Chapter 746: Chapter 746-full resurrection

“Under the calamity, the future of humanity was in a state of confusion. ”

“After destroying all the big cities, the forces of the heaven realm began to completely purge the human world, and even made plans to never let go of any human. ”

“At this moment, the sky above the human realm was filled with the members of the heaven realm. ”

“They looked down at the human world and waved their death Sickles, slaughtering all life that they could see and searching for the humans hiding underground. ”

“The technological power that humans were proud of was like a shield that could be easily pierced in front of heaven realm’s forces, with no defensive power to speak of. ”

“Despair engulfed the mortal realm, and every second, a large number of humans died. ”

“No matter where they were hiding, they couldn’t escape the detection of the heaven realm’s members. Even if they were deep underground, the outcome would be the same. ”

“This was the final moment for humanity. Even if they were filled with grief and indignation and wanted to fight back, they were ultimately powerless. ”

“In just five days, the human world had completely fallen and the people were in misery. ”

“At this time, what Lu Wu could do was to put all the human souls into the artifact space and preserve the last flame of the human race. ”

“At this moment, he wanted to seek the help of the great emperors, hoping that they would save the world. ”

“But at that moment, little Beili stopped him. ”

“According to little Bei Li, the destruction of the human realm was already irreversible. Only by letting the heaven realm enter the netherworld and fight with the heaven realm on their home ground could they have a chance of winning. This was because the yin Qi in the netherworld would gradually corrode the bodies of the heaven realm’s members, which could invisibly weaken their strength. Although the impact was not big, from the overall perspective, even if there was a little more hope, they had to seize it. Otherwise, the already weak netherworld would not be able to compete with the heaven realm. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wuxin was filled with grief and indignation. ”

“He was also a part of the mortal realm, and he couldn’t bear to see the mortal realm fall. The helplessness he felt at this moment made him even angrier. ”

“The heaven realm’s attack was sudden, but little Beili felt that it was within reason. ”

“We’ve already shed all pretenses of cordiality and have the absolute advantage, so why give us a reason to develop? ”

“Although Lu Wu understood little Bei Li’s explanation, he still felt angry. ”

“And next, he was going to take revenge! ”


“The catastrophe continued for another five days, and the number of humans left in the human world was less than one-thousandth of the original number, and it was still decreasing at an extremely fast rate. ”

This included many of the war players.

“Before they died, facing the slaughter of heaven realm’s members, these players only had one thought in their minds. ”

“How good would it be if I had the ability to fight in a war? that way, I would be able to resist and not sit still and wait for death to come. ”

“Countless players died in grief and indignation, and their consciousness fell into a state of haziness and confusion. ”

“Their vision turned completely dark after that. They could only feel themselves floating, but they had no idea where they were floating to. ”

“At this time, a voice suddenly sounded, and the players ‘souls instantly regained their clarity. ”

[Game prompt: all players will be revived in one minute. Please be prepared. Target point: [Each main city!]

“The appearance of this game prompt woke up all the players. At this moment, they even felt that they had a nightmare. In fact, they had always been in the game, and the human catastrophe was just a scene in their dreams. ”

“But all of this was too real, and the heart-wrenching despair still lingered in his heart. ”

“At this moment, the players were filled with confusion as they waited for what was going to happen in a minute. ”

What was the truth?

“However, at this time, some players showed a smile of relief. ”

“For example, players like aojian, seven, and Zara … ”

“In the beginning, they had all thought that this game was just a netherworld simulated by some powerful person. However, at this moment, they knew that everything was arranged. ”

“Perhaps the person behind the scenes had already anticipated the catastrophe that would befall the human world, and this was the escape route he had left for the human race! ”

“While waiting, the darkness faded and light reappeared. ”

“At this moment, white light flickered on the various homelands as countless figures returned. ”

“The northern divergent’s underworld city in the central server, the hidden Dragon City in the cangxu continent in the European server, the blue Valley City in the hell server, the demon Phoenix Inferno city in the Asian server, and the Xuanfeng tribe in the non-server. ”

“Under Lu Wu’s control, all the players were resurrected! ”

“At this moment, the players were all confused. ”

Why did I enter the game? Didn’t I die?

“With so many doubts, many players tried to quit the game. At this time, the game prompt sounded in their minds. ”

[Game prompt: unable to find the main body. Exiting the game is invalid!]

“Just as the players were puzzled by this, a voice rang in their minds.”” ”

“””I know you have a lot of doubts, but you have to understand that the future of the human race is in danger. The war will spread to the netherworld. Be prepared for battle. You are the future of the human race!”” ”

The players were in an uproar when they heard the voice.

“At this moment, they were clear about one thing. The catastrophe in the human world was not a nightmare. It had really happened. ”

The players opened the forum to try to find an answer.

“At that moment, the players were discussing spiritedly on the forum. ”

“At this moment, ao Jian, seven names, and the others began to explain the reason. Gradually, more and more players understood one thing: this was not a game, and everything they experienced in the game was real. ”

“The person behind the scenes had already anticipated the crisis that the human race was about to face. Everything he did was to protect them, and even more so to accumulate the strength to resist the coming crisis. ”

All the players fell into silence.

“They couldn’t accept the truth of the human catastrophe, but their hearts were burning with anger. ”

“Before they died, they had longed for the power to fight so that they could fight and fight. ”

“And now, his dream had come true. ”

“At this moment, countless roars rang out in the various major cities. ”

“At this moment, they thirsted for war and revenge! ”

“At this moment, the game prompt suddenly sounded again. ”

“[Game prompt: loading newbie template, dividing main cities by region …] ”

“As the game’s notification sounded, white light flashed in the major cities again, and countless new players appeared. ”

“They were not well-prepared and were only at the initial level 0 state. Their faces were filled with confusion, but when they saw these new players, the sadness in their hearts turned into joy. ”

“””This is the best I can do. Go and find your family!”” ”

Lu Wu’s voice echoed in the minds of all the players.

“At this moment, Lu Wu added all the dead humans into the battle as newcomers. ”

“After hearing Lu Wu’s words, all the players ‘faces showed a look of disbelief. The departure of their loved ones made them extremely sad. They had thought that they would never see each other again, but they did not expect to reunite in the war. ”

“At this moment, the players were filled with gratitude towards the person behind the scenes. ”

“””Don’t thank me. I don’t have any soul coins now. When the time comes, kill more and make money for me!”” Looking at the excited players, Lu Wu said in a bad mood. ”

“””Stupid officials, hurry up and open up a passage to the human world for us. We’re going to kill our way back!”” ”

“””F * cking officials, come out and get beaten up. Bring us back. I don’t want to sit still and wait for death!”” ”

“””Stupid official, I finally know why you’re so stingy. I forgive you for being stingy, but you’ve hidden it from us for so long. Come out and get beaten up first!”” ”

“””Shameless, stupid officials! I love you!”” ”

“Hearing the cheers of the players, Lu Wu couldn’t help but say,”” ”

“””Love my ass! Hurry up and spend the soul coins to increase your strength as much as possible. Prepare yourself for the upcoming battle!”” ”

“””My heart hurts so much. I still have 3 million left before I die. I don’t even have any soul coins on me. Who’s going to lend me some soul coins to spend?”” ”

“””Come on, I’ve already lost all 300 million. Your 3 million is nothing!”” ”

“””Although I’ve guessed that soul coins will become a common currency, and their value will continue to rise, I never thought that the value of currency in the real world would return to 0. Sad!”” ”

“””Haha, I exchanged all my money for soul coins a few days ago because I thought I could maintain it. I didn’t expect to make such a huge profit. Now, I’m bringing my old mother to buy new equipment!”” ”

“The players had thought that there was no hope for the future of mankind, but they were not reborn at this moment. Their lost family and friends had returned, just as they had said goodbye on the forum. ”

“Meet again in battle, see you! ”


“After knowing the difficulties that they were going to face next, the players began to spend a large amount of soul coins according to Lu Wu’s instructions, in order to improve their combat effectiveness as much as possible. ”

“This was because this was not a game, but a real war. ”

“During this period, the work occupation players started helping other players create a series of items that were beneficial for increasing their strength for free. Although soul coins were important, they knew that they had to unite and resist the invasion of the heaven realm. ”

“According to the person behind the scenes, the flames of war were about to burn to the netherworld, and this would be their last line of defense. ”

“If they lost, they would truly be homeless and completely expelled. The efforts of the people behind the scenes for many years would also be in vain. ”

“With this in mind, the players worked together and even established connections with players from other servers. They had truly abandoned their past grudges and were united. ”

“All the players were burning with anger, waiting to be vented. ”


“At this time, in the human realm, the forces of the heaven realm carried out the final carpet search, not letting go of any life. ”

Their next target was the netherworld.

“In fact, the heavenly realm had never paid any attention to the forces of the human realm. Their ultimate goal had always been the netherworld. ”

The reason why he chose the human world as his first target was to erase the thing he feared the most in his heart. He would not give the human race any chance of rising.

This was because East Emperor Taiyi had a guess.

“If they started a war with the netherworld, the netherworld might choose to draw the human race into the netherworld and make them part of their power. ”

“If that was the case, then with the potential of the human race, the longer the battle went on, the more disadvantageous it would be for the heaven realm. ”

This was because they had personally witnessed the potential of the human race.

This was also the reason why the heaven realm did not allow the forces of the netherworld to enter the human world and have any contact with the human race after the Treaty of the Three Realms was established.

“At this time, the human race had been completely destroyed, and their next battle would be in the netherworld. ”

“At this moment, the countless seals of the netherworld were released. ”

“The suppressed Asuras, the reincarnated evil god of Ksitigarbha, Qiu Niu of Qiu Niu big domain, and so on … ”

“Not only did these ancient gods have absolute strength, but they also had a determined heart to defy the heavens. ”

“They had never asked about the competition emperors below them, but they had always chosen to protect the truly powerful ones, especially after the destruction of the heaven defying Alliance. They would rather seal them than allow them to fight against the heaven realm. ”

Because they were all the hope for the future war against the heaven realm.

The time for the final battle had arrived. The three netherworld great emperors had unlocked their shackles and chosen to let them come out.

The entire netherworld was boiling …

It was at this time that Lu Wu opened up a passage to the human world.

“Although the final battle would be in the netherworld, it didn’t stop Lu Wu from wanting to consume the combat power of the heaven realm in advance! ”

“At this time, the players were in urgent need of soul coins to improve their strength, and the forces of heaven were the best targets to reduce the casualties in the netherworld as much as possible during the final battle. ”

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