Chapter 766: Jumping out of cause and effect

“As the mark of the Dao integration had only just been born, it had not yet fused with the spiritking’s body, so he had no idea where the Dao integration laws had gone or who had obtained them. ”

“He was so angry that he could only vent his anger on the other creatures that walked out of the “”extreme mountain.”” ”

This was undoubtedly an unexpected disaster.

“After doing all this, he still did not find the being that had stolen the laws of the Dao integration stage. The spiritking returned to the spiritworld and gave a series of orders to his clansmen, preparing to continue searching for the laws of the Dao integration stage. ”

“At the very least, he still had a backup plan. The flags that were used to set up the formation while creating the Dao integration laws were of the same attribute as the Dao integration laws. As long as he approached them, he would definitely sense them. ”

“There were a total of ten flags, and the spiritking King had given them to his ten most capable clansmen, ordering them to search for the Dao integration laws in the outer realms … ”

“At this time, Lu Wu had already returned to the “”heavenly demon clan’s land”” in the Langya world. ”

“In fact, when he was fusing the Dao integration laws, Lu Wu had already guessed who created this law. ”

He was no stranger to the Dao integration. Wasn’t it the special Origin Energy that the spiritking needed to raise his venomous insects in the myriad world?

“Thus, it went without saying that the creator of the Dao integration laws was the spiritking. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu finally understood why the divine artifact had such a powerful function. It was because the entire divine artifact was an ultimate Maxim. ”

He also understood why the things he had created with the divine weapons had the ability to control time and space.

All of this had been bestowed upon him by the Dao integration laws.

“During the fusion with the Dao integration law, Lu Wu understood one more thing, why the divine artifact had the analysis function. ”

This was because he had been created by the spiritking.

The omnipotent and omniscient spiritking had fused a wisp of the laws of the spiritking into the laws of the spiritking when he had created them.

“Therefore, divine artifacts had the ability to see the origin and attributes of everything in the world. ”

It could be said that the spiritking was an absolute genius.

“Not only had he created the Dao integration laws, but he had also improved the effects of the laws, making them more suitable for his use. ”

“However, he didn’t expect that all of this would be Lu Wu’s success. ”

Lu Wuxin did not feel guilty at all.

“Just as he had thought, the cattle and sheep could choose to resist even though they were kept in captivity. ”

“As this divine artifact was integrated into his body, relevant information also emerged. This time, Lu Wu’s control of the divine artifact had increased to another level. ”

The divine artifact that was initially integrated into his body came with an ‘Application Manual’ left behind by the God of creation.

It described in detail how to use the Dao integration laws and how to use them efficiently.

“While checking, Lu Wu nodded from time to time. It was only at this moment that he realized that he had only learned the tip of the iceberg of how to use a divine weapon. There were still many functions that he had yet to utilize. ”

“Just as Lu Wu was trying to use the space and time abilities of the artifact, suddenly, an image was captured by the artifact and then entered the artifact space. ”

“At this moment, a figure appeared in front of Lu Wu. ”

“Seeing this figure, Lu Wu couldn’t help but be stunned, because this person was himself. ”

“The difference was that he appeared more mature in the image. The vicissitudes of life could be seen between his brows, and his temperament was completely different from the current him. ”

“””You’ve finally arrived in another space and time!”” At this moment, the virtual shadow spoke. ”

Lu Wu was speechless.

Lu Wu was dumbfounded when he heard this.

“Obviously, he couldn’t understand why he would receive a virtual image of himself from another time and space when he was comprehending the control of space and time in the divine artifact. ”

“””Are you feeling confused now? do you feel like you’re experiencing everything that I’ve done?”” The image spoke again. ”

“Upon hearing this, Lu Wu couldn’t help but ask,”” ”

“””I want to know now whether you won or lost when you returned to your original time and space!”” ”

“””You can say that you won, but you paid a heavy price, so I’ve come to remind you. Remember, kill the spiritking in this spacetime before leaving. Don’t be in a hurry to return!”” ”

“””What do you mean? That’s something that I’m very curious about. If you already had the strength to fight the spiritking back then, why didn’t you kill him? why did you place karma on me instead?”” ”

“Hearing Lu Wu’s words, the figure in the image sighed,”” ”

“””It’s not that I don’t want to, but I don’t have the time. I originally wanted to kill the spiritking before I left and dispel the karmic cycle of your dimension, but I’ve only heavily injured him after chasing him for eight hundred years. I can’t kill him completely no matter what. I only have ten thousand years. There’s not much time left, so I need to return and save the human race and the netherworld. That’s why I chose to leave, but I also left behind the sky-sealing law and the Dao integration law. At the very least, they can help you!”” ”

“””Is this the reason why the spiritking was heavily injured in my world?”” Lu Wu immediately recalled little Beili’s claim that the spiritking had been severely injured. ”

“At the time, he had been very confused as to why the spiritking, the most powerful being in the outer realms, had been heavily injured. How did little Beili know about this? ”

It was obvious that this was the doing of his previous self.

“””Then, is the seal in little Beili’s mind related to you?”” Lu Wu continued to ask. ”

“””It’s a seal I left behind. You have to understand that the spiritking is omniscient and omnipotent. Little Beili has to hide this part of her memory, or she’ll be discovered by the spiritking as well. When that happens, the Three Realms will definitely be destroyed. That’s why I chose to seal the information regarding the divine artifact and the spiritking. I also left behind a mark so that she will understand that she can not unseal it unless she is forced to. “” ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu suddenly understood everything. ”

It turned out that her future development had long been arranged by her in the previous space. She was really just walking the path he had once walked.

“””Did you resurrect little Beili in the end?”” At this moment, Lu Wu asked the question that he wanted to know the most. ”

“””I succeeded, but I also failed. In the final battle, the spiritking and I died at the same time, and little Beili was annihilated with me. However, in the end, I used the laws of the Dao integration realm to travel through space and sent this image with my consciousness to you. As long as you can grasp the laws of the Dao integration realm again and try to comprehend the power of space, you’ll be able to receive this message.”” ”

“””Wait … According to what you said, you can defeat the spiritking in my dimension and heavily injure him, but why did you end up dying with him after returning to your own world?”” Lu Wu immediately thought of the loophole in the video’s words. ”

“””That’s because we haven’t pushed him too far. The spiritking doesn’t only have one set of ultimate laws. He’s killed many other experts and plundered their ultimate laws. In the ten thousand years I was gone, he obtained a set of ultimate laws, the “”accept”” one. This set of laws can summon the power of other parallel worlds to support him. Although his body can’t withstand it, even I’ll find it difficult to resist if he uses it to fight me. In the end, I had no choice but to die with him. “” ”

“””So what you’re saying is that I have to kill the spiritking in this space before returning. At that time, he’ll lose a strand of his power!”” Lu Wu asked curiously. ”

“””That’s right. There are only ten spiritkings in the same timeline. You only need to kill one of them to be able to contend against him and defeat him completely. That’s why you can’t walk my path. Only by killing him and returning to your own origin world will you be able to obtain the final victory!”” ”

“Lu Wu nodded, then frowned and said,”” ”

“””There’s one more thing I don’t understand. Didn’t you tell me that this would happen in the previous time and space?”” ”

“””No. If I’m not wrong, I’m the first Lu Wu to step into the cycle of karma in all the dimensions, and you’re the second. As for how the one before me started … I don’t know. So, as long as you kill the spiritking in this dimension, the third Lu Wu will not step into the cycle of karma again. You’ll also be able to break away from the karma I’ve buried and walk your own path!”” ”

“””I understand, thank you!”” At this moment, Lu Wu nodded solemnly. ”

“””Are you thanking yourself? My biggest regret is that I didn’t really revive little Beili. But since you can do it, it can be considered as making up for my regret!”” ”

“””I will!”” Lu Wu said solemnly. ”

“””Thank you!”” ”

“””Are you thanking yourself?”” Lu Wu smiled. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu in the video also laughed, and the shadow immediately disappeared in the artifact space. ”


“Looking at the place where the shadow disappeared, Lu Wu seemed to be a little lost in thought. ”

“At this moment, he understood the origin of all karma and reincarnation. ”

“From now on, he had already gotten rid of the path he originally wanted to take. ”

This was because the appearance of the shadow had destroyed the original karma and also broke the fixed path that he should have taken.

Kill the spiritking? Good!

“At this moment, Lu Wu walked out of the artifact space and came to the heavenly demon clan. With a wave of his hand, he summoned millions of players. ”

“It hadn’t appeared for a thousand years, and the players were obviously bored out of their minds, raising their middle fingers at him in unison. ”

“Looking at the familiar faces of the players, Lu Wu smiled and said,”” ”

“””I’ll tell you a piece of good news. In the future, the range of the divine weapon will be expanded. I’ve now mastered the true use of the divine weapon, so you can have fun in the future!”” ”

“Upon hearing this, the players ‘expressions changed. ”

“Now, the biggest problem that restricted their development was that they couldn’t be too far away from Lu Wu. As long as they were out of the scope of the artifact, their biggest advantage,””resurrection,”” would not be able to be used, and even their souls would not be able to return to the artifact. Unless they were led by Lu Wu. ”

“Therefore, the divine Gear’s range would be expanded, which was definitely good news for the players. ”