“Chapter 764: Gokudo path challenge, a thousand years in a snap of a finger”

“After getting the relevant information about the Supreme Dao laws, Lu Wu once again gathered the players before leaving the glittering jewel world. ”

“The reason was very simple. Because the area covered by the divine artifact was limited, the area that Lu Wu was going to this time was extremely far away from the glittering jewel world. By then, the divine artifact would not be able to cover the area where the players were, and their lives would not be guaranteed, which meant that they would not be able to return to the divine artifact space after death. ”

“So, before leaving the glittering jewel world, Lu Wu gathered all the players around him. ”

“After explaining the reason to the players, Lu Wu put all the players into his storage space and set off. ”

“For this trip to the outer space, Lu Wu naturally wouldn’t waste time on the road. Instead, he directly chose to use the divine artifact to jump across worlds. After spending a huge amount of soul coins, he went straight to the ‘polar domain’ of the world mentioned in the intelligence report, where there might be a Supreme Dao law. ”

“This world was extremely far away from the glittering jewel world, and there were no world barriers. It was an area wrapped in chaos and haziness. ”

“When his vision gradually became clear, a majestic mountain appeared in front of Lu Wu’s eyes. He looked up and couldn’t see the end of the mountain. And around this mountain was a chaotic mist. The structure of the world was not completely perfected, and it was a semi-formed world. ”

This couldn’t help but make Lu Wu feel very puzzled.

“This world had not even given birth to a ruler or a law, so how could it have an extreme law? ”

“Lu Wu, who was still puzzled, began to approach the mountain. ”

“As he moved forward, Lu Wu noticed that many creatures were coming from other worlds. After entering this world, they went straight to the mountain peak like him. ”

Didn’t they say that only 38 people bought the information about the ‘Supreme Dao laws’ here? Why are there so many creatures here?

“Out of curiosity, Lu Wu stopped a humanoid life form on the way and raised his doubts. ”

“””Ten thousand Saint souls? Are you serious? It’s no secret that there are extreme Dao laws here. Anyone who has contact with the outside world will know about this, right?”” The one being questioned was surprised. ”

“Upon hearing this, Lu Wu knew that he had been tricked by the Holy Spirit clan’s Intelligence Agency. ”

They were selling him information that everyone knew! How shameless!

“However, since he was already here, Lu Wu naturally had to go and check it out. He took out a Holy Spirit and continued to ask it about the Gokudo path laws here. ”

The person being questioned didn’t hide anything and began to explain to Lu Wu after taking the sacred Spirit.

“At this moment, Lu Wu knew why so many creatures had come and why the intelligence personnel of the Linlang world had told him that even if he came here, he might not be able to get the “”extreme Dao laws””. ”

This was because this world was the region where extreme Dao laws were first born.

“The 3,000 extreme nomological powers had all gone from here to the outer realm and were controlled by various experts. It could be said that this place had created many top forces and experts that could shock the outer realm. ”

This included the spiritking.

“He had also obtained the power of a Supreme extreme Dao law in this extreme domain, and from then on, he had led his clan to the top of the food chain in the outer realm. ”

“However, since billions of years ago, the extreme Dao laws here seemed to have been exhausted, and they had not been produced. ”

“Although countless experts would still spend thousands or even tens of thousands of years coming from distant worlds to obtain an extreme law here, no one had ever succeeded. ”

“After understanding the specific details of the “”polar domain,”” Lu Wu approached the mountain again. ”

“The closer he got to the extreme mountain, the more Lu Wu felt a heavy pressure coming from above his head. ”

“Fortunately, Lu Wu could still withstand the pressure. He flew straight to the mountainside and prepared to climb. ”

“According to the creature he met on the way, one had to climb to the peak if they wanted to obtain an extreme law. As for how to obtain the power of an extreme law at the peak, he had no idea. ”

“So, Lu Wu began to try. ”

“Due to the huge space pressure near the extreme mountain, Lu Wu could not fly and could only climb on foot. ”

“Along the way, he met many different forms of life. They were all like Lu Wu, coming for the extreme Dao laws. ”

This was because everyone knew that those who could obtain an extreme Dao law could become a true expert in the outer realm.

“Even if he could not surpass the spiritking, he could still become the ruler of a world outside the region, an existence at the top of the food chain. ”

“As he climbed, Lu Wu was surprised to find that this mountain gave him a very familiar feeling. ”

It was as if he had been here before.

“Along the way, many creatures chose to turn back because of the powerful spatial pressure. It was not that they did not want to continue, but they simply could not. ”

“This was because there were no laws in this world, and there was no spiritual energy. Climbing up under heavy pressure required the support of a large amount of spiritual energy. Therefore, those creatures that had exhausted their spiritual energy would leave on their own accord. Otherwise, only death would await them. ”

“But Lu Wu didn’t need to worry about this at all, because he had soul power to replenish his consumption. ”

“Of course, there were also many people like Lu Wu who relied on money to climb. ”

“Along the way, he would often see creatures stop and take out their Holy Spirits to absorb spiritual Qi to replenish their consumption. ”

Lu Wu had also thought of using the space jump of the artifact to go straight to the top of the mountain.

But what Lu Wu didn’t expect was that the divine artifact couldn’t control the space power here.

This was the first time Lu Wu had encountered such a situation.

He had no choice but to continue climbing.

“The journey was really long, and ten years passed in a flash. However, Lu Wu still hadn’t reached the peak, and he didn’t even see the end of the mountain. ”

“But since he was already here, Lu Wu naturally wouldn’t choose to give up, so he could only grit his teeth and continue. ”

“Time flew by, and in the blink of an eye, a hundred years had passed. ”

“Lu Wu’s climb was still going on. Relying on his soul power to replenish himself, he kept breaking through his limits and moved forward under the heavy pressure. ”

“Until now, the environment in the area where Lu Wu was located had changed. ”

“The surroundings were white and ice crystals were floating in the sky. The temperature became extremely low, which brought a deeper level of destruction to Lu Wu. ”

“This force seeped into his bone marrow. It was not an ordinary cold at all, and there was even a reaction on the spiritual level. Lu Wu moved forward completely while trembling. ”

“He wanted to give up several times, but when he thought about how he would be able to fight the spiritking and save little Beili without extreme Dao power, he gritted his teeth and persevered. ”

The soul coins in the artifact space were constantly being consumed and reduced. Lu Wu didn’t know what to do when he couldn’t reach the end.

“However, he had persevered for more than a hundred years. How could he give up at this moment? ”

“As he continued to climb, the ice crystals dissipated, and lava appeared around him, flowing down from the mountain like water. Lu Wu’s body was burned by the lava like charcoal. ”

“Seeing this scene, the players in the artifact space could not bear it. ”

“At this moment, they collectively shouted at Lu Wu on the voice channel, asking him to use the soul coins they had on them and continue to persist. ”

Lu Wu didn’t refuse and used all the soul coins on the players to repair their bodies.

“Another hundred years had passed since he started climbing the flame world. The world had changed once again. The mountains were still the same, but the rock walls were now covered with sharp spikes. ”

“Moreover, he didn’t know what these spikes were made of, but even Lu Wu’s human Emperor body couldn’t resist their sharpness. ”

“As he climbed up, Lu Wu’s body was already covered with wounds and blood was flowing down. ”

This journey took another hundred years.

“For more than 300 years, Lu Wu had never stopped. ”

“However, he was severely injured on the spiritual level. He could no longer sense the outside world clearly. ”

“If it wasn’t for the players ‘constant shouting in the voice channel, Lu Wu suspected that he might have fallen off the mountain at any time. ”

“Extreme Dao laws represented the strongest, and the various difficulties were also the extreme challenges that all creatures who wanted to become the strongest had to face. If they could not pass, they would not be able to climb to the peak. ”

“It had nothing to do with luck, only strength and perseverance were the key. ”

Lu Wu had been crawling for a thousand years …

“During this period of time, he experienced extreme cold, extreme heat, physical pain, mental pain, five senses blockage, and so on … Dozens of tests. ”

Even Lu Wu couldn’t imagine how he managed to hold on.

“However, as he continued to climb, his spirit became extremely powerful, and the subsequent torments were no longer unbearable, but more like an experience. ”

“At this time, the peak of the mountain finally appeared in front of Lu Wu’s eyes, which was the place he had longed to reach countless times. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu’s pale lips trembled, and his eyes revealed an indescribable excitement. ”

“However, just as he was about to reach the peak, the scene in front of him suddenly changed. The final test appeared. ”

“Here, Lu Wu saw little Beili. ”

“She was watching herself from afar with tears in her eyes, and around her, countless black claws were slowly approaching. Lu Wu tried to get closer to protect little Beili, but he found that with every step he took, the darkness behind him would follow and shroud him. ”

It was as if he would be enveloped by darkness if he continued to advance.

The last test was love.

“Everything had emotions. Everyone had different experiences in this stage, but they were inevitably the most difficult to part with. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu knew very well that this was just an illusion, and it couldn’t be treated as real at all. ”

He could have given up on saving little Beili and continued to climb up.

“However, countless thoughts emerged in his mind, telling Lu Wu that all of this was true! ”

“It felt like a dream, and you couldn’t break free from it. It was as if everything was real. ”

This sense of reality that came from the heart made Lu Wu gradually unable to distinguish between reality and illusion.

It was as if his little Beili was really going to be torn apart by the black claws. It was a heart-wrenching pain.

“At this moment, Lu Wu was lost in it. He could no longer continue to climb. ”

“Even though the players kept calling for him to wake up in the voice channel, he still couldn’t resist the last mental test. ”

“At that moment, he flew to little Beili’s side and chose to protect her. ”

“The illusion disappeared at this moment, and Lu Wu collapsed on the ground just a few steps away from the peak. ”

“Around him, there were many skeletons embedded in the ground, and even stone armor. ”

“Just like Lu Wu, they had climbed to the peak after going through many tests, but they finally fell at the moment when they were close to the end and stayed in the illusionary world. ”

“The love here was too real, and no one could resist it. ”

“Even ao Jian, who had practiced the emotionless sword technique, could be shaken after seeing mo Lanlan and Mo Xiaoxin, let alone Lu Wu. ”

All the powerhouses would definitely have a relationship that was difficult to part with as they grew up.

Even those great Devils who destroyed the world would have a mental journey to become a devil.

“For his family, for revenge, for salvation, and so on … ”

“This trial seemed simple, but it was as difficult as ascending to heaven. ”

“In the illusionary world, Lu Wu once again had little Bei Li’s company. They quarreled, fought, and watched the players grow up. ”

Everything seemed to have returned to the carefree days of the past.

Everything was so beautiful. Lu Wu was completely immersed in it and didn’t want to wake up at all.

“During this section of the illusion road, Lu Wu had been asleep for a hundred years. Players tried to wake him up, but it was all in vain. ”

“And in those hundred years, Lu Wu was very happy … ”

It was another morning.

“Little Bei Li held the bowl in his left hand and the chopsticks in his right hand. He was knocking on the table with a familiar voice, trying to wake Lu Wu up to cook. ”

“However, after entering the room, little Beili realized that Lu Wu had already woken up. ”

“At this moment, he was standing by the window, quietly looking at her, his eyes full of reluctance. ”

“””Big cat, why are you looking at me like that?”” Little Beili shouted. ”

“””I’m leaving!”” When he said this, Lu Wu’s face was full of reluctance. Then, he stepped forward and hugged little Bei Li. ”

“””Where are you going?”” “”What’s wrong?”” little Bei Li asked, frowning. ”

“””It’s very happy here, but it’s all fake. A hundred years have passed. I was too greedy!”” As he spoke, Lu Wu’s figure became blurry. ”

“In fact, Lu Wu could hear the players shouting, but he didn’t want to wake up. ”

“Because everything here made him feel nostalgic, it was the life he longed for the most. ”

“But every time he saw little Bei Li’s innocent eyes, he could not help but think about the 600 million reincarnations. ”

This was an opportunity that little Bei Li had used his life to create for him.

“100 years was enough to make up for his regrets. Now, he was going to leave. He had to make use of the last bit of time he had to resurrect the real little Bei Li. ”

“””Perhaps the future won’t be as beautiful as it was in the illusion, but at least I’ve tried. I didn’t betray the opportunity that little Beili exchanged his life for. ”

“Looking at Lu Wu who was gradually disappearing, little Bei Li in the illusion smiled and a tear fell from his eye. He reached out to hug Lu Wu and whispered in his ear,”” ”

“””Good luck, I’ll wait for you!”” ”

“In an instant, the illusory world shattered. ”

Lu Wu opened his eyes again.

“In a thousand years, he had reached the peak of the mountain. ”

“Looking down at the crowd below, Lu Wu’s long hair danced in the wind and was gradually dyed white by the power that appeared on the peak of the mountain. ”

His gaze also became more and more determined.

“At this moment, Lu Wu smiled and said,”” ”

“””Sorry to keep you waiting. Your stupid official is back!”” ”

“After hearing Lu Wu’s answer, the voice channel was in an uproar. ”

“”” ”

“””You didn’t let me down. Good job, stupid officials. Pass me a cigarette!”” ”

“””F * ck, I really thought you would be trapped in the illusion forever until death. I’ve written hundreds of will letters!”” ”

“””Stupid officials, hurry up and take us to earn soul coins. We must hold an event to make up for our mental loss (Sea King’s disdain.jpg)”” ”

“””I thought I wouldn’t be able to wait until that day. I couldn’t help but cry. We’ll remember this and you must compensate us!”” ”

“””The big meat shield is awesome! (The dog handed a cigarette to the meat shield.jpg)”” ”

“””The F * cking official is awesome! (The dog handed a cigarette to the meat shield.jpg)”” ”

“Looking at the players ‘shouts in the voice channel, Lu Wu smiled indifferently and turned to look at the Golden platform at the top of the mountain. ”