Chapter 765: The origin of the divine weapon

“After a thousand years of climbing, he had finally reached the peak. ”

“The surging energy around him swept out, and Lu Wu’s hair was dyed white by this force. ”

“At this moment, countless jumping ripples appeared in front of Lu Wu’s eyes, and each ripple represented a force. ”

Was this the extreme Dao law?

Lu Wuxin was shocked when he saw the ripples floating in the air.

He had never seen such a power before. It was on a completely different level from the laws on his heavenly demon list. Even the great Dao laws could not compare to it.

“””Choose your extreme Dao law. You can only choose one!”” At this moment, an old voice sounded beside Lu Wu. ”

“He turned his head and suddenly found a white-haired old man. At this moment, he was smiling at Lu Wu, waiting for him to make a decision. ”

“””Who are you?”” Lu Wu couldn’t help but ask. ”

“””The person who created this sky!”” ”

“””Tianqiong?”” ”

“””The entire outer realm is the sky, formed from my body after death!”” ”

“””So you’re the God of creation?”” ”

“””It can be considered so!”” The white-haired elder said with a smile. ”

“””Why did you set up these levels? what’s your purpose?”” ”

“””After my death, my body turned into the sky, but the power of the Gokudo path nomological laws in my body dissipated slowly. I waited for countless eras, but only the ten strongest ones were worn down. This was undoubtedly a regret that could not kill me completely. Therefore, my consciousness created the chaos realm here. Only those who passed through layers of obstacles were qualified to obtain the Gokudo path power. They could take it away and wait for them to completely integrate the Gokudo path nomological laws!”” ”

“Upon hearing this, Lu Wuxin was shocked. He did not expect that this world was also formed by the body of an expert. Did this mean that there was a wider world outside? ”

“””What’s the outside world like?”” Lu Wu asked curiously. ”

“””It’s similar to the firmament world, but its level is higher. There’s no difference!”” The old man continued to answer. ”

“””What’s the level of your strength on the outside?”” ”

“””Ruler, the strongest!”” ”

“””Then how did you die? the strongest expert in this world, the spiritking, is an immortal existence. You should be stronger than him, right?”” ”

“””I committed suicide!”” The old man waved his hand helplessly. ”

“””Why not?”” ”

“””I’m tired of living, I have no more pursuits!”” ”

Lu Wu was speechless.

“””Hurry up and choose the extreme Dao law you want to comprehend, but I have to remind you that every extreme Dao law has its own master. If you choose an extreme Dao law, one of you will lose the extreme Dao law in his body, because the extreme Dao law is unique in this space. It is different from the great Dao law that the world has evolved into, and it can be born infinitely!”” ”

“Lu Wuxin was shocked by the old man’s words.”” ”

“””In other words, as long as I take away the extreme Dao laws, the extreme Dao laws in one person’s body will disappear?”” ”

“””That’s right. Like I said, the extreme Dao laws are unique. Unless someone in this world creates the extreme Dao laws, the original number will not change!”” ”

“””You have to understand that the extreme Dao laws have already fused with someone else’s body. If you make a choice, the chosen one will instantly sense your existence and will definitely hunt you down. You’ve just mastered the extreme Dao laws, so you’re definitely not that person’s match. This is also the reason why no one has been able to take away the extreme Dao laws from here in the past few billion years. A choice is almost equivalent to death!”” ”

“””However, it’s not like there’s no way to solve this problem. You still have another choice. Obtain the creation method of the strongest ten extreme laws and create your own!”” ”

“””What was the spiritking’s choice back then?”” Lu Wu didn’t respond but continued to ask. ”

“””The Saint spirit law has the ability to see through the changes in the world. With it, all the opportunities in the world are within your control!”” ”

“””Is this Dao law one of the ten strongest extreme Dao laws?”” ”

“””No! The strongest ten extreme laws have long been worn down by me. Unless I create them all over again, it’s impossible for them to reappear in the world!”” ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu was shocked. ”

“Even the spiritking had not chosen one of the ten Supreme laws, yet it had reached the top of the food chain. Just how powerful was the Supreme law? ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu was interested in the ten strongest ultimate maxims. ”

“However, he did not make a choice immediately. The reason was simple. Creating an extreme Dao law would require a lot of time and energy, and he only had 10000 years. Now that one-tenth of it had passed, he had no energy to invest anymore. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu thought of the law of sealing the heavens. ”

Could it be that this was where he had taken away the law of sealing the heavens in space A?

Do I have to walk the same path as him? Should he continue to choose the laws of the heavens to battle against the spiritking?

“Lu Wuxin hesitated. He did not know whether his choice was right or wrong. Moreover, the spiritking had already become the strongest for a very long time. It would be too late for him to choose the laws of the heavens. ”

“Just as Lu Wu was struggling to make a decision, the white-haired old man’s expression suddenly changed. With a wave of his hand, a law appeared in front of Lu Wu again. ”

The newly-appeared extreme Dao law glowed with purple light and was clearly different from the surrounding ripple-shaped extreme Dao laws.

“””Interesting. Just now, someone created the Dao integration law of the strongest ten laws. This law doesn’t have an owner yet!”” ”

Lu Wu was stunned when he heard this.

Someone had created the strongest ten extreme Dao laws? And just now? My luck is heaven-defying!

“This time, Lu Wu pointed at the purple Extreme Dao law without any hesitation. He looked at the old man and said,”” ”

“””This is it, I want this!”” ”

“””As you wish!”” With a wave of the old man’s hand, the Dao integration law bloomed with light and slowly solidified, then was sent into Lu Wu’s body. ”

“In an instant, Lu Wu felt a familiar force flowing into his body. ”

He was in a space that he was extremely familiar with. It was his divine artifact space!

F * ck! Dao integration stage laws were divine weapons of war?

“””The Dao integration law can turn all matter into the most original soul power. After fusing with it, you will also have the ability to control space and time. It is one of the ten strongest extreme laws and is one of the strongest forces even outside the firmament world.”” The old man chuckled as he spoke, and his figure disappeared. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu only felt a force coming at him, and the world in front of him suddenly changed. ”

“As his vision cleared, he found himself at the foot of limit peak. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu tried to step into the mountain again, but he found that he couldn’t move forward at all, as if there was a force that blocked him from moving forward. ”

“After understanding that he couldn’t try again, Lu Wu quickly flew out. ”

“After leaving the area, he decisively used the divine weapon to perform a space jump and returned to the glittering jewel world. ”

“At this moment, he already knew who had created the Dao integration laws. ”

“Because Lu Wu was no stranger to the word ‘Dao integration’, he had to run away decisively, otherwise, he would lose his life. ”


“A few minutes ago, in the Holy Spirit Hall of the Holy Spirit world. ”

“The spiritking glowed with black light as he sat on the altar. Everything around him distorted due to his powerful strength, and countless black holes appeared. ”

“At this moment, he was looking excitedly at the countless Dao integration powers slowly fusing together. ”

He had spent billions of years planning and waiting for this ultimate law.

The cultivation of venomous insects in the myriad world and the purest Dao integration stage power had been for this day.

“At this moment, he was about to create one of the most powerful extreme Dao laws, the Dao integration law, as the God of creation had mentioned. ”

“With this law, he would have an endless supply of the world’s most original energy,””soul power,”” and he could easily break through the shackles of his realm. In the future, he could even tear apart this firmament world and head to a new world. ”

“According to the God of creation, this power was one of the strongest powers even in the world above. ”

He had an infinite desire for this.

“Since all life only had one chance to challenge the limit peak, he had been training the strongest in his clan to challenge the limit peak for this day. ”

“After countless failures, a Clansman finally succeeded and obtained the method to create the strongest extreme Dao law. ”

“After that, he had put in a lot of effort to create a Dao integration law. ”

“At this moment, the Dao integration powers before him were slowly merging together and finally condensing into a seal. ”

“At this moment, he knew that he had succeeded and couldn’t help but laugh out loud. ”

“As long as he fused the Dao integration laws into his body, he would be able to rise to another realm in the future. ”

“With the existence of the limit peak, he was at risk of having this Dao integration law snatched away. ”

“However, as long as this Dao integration law was fused into one’s body and an imprint was left behind, anyone who dared to snatch it could follow the imprint and destroy that person. ”

It was not difficult at all.

The spiritking was extremely excited.

“However, at that moment, space trembled, and the Dao integration law that had just formed in front of him suddenly disappeared without a trace. ”

“At that moment, the spiritking furiously roared out. ”

His roar reverberated throughout the entire Sacred Spirit world.

He knew what had happened. There must have been a life form who had just completed the challenge of the limit peak and had chosen the Dao integration law he had created!

“Billions of years of hard work had been for nothing. If he couldn’t get it back, he could only start all over again! ”

“The Furious spiritking immediately circulated his Saint spirit energy and forcefully ripped open space. The entire Sacred Spirit Hall was devoured by his surging energy, forming a huge black hole. ”

“At this moment, he crossed the void with his own strength and arrived at the area where the limit peak was. ”

“However, at this time, Lu Wu had already escaped … ”