Chapter 767: Chapter 767-little Kong Yi

“Since all the divine artifacts that Lu Wu owned did not belong to this time and space, he was not worried that the spiritking would find them. ”

“As for the new divine weapon that had just been integrated into his body, he had hidden it in his original divine weapon and had no intention of using it. ”

“As for the next arrangement, Lu Wu also had a plan. ”

“He still had eight thousand years left. It seemed long, but it was actually very short. This was because Lu Wu planned to kill the spiritking within this period of time, instead of leaving with regrets like he did in the previous space. ”

The battle between Lu Wu and the players began.

“They were like demons, running around in different worlds, bringing destruction to those worlds and plundering all the resources of those worlds. ”

“The word “”demon”” became the most feared word in the surrounding worlds. The appearance of this word was always accompanied by endless slaughter and death, as well as an undefeatable and terrifying combat power. ”

“The skyfiend Army’s rise was undoubtedly rapid. Relying on the divine weapon’s huge coverage, they invaded many worlds. ”

“The world of technology, the world of cultivation, the world of special abilities, and so on … ”

“They used their physical bodies to clash with the cutting-edge technology in the outer realms, and the power of laws to clash with spell techniques … ”

Five hundred years passed in the blink of an eye.

“During this period, the players gained a huge amount of soul power and comprehended many laws of nature. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu decided to make the players a God. ”

“The moment the heavenly demon list was launched, tens of thousands of laws appeared. These laws were all plundered by Lu Wu in the outside world or exchanged with soul coins. ”

“At this time, the players ‘strength had reached the stage where they could be apotheosized. They could start to cast a divine body, burn divine fire, and seal of concentration. ”

“At this moment, all the players were sent into the artifact space. ”

“At this time, Lu Wu’s control of the artifact space had far exceeded that of little Bei Li. ”

“This was because little Bei Li had fumbled about on his own, while he had obtained the manual of the God of creation when he had been fusing with the Dao integration laws. They were two completely different concepts. ”

“At this moment, he was casting divine bodies for millions of players at the same time. ”

“The precepts on the heavenly demon list kept emerging, splitting, and fusing into the bodies of different players. At the same time, a large number of soul coins in the inventory were burned, and the strength of the players ‘physical bodies was increasing at an extremely fast speed. ”

Lu Wu was able to multitask and build different divine bodies for all the players at the same time.

“This period of time lasted for a full ten years, and during this period, players ‘names were constantly copied onto the heavenly demon list. ”

“With the Emperor body, the players ‘growth allowed his strength to increase again. ”

“At this moment, Lu Wu broke through the ancient God Realm and reached the Emperor realm with the support of his constantly growing Emperor aura. ”

“When the names of the millions of players were engraved on the demon list, Lu Wu found that his Emperor body was no longer growing. ”

“At this moment, he knew he had reached the peak of the renhuang realm. ”

“The millions of players had also successfully ascended, and their strength had been greatly enhanced. ”

“Next, Lu Wu was ready to expand the battlefield and fight with a large number of alien forces at the same time, including those powerful alien plundering forces. ”

“However, before doing all this, Lu Wu took the players back to the Three Realms and prepared to let them have a short rest. ”

The changes in the Three Realms made Lu Wu feel extremely surprised.

“The heavenly realm, the mortal realm, the netherworld … All of them gave birth to life. ”

The appearance of Lu Wu and the players immediately alarmed the Three Realms. The creatures who had begun to try the most primitive breathing exercise immediately felt a huge force entering this world.

“At this moment, Lu Wu allowed the players to move freely while he went to the netherworld to look for little Bei Li. ”


“After bidding farewell to his party members, mo Xiaoxin tore open a spatial Rift and entered the human world. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin was lost in thought as he looked at the human world, which was now covered in vegetation. He suddenly thought of his former comrades. ”

“Many familiar IDs no longer appeared on the forum because they only had a million people, not billions. ”

“As the number one of the forum, he always missed the lively forum in the past … ”

“Now that he was in the human world, he could not help but recall the past. ”

“And after this short break, they would once again embark on the road of battle, constantly breaking through and growing. ”

“Everything was for the return when the 10000-year time limit arrived, as well as the final battle. ”

“As he flew, mo Xiaoxin looked down at the mortal world, his heart filled with emotions. ”

“At this time, he suddenly found life energy fluctuations down there. He immediately looked down. ”

“They were a group of creatures with barely any clothes covering their bodies, and they looked similar to humans. ”

“At this moment, they seemed to be having a duel. They were in a circle, and two human members were wrestling. ”

“Upon seeing this, mo Xiaoxin stopped flying and looked down curiously. ”

“He didn’t expect that in the thousands of years he had been away, primitive humans had already been born here. ”

“As they observed, the victor was quickly decided. One of the humans was knocked to the ground, and the other humans around him raised their Spears and cheered. ”

What caught mo Xiaoxin’s attention was that these human warriors had very strong physical bodies.

“It was just an ordinary close-combat fight, but they could actually make the surrounding ground sink three meters. This was enough to show that the strength of their bodies had entered the range of cultivators, even stronger than ordinary cultivators in the Dharma ending age. ”

“At this moment, the winner excitedly took a piece of spirit Qi condensed raw stone from the loser’s hand and swallowed it. Then, he excitedly led the crowd away, leaving the loser sitting on the ground with a dejected face. ”

The curious mo Xiaoxin descended to the side of the loser.

“When he noticed the movement beside him, the defeated man immediately jumped up with a vigilant look. When he realized that it wasn’t a ferocious beast approaching, but a creature similar to himself, his vigilance relaxed a lot, but his face was still hostile. ”

Mo Xiaoxin thought for a moment before activating the translation function in the divine artifact and trying to communicate with it.

“However, mo Xiaoxin soon realized that he could not understand a single word he was saying. It was as if this group of humans had yet to develop a way to communicate. ”

“However, this was not a problem for mo Xiaoxin. Since he could not communicate through normal language, he could only communicate through his consciousness. ”

The communication of consciousness did not require words or anything else. It could directly express thoughts in the mind of the other party.

“This time, the conversation was much smoother. The human seemed to be surprised by mo Xiaoxin’s ability and tried to ask where he came from. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin smiled and turned around to show the human the word “”demon”” on his back, telling him that he was also a human and a member of the “”sky demon Army””. ”

“Just as mo Xiaoxin was about to leave after conversing with the ancient human, a toot boy ran toward them from afar. As he was not wearing any clothes, the little elephant below him was swinging back and forth in a very … Bold and unrestrained manner. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin felt a sense of familiarity when he saw the boy, but he had no idea where he had seen him before. ”

“””Who is he?”” Mo Xiaoxin asked the ancient human curiously. ”

“””My child … Yi!”” The man’s consciousness immediately gave him the answer. ”

“At this moment, mo Xiaoxin’s eyes widened. He finally knew who this young boy was. ”

Kong Yi!

“F * ck, even the wall-hanging little boy was born? ”

A smile appeared on mo Xiaoxin’s face as he looked at the pink boy who was looking at him curiously.

This was fate!

“Thinking of this, Lu Wu expressed his intention to teach his children “”combat skills.”” ”

“To this, the man agreed without hesitation. He was simple-minded and did not think too much. ”

“Moreover, he had already discovered that mo Xiaoxin was extraordinary. Not only could he fly, but he could also communicate with him … ”

“Becoming stronger meant that he would be able to compete with the nearby tribes for more resources or prey, which was what he desired very much. ”

“At this moment, mo Xiaoxin strode over to little Kong Yi’s side and carried him up. He chuckled and said,”” ”

“””Hey, little guy, you’ll be my disciple from now on. I’ve decided to teach you combat skills … Right, I’m also going to teach you decomposer skills. Now that everything contains spiritual energy, you’ll be able to extract the purest spiritual energy after learning this move. Do you want to learn it?”” ”

Little Kong Yi blinked his eyes in confusion when he heard that. He then opened his mouth and spat on mo Xiaoxin’s face.

“””Bah!”” ”