Chapter 755: The beginning of the Three Realms

“The invasion of the heaven realm came to an end, and Lu Wu also disappeared after this battle. ”

“For the next two years, there were no more game notifications, and the players seemed to have lost their backbone. ”

“After watching the battle, they knew that the person behind the scenes was the big meat shield that they often teased. ”

“With the end of the battle, the sky and the yin world were separated, and the netherworld returned to its calm state. ”

“However, all the players knew that the crisis had not been resolved yet. They only had 10000 years. ”

“These 10,000 years would be the opportunity for their development. After 10000 years, they would inevitably fight against the heaven realm again. ”

“When they thought about the existence of the even stronger spiritking, all the players were completely dispirited. ”

Because there was no hope of winning this battle.

“After conversing with the ancient gods of the netherworld, they understood what kind of existence the Holy Spirit race was. ”

“That was the most powerful force in the entire outer realm. Even a renhuang at his peak couldn’t fight with it, let alone them. ”

“After losing hope, the players no longer had the bearing of a player clan. ”

“Since the outcome was already decided, what was the point of further development? ”

“They already had long lifespans. Ten thousand years might be a long time, but it was actually very short for the ancient gods. They would all welcome that day. ”

“In the days that followed, the players continued their lives, but they lost their fighting spirit. ”

“During this period, the catastrophes were no longer like catastrophes. They didn’t have the passion they had at that time, and they lived more like ordinary races in the netherworld. ”

“The heaven realm and the Holy Spirit clan were like huge rocks that were pressing down on their heads, making it hard for them to breathe. ”


In the world of the six paths of reincarnation.

“Lu Wu’s body was floating in the fog of this world, and his eyes were confused. ”

“After little Bei Li’s disappearance, the world of six paths of reincarnation had also undergone a huge change. It was no longer filled with spiritual Qi as it was before, and no more divine spiritual materials were born in the central sea. ”

“And this situation was still spreading. In the long run, the spiritual energy of the netherworld realm would dry up without the invasion of the heaven realm. From then on, it would follow in the footsteps of the human realm and enter the age of vipralopa. ”

“However, Lu Wu didn’t care about any of this at all. ”

“He just wanted little Beili to return. Even if he failed in the end, so what? he just wanted him to continue to stay by her side … ”

“As the mist drifted, Lu Wu’s mind kept on replaying his past with little Beili. ”

“””Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! I’m hungry, stinky cat, hurry up and cook, I’m starving …”” ”

“””You dare to eat my snacks? eat my 18 moves of the North li: strangle!”” ”

“””Hmph, I’m an expert in inventing things. Making these things is a piece of cake for me. Do you want to learn? heh, you actually don’t want to learn, you unmotivated guy …”” ”

“””Dong Dong Dong! Big cat, stop sleeping. We’re done with the snacks. Go out and buy some. You hear me? we’re done …”” ”


“I’m the only one left. Without you, how am I going to bear these ten thousand! ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu once again thought of little Bei Li’s 600 million reincarnations, and tears could not help but fall from the corner of his eyes. ”

“You’ve suffered so much, it’s good for you to go to sleep. I’m a burden to you. ”

“If everything could be rewound, I … ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu suddenly opened his eyes and his heart was beating fast. ”


“If little Beili can do it, can I do it too? ”

“As he thought of this, Lu Wu quickly flipped through the memories left behind by little Bei Li in his mind to search for the memories before his reincarnation. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu gradually became excited. ”

“He had found it. He had finally found a way, and that was to start everything from scratch. ”

“As he thought of this, Lu Wu immediately began to experiment. ”

“With the memory in his mind and the huge amount of soul coins left in the artifact space, Lu Wu began to put his guess into practice step by step … ”


“Time passed, and ten years passed in the blink of an eye. The netherworld seemed to have experienced a catastrophe during this period. All living things withered, and spiritual energy gradually dried up. ”

“All the creatures of the netherworld spent their days in hesitation. They didn’t know what had happened, and they didn’t know why the netherworld had become like this. ”

Within underworld city.

“The players no longer had their usual smiles on their faces, and they were all very silent. ”

Training? Become stronger?

“There was no more hope, so what was the point of having those things? ”

“With the depletion of spiritual Qi, the person behind them disappeared. They had long given up on the battle ten thousand years later. ”

“At this moment, a figure appeared in the sky above underworld city. ”

The players sensed it and looked up at the sky.

“When they saw the person’s appearance, many players suddenly became excited. ”

“””I haven’t given up. Who’s willing to come with me?”” Lu Wu’s voice resounded throughout underworld city. ”

“””Big meatshield, I’ve been waiting for you for more than ten years. I’ve had enough of this kind of life. I want to fight!”” At this time, Liu Chan’s figure appeared beside Lu Wu. ”

“Looking at Liu Chan, who had an unshaven beard and was holding a wine pot, a smile appeared on Lu Wu’s face. ”

“””Count me in!”” At this moment, ao Jian’s figure also appeared at the side. ”

“””Count me in!”” ”

“””Count me in!”” ”

“At this moment, all the players who could fly had gathered around Lu Wu. ”

“They thought that Lu Wu had given up, so they also gave up the idea of fighting to the death with the heaven realm and the Holy Spirit clan ten thousand years later. ”

“But now that Lu Wu had returned, it ignited the passion that they had when they were called natural disasters. ”

“””You guys believe me?”” ”

“””I’ll believe you, you stingy official!”” Gou ‘Zi gave him the middle finger but his face was filled with smiles. ”

“””Follow me, our battlefield is not here. I know how to win!”” ”

“””What about them?”” Gu Yu immediately pointed at the players in the city below who could not fly. ”

“””They’re safe here. They just need to wait for us to return!”” As he spoke, Lu Wu waved his hand and put Gu Yu and the others into the space of the artifact. ”

“Then, Lu Wu’s figure jumped and came to the “”Hidden Dragon City”” in the blue Void region. ”

“This time, Lu Wu took away many players again. ”

“After that, it was the hell server’s Blue Valley City, the Asia server’s Burning Sky City, and the non-server’s profound wind tribe. ”

“Soon, there were millions of players who were willing to follow Lu Wu. ”

“At this time, Lu Wu did not choose to leave. Instead, he came to the yellow spring sea to find Doctor hai. ”

“After going through little Beili’s memories, he finally understood why doctor hai was protected by this world. ”

Because he was Shaohao.

“In truth, he had never left the Three Realms. He had only sent away his clansmen despite being heavily injured. He then died in the Three Realms. ”

But he was saved by little Bei Li and his soul was healed. He was also given a portion of the merit pool’s water and then sent into the cycle of reincarnation.

This was also the reason why doctor hai could always turn misfortune into fortune.

“He had received little Bei Li’s protection, which was also the protection of the entire netherworld. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu followed the method in little Bei Li’s memory and unlocked doctor Hai’s memory of his previous life. ”

“At that moment, Shaohao woke up. ”

“Although the human race would be safe during the 10000-year seal, Lu Wu felt that the human race still needed a leader, and Shaohao was the best choice. ”

“Therefore, Lu Wu told Shaohao his thoughts. ”

“Shaohao wanted to leave with Lu Wu, but Lu Wu refused, hoping that Shaohao would stay and take care of the younger generation of the human race. ”

“In the end, Shaohao still agreed to Lu Wu’s request. ”

“After doing all this, Lu Wu stepped into the six paths of reincarnation again and took out the “”reincarnation”” device he made himself. ”

“In an instant, the soul coins in his storage began to burn intensely. ”

“This time, Lu Wu chose to burn all the soul coins and even took out the remaining soul coins on the players. ”

“With the activation of the reincarnation device, a dark green vortex appeared in front of Lu Wu. ”

“This vortex was different from the space crack. The inside was deep and invisible, and even Lu Wu couldn’t guarantee where the other end was. ”

“This was just his attempt, and it was bound to be risky. ”

He had explained that to the players who followed him.

“However, Gu Yu and the others did not care about this. They still wanted to continue being natural disasters and not just wait for death. ”

“Taking a deep breath, Lu Wu stepped into the dark green vortex full of hope. ”

“The moment Lu Wu entered the whirlpool, the great emperor of East Peak and the others appeared. ”

“However, after a sigh, they dispersed again … ”


“He didn’t know how much time had passed, but Lu Wu couldn’t feel the passage of time in the whirlpool, and he couldn’t even feel the existence of space. ”

“10,000 years. The only time left for him was 10000 years, and that would not change. ”

“This was because Lu Wu did not choose to start all over again. Instead, he crossed over to another Parallel space and time and tried a new creation that even little Bei Li had never tried. ”

The reason why he chose to do this was because Lu Wu had thought of a way to revive little Beili.

“This was because he needed a huge amount of resources, enough to be compared to the entire netherworld. Then, he could rebuild little Bei Li’s body. ”

“As for her memories, they had always been kept in his mind, never erased or altered. ”

“As a result, he needed to go to a Parallel Space, a world where the spiritking did not know of his existence. ”

“However, because it was a Parallel Space, time would still flow. The amount of time he spent in the other space would also be the same amount of time in the origin world he was in. ”

“Thus, time could not be changed. He only had 10000 years. ”


“After an unknown amount of time, Lu Wu continued to move forward in the space-time Tunnel and finally stepped out of the seemingly endless tunnel that crossed space and time. ”

“Filled with anticipation, Lu wuwang looked forward. He wanted to see what the Three Realms in another parallel dimension looked like. ”

“However, when he saw everything clearly, he couldn’t help but be dumbfounded. ”

“It was a barren land with no life force at all, but Lu Wu felt an energy that was purer than the power of law here. ”

This was … The beginning of the Three Realms?

“This thought really shocked Lu Wu. He did not expect that the Three Realms in another space and time were still in their original state. There were no signs of life, so … Little Beili had not been born yet! ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu began to observe his surroundings. ”

“With the analysis of the memory in his mind, Lu Wu knew what the energy source floating in the space was. ”

Holy Spirit force was the source of energy that formed the first form of the Three Realms.

This made Lu Wu fall into deep thought.

He had come to this Parallel Space for the mystical materials. He did not expect to come to the barren land where the Three Realms was formed. Where could he get resources?

“A moment later, Lu Wu suddenly thought of an idea to obtain a large number of mystical materials. ”

“””Should we go to the outer space to plunder?”” ”

“””Then what should we do here? without the power of the Three Realms, and with our power having a different system from the outside world, how are we going to replenish the power of laws we’ve expended in the outside world?”” At this moment, the young paparazzo raised his hand and said. ”

“When Lu Wu heard this, he couldn’t help but nod. He felt that what Gou ‘Zi said was true. ”

“However, the problem was that there was no power of nomological laws in the Three Realms right now. They were still in the State of Origin source. ”

“Thinking of this, Lu Wu suddenly had an idea. Why not do it himself and speed up the formation of the Three Realms, which means to create the Three Realms and let it give birth to the origin of the laws? then, this world could continuously give birth to the origin of the laws. ”

“This way, they would have a place to replenish their nomological power in the battle outside the region. ”

“As soon as he thought of this, Lu Wu immediately decided to do it! ”

“Otherwise, he would have to wait a very, very long time for the Three Realms to slowly form. He couldn’t afford to wait. ”

Because he only had 10000 years!

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