Chapter 750: The ancient God’s lesson

“Looking at the helpless Emperor of East Peak, Lu Wu smiled awkwardly. ”

“However, he suddenly thought of a way to help the players quickly improve their strength. ”

This method also required the help of the great emperor of East Peak.

“””Great emperor of East Peak, can I … Borrow a few ancient gods from you?”” ”

“Upon hearing this, the way the great emperor of East Mountain looked at Lu Wu changed. ”

“””Don’t misunderstand, I’m not borrowing it to kill … Cough, cough, I’m borrowing it to be a teacher, to teach my people how to control the power of laws!”” Seeing the change in the emperor’s expression, Lu Wu quickly explained. ”

This was also a shortcut that Lu Wu thought of to improve the strength of the players.

“The power of law was one of the strongest source energies of the Three Realms. As long as one grasped one of the powers of law, one’s strength would increase at a rapid pace, and one could easily challenge those of a higher realm. ”

“Therefore, in Lu Wu’s opinion, he could take advantage of the time before the invasion of the heaven realm to let the players learn more about the laws of nature. ”

“Even if he could not quickly grasp the essence of the power of the laws, he could still lay the foundation first and plan for the future. ”

“Because Lu Wu would definitely apotheosize for the players in the future, the power of the rules would also be the key core for the players to cast the marker when they apotheosized. ”

“Moreover, the more rule powers the players mastered, the more complete his ‘heavenly demon list’ would be. This was also a way to improve his own strength. ”

“After hearing Lu Wu’s explanation, the Emperor of East Peak was relieved and nodded,”” ”

“””Alright, the heaven realm hasn’t opened the passage to the netherworld yet. While there is still some time, I’ll find some ancient gods for you!”” ”

“””Then I’ll leave it to you!”” After saying this, Lu Wu’s figure slowly disappeared from the world of six paths of reincarnation. ”

“Looking at the place where Lu Wu disappeared, the Emperor of East Mountain shook his head helplessly. He felt that this human Emperor … Didn’t put on any airs at all. ”

“Of course, he didn’t have the aura of a renhuang either. ”


“After returning to the artifact space, Lu Wu released an announcement to the players. ”

[Game prompt: heaven reverse city will start a magical power course soon. All players are free to take part. The exact time will be notified after the course is opened!]

“Therefore, Lu Wu chose the heaven reverse city as the location of the teaching, except that it was the only area connected to all the major cities. Another important point was that this main city was located in the Western netherworld. ”

“When the war between the heaven realm and the netherworld officially began, this place would also be the battlefield for the confrontation between the two realms. ”

“The reason was simple. The Western netherworld was the region closest to the human world. If the heaven realm wanted to open a fixed transmission channel that was connected to the netherworld, the Western netherworld would be their best choice. ”

“After all, the netherworld was different from the human world. They couldn’t take it down in one go, so they would have to go through a long war. ”

“Therefore, the heaven realm’s forces needed a place to settle down and gather their forces, and the Western netherworld was their inevitable choice. ”

“This was also one of the most important reasons why Lu Wu built heaven reverse city, and it was also the origin of the name of the city. ”

“If Lu Wu’s target was only the five leaders of the Western netherworld, then he didn’t need to waste so much soul power at all. He just needed to build a few transmission channels back and forth to get rid of this force. ”

“After all, the five leaders were only on demigod-level, so they did not pose much of a threat to the players. ”

“If one time wasn’t enough, they could do it a second time. If two times weren’t enough, they could do it a third time. The players could easily take down Western netherworld. ”


“In the next few days, Lu Wu met with the Emperor of East Mountain again in the six paths of reincarnation. ”

“At the same time, the Emperor of East Mountain had brought 100 ancient God Realm netherworld experts, many of which were familiar to Lu Wu. For example, the venerable tree of the netherworld Chamber of Commerce, Asura, the God of faith of the Rahu clan, and so on … ”

“After a chat with the great emperor of East Peak, Lu Wu settled the ancient gods in heaven reverse city. ”

“Then, Lu Wu released another game announcement to inform the players that the rule learning course had begun. ”

“At this moment, the prepared players teleported to heaven reverse city to meet the ancient God Realm experts. ”

“As for how to learn it, Lu Wu didn’t have a specific plan. ”

“After all, these ancient gods didn’t listen to him at all. They had come to give face to the great emperor of East Peak. ”

“So, if the players wanted to learn something from the ancient gods, they had to rely on themselves. ”

“As Lu Wu’s announcement rang in the players ‘minds, the players from the five servers arrived at heaven reverse city through the teleportation circle in the main cities. ”

“At this moment, the players ‘desire for power was even stronger than before. ”

“Other than the upcoming war, there was another reason why the players were so eager to get stronger. ”

“That was that the digitized body had now become the only main account that the players jokingly called it, which was the main body. ”

“Therefore, the increase in lifespan, the growth of physical strength, the control of extraordinary power, and so on … All of these were full of temptation to the players. ”

“This time, it wasn’t a game, but real cultivation. ”

“In the following days, the players came into contact with the ancient gods. ”

“Although they had come under the arrangement of the great emperor of East Peak, these ancient gods had different personalities. Some of them were very kind and were willing to negotiate with the players. They were willing to teach the players the techniques of understanding the laws and even taught other combat skills. They were enthusiastic about helping the players grow. ”

“On the other hand, some ancient gods had strange personalities and would only teach players who were pleasing to the eye. Otherwise, they would ignore you even if you tried to get close to them … ”

“It wasn’t as if the players didn’t have any countermeasures. They began discussing the personalities of the 100 ancient gods on the forums, trying to find a way to get close to them. ”

“During this period, some enthusiastic players had gathered and filtered the comments of the players on the forum. They then opened a strategy post and described the characters and other aspects of the ancient gods in detail. ”

The appearance of this post had helped a lot of players.

“Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes, was not concerned about the learning process of the players, but the learning efficiency. ”

“During this period, Lu Wu found a lot of good seedlings, and some of them were even new players. ”

“For example, there was a player called ruthless. ”

“Like ao Jian, this player used a sword as his weapon. After this player entered the game, Lu Wu didn’t provide him with any help, but he grew up as if he had cheated. ”

“Without spending a single soul coin, he was still at rank 0. ”

“However, with the help of the sword intent training guide post on the forum, he only used less than half a day to figure out his own sword intent, and it was one of the strongest attributes in sword intent,””Overlord sword.”” ”

“In the next few days, his sword intent grew even faster. Lu Wu estimated that his growth speed had far exceeded the growth speed of ao Jian and Beichen Yidao. ”

“It could be said that other than the fact that this player’s level was not up to standard, he could be considered a cheater. ”

(P.S. The character Wu Qing had appeared in the plot a long time ago. He was the sword cultivator who had defeated ao Jian several times and created a demon in ao Jian’s heart. He was also the reason why ao Jian had embarked on the path of the Wu Qing sword.)

There were many other members of the cultivation world like ruthless who had extremely high potential for growth.

“After they became players, their growth potential completely burst out. ”

“To be able to walk on the path of cultivation in the Dharma ending age, all of them were geniuses, and they were even more outstanding among the entire human race. ”

Their potential even shocked the ancient gods.

“At this moment, many ancient gods began to cherish these talents. They even almost started fighting over these talented players, starting a battle to become their disciples. ”

“If not for Lu Wu’s intervention, heaven reverse city would have been razed to the ground. ”

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