“Chapter 744: The end of the battle, group photo for memory”

“Although Lu Wu had an obvious advantage in the battle with the ancient God’s broken body, he was still a little weak. ”

“However, what made Lu Wu depressed was that no matter how hard he hit it, this broken body of the ancient God showed no signs of injury and could always stand up after falling to the ground. ”

His strong body allowed him to withstand all of Lu Wu’s means.

Lu Wu had no choice but to continue to fight with the ancient God’s broken body. He didn’t believe that this soulless body could continue to fight as endlessly as he did.

“Time passed, and night soon fell. ”

“However, the battle between Lu Wu and the ancient God had not been decided yet, and they continued to beat each other. ”

“When the morning light of the next day came, the players had almost cleared the tide of monsters, but the battle between Lu Wu and the ancient God’s body was still not over. ”

“At this moment, many players ‘faces were numb. ”

“””Why don’t we disperse? we’ve been fighting for an entire day and night!”” ”

“””Let’s go, let’s go. We can’t interfere in a battle of this level. I think this battle will last for at least three days and three nights. Everyone, go and rest. I’m a little tired after fighting for so long. See you in six hours!”” ”

“””Big meat shield, see you in the afternoon. I’ll wave goodbye to you. Good luck!”” ”


“At that moment, the players started to disperse. ”

“However, a large number of players chose to continue watching the battle. ”

“However, as time passed, more and more players left. When night fell again, less than a quarter of the players were still watching the battle. ”

The players were completely numb to this battle.

“At this moment, in the players ‘eyes, Lu Wu and the ancient God’s broken body were like two perpetual motion machines. Some players even speculated that they could fight until the war was over … ”

“At this moment, there was only one person who was fully focused on the battle. ”

That was the core of the beard.

“As for the broken body of an ancient God, he had “”loved”” it the moment he saw it. ”

Isn’t this a F * cking corpse spirit that was tailor-made for me?!

“From Hu He’s point of view, it didn’t matter if he could refine it or not at this stage. He had to get his hands on it first. ”

“Even if he didn’t have the ability to refine it now, he would have plenty of opportunities in the future when he became stronger. ”

“Therefore, Hu He had been waiting and shouting in his heart,”” ”

“””Big meat shield, go for it! Big meat shield, come on!”” ”

“However, after waiting for a day and a half, there was no sign of victory or defeat in the battle. Both sides were still in a state of exuberance. ”

“However, he did notice one thing. The meatshield was improving very quickly in battle, and her combat ability had obviously improved. ”

“The only regret was that he couldn’t break through the ancient God’s body’s defense, which was why the battle had continued. ”

“However, for the sake of the corpse spirit that he was about to obtain, Hu He continued to suffer. ”

“If you have the ability, beat me until I die of old age! ”

“Lu Wu and the ancient God’s remains didn’t let Hu He down. The battle lasted for three days and three nights. The players around him changed one after another, and the battle didn’t seem to have any intention of stopping. ”

“At this moment, Hu He was very sad. ”

Are you really going to beat me to death …

“””Demon King, do you want me to help the big meat shield with an assist?”” Nie Feng, who had been accompanying him for three days, suddenly spoke. ”

“””I don’t have money!”” ”

“””Stingy!”” ”

“””Shut up!”” ”

“””Oh!”” ”


Seven days passed as he waited.

“As for the battle between Lu Wu and the ancient God’s broken body, the players had been paying close attention to it at the beginning, but now they were indifferent to it. ”

Let’s just fight and treat it as a beautiful scene in heaven reverse city.

“On the seventh day, when Lu Wu felt that he was about to vomit, the originally lively ancient God’s body suddenly fell to the ground without any warning and died. ”

The power that he had poured into the ancient God’s remains in the evil spirit pit was completely exhausted.

“Although this force was very huge, it could not be compared with Lu Wu’s real “”external hack””. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu sat on the ground with a face of relief. He felt like a bull that had plowed 100 mu of land in a row! ”

He was too F * cking exhausted.

“Seeing this, the spectating players immediately posted the news on the forum, and the players in the city swarmed in. ”

“At this moment, Hu He, who had been waiting for a long time, also walked towards Lu Wu. ”

“Suddenly, he thought of something. He quickly opened the merchant shop and bought an item. ”

“After getting close to Lu Wu, Hu He took out the “”Panshi smoke”” he bought from the space, and then handed one to Lu Wu with a flattering face,”” ”

“””Big meat … Big Boss slaughter, you must be tired. Come and have a cigarette!”” ”

“When Lu Wu heard this, he turned around and looked at Hu He expressionlessly, but he didn’t have the slightest intention of taking the cigarette. ”

“The last time he smoked a cigarette that the dog handed to him, he was almost traumatized … This group of B * stards actually took a screenshot and used it as a daily emoji pack. They were simply stupid. ”

“””I’m not smoking!”” Lu Wu immediately said. ”

“””Draw the bomb!”” At this moment, nie Feng, who was standing at the side, raised the blue bomb in his hand. ”

Lu Wu was speechless.

“At this moment, Lu Wu felt that explosive man obviously didn’t want an account anymore. He had no idea who he was talking to. ”

“However, before Lu Wu could say anything, Hu He turned around and glared at nie Feng,”” ”

“””If you continue to make a scene, don’t follow me anymore!”” ”

“””Yes, boss, I’ll stop!”” Nie Feng said with a smile. ”

“After teaching nie Feng a lesson, he turned to Lu Wu again, rubbed his hands and said,”” ”

“””Big Boss tu mie, this ancient God’s body is an eyesore here. How about … I move it away?”” ”

“Lu Wuxin, who had already understood what Hu He wanted to do, smiled and nodded.”” ”

“””Fifty thousand soul coins!”” ”

“””F * ck, you meatshield, why didn’t you learn this? when did you learn this from the bronze pendant?”” Nie Feng cried out in alarm. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu once again felt that explosive man obviously didn’t want this account anymore. It seemed that he wanted to get a hundred years title package. ”

“I’ve worked my ass off for seven days and seven nights, and you think fifty thousand soul coins is too much? Do you know how much I can do in a second? Lu Wuxin could not help but complain. ”

“Hearing Lu Wu’s answer, nuclear Hu seemed to be very calm. He immediately opened the trading interface for Lu Wu, entered 50000 soul coins, and confirmed the transaction. ”

“Look, the difference between players was just so big. Thinking of this, Lu Wu also clicked [confirm deal]. ”

“After the deal was made, Hu He ran to the ancient God’s body and kept it in the space. ”

“After doing all this, he returned to Lu Wu’s side and asked curiously,”” ”

“””Big meatshield, how did you improve so quickly? Could it be that he went into closed door cultivation during the days he disappeared?”” ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu felt that Hu He didn’t want an account anymore. ”

“He had just called him ‘slaughter the big boss’, but after putting away the ancient God’s body, he was now calling him a meat shield. ”

This was too F * cking realistic!

“At this time, the surrounding players also came in one after another and began to chatter around Lu Wu. Some players even took the initiative to hand him cigarettes. ”

“However, through his access rights, Lu Wu found that these players who handed him the cigarettes were not in a good mood. They all secretly opened the screenshot function and waited for him to start smoking. ”

Lu Wu was speechless.

“At this point, he could already imagine that if he really smoked, the [big meat shield smoking] on the forum.jpg would probably have to be updated countless times. ”

Was this something a human could do?!

“Seeing that Lu Wu didn’t respond, the players started to take photos with him. ”

“Heart, scissorhand, chin in hand, acting cute … ”

This made Lu Wu feel that these players didn’t want their accounts anymore.

He suddenly wanted to finish what the ancient God’s body had left unfinished. He wanted to slaughter the entire heaven reverse city and all the players.

He simply had no sense!