Chapter 768: Little Kong Yi’s devilish training (2 in 1)

“As he hugged the mischievous little Kong Yi, a look of helplessness appeared on mo Xiaoxin’s face. ”

This personality was really in line with his impression of Kong Yi.

“Thinking back to the past, the little wimp Kong Yi also had such an arrogant look. ”

He still remembered the process of Kong Yi teaching him the decomposition technique. That was when he first stood out from the rest of the players.

“As he looked at little Kong Yi, memories of the past surfaced in mo Xiaoxin’s mind. He couldn’t help but smile. ”

“At this moment, little Kong Yi suddenly began to struggle. In order to prevent little Kong Yi from getting injured, mo Xiaoxin immediately let go of him. ”

“After landing on the ground, little Kong Yi pouted his mouth angrily and pounded his chest twice. He let out a tender cry,”” ”

“””Aowu!”” ”

She then pounced forward and bit mo Xiaoxin’s calf.

“The moment his teeth came into contact with mo Xiaoxin’s calf, little Kong Yi’s expression changed. He looked as if he was constipated. ”

He bared his teeth!

Mo Xiaoxin’s divine body was naturally not something that little Kong Yi’s tender teeth could deal with. Little Kong Yi’s teeth almost broke.

“Before mo Xiaoxin could do anything, the ancient man took the lead and lifted the devilish brat, little Kong Yi, from the ground. He raised his hand and gave him a good beating. ”

Mo Xiaoxin could not help but be stunned by such a brutal attack.

“If this was the human world during the Dharma ending age, the child would have died on the spot after being beaten up by this man. ”

“However, little Kong Yi was very resistant to the beating. He cried loudly during the beating, but there were no signs of injury. He cried louder and louder, so loud that the trees around him trembled and leaves fell. ”

“In the end, it was mo Xiaoxin who stopped him, and only then did father Kong stop the ‘tutoring session’. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin took the teary-eyed little Kong Yi from his father’s hands and wiped his tears away. He then took out an eighth-tier mystical material,’ice crystal fruit’, from his storage space and placed it by little Kong Yi’s mouth. ”

The tip of his nose sniffed lightly. Little Kong Yi’s eyes instantly became bright and piercing. He instantly forgot the pain and began to gnaw on the ice crystal fruit fiercely.

“He swallowed the ice crystal fruit in two or three bites, not even letting go of the core. ”

“At this time, Kong Yi’s face turned red at a speed visible to the naked eye. The huge spiritual power began to wantonly run wild in his young body, making him unable to bear it. ”

“””Cough cough!”” Little Kong Yi could not help but start coughing, spewing out balls of thick spiritual energy. ”

“Upon seeing this, mo Xiaoxin immediately placed his hand on little Kong Yi’s chest and poured his spiritual power into him. He dissolved the spiritual power in his body and infused it into little Kong Yi’s meridians. ”

“Feeling the warmth from mo Xiaoxi’s palm, little Kong Yi’s eyes instantly narrowed into a smile. ”

“Looking at the cheeky little Kong Yi, mo Xiaoxin chuckled. ”

“After that, mo Xiaoxin expressed his intention to bring Kong Yi away for a period of time. ”

“The simple-minded father Kong didn’t find it inappropriate. He nodded his head casually, as if he wasn’t worried that mo Xiaoxin would abduct his child. ”

“After bidding farewell to father Kong, mo Xiaoxin brought little Kong Yi to a lake nearby. After placing little Kong Yi down, mo Xiaoxin began to think about how he should train little Kong Yi. ”

He had to learn the negative body?

Mo Xiaoxin immediately shook his head.

“What a joke. If he had learned the negative side and attracted hatred like he did, little Kong Yi would have been brutally beaten to death by his fellow tribesmen. ”

“After all, negative entities needed to absorb negative emotions to grow. ”

“He had the forum to use, but little Kong Yi had learned how to use the negative emotions, so he could only absorb the negative emotions from his clansmen … ”

“Thinking about how little Kong Yi would not be able to obtain his true inheritance, mo Xiaoxin felt slightly regretful. ”

The negative body was his strongest ability even after he had refined his divine body.

The speed at which he cultivated this technique had long surpassed the creator of the technique. He had comprehended the cultivation method of the last twenty levels by relying on the support of the forum.

“Now that he had mastered the negative body, not only could he cross the void, but he could also easily control the emotions of his enemies. Even if he did not do it personally, he could make his enemies dejected or even commit suicide. It was extremely domineering. ”

“However, little Kong Yi was clearly not suitable for this ability. ”

“As he pondered, mo Xiaoxin thought of the “”immeasurable Moke”” sacred art of the square circle’s law of hell. ”

“If little Kong Yi had a body as strong as Yuan Fang ‘s, he would have no problem protecting himself in this world. ”

“However, after some careful thought, mo Xiaoxin decided to give up. ”

“Fang Yuan’s attributes matched that of the Moke measureless sword, and he even had the ability to revive. He could do whatever he wanted, and he would not die anyway. ”

But little Kong Yi couldn ‘t.

This was because this cultivation technique required one to withstand attacks to cultivate and improve.

“Without the protection of the divine weapon, little Kong Yi might just die as he wandered around. It was obvious that he was not suitable to learn Yuan Fang’s ability. ”

“Thus, the choice became a problem. ”

“His own combat style and the laws he had learned were all inclined towards long-range spells, which did not seem to be suitable for little Kong Yi. ”

“Just as mo Xiaoxin was lost in his thoughts, little Kong Yi began to run around him like a monkey. From time to time, he would climb onto mo Xiaoxin’s shoulder, count his hair, or swing the little elephant on his head … Urinating in a spiral. ”

“It was a good thing that he did not pee on mo Xiaoxin’s body. Otherwise, mo Xiaoxin would definitely let the devilish brat Kong Yi know what it meant to be ‘loved by a teacher like a mountain’. ”

Mo Xiaoxin could not imagine how such a devilish brat would grow to become the pillar of the human race in the future. He was the ‘human ancestor Kong Yi’ who was willing to sacrifice his blood to protect the future of the human race even if he had to lose his head.

It felt like they had completely different personalities …

“In the end, mo Xiaoxin gave up on the energetic little Kong Yi to learn his own martial arts. He decided to purely train his physical body. As for his future development, mo Xiaoxin could only say that it would depend on fate. ”

“With that thought in mind, mo Xiaoxin opened the merchant shop and purchased a series of items to begin his special training for little Kong Yi. ”

“Gravity wrist, gravity ankle, gravity vest, and so on … ”

Little Kong Yi was dumbfounded as mo Xiaoxin placed all the gravity tools on little Kong Yi.

“At that moment, little Kong Yi could no longer be lively. He sprawled on the ground and began to pant. ”

“When mo Xiaoxin saw that little Kong Yi could not even withstand the lowest level of gravity, he immediately took out an ice crystal fruit and placed it in little Kong Yi’s mouth for him to swallow. ”

“Instantly, little Kong Yi’s body turned red. The medicinal effect had erupted. ”

Little Kong Yi immediately jumped up from the ground and began to run wildly.

“Upon seeing this, mo Xiaoxin smiled and floated up into the air, following closely behind little Kong Yi. ”

“As he ran, the medicinal effect continued to fuse with his body. Whenever little Kong Yi felt exhausted, an inexplicable power would burst forth from his limbs and bones, making him as lively as a Dragon and a Tiger. ”

This was mo Xiaoxin’s basic training for little Kong Yi.

“As one of the top players on the forums, mo Xiaoxin could claim to be the best when it came to theoretical teaching, even if he wasn’t the best. ”

This step of training was to awaken the potential of little Kong Yi’s physical body and strengthen his Foundation.

“As for whether little Kong Yi’s life would be exhausted due to excessive physical exertion, mo Xiaoxin was not worried at all. ”

“Now, the dog officials had activated the function of exchanging soul coins for materialized special soul coins. ”

“If it really didn’t work, he would just ‘pay a coin’ and continue to create more. ”

“Little Kong Yi’s miserable life had begun. Teacher Yan, mo Xiaoxin’s brutal teaching was no joke. ”

“This time, mo Xiaoxin was particularly serious. ”

“He had developed 16 hours of training every day. The remaining four hours were to learn the decomposer’s skills, and the remaining four hours were for mental adjustment, which was to sleep. ”

“This was the first time little Kong Yi, who had lived in this free world, had realized that life could be so miserable. ”

“In the past, the worst he could do was to be beaten up by his parents for a short period of time. However, mo Xiaoxin’s pain was endless. ”

“After a week of training, little Kong Yi’s skin had become as clear as Jade, shining with a layer of hazy white light. His physical strength had also been strengthened by more than ten times. ”

“However, little Kong Yi no longer wanted to live. ”

He lay sprawled on the ground and refused to get up no matter how much mo Xiaoxin berated him.

“At this moment, he only had one thought in his mind. He should just die. ”

“At such a young age, he already had the thought of committing suicide, and this thought was very strong. He felt that his master was much more terrifying than those fierce beasts, and he could not stand him. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin did not show any mercy to the dispirited little Kong Yi. He picked him up and flew him to an area filled with ferocious beasts, then threw him down. ”

“After landing on the ground, little Kong Yi’s eyes met with the bloodthirsty beasts. The thought of suicide in his mind instantly disappeared. He decisively got up and began to run wildly with the little elephant. At the same time, he shouted loudly, calling for mo Xiaoxin to come to his rescue. ”

“However, mo Xiaoxin was still hovering in the sky, showing no intention of helping. Instead, he raised the gravity device by one level. ”

“As he looked at the frightened little Kong Yi, who was rolling and crawling on the ground with tears in his eyes, mo Xiaoxin suddenly felt the joy of his old mother torturing him. ”

“My mother didn’t lie to me, I’m so happy … ”

“However, the fear in little Kong Yi’s heart was also subliming … ”

Big tiger! A big tiger!


“As he only had three months of leave, mo Xiaoxin treasured little Kong Yi’s training. ”

“With the support of the store’s endless supply of items, mo Xiaoxin was able to train little Kong Yi’s body in all sorts of ways. ”

He even played a trick during the training:

“The escape of a beast, holding one’s breath underwater, crushing a large rock with one’s chest, catching fish at the waterfall … ”

“Under such training, little Kong Yi was completely shut down. ”

“He didn’t care if he was strong or not. He only had one thought right now, and that was to bite this guy who called himself “”master”” to death. ”

“However, he didn’t have enough strength and couldn’t win … ”

“The only thing that kept him going was mo Xiaoxin’s words. As long as he continued to grow stronger, he would be able to kill him. ”

For this goal … He would risk it all!

The first traitorous disciple in history to become stronger for the sake of killing his master was born.

“In the days that followed, little Kong Yi’s physical strength continued to increase. ”

“In just a month, those fierce beasts that grew up absorbing the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth were no longer his opponents. He could completely contend with them with his own strength. At this moment, little Kong Yi finally realized how powerful he had become. ”

“The excited little Kong Yi immediately decided to bring forward his plan.””He killed his teacher! ”

“Knowing how powerful his master was, little Kong Yi, who had learned many survival skills, decided to take advantage of the dark, which was when his master was resting, to be cautious … ”

“Sometimes, ignorance could bring pain. However, little Kong Yi clearly did not know this. ”

His confident actions eventually turned into endless pain.

The beating almost made little Kong Yi’s soul leave his body. He felt that he was almost gone.

“Ever since that day, little Kong Yi had become much more well-behaved, but deep down, he still did not compromise. ”

Continue to grow stronger … Just a little stronger!

“Little Kong Yi firmly believed that when he grew up and became stronger, he (his master) would be dead. ”

“However, what he did not know was that the suffering had just begun. ”

“He could withstand the physical training, but it was not so easy to pass the training of knowledge. ”

“After a month of studying, mo Xiaoxin began to set questions for little Kong Yi. ”

The first test was to break down plants and turn them into the purest plant essence and spirit Qi essence.

“At that moment, little Kong Yi was dumbfounded. ”

Decomposition? What decomposition? What do you mean I learned it? Did I learn this? It’s definitely because you didn’t teach him!

This undoubtedly infuriated mo Xiaoxin.

“I’ve worked so hard to teach you for a month, and you don’t even know the most basic technique? ”

“If I f * cking teach a pig, he should at least know some basics! ”

“””Pig, stupid pig. I thought you were a genius, but you’re just a pig. I’ll beat you to death!”” ”

The Furious mo Xiaoxin picked up little Kong Yi and smacked him on the butt.

“In order to teach him a lesson, mo Xiaoxin even used his negative energy during the fight, causing little Kong Yi to cry so hard that he almost fainted. ”

His butt was swollen like a bun …

Little Kong Yi had a deep understanding of what cruelty was at a young age.

“After that, little Kong Yi had to do a simulation test every day. If he couldn’t learn it, he would be beaten up. This scene was very similar to what Kong Yi had experienced when he reincarnated as an elementary school student in the origin world. ”

“He couldn’t escape from solving problems. The cycle of reincarnation didn’t end, and he didn’t stop solving problems. ”

“If you don’t do the questions, you’ll get beaten up. It’s the same everywhere! ”

“During this period of time, mo Xiaoxin would tell little Kong Yi to be strong from time to time. As a man, he must not cry for no reason. He wanted to train little Kong Yi’s tenacious character. ”

“Little Kong Yi had tried to do so, but his tears were not obedient and kept flowing out … ”

“In response to little Kong Yi’s excuse, mo Xiaoxin retorted with a beating … ”

Two months had passed in the special training. Little Kong Yi’s body was strong enough to carry a 10000-pound Boulder and run wildly.

“At that moment, little Kong Yi was ready to make a move again. He revealed a sinister smile at night. ”

“However, the result did not change. He was beaten until he cried. ”

“In the final month of special training, little Kong Yi was faced with the cruelest part of mo Xiaoxin’s plan. ”

Ordinary gravity training was no longer of any use at this point.

“Therefore, mo Xiaoxin contacted Tang mu and got a few automatic battle puppets. After setting them to the ghost Governor realm, he began to train little Kong Yi. ”

“This time, it was not mo Xiaoxin who was beating little Kong Yi up, but the puppets. ”

“During the training of the decomposer, mo Xiaoxin contacted Lu Wu and asked him to use the anti-addiction system. ”

“In this regard, Lu Wu asked for the reason, and after understanding it, he gave mo Xiaoxin the right to use it. ”

“The first anti-addiction student in history was born. With a huge question bank and different test questions, what was cruel? this was bloody cruel. ”

“If you can’t pass, you’ll go hungry. If you can’t beat him, you’ll be beaten! ”

“Under the mental and physical torture, little Kong Yi could only train hard in order to have a full meal and not get beaten up. ”

What was a genius? a genius was 99.999% hard work and 0.001% talent.

This was mo Xiaoxin’s teaching strategy.

“Under such demonic training, even if he wasn’t a genius, he could still be trained into a super genius. ”

A person’s potential was limitless. This was something little Kong Yi was deeply aware of.

“Every day, before he went to sleep, he would wonder if he would die in training the next day. ”

“After being trained for two months, he had been suspicious for more than 60 days. Every day, he thought that he wouldn’t be able to make it through tomorrow, but he did. ”

“In the last month of special training, little Kong Yi had shown his potential. ”

He had reached the peak of the ghost Governor realm and was about to break through to the ghost general realm.

“Mo Xiaoxin was pleased with little Kong Yi’s potential. However, he did not express it on the surface and continued to call little Kong Yi a ‘stupid pig’. ”

“Beating was a sign of affection, scolding was a sign of love, and Mo Xiaoxin had fully displayed this point. ”

“However, happy times were always short-lived. One day, mo Xiaoxin received a notification from Lu Wu. ”

“After reading the message, mo Xiaoxin knew that it was time to leave. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin smiled as he looked at Kong Yi, who had been beaten black and blue by the puppet and was now curled up on the ground with his hands on his head. However, he soon shook his head and sighed. ”

The day’s training ended and night fell. Mo Xiaoxin took out his precious food and began to share it with little Kong Yi.

Little Kong Yi was puzzled by his master’s sudden change. He even suspected that his master had poisoned the food and did not dare to eat it.

“However, when he saw mo Xiaoxin eat it, he mustered up his courage and followed suit. ”

“However, while he was eating, little Kong Yi also noticed the change in mo Xiaoxin. He could not help but ask carefully,”” ”

“””Shi … Are you uncomfortable here?”” ”

“As he spoke, little Kong Yi pointed to the left side of his chest where his heart was. ”

“””Uncomfortable my ass, I’m leaving. I’ll be really happy not to see you in the future!”” Mo Xiaoxin took a sip of wine and could not help but curse. ”

Little Kong Yi’s eyes widened when he heard that mo Xiaoxin was leaving.

“In fact, he had already gotten used to mo Xiaoxin’s existence through their interactions. When he suddenly heard that mo Xiaoxin was leaving, his heart suddenly felt empty and he felt very uncomfortable. ”

“””Where … Are you going?”” After asking this question, little Kong Yi, who did not know how to hide his emotions at all, suddenly pounced into mo Xiaoxin’s arms. He grabbed mo Xiaoxin’s clothes and his eyes turned red. ”

Mo Xiaoxin rubbed little Kong Yi’s head and pointed at the starry sky.

“””Go there!”” ”

“””How long … Before you come back?”” ”

“””A long, long time. You should have grown up by then!”” ”

“””I’m not leaving!”” Little Kong Yi burst into tears. ”

“Although she knew that it was useless to cry in front of her master, and her master had also told her to be strong and not cry, this time, her tears still flowed out disobediently. ”

“””All good things must come to an end … Sigh, you won’t understand it anyway. Anyway, you have to understand that master must leave this time. If you miss master, look at this!”” As he spoke, mo Xiaoxin took out a jade pendant and hung it around little Kong Yi’s neck. ”

“Looking at little Kong Yi, whose eyes were red from crying, mo Xiaoxin felt helpless. ”

“””Little guy, remember what I taught you. You must become a strong person in the future!”” ”

“””Why … Do I have to be strong?”” Little Kong Yi cried and asked. ”

“When he heard this, mo Xiaoxin immediately thought of his clansmen who were still waiting for them in the origin world. He rubbed little Kong Yi’s head and said, ”

“””To protect our clansmen!”” ”

This sentence was extremely foreign to little Kong Yi at this moment. He could not understand it at all.

But this sentence had affected his life.

“The short three months became very vague in the days to come, but Kong Yi used his actions to carry out this sentence for the rest of his life. ”

“He had protected his people, and even if he lost his head, he had never given up … ”

“In the end, they still had to part. ”

“Despite little Kong Yi’s cries and screams, mo Xiaoxin did not show any mercy. ”

“However, before mo Xiaoxin left, little Kong Yi wanted to challenge the puppet one more time to teach it one last lesson. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin was surprised, but he still agreed. ”

“This time, little Kong Yi was particularly serious in his battle with the puppet. He did not cry again, nor did he choose to hold his head and take the beating. Instead, he fought back with all his might. ”

“This time, little Kong Yi’s appearance was different from before. ”

“In the battle, he broke through the ghost Governor realm and reached the ghost general realm. In the end, he defeated the puppets that he had never been able to defeat. ”

“Mo Xiaoxin couldn’t help but burst into laughter as he looked at the bruised and battered little Kong Yi, who was smiling foolishly at him. ”

He really liked this final parting gift. He really liked it!

“Goodbye, perhaps forever, little guy! ”