Chapter 770: Cultivation VS technology

“In fact, after learning about the history of the rise of the “”heavenly machinery Army””, Lu Wu realized that he had actually been in contact with this force before. ”

“In the third region of the great domain of hell of the origin world was the ruins of the blue Valley. When the divine weapon had been unlocked, it had said that this place had once been the base of the blue Valley clansmen who had come from the outer realms. ”

“This left a deep impression on Lu Wu. After all, the blue Valley race’s growth model was incompatible with the entire netherworld environment. They grew up in a technological way. ”

“Therefore, Lu Wu guessed that perhaps the blue Valley people who fled the Crimson planet began to wander the outer realms because of Zero’s appearance. ”

“However, Lu Wu was sure that the blue Valley people didn’t move into the Three Realms as soon as they fled to the outer realm, because there was also a piece of information recorded in the divine artifact, and this information came from the artificial intelligence, Aike. ”

It described the origin of Ake in detail.

“It wasn’t born on planet Crimson rainbow, but from another world’s power,””heavenly net.”” ”

The destruction of this force was actually caused by slaughter. This timeline allows you to view chapter 366: HP 3.0)

Slaughter? Me?

Lu Wu concluded a timeline for this.

“[Timeline 1: millions of years ago, planet Crimson rainbow was occupied by zero. The remaining Blue Valley clansmen fled to outer space with their yet-to-be activated super-intelligent brain.] ”

“[The timeline advances to the second point-zero takes control of the Crimson rainbow planet and begins to excavate resources endlessly.] At the same time, the blue Valley Clan members who had fled to the outer realm established a new civilization in a certain world in the outer realm, the “”heavenly net.”” ”

“[Timeline 3: zero begins foreign conquest for eternity. At the same time, the “”Skynet”” civilization also begins to develop again.] ”


“[Timeline 4: as this fourth timeline has not happened yet, Lu Wu could only guess that in the previous time and space, he might have discovered the secret of the heaven’s machinery Army when he destroyed it. He even destroyed the “”Skynet”” civilization that was developed with great difficulty.] Of course, it was also possible that they had destroyed the Skynet civilization that the blue Valley race had rebuilt while they were conquering the outer realms. ”

“[Timeline 5: the blue Valley Clan once again wanders the outer realms. They may have stationed themselves in other worlds along the way, but when they really arrive in the “”three realms”” world, it will already be after the war of the Three Realms. However, by that time, Lu Wu has already returned to the main world. After all, he will only stay here for 10000 years.] ”

“After all, the blue Valley people had already left the Scarlet rainbow planet for millions of years. During this period, zero had become an Overlord of a region. At that time, the Three Realms had not yet fully formed, and there were no resources available. The blue Valley people fleeing to the Three Realms was the most foolish and unrealistic move. ”

“After all, Lu Wu had only created the Three Realms for 2000 years, so the blue Valley people would not have come before he created the Three Realms. ”

“However, the people of the blue Valley Clan had already left the Crimson rainbow planet for millions of years. This meant that the Skynet power recorded in the information should be in another world and not the Three Realms. ”

“As for whether Aike was the Super smart-brain that was taken away by the blue Valley people, Lu Wu guessed that it shouldn’t be. ”

“After all, there was still a huge gap between Aike’s abilities and the Super-brain “”zero”” as described in the intelligence. ”

“The Superbrain that was taken away was the same as zero. It had the same functions as zero, but one was activated, while the other was sealed. ”

“However, no matter what the future would be like, this time, Lu Wu was ready to destroy the heavenly machinery Army. ”

“At this moment, the massive Army of players descended upon planet Crimson rainbow. ”

“This was the area where the main base of the heavenly machinery Army was located, and it was also the area where the heavenly machinery Army stored a large amount of resources, and what Lu Wu wanted was all the resources here. ”

Their figures pierced through the boundary barrier and arrived at this barren red world.

“As their figures appeared, the satellites immediately detected their presence. Countless fortresses on the ground were instantly activated. ”

A dense cluster of missiles rose into the air and headed toward the million-strong Army of players.

“Seeing this scene, Lu Wu took a deep breath and then said in the voice channel,”” ”

“””Move around freely. Rob this place and let the robots of heaven’s machinery understand who the real boss of the outer-realm plunderers is!”” ”

“Hearing Lu Wu’s words, the players seemed to be a little excited. ”

“””Gou ‘Zi, smell where the mystical materials are. Let’s get them first and strike first!”” At this moment, Gu yuchao looked at Gou ‘Zi and said. ”

Gou ‘Zi heard and nodded. A green light appeared at the tip of his nose and he sniffed it before running down.

“Seeing this scene, a large group of players behind him followed. ”

“””What are you guys doing?”” Gu Yu was stunned. ”

“””It’s not right to share the mystical materials!”” ”

“We don’t have the ability to find mystical materials, so we’re following you!”” ”

“””Anyone who sees it will have a share. In a few days, I’m going to look for the stupid officials to break through to the ancient God Realm and become a God. One hundred million soul coins is too expensive. I have to save money. So, please forgive me, elder Gu!”” ”


“At that moment, the player Army descended. ”

“As the bullet comments flooded the screen, the players ‘abilities were displayed at this moment. ”

“The first to attack was a godly state expert who mastered sound waves. He took a deep breath and released a sound wave ripple. Instantly, a dense number of missiles exploded ahead of time, clearing the obstacles for the players to move forward. ”

The countless mage players behind him also cast their magic spells at this moment.

“This scene was extremely spectacular. The rain of fire fell like meteors, covering the entire sky as if a catastrophe from the outer realm had descended. ”

“As the meteor shower fell, explosions occurred below, and a large number of steel fortresses were destroyed. ”

“By the time the players landed on the ground, the battle fortresses that had been targeted by the mage players had long lost their ability to continue fighting. ”

“However, the battle had only just begun and was not over yet. ”

The alert Level of the entire planet was raised to the highest level. A large number of AI robots buried deep underground were constantly being transported to the surface. Countless missile silos were activated at this moment and began to aim at the position where the players would land according to the orders of the base’s AI.

“The power of a technological civilization was fully displayed at this moment. Battle Orders were given extremely quickly, and the enemy’s area was accurately aimed. Everything was completed in a short time, and the entire world entered a state of war. ”

“At this moment, the level of firepower that the players had to face kept rising. ”

There were even laser cannons fired by satellite weapons from outer space.

It was time for the players who focused on their physical strength to perform.

“The Round Square was the first to rise into the air, facing the laser cannon that was falling from the sky. ”

“””BOOM!”” The surging energy slanted on the surface of the square-shaped body, causing him to cry out in pain. ”

“However, to the players, this shout was very exciting. ”

“In fact, this was the case. Under the cleansing of the laser cannon, his god art proficiency increased rapidly. Yuan Fang was in pain but happy at the same time. ”

“However, it only lasted for three seconds before the laser cannon satellite in outer space was destroyed by an unknown force. ”

“This was one of Yuan Fang’s strongest abilities, commonly known as damage reflection. ”

“At this stage of cultivation, regardless of whether the opponent was alive or not, once the square-shaped rebound was launched, it would transfer the part of the force received to the origin of the attack. ”

“As the most powerful meat shield among the players, his damage output was to take a beating. ”

“The assassin player’s performance was equally dazzling at this moment. He moved through space and shuttled through the void. Every time his figure flickered, he would appear near an attacking fortress. With a wave of his sharp blade, afterimages would appear and easily pierce through the steel armor. The power that burst forth even destroyed the interior. ”

The combat power of the million godly state experts was enough to shake the world.

The war broke out.

The AI robot troops were continuously sent into the battlefield by the spaceships and began to fight back against the players.

The players were delighted to see the AI robot.

This was because every AI robot had the energy they needed. One of them was worth about 3000 soul coins.

“Their combat strength was generally only at the level of a ghost king. Even if there were some ghost emperors and even demigod-level super smart androids, their lethality was only so-so to the players. ”

A large-scale massacre began.

“””Healer, stop healing me. These weak machines can’t break through my divine body’s defense. Hurry up and pick up the energy cores behind me. They’re all money!”” ”

“””Healer on the other side, if you pick up our team’s energy again, I won’t be polite. First backstab warning!”” ”

“””Hurry up and clear out an area. When the mechanical Army arrives, it will definitely not be easy to fight. The heaven’s machinery Army is definitely not as weak as we thought. Otherwise, how can we plunder in outer space?”” ”


“Party voice, team voice, Guild voice, and so on … It was a mess. ”

“The players split up their work. Some were responsible for picking up the energy cores left behind by the destroyed AI robots, some were responsible for charging forward, and some were responsible for harvesting … ”

“After so many wars, the players had developed a tacit understanding. ”

“The only thing that had not changed was the old tradition left behind from the conquests, beating the bastards who stole monsters to death. ”


“As time passed, the counterattacks that the players encountered became more and more intense. ”

A steady stream of war weapons were transported out of the underground transportation well and then sent to the battlefield by transport planes that had been prepared long ago.

“At this moment, the Army of AI machines that had evolved into silicon-based life forms had arrived. ”

“As countless super battleships appeared in the sky, countless huge metal boxes were airdropped. ”

These metal boxes would rapidly take on a new form upon landing on the ground. The silicon-based life form Warriors that had already developed their own consciousness had arrived.

“These silicon-based life forms were not the Transformers that the players had seen in the movies. They were pure killing weapons, and their fixed form was completely a restraint. ”

They could adapt to the current battle situation at any time.

“Every single silicon-based warrior possessed abilities that were comparable to that of a God, and their numbers were extremely huge. ”

Their appearance immediately put a lot of pressure on the players.

“Not only did they possess powerful physical defense, but they also had extremely lethal close-combat and long-range weapons. ”

“At the back, countless mechanical life forces the size of mice swarmed into the battlefield and began to climb on the surface of the various war weapons, repairing the mechanical lives that were heavily damaged by the players at an extremely fast speed. ”

“To repair a silicon-based warrior that was unable to fight, the group of mechanical rats only needed around 30 seconds. On the other hand, they only needed around 3 seconds to repair the ordinary artificial intelligence soldiers. It was extremely efficient. ”

“They wreaked havoc on the battlefield like a tide, waking up a large number of robots who had lost their combat abilities and letting them enter the battle again. ”

“In addition to their auxiliary function on the battlefield, these mechanical rats would even choose to bite the players at the critical moment and then self-destruct. Under the control of the behind-the-scenes artificial intelligence, each mechanical rat did not run around aimlessly, but acted extremely efficiently. ”

“Multitasking was not difficult for life forms that focused on cultivation, but controlling the next step of millions of mechanical lives at the same time was something that cultivation life forms could not do. ”

“However, to the AI with its terrifying computing power, it was a very easy task. ”

“After the countless battle data generated on the battlefield was poured into the AI processing library, it could give a plan to adapt to the situation in a few seconds. ”

“At this moment, every single mechanical rat was being controlled precisely, continuously creating an advantage for the silicon-based life forms on the battlefield. ”

“They could be destroyed, but they would not make any mistakes. This was the terrifying part of the growth of technology. ”

This was the first time Lu Wu had encountered such a difficult force since he came to the outer region.

“Moreover, this was only the main base of the celestial machinery Army. The celestial machinery Army had even larger deployment in the outside world, especially in the glittering jewel world where the mechanical Lord ‘zero’ was located, where the most elite intelligent machine Army was stationed. ”

“However, in the face of such a predicament, the players ‘ferocity was also stimulated. ”

“We will never back down in war. If we say we will destroy you, we will destroy you! ”

“Colorful halos burst out of their godly bodies, and countless rule belts emerged from their bodies and circled around them. ”

The collision between the cultivation growth system and the technology growth system had officially begun at this moment.

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