Chapter 754: 600 million reincarnation cycles

“With the appearance of the Grand Supreme, the gods of the netherworld’s idea of attacking the heaven realm’s transmission channel was destroyed. ”

“The ancient God of the netherworld, qiuniu, had his divine body shattered in order to cover his comrades ‘retreat, and he had fallen into eternal rest in the Western netherworld. ”

“This battle had come to an end, but a new confrontation was about to begin. ”

“The three dimensions shattered at the same time in Western Yin, and the figures of great emperor East Peak, great emperor Feng du, and great emperor Hades appeared. ”

“Opposite them were the eastern Emperor Taiyi, absolute beginning, and immortal wither. ”

“Other than the immortal wither’s miserable appearance and the shattered spirit Jade in its hand, the rest of the people did not look like they had experienced a fierce battle. ”

“At this moment, the great emperor of East Peak and the others turned to look at the Grand Supreme. The anger in their eyes seemed to be about to burst out. ”

They had already sensed qiuniu’s death.

“In fact, they knew qiuniu’s character very well. They knew that under his honest appearance, there was a heart that was willing to never compromise. When his temper exploded, he would not even listen to their words. ”

This was also the reason why the great emperor of East Peak had chosen to seal him.

“Otherwise, after the death of Ksitigarbha, qiuniu would have fought alone with Ksitigarbha. ”

“But in the end, they couldn’t protect him, and he still died in battle! ”

“At this moment, qiuniu’s honest words appeared in donghuang’s mind,”” ”

“””Old man Dongyue, when will I be the great emperor? I’m very strong too …”” ”

“Clenching his fists, the great emperor of East Mountain’s eyes were filled with endless killing intent as he pointed at the Grand Supreme. ”

“””The outcome of this battle has already been decided. As long as you choose to surrender and hand over the six Dao origins, I can reforge your bodies and make you a member of the heaven realm!”” At this moment, absolute beginning laughed maliciously. ”

“””This battle has just begun. In 10000 years, I will destroy your heaven realm!”” Fengdu said in a deep voice. ”

“””Ten thousand years? Do you think you can join forces with the human race during the war of the Three Realms? I know what you’re thinking, and I know what your trump card is!”” Absolute beginning pointed at the six paths reincarnation. ”

“””The one who was saved by Dongyue back then should be the new human Emperor, right? do you want to wait for him to grow up and rely on him to defeat us? Don’t even think about it. No matter how long this battle will last, he must die first!”” ”

Dongyue and the others were shocked to hear this.

“Looking at Dongyue, Fengdu, and the others, Taichu continued,”” ”

“””Do you really think that only the heaven realm will participate in this battle? The human race shouldn’t have existed in the Three Realms in the first place. Their existence has destroyed the balance of our three realms, so the Holy Spirit race is willing to help the heaven realm exterminate the human race!”” ”

“As absolute beginning’s voice fell, three cracks appeared in the sky and three figures walked out. ”

“They were both in human form, but their appearances were extremely special. There was a silver crescent-shaped pattern on their foreheads, and even their eyes were pure silver. His body exuded an extremely powerful aura that was no weaker than the immortal wither. ”

“””The Holy Spirit clan!”” Donghuang Taiyi frowned when he saw the three figures. ”

“””The spiritking has entrusted us with the task of assisting him. Dongyue, Fengdu, Hades, we won’t interfere in your battle with the heaven realm, but the humans must be destroyed!”” The leader of the group, Sheng Jin, looked at Dong Yue and the others. ”

“””The reason!”” The great emperor of East Peak asked in a deep voice. ”

“””The human race has broken the balance of the Three Realms. This world should only have the heaven realm and the netherworld realm. The human race is an external force and should be destroyed!”” ”

“””Balance? I don’t know about any balance. If the human race didn’t exist in the Three Realms, my netherworld would have been destroyed by the heaven realm. Is this the balance you want?”” Fengdu immediately rebuked. ”

“””Even if the netherworld is destroyed, this is the inevitable path of your world. It has nothing to do with us. Our target is the human race!”” Sheng Jin continued to speak. ”

“””What if we don ‘t?”” ”

“””It’s not up to you. The human race must be exterminated!”” As he spoke, Sheng Jin waved his hand, and a rainbow-colored flag appeared. ”

“””Come!”” ”

“As the sacred Seal waved the colorful flag in his hand, Lu Wu, who was behind the scenes, suddenly felt the space of the divine artifact shake, as if it was being pulled by an invisible force, slowly moving towards the direction of the Western netherworld. ”

“””What’s wrong?”” Lu Wu immediately turned to little Bei Li and asked. ”

“””They’re here. This is the final test!”” Little Beili’s face was filled with desolation. ”

She clearly knew what the ‘balance’ the Holy Spirit clan was talking about was.

Everything was a lie.

“The correct path for the Three Realms was for the heavenly Dao and the six paths to grow together. However, after growing to a certain stage, the netherworld would inevitably be destroyed. The heavenly Dao would devour the origin of the six paths and become a new life after “”fusing with the Dao””. ”

This was also the time for the Holy Spirit race to harvest the heavenly Dao.

“Whether it was the heavenly Dao or the three great emperors of the heaven realm, they all thought that they were outsiders who controlled the chess game. ”

What they did not know was that there was a spiritking behind the scenes. He used the myriad worlds to nurture venomous insects and constantly harvested Dao integration stage power. The so-called balance was only what the spiritspirit race believed to be the correct path for the world.

“However, this world was different. The appearance of the human race made it impossible for the heavenly realm to devour the Three Realms, let alone achieve Dao integration. Thus, in the eyes of the Holy Spirit race, the human race had broken the balance. In truth, it had only ruined their chances of obtaining the daomerge Daoist origins. ”


“At this moment, the divine artifact space suddenly descended into the Western netherworld. The space collided, and Lu Wu and little Bei Li’s figures appeared. ”

“When they saw little Beili, Taichu and the others ‘expressions changed.”” ”

“””Six essences!”” ”

“At this moment, the expressions of the great emperor of East Peak and the others also changed. ”

“They had already forgotten how long it had been since they last saw the ‘mother of reincarnation’ who created the netherworld. However, they knew that she had never left and was waiting for an opportunity. ”

“Now that they met again, they immediately stood in front of little Beili, facing Taichu and the others. ”

“””Hahaha, six paths, you’ve finally come out. I’ve been looking for you for a very, very long time. If it weren’t for the spiritking’s help, I think I would never have found you!”” At this moment, a wild laughter rang out in the sky. Then, a golden sun slowly appeared in the sky above Western Yin. ”

“””Heavenly Father!”” Absolute beginning and the others immediately greeted him respectfully. ”

“Little Bei Li did not pay attention to the heavenly Dao in the sky. Instead, he turned to Lu Wu and said,”” ”

“””Big cat, don’t be afraid. This is just the beginning. We’re not done yet!”” ”

“””I’ll protect you!”” Lu Wu didn’t say much, but he pulled little Bei Li behind him. ”

He knew what he was going to face next.

“With the space of the divine artifact exposed, their greatest reliance would no longer exist. However, Lu Wuxin was calm and fearless. ”

“This was a difficult path. From the moment he took on this responsibility, his mentality had been constantly changing. ”

“He had seen darknorth, Bing Ling, Qiu Niu, and the others die in battle against the heavens, so he was already prepared. ”

“Even if the final outcome was failure, it was just death. He could bear it. ”

“””It’s time to end this. Six paths, let me eat you!”” At this moment, Tiandao’s body glowed with countless white lights, and the world turned into daytime in an instant. ”

“When Lu Wu saw this, he immediately wanted to go up to him. At this time, little Bei Li’s figure flashed and appeared in front of him. ”

“””Do you still remember that I said I can’t tell you those secrets? But it’s time now!”” ”

“As he spoke, little Bei Li pointed to the right of the sky. The white light disappeared, and the layers of spatial restraints were shattered. The world returned to its original state. ”

“””How do you know where the seal’s origin is?!”” Seeing this, a cry of surprise came from the White ball of light. ”

“At this moment, the heavenly Dao once again used its power, and the world turned into day again. ”

“However, when little Bei Li pointed his finger again, the world Cage was shattered once more. ”

“The Heaven’s Will, who refused to believe in the heresy, began to use his power again and again, trying to seal off the world. But no matter what he did, little Bei Li’s finger would always be able to point at the weakest point of the seal and break it. ”

“After dozens of failures, Tiandao began to roar hysterically. He couldn’t believe that his ability was so vulnerable in front of six paths. It was as if the Dominator could predict the future and knew that he had hidden the origin somewhere. ”

“””Is the next point of your world prison here?”” Once again, the world was freed from the light of day. Little Bei Li suddenly pointed at the ground beneath his feet. ”

“””You …”” The White ball of light slowly transformed into a white-robed man. His face was filled with shock and anger. ”

“This time, he hadn’t used any power, but six paths had seen through his next move. He couldn’t accept this, and he couldn’t understand why six paths understood his thoughts so well. ”

“Little Bei Li did not pay any attention to the shocked Tiandao. Instead, he suddenly said,”” ”

“””Spiritking, you sensed it the moment I used my ability, right? come out!”” ”

“As little Bei Li’s voice fell, a black hole appeared in the air, and a voice came from within,”” ”

“””You’re indeed different. Not only did you escape your fate of being devoured, but you also know that I’m paying attention to this place!”” ”

“””Not only do I know, but I also know that you’re heavily injured!”” A smile appeared on little Beili’s face. ”

“As soon as he said that, the black hole suddenly expanded, and a voice came from inside,”” ”

“””How did you know about this?”” ”

It was clear that little Bei Li’s words had shocked the spiritking.

“Little Bei Li did not answer but turned to look at Lu Wu,”” ”

“””Silly cat, do you really think I’m weak? I’m an existence even more powerful than the heavenly Dao. The only reason I’m not using my abilities is to avoid the spiritking’s detection. Do you know why I’m so smart? Because I’m the six paths of reincarnation, my mind has the memories of all life forms from the mortal realm and the netherworld, so of course I’m an invention expert!”” ”

“””It’s just that I … I can’t continue to accompany you. “” At that moment, little Beili’s voice suddenly sounded like he was about to cry, and tears began to flow down his face. ”

“””Where are you going?”” Lu Wu immediately asked. ”

“””I’m tired, I’m tired, I’m tired. I don’t want to try again. I fail every time!”” Little Beili threw himself into Lu Wu’s arms and started crying. ”

“Lu Wu touched little Beili’s head and his heart ached for him. He didn’t know what little Beili had gone through, but he knew that little Beili must have gone through a lot. ”

“At this time, little Bei Li suddenly raised his head. After wiping away his tears, he waved his hand and took out a divine seal from Lu Wu’s body. ”

This divine seal was none other than God Beili’s sky-sealing seal.

“As little Bei Li clenched his fist, the seal of the heavens suddenly shone with a bright light and gradually expanded. ”

“””Seal the heavens!”” Seeing this mark, a low roar came from the black hole. ”

“””Do you know why the sky-sealing seal is unique in the netherworld? Because this seal was prepared for this day. It doesn’t belong to the Three Realms, but one of the most powerful laws of the outside world!”” ”

“””How could it be tu mie’s seal the heavens seal!”” At this moment, a furious roar came from the black hole. Then, the black hole suddenly expanded and began to tear the world apart. ”

“””You, can’t block it!”” Little Bei Li pushed out the seal in his hand, and countless chains appeared, locking down the area and slowly sending it upwards. ”

A dark green energy thread appeared on little Bei Li’s body. It was connected to the sky-sealing seal and was constantly supplying energy to it.

“””Destroy the seal!”” ”

“At that moment, the three celestial emperors, the immortal King, Tian Dao, the three spiritmen, and the spiritking all attacked at the same time. ”

“However, even though they had joined forces, they were unable to escape their fate of being sealed. Their bodies slowly moved upward along with the space. ”

“At this time, Lu Wu suddenly noticed that little Bei Li’s body was becoming faintly discernible, as if he was going to disappear at any moment. ”

“””What’s wrong with you?”” Lu Wu asked with a look of hesitation. ”

“””This day will eventually come. From now on, you won’t be alone. Remember that you are the human Emperor!”” Looking at the crying little Bei Li, Lu Wu wanted to say something, but he found that his body was also frozen in place. ”

“He wanted to struggle with all his might. He wanted to pull little Beili away, but he realized that little Beili’s body was becoming more and more transparent. ”

“””This is my final parting gift to you.”” A mark appeared on little Bei Li’s forehead and entered Lu Wu’s mind. ”

A huge amount of knowledge suddenly filled Lu Wu’s mind.

“At this moment, Lu Wu finally knew the truth and what little Bei Li was going through. ”

“It was a number that made Lu Wu’s heart tremble.”” 600 million reincarnations! ”

“Every reincarnation was for the sake of finding a chance of survival, and every beginning was in that familiar Park. ”

“It was a bright and beautiful morning, and she had crossed through layers of space and time. ”

The familiar words and the familiar posture of placing his hands on his waist when they met.

“””Hey, your ancestor has conquered a territory for you in the netherworld. Do you want to inherit it and become the Beiqi King?”” ”

“Even though this story had been repeated countless times, little Beili always pretended that it was their first time meeting and said the same words every time. ”

“In order to prevent the spiritking from discovering anything, little Bei Li transmigrated over and over again. He had gone through a total of 600 million reincarnations, and he tirelessly repeated the extremely familiar scene … ”

“In fact, she knew everything, including what she and Lu Wu were going to experience in the future. ”

“However, she continued to stay by his side, just to help him find a chance to live. ”

“And at the end of the 600 million reincarnations, Lu Wu was the one who died. ”

“Whether he was at the level of an Emperor or at the peak of the human Emperor realm, he had always ended up dying in his battle with the spiritking. ”

“The ending point of the story was also the starting point. Xiao Bei Li traveled back in time to the past. In the familiar Park, he pretended to accidentally scare Lu Wu, and then he said those familiar words with his hands on his waist … ”

She was really tired after 600 million farewells …

“In the end, she chose not to reincarnate but to sacrifice herself to buy Lu Wu 10000 years of time. ”

“After sealing the sky, the sky and the yin were separated. ”

“Although 10,000 years was not long, it was a parting gift that she gave to Lu Wu with her life. ”


“The moment this space was pushed out of the netherworld with Tiandao and the others, the power that imprisoned Lu Wu’s body dissipated. ”

“He immediately tried to grab little Bei Li, only to find him smiling at him and saying,”” ”

“””Father …”” ”

“Ripples appeared on her body at this moment, and she disappeared with the wind. ”

“After grabbing at the air twice, Lu Wu’s face showed an expression of disbelief. ”

Little Beili …

“His tears flowed uncontrollably at this moment. He looked up to the sky and roared, his heart aching. ”

“””I’ll buy you some snacks … Come back … Come back!”” ”

“””I don’t mind you eating anymore … Come back …”” He said. ”

“””Please, I beg you … Don’t leave me alone …!”” ”