian made them tremble in fear. ”

“However, it was too late for them to retreat. They could only grit their teeth and charge at ao Jian, trying to take advantage of the opportunity created by the lava to kill him. ”

“At this moment, all the spiritual swords were outside the sword domain, and there was not a single spiritual sword by ao Jian’s side. ”

“However, he didn’t take a step back in the face of the combined attack of the four leaders of Western netherworld. He waved his hand forward calmly, and the spiritual swords immediately returned! ”

“””Quickly kill him!”” The soul Catcher let out an ear-piercing screech. ”

“At this moment, the palms of the four people hit ao Jian at the same time. ”

“””Bang!”” Ao Jian spat out a mouthful of blood. ”

“Seeing this, Ran Fu and the others were overjoyed. They raised their palms and slapped down. ”

“At this moment, ao Jian’s body was being continuously pushed back by the four people. ”

“But gradually, their faces showed fear. ”

This was because the wounds they had left on ao Jian’s body would disappear in the blink of an eye.

“””I don’t believe it!”” Ran Fu’s face was twisted as he gathered all his strength in his palm. ”

“Immediately, flames rose and wrapped around ao Jian. His body was sent flying, and he rolled several hundred meters in the air before stabilizing himself. ”

Ao Jian wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and smiled.

“The nomological sword intent immediately trembled in his body, shattering the four forces that had invaded his body. ”

“At the same time, the injuries on his body were also healing at a speed visible to the naked eye. ”

“This was the reason why ao Jian was able to withstand their attacks. The power given to him by the venerable tree was full of vitality, and it also contained the will of the venerable tree that never compromised with death. As long as this power was not exhausted, he would not die unless it was fatal! ”

“Seeing the four people who had already entered the sword realm, ao Jian let out a long howl. ”

“With him as the center, the majestic sword essence swept toward the five people in the sword domain like a wave. ”

“The four leaders in the sword domain were terrified and immediately wanted to retreat. However, in front of them was a majestic wave of sword essence, and behind them were ten thousand spiritual swords. It was not so easy to escape. ”

“At this moment, the wave of sword intent and the spirit sword gushed into the sword domain at the same time. ”

“A storm of blades instantly formed inside, surrounding the four leaders. ”

“The wind was howling, the sword clanging was piercing to the ears, and the sharp sword intent had pierced through the barrier that they had set up together, causing them great pain. ”

The outcome was already decided at this moment.

“The five of them couldn’t even stop ao Jian when they worked together, and without the lava, they were even less of a match for him. ”

“The blood Tiger, who had already been injured in the previous battle, was the first to be unable to bear it. At this moment, its body became transparent little by little and showed signs of collapse. ”

“””Let me go, I have a way to deal with him. I’ll use your lives to create an opportunity for me. Let me go!”” At this moment, Samsara looked at her and the others and roared. ”

“””You’re serious?”” Realizing that he was not going to escape death, blood Tiger turned to look at Ran Fu. ”

“””Do you still remember the remains Warrior Project I mentioned to you? I’ve already succeeded, and I’ve also buried the body of an ancient God that died in battle in the Western netherworld in the evil spirit pit. As long as you let me leave, I’ll have a way to deal with them. “” Hearing the sound of the sword, Ran Fu shouted hysterically. ”

“Hearing this, blood Tiger’s face showed a trace of misery.”” ”

“””It’s all up to you now, I’ll help you leave!”” ”

“As soon as he finished speaking, the blood Tiger pounced into the storm of blades. ”

“””BOOM!”” His body exploded at this moment, creating a gap of about two meters in the storm of blades. ”

“However, before they could leave, the gap in the storm of blades began to heal rapidly. ”

“””Let’s go!”” At this moment, Black Overlord immediately stepped forward and used his body to block the wound that was healing. ”

“Seeing this, both of them did not stop. They immediately passed through the gap and flew out of the sword domain. ”

“When they turned around, they found that Black Overlord had been devoured by the blade Storm. In the blink of an eye, his body disappeared, and they could no longer sense his life. ”

“””Let’s go, I can’t resist for long!”” Soul Catcher said coldly. ”

“When Ran Fu heard this, he had mixed feelings. However, he still decisively flew towards evil spirit Mountain. ”

“Seeing this, the sword intent around ao Jian surged and he pointed at the soul Catcher. ”

“Even though he was afraid, the soul Catcher didn’t retreat this time. With a wail, countless ghostly figures appeared once again and swarmed towards ao Jian. ”

“At this moment, she erupted with all her strength and didn’t even think about leaving herself a way out. ”

“The opportunity for her resurrection was in the heaven realm. As long as she completed the task, she could still have a new life, but she would not have this memory … ”

“The ghostly shadows that filled the sky and the ten thousand spiritual swords collided at this moment. In an instant, the sky bloomed with brilliant light. ”

“However, it only lasted for less than three minutes before the soul Catcher could no longer hold on. ”

“The 10,000 spiritual swords pierced through the ghostly figures and finally pierced through the soul-catcher’s body. Then, the 10000 swords returned and completely shattered the soul-catcher’s half-real and half-virtual body. ”

“At this moment, the players below burst into deafening cheers. ”

“Witnessing the legendary moment of ao Jian’s 1 vs 5, even the players who were not from the central server started to cheer. ”

“””I clearly didn’t do it, so why am I so excited?!”” ”

“””F * ck, hurry up and kill monsters to level up. One day, I’ll be able to kill demigods too. I want to become stronger. My Chuunibyou soul is burning!!!!”” ”

“””I heard that there’s a sword will instructor in the Chinese server. Can we go and learn from him? F * cking Chinese server players, hurry up and post a sword will training video on the forum. Let’s go, we’ll fight the monsters!”” ”


“At this moment, the players ‘fighting spirit was ignited, and they pounced madly at the group of monsters in front of them. ”

Ao Jian turned into a streak of light and flew in the direction that Ran Fu had escaped.

“Ran Fu was still running for his life. Although he didn’t have the ability to tear space, he was using all his strength to jump through space. ”

Each jump would bring him a long distance forward.

“Ten minutes later, he appeared in the evil spirit Mountain. Without any hesitation, he pounced towards the deep pit in the evil spirit Mountain. ”

“His body continued to fall into the pit. When he reached the deepest part, a huge body appeared in front of him. At this moment, countless dark green energy was surrounding the body, as if repairing it. ”

“Around the body, there were the remains of many creatures that covered the entire pit. ”

“Looking at the body, Ran Fu’s eyes lit up with hope. He gritted his teeth and pounced on the ancient God’s body. ”

“When the half-empty body came into contact with the ancient God’s body, he abandoned his own body and chose to enter the body in the form of consciousness. ”

“This fusion process was extremely painful. The ancient God’s body couldn’t contain his consciousness, and the strong rejection was constantly wearing down his consciousness. ”

“””Ah, I’m not willing to accept this! Fuse!”” Ran Fu roared in pain. ”

“However, all of this was in vain. How could a half-God occupy an ancient God’s body? his consciousness began to be devoured by the ancient God’s broken body. ”

“The moment his consciousness was about to dissipate, Ran Fu’s heart was filled with hatred. ”

“He used his last consciousness to inject his dying obsession into the ancient God’s body, which was to destroy the main city in his mind and activate the ancient God’s body. ”

“At this moment, the ancient God whose soul had long dissipated suddenly opened his eyes. ”

“As it did not carry any consciousness, the ancient God’s eyes were filled with confusion. ”

“At this moment, a city appeared in his mind, and for some reason, he was filled with hatred for this city. ”

“””Roar!”” ”

He stood up and let out a deafening roar. The pit collapsed and buried him.

“At this moment, ao Jian’s figure had already arrived. He was puzzled when he saw the hole collapse. ”

“At this time, there was a loud noise, and a 100-meter-tall figure suddenly jumped up from the ground and fell to the ground with a loud bang. Then, the figure strode toward the death domain. ”

“Seeing this, ao Jian’s heart tightened. He immediately moved to stop the giant from advancing. ”

“As if sensing ao Jian’s hostility, the ancient God’s broken body suddenly turned around and threw a punch at him. ”

“With a series of sonic booms, the space was torn apart. Ao Jian was turned into a mist of blood by this punch, which then dissipated into black mist. ”

“After doing all this, the ancient God’s remnant body ran back to the heaven reverse city without looking back. ”

“At this moment, the effects of the soul praying wine kicked in, and ao Jian was resurrected on the spot. ”

Ao Jian’s eyes were filled with shock as he looked at the ancient God giant that was already running away.

“He could not even withstand the first blow, and even the life force left in his body by the Supreme tree had not taken effect before he died. ”

“At this moment, ao Jian realized that the situation wasn’t good. ”

“If the remains giant entered the battlefield, who could stop it? ”

Could it be that the city of heaven reverse was really going to fall?