“Chapter 756: If you have a good appetite, you should eat more”

“After determining the direction, Lu Wu and the players began to work hard to create the world. ”

“Lu Wu first made it clear that the power that built the world was the power of the law, which was also the original power that stabilized the structure of the world in the Three Realms. ”

“However, this world did not have any power of laws. ”

It was not that Lu Wu did not have a solution to this.

“At this moment, he took out the heavenly demon list. As he flipped it, countless power of laws overflowed from the inside and dissipated around Lu Wu. ”

“Then, Lu Wu gathered all the players around him and said,”” ”

“””Time to work. Help me integrate these nomological laws into the world!”” ”

“””Stupid officials, I don’t know how to use the power of law!”” The young paparazzo raised his paw and asked. ”

“””You don’t need to know it. Now I’ll materialize the power of law. When the time comes, you can use your spiritual energy to fix the power of law in the position I marked!”” As he spoke, Lu Wu activated the divine artifact and began to design the initial structure of the Three Realms. ”

“Soon, the world in the players ‘eyes changed. Countless different colored spots of light appeared, and each spot was marked with different words. ”

“For example, the law of water, the law of fire, and the law of earth … ”

“””I can learn the smart ones with one look!”” The young paparazzo laughed. ”

“Lu Wu glanced at him and said,”” ”

“””If you can’t even do this, I’ve decided to give you an advanced anti-addiction system so that you can study hard and improve yourself!”” ”

“Upon hearing this, the players ‘expressions changed, and Gu Yu glared at the young paparazzo. ”

The young paparazzo lowered his head in embarrassment and chose to surrender to the power of the government.

“After that, the players each took a wisp of the power of the rule and began to run around the world, placing the power of the rule in the corresponding position and fixing it. ”

“But soon, Lu Wu encountered another problem. ”

“Although he had obtained all the origin of the laws of the netherworld from the great emperor of East Peak and had engraved them on the heavenly demon list, the internal laws were still not complete enough. ”

“He only had 300 of the heaven realm’s laws, all of which were stripped from the dead heaven realm soldiers during the war. This was not the entire heaven realm’s laws. If these laws were used to construct this world, the Three Realms created would not be complete, and would not reach a true balance point at all, and could collapse at any time. ”

“However, Lu Wu did not give up, because he had little Bei Li’s memory of the heaven realm’s laws in his mind. ”

“Therefore, Lu Wu decided to create the remaining 2700 rules of heaven by himself. ”

“Relying on the knowledge in his memory, Lu Wu began to act. ”

“While he was creating the world, time passed quickly. During this time, the players explored the world and constantly sent back data and information to Lu Wu. ”

“Through repeated failures, Lu Wu spent nearly ten years and created 2700 traces of law power that belonged to the heaven realm. ”

“Although the 2700 laws of nature that Lu Wuwu created were not from the origin, they could still be used. ”

“Moreover, Lu Wu believed that as this world grew, these most primitive power of law would gradually transform into a law belt and become the origin power. ”

“Then, Lu Wu led the players and began to run around in this barren land, fixing all the rules in the previously planned positions. ”

“There were a total of 6000 locations, and each location was guarded by a player. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu spread out the heavenly demon list again. With his control, all the power of the law dissipated little by little, integrated into the space where it was, and became one with the world. ”

“In an instant, the world changed. Clear air floated up, and turbid air sank. The world slowly split into three layers. ”

“Seeing this scene, a smile appeared on Lu Wu’s face, and the players also let out excited shouts. ”

“At this moment, the voice channel was filled with “”666.”” ”

“Ten years of hard work. They had surveyed this world countless times. Everyone had worked hard for this. At this moment, all their efforts were worth it. ”

They had successfully created the embryonic form of the Three Realms.

“However, as he felt the faint fluctuation of the power of the law between heaven and earth, Lu Wu suddenly found a new problem. ”

“This was because the power of the laws was not growing. Instead, it was gradually weakening. If this continued, this part of the power of the laws would completely dissipate with the passage of time. ”

This made Lu Wu fall into deep thought.

He began to think about how he could make the power of the natural laws in the Three Realms grow with the world instead of gradually collapsing with the growth of the world.

“As he was thinking, Lu Wu soon thought of a solution to this problem. ”

He needed an endless supply of energy to nourish these primitive laws of nature and allow them to grow.

“As for where to find the energy, Lu Wu was not worried about that. ”

This was because there was a lot of spiritual energy in the outer space.

“However, the spirit Qi in the outer realm was not suitable for the growth of the nomological power of the Three Realms. After all, they were different energy systems. ”

“Therefore, Lu Wu thought of building a device to filter the spiritual energy from the outer realm. ”

“Immediately, Lu Wu’s figure came to the lowest level at this moment, which was the future netherworld, and began to build the device that he needed to filter the spiritual energy from the outer realm. ”

“Because the human world was in the center of the two worlds, it was wrapped by the two worlds and did not have any contact with the outer realms. Therefore, Lu Wu naturally did not consider building the Reiki device in the human world. Instead, he chose the heaven and the netherworld. ”

“During the construction, Lu Wu considered a lot of problems. ”

“For example, if the world wanted to develop for a long time, the device had to be a living thing, not a simple tool. It was best if it had the ability to think independently. Only then could it adjust the strength of the foreign spiritual energy it absorbed, better nourishing the world. ”

“As he struggled, Lu Wu gradually felt that something was wrong. ”

I’m building a device to absorb spiritual energy from the outer realm? And he even decided to have one heaven realm and one netherworld realm each?

Then wouldn’t I be creating a little Beili and the heavenly Dao?

“This thought made Lu Wu shiver. He couldn’t help but take a deep breath and Mutter,””how terrifying.”” ”

I was creating the Three Realms?

“At this moment, Lu Wu suddenly thought of a very serious problem. ”

“Then, is the world I’m in also formed in this way? ”

“‘Didn’t the Holy Spirit clan say so? The appearance of the human race has destroyed the balance of the Three Realms. In other words, the human race shouldn’t have appeared in the Three Realms in the first place, and didn’t my appearance destroy the original balance of the Three Realms? ”

“F * ck, I’m tu mie? ”

Lu Wu was shocked by his own thoughts.

“In other words, the legendary slaughter of the origin world he was in was his own from another time and space that came to resurrect little Bei Li? ‘He created the Three Realms like me, and then returned to his own world after resurrecting little Beili, leaving behind only a legend?’ ”


“This guess shocked Lu Wu, and he felt that it made sense. ”

This also explained many things. Why had the powerful tu mie suddenly disappeared? even the spiritking could not sense his existence.

“Lu Wu couldn’t help but doubt his life. Did tu mie, who went back, defeat the spiritking? Are you all right now? ”

“After thinking for a while, Lu Wu gritted his teeth. ”

“The world is big, but reviving little Beili is the most important thing. The Three Realms must be formed now, or what will happen to my little Beili? ”

“As he thought of this, Lu Wu continued to cultivate the half-living body.””The six paths of reincarnation. ”

“During this period, Ake, Eric, and the others also continued to help Lu Wu, slowly perfecting the ideas in Lu Wu’s mind. ”

Ten years passed quickly and the six paths of reincarnation was finally formed. A black ball of light slowly appeared in the netherworld.

“Then, Lu Wu brought “”little Bei Li”” to the heaven realm and began to cultivate the half-living “”Tian Dao”” here. ”

“Soon, under Lu Wu’s hard work, the heavenly Dao also took shape and turned into a Golden ball of light. ”

The world had reached a balance point at this moment.

“According to Lu Wuwu’s settings, the two balls of light began to absorb and filter the spiritual energy from the outer realms. Suddenly, the spiritual energy from the outer realms surged into the heaven and Yin realms. The nomological laws that had integrated into this world finally stopped dissipating at this moment. They grew up little by little under the nourishment of the spiritual energy … ”

“Lu Wuxin was elated that he had succeeded. Now, he could work hard on his plan to resurrect little Beili. ”

The next step was to lead the players to battle the foreign lands.

“However, before Lu Wu and the players could discuss how to start the trip to the outer realm, an accident suddenly happened. ”

“The tiny Beili and the way of heaven withered quickly, and the spiritual Qi they absorbed from the outer realm gradually decreased. It was as if some unpredictable disease had happened inside. ”

This made Lu Wu extremely anxious.

This was because the tiny Beili and the heavenly Dao had completely withered. Their efforts would have been in vain.

Lu Wu tried to calm himself down and began to think about what exactly caused the changes in the heavenly Dao and the little Beili.

“At this moment, the players also expressed their opinions on the voice channel. ”

“In the midst of brainstorming, mo Xiaoxin’s speech attracted Lu Wu’s attention. ”

“””Could it be that they’re not acclimatized to the environment? after all, the Dominator of six realms and the way of heaven are made of mystical materials from our world. These mystical materials don’t exist in this world.”” ”

This thought made Lu Wu suddenly understand the reason for the problem.

“This world was too desolate and there were no spiritual materials at all. Therefore, he used the spiritual materials he had stored in the artifact space when he transmigrated to create the small Bei Li and Tian Dao. They were also the spiritual materials from the main world. ”

“That was why the tiny Beili and the heavenly Dao were rejected by this world. In other words, they were not acclimatized to it. ”

“From this perspective, Lu Wu quickly found a solution. ”

“Since the tiny Beili and the heavenly Dao couldn’t merge with this world, he would add in the only source of energy in this world, the “”Holy Spirit energy,”” so that they would be recognized by this world, allowing them to perfectly merge with it and grow together with this world. ”

“As soon as he said it, Lu Wu began to gather the players and made them gloves to capture Holy Spirit energy. He let them wander around the world and collect the most original energy,””Holy Spirit energy.”” ”


“Time passed by quickly, and with the efforts of the players, all the Holy Spirit energy in this world was gathered and handed over to Lu Wu. ”

“At this time, in the human world, two small light balls were circling around Lu Wu. ”

“With a wave of his hand, Lu Wu took out a million traces of Saint spirit energy from the artifact space and was ready to distribute them. ”

“Since Holy Spirit force was the most fundamental power in this world, whoever had more control over it would have greater potential for growth. ”

“Logically speaking, this should have been evenly divided … ”

Average score?

“‘Little Beili loves to eat snacks so much. He must have a good appetite, so he should eat more … Hmm, I think the Heaven’s Will’s appetite should be very small. Just enough.’ ”

“Thinking of this, Lu Wu began to distribute the Holy spiritual energy.”” ”

“””You get one portion of the heavenly Dao, and you get two portions, little guy!”” ”

“””You get one portion of the heavenly Dao, and you get three portions, little guy!”” ”

“””You get one portion of the heavenly Dao, and you get five portions, little guy!”” ”

“””You’ll get one portion of the heavenly Dao. Xiaobei … You’ll get ten portions!”” ”


“Soon, the one million traces of Saint spirit power were distributed. ”

“At this time, Lu Wu reached out and rubbed the little black ball floating beside him. He smiled and said,”” ”

“””Little guy, is it good?”” ”

“””Swish!”” The little black ball let out a weak sound. ”