Chapter 757: Myriad world Gu farm

“With the birth of the small Beili and the heavenly Dao, this world began to get on the right track. ”

“The embryonic form of the Three Realms had been completed, and the power of 6000 Dao laws had been completely integrated into the Three Realms. As the world was nourished by the continuous influx of spiritual energy, it provided the players with strength support in the future. ”

“After all, their power system originated from the Three Realms of the origin world, so they couldn’t directly absorb the spirit Qi from the outer realm. Only this world could provide for their consumption. ”

“After doing all this, Lu Wu began to discuss the next step of the alien plunder plan with the players. ”

The players were all discussing and expressing their own opinions.

“However, there was one thing that the players agreed on. ”

“That was to make a set of clothes that belonged to the catastrophe, and everyone would wear it in the future to show off their style. ”

Lu Wu did not object to this.

This would also help the players become more United.

“However, Lu Wu chose to ask the players for advice on which style of clothes to make. ”

“Among the millions of players, there was naturally no lack of players who had done research in the field of fashion design. ”

“In the next few days, this group of players posted their hand-drawn fashion design drafts on the forum and let all players vote for their choices. ”

“In this regard, the players were eager to participate, and even Lu Wu joined in the clothing voting. ”

“In the end, the clothing that was recognized by most players was not a gaudy set, but a cloak. ”

“But on the back of the cloak, the word “”demon”” was embroidered in dark red. ”

“At the bottom of the picture, the player also gave a detailed explanation of the cloak. ”

“As for the specific source of inspiration, this player clearly stated that it came from the “”heavenly demon list”” in the hands of the dog official. ”

“Since we’ll be recorded in this “”heavenly demon list”” when we apotheosize in the future, then aren’t we heavenly demons? ”

“Therefore, he chose to add the word ‘demon’ on the north side of the cloak. ”

“With the word “”demon,”” the black cloak had a different charm, and the Beast head that was closely linked to the shoulders was even more domineering. ”

“As they observed, the players were even more surprised to find that the two shrunken beast heads were in the shape of the Sea King and copper pendant. ”

This made the players recall the days of the war in the netherworld.

“They had been here for more than 20 years. Now that they looked back, the players couldn’t help but sigh with emotion at the “”disastrous years”” back then. They were carefree and fearless … ”

“As a result, the Cape received unanimous praise from most players, and the total number of votes reached 78% of all players. ”

“In the end, Lu Wu decided that this dress would be their uniform for future expeditions. ”

“Later on, Lu Wu used the artifact to make this cloak, set the template, and began to make it in batches. ”

“Since it was a piece of equipment that he had to wear for a long time, Lu Wu was no longer stingy. ”

He took out the high-level mystical materials stored in the divine artifact and made a piece of special equipment for each player that could devour mystical materials to grow.

Lu Wu’s move made the players cheer.

“Every time the dog officials gave out benefits, the players would always feel unusually happy, and that had never changed even now. ”

“In fact, the players had always known how much pressure the so-called dog official website was under. ”

“Although they always called him the “”dog official,”” the players had long regarded Lu Wu as their leader and the leader of the human race. ”

They had all experienced the days when there was no official.

“All the players lost their goals and became dispirited, no longer looking forward to the future. ”

“And this time, they volunteered to follow Lu Wu, which was their recognition of Lu Wu, and they also hoped that Lu Wu could lead them to victory. ”

“But acknowledging it was one thing, he would never admit it verbally … ”

She had to curse him and call him ‘stupid official’ to feel comfortable.

“After all, this was the traditional virtue of the players … ”


“After that, all the players changed into the “”demonic Cape”” that Lu Wu distributed to their private space, and their external clothing was unified at this moment. ”

What Lu Wu had to do next was to revive little Bei Li and improve the strength of the players.

“However, reviving little Beili and increasing the players ‘overall strength required a large amount of mystical materials and soul power, and the target was the outer realm, not the newly-born three realms. ”

“After making the decision, Lu Wu set out with the player Army, crossed the barrier of the Three Realms, and came to the outer realm. ”

“The outer realm was shrouded in darkness. The other worlds in the distance were like bright planets, shining with light. ”

“””Stupid official, where are we going first?”” At this time, Gu Yu came to Lu Wu’s side and asked curiously. ”

“Looking at the many worlds in front of him, Lu Wu thought for a moment, then pointed to a planet that was emitting blue light and said,”” ”

“””Let’s go there!”” ”

“At this moment, millions of soldiers of the celestial demon Army flew toward the Blue World. ”

This distance was far further than Lu Wu had thought.

“After flying non-stop for a whole day, the size of the Blue Planet in the distance did not change at all. It was still hanging high in the distance, which made Lu Wu feel extremely depressed. ”

“In fact, it was not that they did not have any shortcuts. ”

“As long as he had enough soul coins, he could completely locate that world, and then use the soul coins to lead the players to perform a space jump, directly landing in that world. ”

But the problem now was that Lu Wu had no more soul coins on him.

“Even though the God equipment could still be used, all the functions that consumed soul coins could no longer function normally. ”

“Therefore, for the first time, Lu Wu could only lead the players and rush forward. ”

This flight really made Lu Wu’s teeth hurt.

“After flying for a month, he looked at the Blue Planet in the distance. It was still so far away, as if he could never fly to the end. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu and the players were in a depressed mood. ”

“However, he had no choice. He had already been flying for a month. How could he give up? So, Lu Wu and the players continued to fly while gritting their teeth. During this time, they kept communicating with each other through the voice channel, which could also be considered a way to kill time. ”

“After another two months of flying, the blue spots in the distance were still bright, but Lu Wu and the players were a little numb. ”

“When would this F * cking end? he would probably have to fly for a few more years, or even longer. ”

“Just as Lu Wu and the players were feeling a little desperate, a Black Planet appeared in their sight. ”

“As the planet was not emitting any light, they had not noticed it before. ”

“Now that he was closer, he realized that there was another world here. ”

“””Stupid official, why don’t we go over and take a look first?”” ”

“””Stupid officials, stop the car and go down to replenish your supplies!”” ”

“””I request a half-time break …”” ”


“Looking at The Dark World nearby, Lu Wu also had the urge to go in and take a look. ”

“After all, he didn’t know how long it would take to reach the Blue World. It was better to explore this world first. Perhaps there might be unexpected gains. ”

“As he thought of this, Lu Wu chose to lead the players closer to this dark world. ”

“In less than half a month, Lu Wu and the players arrived at the boundary barrier of this world. ”

“As Lu Wu and the players crossed the boundary barrier, a desolate world appeared in front of them. ”

This world was different from the Three Realms. It only had two layers.

“However, the upper and lower levels were completely similar. They were both barren, as if the entire world had completely declined. ”

This made Lu Wu and the players very curious.

“Hence, he led the players to explore the world to see if there were any resources that could be used. ”

“However, after spending a few days exploring, Lu Wu and the players found that there were no resources at all in this world. There was no life in the whole world. ”

“Just as Lu Wu and the others were about to give up and leave, they found a withered ancient tree. ”

“The tree was extremely huge, covering an area of thousands of square meters. It stood in a corner of the upper space. It was just that there were no signs of life in the ancient tree. However, with the help of the divine weapon, Lu Wu found that the tree was not dead and still had a weak consciousness. ”

“Out of curiosity, Lu Wu injected some of his strength into the ancient tree’s body. ”

“In an instant, two huge, turbid eyes appeared on the ancient tree. ”

“””It’s Alive!”” Seeing this, some of the players exclaimed. ”

“””Scam…It’s all a scam…We’ve been tricked!”” At this time, a hoarse roar came from the ancient tree, and his eyes flickered with anger. ”

“””The Holy Spirit clan … Damn it!”” ”

“When they heard the words “”Holy Spirit race””, the expressions of Lu Wu and the players changed. ”

“””What’s wrong with you? Can you tell me what happened?”” Lu Wu immediately asked. ”

“At this time, the muddy eyes on the ancient tree looked at Lu Wu, and then a memory began to appear in his pupils. ”

The curious players immediately went forward.

“Seeing this, Lu Wu used the divine artifact to project the scene in the eyes of the ancient tree into the divine artifact. Suddenly, this scene also appeared in the eyes of all the players. ”

“At the beginning of this scene, the world was full of vitality. ”

“It was the same in the upper realm and the lower realm, but one day, a strange race came from the outer realm. ”

“They found the ruler of the upper plane, a glowing white ball. ”

“Seeing this glowing white ball, Lu Wu suddenly thought of the “”heavenly Dao”” that he had created. ”

“As for the extraterrestrial creatures that came, Lu Wu recognized them at a glance as the “”Holy Spirit clan.”” ”

Silver pupils and a crescent-shaped mark on his forehead. He looked extremely similar to the three Holy Spirit tribesmen he had seen.

“In the image, the ruler of this world was having a conversation with the Holy Spirit race. ”

“A moment later, the Holy Spirit race left … ”

“Then, the images began to rapidly advance. Soon, a battle broke out between the upper world and the lower world, and the creatures of both worlds were affected. ”

“This battle lasted for a long time, and both realms suffered heavy losses. ”

“However, it was obvious that the upper world had a huge advantage and eventually flattened the lower world, killing all the creatures in the lower world. ”

“In the end, the White ball of light from the upper world imprisoned the black ball of light from the lower world and devoured it bit by bit. ”

“At this moment, the White ball of light turned dark red, and the lower world was covered by the upper world. ”

“The White ball of light had become extremely powerful, but danger had also arrived at this moment. ”

“A black hole suddenly appeared in the sky, and countless Holy Spirit tribesmen appeared, capturing the White ball of light that had successfully ‘fused’ with the upper plane into the black hole. ”

The beings of the upper plane wanted to resist and stop the Holy Spirit race from taking their ruler away.

“However, the long battle had exhausted their Foundation. Facing the even more powerful Holy Spirit race, they had no power to resist at all. After sacrificing countless Warriors, they could only watch as their ‘ruler’ was taken away. ”

“With the departure of the ruler of the upper world, the world, which had once again reached a balance, was divided into two worlds again. However, the creatures of the upper world suffered. ”

“Without a ruler, the spirit Qi in this world rapidly dissipated. All living things dried up and fell into a deathly silence. ”

And the ancient tree in front of Lu Wu was the only living thing that had survived in the dead silence until now.

“When the scene ended, Lu Wu suddenly thought of the Three Realms that he was in. ”

“During the Great War of the Three Realms, could it be that the Holy Spirit clan’s entry had also started the war? ”

“However, there was one thing that Lu Wu was sure of. During the war of the Three Realms, the heaven realm received a lot of help from the Holy Spirit race, which was why they defeated the Alliance between the human race and the netherworld. ”

“Without the participation of the Holy Spirit clan, the heaven realm would not dare to start a war with only the two human emperors. ”

“In other words, this world was also the spiritking’s Gu farm? As the ruler of the upper world successfully devoured the ruler of the lower world and successfully fused with the Dao, did this mean that the leeks would ripen and be harvested? ”

“Lu Wu felt that this guess was very reliable. Based on the existing information, it seemed that the Holy Spirit clan had been doing this all along. ”

Lu Wu didn’t know the specific purpose of the Holy Spirit clan taking away the upper rulers who had reached the Dao integration stage.

“However, according to the content of the image, if the human race didn’t appear in the main world, the heavenly Dao would devour the six paths of reincarnation sooner or later and eventually succeed in the Dao integration, then be harvested by the divine Spirit race. ”

The reason why the Holy Spirit race hated the human race so much and felt that they had broken the balance was probably because the human race was too powerful. He broke the inherent dominance of the heaven realm and prevented the heavenly Dao from devouring the six paths reincarnation.

“If this guess was correct, then why did the appearance of the human race cause the heavenly Dao to fail to satisfy the spiritking? Was that why the Holy Spirit race directly interfered in the war? ”

“At this time, the players were thinking the same thing as Lu Wu. ”

“Now that they knew the truth, they also thought of everything that had happened to the world they were in. It seemed to be very similar to this world. ”

“However, the difference was that their world had humans, which stopped the heaven realm from spreading to the netherworld. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu and the players fell into deep thought … ”