Chapter 761: The transaction Center

“After planning for the future, Lu Wu said goodbye to Mother Earth and left the area shrouded in fog with the players. ”

“This time, Lu Wu went straight to the upper space and was ready to kill the master of the upper space as promised. ”

“After passing through the boundary barrier, the world in front of him became bright. ”

“Buildings were suspended above the clouds, connected by golden chain bridges, like celestial palaces. ”

“At this time, outside the sky City, countless Warriors in gilded armor stood in the air, looking at Lu Wu and the players who had crossed the boundary barrier as if they were facing a great enemy. ”

“Obviously, they had already taken preventive measures in advance to deal with Lu Wu’s arrival. ”

“””Visitors from the outside world, can we have a talk?”” At this time, the leader of the godly state experts looked at Lu Wu nervously and said. ”

Lu Wu didn’t reply to this.

“In fact, Lu Wu had already admitted that he was an intruder. ”

He would not stand on the moral high ground and judge others.

“After all, the final outcome of the lower level had nothing to do with him. He did not belong to this world. ”

“Therefore, even if he claimed that he was defending the lower dimension from the upper dimension’s invasion, he could not hide the fact that he was an intruder. ”

“For example, how a family’s matters were dealt with was an internal family dispute. What did it have to do with outsiders? ”

“So, in the end, he was an invader, an evil person. ”

“However, in order to revive little Bei Li, he had to collect a huge amount of spirit materials and soul coins. ”

“Therefore, he would walk down this path, whether it was good or evil, until he reached his ultimate goal. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu did not respond to the words of the immortal State Master. Instead, he chose to lead the players to rush into the immortal Palace and launch an attack. ”

The massacre began …

This battle lasted for five years.

“During this period, Lu Wu had retreated several times, but after all the players were revived, they would come back again. ”

“Under such a continuous attack, the upper space was gradually unable to hold on any longer. Its Foundation was also exhausted in the war, and it was finally destroyed. ”

“At the moment when the war was over, Lu Wu took away all the mystical materials in the upper space and also got a large amount of soul power converted from souls. ”

“And mother Earth didn’t go back on her promise. According to the agreement, she gave half of the mystical materials from the lower world to Lu Wu as a reward. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu finally had a huge stock of soul coins and mystical materials in the artifact space again. ”

“However, compared to the amount of mystical materials that Lu Wu needed, it was still far from enough. After all, this was just a small world, and the mystical materials that could be provided were limited. ”

“After that, Lu Wu led the players out of this Blue World and set off for the glittering jewel world according to the coordinates provided by Mother Earth. ”

The outer realm was vast and boundless. The process of traveling was undoubtedly long and boring.

“But this time, Lu Wu didn’t have to go through so much trouble. ”

“With the soul coin in hand, the divine weapon’s function could be used immediately. ”

“He spent one billion soul coins to perform a super jump across space, leading the players directly to the glittering jewel world. ”

“After the brief dizziness disappeared, what appeared in front of Lu Wu was a scene of immortal energy. ”

“In the distance, cranes were flying in groups in the sky, and spirit beasts were galloping on the ground. From time to time, a melodious and quiet song could be heard. It was as if someone was singing from an invisible place. The sound resounded between heaven and earth, and everything here was like a paradise. ”

“After taking a deep breath of the rich spirit energy in the air, Lu Wu was surprised to find that there was the same law power as in the Three Realms. ”

“Although it was only a portion, it at least proved that some of the Reiki here could be used by players. ”

“Moreover, through the use of the divine artifact, Lu Wu found that this world was extremely huge, far larger than the Three Realms. Even the quality of spiritual energy was higher than the Three Realms. ”

Lu Wu couldn’t help but be curious about this world.

“After thinking about it, Lu Wu decided to go to the trading center of this world first to see if there was any news about the extreme Dao laws. ”

“After flying all the way according to the coordinates, Lu Wu came to the sky above a city. ”

“Rather than calling this city a city, it would be more appropriate to describe it as a country. It covered an area comparable to the Beiqi region, and there were buildings of different styles inside. ”

“There were high-tech skyscrapers, ancient-style pavilions, and even wasteland Cyberpunk-style buildings. ”

“This place was like the intersection of many civilizations, and one could see the shadows of all cultivation systems and civilizations. ”

“Although Lu Wu came with millions of players and was suspended in the space, not many creatures were paying attention to them. ”

Because he was not the only one who came with an Army like Lu Wu.

There were countless figures flying in and out of the city.

“””Let’s go and have a look. Inform me if you find any information about extreme laws!”” At this time, Lu Wu said in the voice channel. ”

“Since he was here to investigate the Gokudo laws, Lu Wu felt that it was useless for the players to follow him. It was better to let them walk around freely or exchange some useful resources to improve their strength. ”

“When the players heard this, they split into groups of two or three and followed the creatures that came from behind into the city. ”

“At this time, Lu Wu also followed the crowd behind him into the city. ”

His figure landed on a crowded street. Lu Wu looked around and was surprised to find that the trading method in this area was very backward.

“Many creatures were actually setting up stalls on the ground, and they were filled with all kinds of mystical materials and crystals, which made Lu Wu speechless. ”

“As he followed the crowd, Lu Wu began to scan his surroundings with his divine weapon. ”

“At this moment, he was surprised to find that he could analyze the attributes of the spiritual materials and divine artifacts here. ”

This was unbelievable.

“From Lu Wu’s point of view, the divine artifact should have been produced in the Three Realms and made by little Bei Li. However, it seemed that this was not the case. ”

“If they were products of the Three Realms, why could the divine artifact analyze these foreign spiritual materials? ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu was extremely curious about the origin of the divine artifact. ”

“However, this discovery also made Lu Wu inexplicably happy, because the analysis function of the artifact was also a big help in the growth of players. ”


“As he strolled along, Lu Wu soon walked out of the mystical material trading area and came to the area filled with technological weapons. ”

The trading methods here were several levels higher than before.

“A screen was set up in front of each stall, listing all kinds of technological weapons that could be provided. After clicking on it, the specific information of these weapons would be displayed in detail, such as lethality and so on. ”

“However, Lu Wu was not interested in technological weapons. He just glanced at them and left the area. ”

“As he went deeper, a trade in an area caught Lu Wu’s attention. ”

“This was because great Dao laws were being traded here, and there were even law belts placed here! ”

This was very terrifying!

“One must know that the great emperor of East Peak only had 3000 law belts, but his strength was already unbelievably strong. ”

“However, this place actually sold such a precious source of the world at a clear price, which made Lu Wu’s teeth hurt. ”

“Filled with curiosity, he entered the great Dao law trading zone and began to analyze it with the divine artifact. ”

“During this period, the stall owners who sold the laws of Dao also attracted Lu Wu’s attention. ”

“After thinking for a while, Lu Wu tried to use “”artifact analysis”” to scan one of the stall owners, and suddenly, the detailed attributes of the stall owner appeared in front of Lu Wu. ”

[Destruction scale (Emperor-to-be)]:

“[Character details: the strongest expert from the ‘tidal world’. After stepping into the Emperor-to-be realm, he spent 100000 years killing all the living creatures in his world and destroying it. He took away all the law belts that constructed the world. In the end, he wandered in the outer-realm world, hoping to become the strongest expert in the outer-realm.] ”

“[Character personality: cruel, bloodthirsty, cultivation maniac] ”


“Lu Wu was dumbfounded when he saw that the stall owner, who was covered in purple scales, was actually an Emperor-to-be. ”

“After all, Lu Wu knew how terrifying the strength of an Emperor-to-be was. ”

“For example, Ksitigarbha of the netherworld and the immortal wither of the heaven realm were experts who could fight with great emperors. ”

“However, after seeing the analysis show that this stall owner had destroyed the world he was in, Lu Wu really wanted to give him a thumbs up and shout,”” ”

“””Wolf exterminate!”” ”

No wonder there were law belts for sale. It turned out that they were collected by destroying their own world …

“As he continued to move forward, Lu Wu’s eyes swept over these stall owners and found that each of them was very strong. The lowest was at the ancient God Realm. ”

Their origins were also very terrifying.

“Some of them were members of Space Raiders, and the laws in their stalls were stolen from other worlds. ”

“Some were like the “”destructive scale””. When they found that the spiritual energy level of their world was not enough to improve their strength, they simply destroyed the world and took away the most valuable nomological belt. Then, they came to this world to find a way to quickly improve their strength. ”


“It could be said that the power of laws in these stalls were stained with a lot of blood, and they were not obtained through peaceful means. ”

“However, what Lu Wu cared about the most was the extreme Dao laws. ”

“However, after searching for a while, he did not see any nomological stalls selling extreme Dao laws. Most of the stalls were only selling very ordinary great Dao laws, and they were the kind that did not have strong destructive power. ”

Lu Wu also understood this.

“Of course, he would keep the powerful precepts for himself. Why would he choose to sell them to others? after all, his own strength was the most important. ”

This applied everywhere.

“As he continued to search, Lu Wu suddenly saw the figures of Gou ‘Zi and Gu Yu. ”

“At this moment, they were standing in front of a law stall, looking longingly at a bright red Law on the stall. ”

“””Boss, how much are you selling this Dao law for?”” ”

“””Ten sacred souls!”” ”

“””I don’t have the sacred Spirit soul. Can I use mystical materials to trade?”” Gu Yu said, a little embarrassed. ”

“””No problem. Let me see your mystical materials!”” The stall owner nodded. ”

“Gu Yu thought for a while and took out some mystical materials from the medium, then said,”” ”

“””I have 100000 Lv 3 mystical materials like this. How about I exchange them for the law of blood light?”” ”

“””Pfft … Lv 3 mystical materials from a small world? 100000? I won’t trade even if it’s 1000000. Get out of here!”” The stall owner said impatiently. ”

“He had reached the peak of the ancient God Realm, so he also needed mystical materials for cultivation. ”

“However, what he needed were mystical materials from the worlds above the “”great world””. Mystical materials from the small world were worthless to him. ”

The mystical materials that Gu Yu and the others had were obtained from the small world.

“Hearing the stall owner’s reply, Gu Yu had a helpless look on his face. ”

“When he passed by this stall and saw this “”blood light law,”” he discovered that this law actually resonated with his own “”Blood Law.”” ”

“Realizing this, Gu Yu immediately wanted to buy this law and bring it back to study it. Perhaps it could even improve his strength. ”

“However, he didn’t expect that the level 3 mystical materials that he had spent five years plundering were not even worth his time. ”

This kind of sadness of having money but not being able to spend it made Gu Yu feel very helpless.

Since when was I also a rich man?

“””Eh? This spirit beast … Is it a high-grade spirit beast from the spirit realm?”” At this moment, the stall owner suddenly cast his gaze at the young paparazzo beside Gu Yu. ”

“Hearing this, Gu Yu immediately nodded. ”

“As for the fact that the world he was in belonged to the ‘spiritual realm’, the ancient language already knew, so he naturally didn’t feel suspicious. ”

“””How about I exchange this blood light law for your spiritual beast?”” The stall owner said with great interest. ”

“””I’ll change your Grandpa! Do you believe I won’t tear down your stall!”” The dog immediately jumped onto Gu Yu’s shoulder and bared its teeth at the stall owner. ”

“””Haha, as expected of a high-rank spirit beast from the spirit realm. It’s indeed very intelligent. How about this, I’ll add another law in exchange for your spirit beast!”” ”

“At that moment, the young paparazzo was furious. ”

“I was discriminated against by the sea King in the netherworld, and now I’m still being discriminated by you in the outer realm. F * cking dogs don’t have anyone … Bah, do dogs have the right? ”

“Just as the young paparazzo was about to pounce on the stall owner and fight with him, Lu Wu’s figure appeared in front of the stall and pressed the young paparazzo’s head back. ”

“””Stupid official, why are you here!”” When he saw Lu Wu, Gou ‘Zi suddenly asked curiously. ”

“Lu Wu didn’t answer, but handed a blue coin to the stall owner,”” ”

“””Can this thing be used to exchange nomological laws with you?”” ”

“The stall owner took the coin curiously, and then his expression changed drastically. He looked very shocked,”” ”

“””Soul power materialization?”” ”

“Lu Wu nodded, because this coin was condensed from 10000 traces of soul energy. ”

“At this moment, even though the stall owner tried his best to hide his emotions, Lu Wu, the young paparazzo, and the others could still see the indescribable excitement in his eyes. ”

“””Although it’s a materialized soul power and its value is immeasurable, the soul power in this one is too weak. How about 500 of the same coins for a power of law?”” ”

Lu Wu was stunned when he heard the stall owner’s answer.

This was because the power of law was worth at least several billion soul coins in his opinion.

“He didn’t expect the stall owner to only ask for 500, which was 5 million soul coins. ”

“Although this nomological law was not as good as the nomological laws of their three realms, it was still one of the most precious origin forces in a world. Was it really good to sell it at such a low price? ”

The stall owner’s answer once again made Lu Wu realize one thing.

The value of soul power far exceeded his imagination.

“The fact was that with the help of soul power, the players ‘rapid growth rate was the best proof of the value of soul power. ”

“”” 300, we only have 300 on us. It’s up to you to trade or not!”” Lu Wu felt that he had the initiative and it was time for a round of bargaining. ”

“””I’ll exchange!”” Without any hesitation, the stall owner immediately replied. ”

Lu Wu was speechless.


“At this moment, Gu Yu and Gou ‘Zi were also dumbfounded. ”

“In their eyes, if one hundred thousand third level mystical materials were to be exchanged for soul coins at the auction house, it would be worth at least tens of millions of soul coins. ”

Why did this stall owner only want five million soul coins and not any mystical materials? His head was kicked by Yingying?

“At this moment, they realized that the value of soul coins was not as simple as they had thought. ”

“””Stupid officials, hurry up and open up the function of soul coins ‘materialization for us. I want to buy laws. I want to find a way to transform into a human form here!”” The young paparazzo immediately let out a cry on the voice channel. ”

“Lu Wu didn’t pay attention to the dog’s wailing. He took the “”blood light law”” from the smiling stall owner and handed it to Gu Yu. ”

“””Thanks, stupid official!”” Gu Yu was overjoyed. ”

“””You owe me 3 million soul coins, deduct it from your account.”” After Lu Wu finished speaking, he turned around and left. ”

“Looking at Lu Wu’s back as he left, Gu Yu and the young paparazzo gave him the middle finger at the same time. ”

“As expected of the stupid officials, they had never changed their stinginess. ”

“At this moment, a game notification sounded in the minds of all the players. ”

[Game hint: open the soul coin exchange system. Every 10000 soul coins can be exchanged for one materialized special soul coin. This soul coin can be used to trade with any living creature. It is very valuable!]

“Upon hearing the game notification, many players who were worried about not being able to buy the items they wanted were instantly overjoyed. ”

It was time for the shopping spree!