Chapter 762: The birth of life

It had been a month since Lu Wu came to the glittering jewel world. He had been buying a large number of resources and mystical materials in the trading center here.

“Many players also relied on soul coins to buy the power of the law, and with the help of Lu Wu, they integrated the law into their bodies. ”

“However, most of the players had the same control as Ye Shiwen, and they couldn’t use it flexibly at all. They were still in the process of exploring. ”

“However, at least the players ‘growth potential had been strengthened again. Having the power of laws and not having the power of laws were two completely different concepts. ”

“Just like Ye Shiwen back then, although her own strength was extremely weak, with the support of the power of law, she had also stepped into the ranks of cheaters. ”


“During his time in the glittering world, Lu Wu discovered that the order of the glittering world was not without power. ”

“In this foreign world where the fist was the king, if I was stronger than you, I could plunder your resources without any restraint. This was a very normal phenomenon. ”

“However, it was different in the world of Langya. Although the good and the bad were mixed together, there was a Supreme rule that was above all forces. ”

That was the Holy Spirit clan.

“Originally, this world was truly a world without order. There were often battles over resource problems. ”

The battle here might even spread from the glittering jewel world to the war between the two worlds. It was very cruel and real.

Integrity was not worth mentioning in the face of unequal power. Normal transactions would only happen between two forces with similar strength.

“However, with the arrival of the Holy Spirit race, the order of this world was restored. From then on, no power dared to forcibly plunder the resources of other powers. ”

“Even if there were, it would be after leaving Langya world. ”

“Although this wasn’t the Holy Spirit clan’s “”Holy Spirit world,”” all the factions here understood that the orders of the Holy Spirit clan could not be disobeyed. ”

“What made Lu Wu even more surprised was that many forces here even knew that the Holy Spirit clan was carrying out the “”venomous insects breeding in all realms””. ”

“They didn’t dare to complain about this. In fact, some creatures even thought that the Holy Spirit clan’s actions were very normal. ”

“According to those experts, after their race rose to power, they would also rear spirit beasts for food or resources. ”

Could it be that spirit beasts were not living beings?

“In the same way, humans would also rear livestock for food, so weren’t cattle, sheep, and other living things also living? ”

“The Holy Spirit clan’s actions seemed very normal to them because the Holy Spirit clan stood at a higher position. In their eyes, the worlds in the outer realms were like cultivation circles, and everything inside could be manipulated by them at will. ”

“After communicating with many creatures, Lu Wu’s three views were completely shattered. ”

“But after thinking about it, Lu Wu felt that what these strong people said made a lot of sense. ”

“However, Lu Wu’s original intention would not change. ”

“Who stipulated that the “”cattle and sheep”” in captivity could not resist the ruler? ”

“Not only will I resist, but I’ll also end the Holy Spirit clan and be above them. ”


“During this time, Lu Wu also bought a territory with an area of five million square kilometers in the Linlang world. ”

This was the place where the players lived and rested.

“At the same time, Lu Wu spent a lot of soul coins to build a teleportation array in the center of this territory, which was connected to the Three Realms. ”

“In this way, it would be easy for players to return to the Three Realms to replenish their spiritual energy. Before they obtained the Gokudo path laws, the problem of replenishing spiritual energy would be solved. ”

“During his time in the glittering jewel world, Lu Wu had a new idea. It could help players grow quickly. ”

And that was to let the players buy it! Buy! Buy!

Soul power was something that players could easily obtain.

“Using soul power to exchange for cultivation manuals that could effectively increase one’s strength, or even law ties, this was a business that was sure to profit and not lose out. ”

“Therefore, Lu Wu’s idea was to use the world of Langya as a resurrection point for the players to go to the outer regions to obtain soul power before coming to the world of Linlang to spend it. ”

“They would obtain soul power from external battles to increase their levels, while they would purchase more resources to increase their strength in the glittering jewel world. This was a way to help players grow quickly. ”

“However, at this moment, Lu Wu also realized that if he really wanted to do this, there would be hidden dangers. ”

The reason was simple.

“Using soul coins to buy resources like Lu Wu and the players, once or twice might not be a big deal. After all, this world was very large, and what they were visiting was only a trading area. Compared to the countless trading areas in Linlang, it was just a corner of the world, so it didn’t have much impact at all. ”

“Moreover, the first thing that those strong people would do when they got the soul coins, Lu Wu didn’t need to guess to know that it must be to improve their strength, and not to use them as currency like the players. ”

“After all, the improvement of one’s own strength was always the top priority, and it was also the foundation for all living creatures to stand on. ”

“However, a resource like soul coins had never appeared in the glittering jewel world before. As the players continued to spend soul coins, they would definitely be targeted by some forces. They might even be targeted by the Holy Spirit clan, who was in charge of this world. ”

“Therefore, how to spend the soul coins had become a big problem. ”

“If things went wrong, he and the players would be forced into a passive position and become the enemy of the forces in the myriad world, all wanting to obtain their secrets. ”

“Regarding this question, Lu Wu opened a post on the forum, and the players also began a heated discussion in the post. ”

“[Regarding the issue of soul coins consumption, what is everyone’s opinion?] Pay up (official) ”

“[Details: I’m sure everyone understands the value of soul coins at this stage, but soul coins are, after all, a resource that belongs only to us. If we keep using soul coins to exchange for goods with other forces, in the long run, it will inevitably attract the attention of some forces. This is extremely unfavorable to our development. Does anyone have any good suggestions?] ”

“Suikua Taro: “”actually, I’ve thought of this before, but I haven’t thought of a solution yet. Everyone, don’t spend money for the time being. Just be steady.”” ”

“[The strongest Xue Li: difficult to deal with. You can’t even spend your money. Recently, I’ve also taken a fancy to an “”ice crystal rule””. I’m thinking of buying it. (Big meat shield smoking dispiritedly.jpg)] ”

“Crayon Shinchan: “”dog official, can you create some virtual characters and have them shop for us?”” ”

[Invincible loneliness: little doggie’s right. We need a virtual character that can stand in front of the public and attract hatred!]

“President of the demolition office: “”stupid official, I want to become a God. I’ve now understood the”” law of force.””Although I can’t use it flexibly, I should be able to create a divine seal, cast a divine body, and ignite the divine fire!”” ”

“Reply to the president of the demolition office: You can consider this after you’ve completely mastered the power of law. By the way, the fee for apotheosis is 10 million soul coins. I’ll be honest with you. If you have nothing to do, quickly go to the outer realm to earn soul coins. I’ll continue behind the scenes. I’m very busy now and have a lot of things to consider (Sea King disdains face.jpg) ”

“A big wolfdog replied to me,””I’m not a human, but you’re a real dog (QiuQiu raised its middle finger.jpg) ”

“Ye Xue ‘er was the cutest reply: Stupid official, do you think this is something a leader loved by everyone would say? One hundred thousand soul coins for apotheosis is not too much (QiuQiu wails.jpg) ”

“Ye Xue ‘er is the cutest,”” Resurrecting my little Beili doesn’t require soul coins? Building a teleportation formation didn’t require soul coins? Building a building doesn’t require soul coins? What if you want to build a virtual trade team to buy resources for us without soul coins? To cast a divine body for you for free? So I’m going to earn money quickly (bronze face of disgust).jpg) ”

“Universe and stars’s reply exploded: “”although I know that you have to spend soul coins everywhere, we are also poor. We only saved 8.5 million soul coins after five years of war. We spent almost all of it yesterday, and the Ascension to godhood costs ten million … Can’t you give us a discount on account of our own people?””.jpg) ”

[I’ll post a reply to the stars in the universe: do you want a bone fracture?] Several fractures?


“After a round of discussion, the atmosphere gradually changed. ”

“However, Lu Wu chose to accept the players ‘suggestions. ”

“So, he created 100 new creatures in the divine artifact, injected soul power into them, and forged new souls for them. ”

“In terms of form, Lu Wu chose 100 different forms as the blueprint. ”

“For example, murlocs, rhinoceros people, crocodile people, and so on … ”

“These 100 creatures, Lu Wu chose to place them in the territory he bought. When the players needed them, they could be controlled to buy supplies. ”

“Every time they purchased goods, they would put the goods into the space of the divine artifact. Then, they would find a place where no one could see them and commit suicide to return to the divine artifact. Finally, they would be reborn in their territory. ”

This solved the problem of the players being the focus of attention by other forces because of the soul coins.

“After doing all this, Lu Wu returned to the Three Realms through the teleportation array. ”

“As for the players, he chose to let them roam freely and let them form their own teams to plunder the outer realms. If they died, they would be resurrected in the territory of the glittering jewel world and start over. ”

“As for the territory he bought, Lu Wu gave it a name: ”

“””Heavenly fiend clan’s land.”” ”


“After passing through the teleportation array, the world in front of Lu Wu gradually became clear. ”

“At that moment, he had returned to the Three Realms. ”

“When he saw the scene in front of him clearly, Lu Wu’s face showed a surprised look. ”

Because there was actually life here.

“Although it was just the most common plant, in Lu Wu’s opinion, it was obviously a little too fast. ”

“This was because the development of the world was a long process, and the birth of life required some opportunities. ”

“However, through the detection of the artifact, Lu Wu found that there were many plants in both the heaven realm and the netherworld, and there were even lush forests, which was obviously not in line with the normal development of the world. ”

It was completely an acceleration hack!

Could it be that the Three Realms he had created were too perfect?

“Lu Wu felt that it was reasonable. After all, the Dominators or laws that could absorb the spiritual energy from other worlds were born slowly. However, the Three Realms that Lu Wu created already had all the conditions in its initial stage. ”

“It didn’t matter if it was a ruler, a law, or a complete world structure. ”

“Thus, as the spirit Qi from the outer realms was filtered and absorbed into the Three Realms, it was normal for life to be born in the already perfect three realms. ”

“As he thought of this, Lu Wu tore open space and came to the central Sea World of the netherworld. He wanted to see how the little Bei Li had grown at this stage. ”

“As if it sensed Lu Wu’s appearance, a small black ball appeared from the fog and jumped into Lu Wu’s arms. ”

“Lu Wu rubbed Bei Li’s head and a smile appeared on his face. Then, he took out some mystical materials from his space. ”

“Smelling the mystical material, the tiny Bei Li was very excited. It bit the mystical material that Lu Wu handed over and swallowed it in two or three bites. ”

“””Little guy, is it good?”” ”

“””Swish!”” Little Beili let out a happy cry. ”

“Looking at the little Bei Li that was constantly eating mystical materials, Lu Wu thought of his own little Bei Li at this moment. ”

“At that time, she was just like little Beili. She had to feed him a lot of snacks every day. If she didn’t give him any snacks, she would throw a tantrum with her hands on her waist. When she was extremely angry, she would even strangle him … ”

“At that moment, Lu Wuxin made up his mind. He must resurrect little Beili as soon as possible. ”

You’ve cheated my tears and you still want to leave? no way!

“Just as Lu Wu was reminiscing about the past, he suddenly focused his mind and felt three Weak Auras of life approaching. ”

He immediately looked up.

“He immediately realized that there were three small mud men rolling in the foggy world, slowly approaching the tiny Beili. ”

“Lu Wu was confused.””???”” ”

“At this time, Lu Wuxin was full of doubts. He could not understand why there would be a little mud Man in the six paths of reincarnation. ”

“”” As if it could see Lu Wu’s doubts, a small hand stretched out from the black ball, pointed at the three little mud men, and made a tender voice. ”

“Lu Wu’s eyes widened when he heard Bei Li’s answer.”” ”

“””F * ck!”” ”