Chapter 454

She came here on behalf of the original owner, and just now, these two slaps were also given on behalf of the original owner.

Amidst the scorching gaze of the onlookers, Qin Jiu strode out of court.

Her heart was filled with joy, as if she had finally laid down the burden for many years, or as if a bird was happily fluttering and circling in her heart.

This was the emotions of the original owner.

Qin Jiu covered her heart again as the golden sunlight gently shone and only then did she realize that the snow outside had stopped at some point, and the sky after the snow became even clearer.

Qin Jiu stretched her waist and felt refreshed.

Suddenly, her movements froze, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw a familiar purple figure across the street who was looking at her with a smile on his face and those heart-stoppingly beautiful Phoenix eyes.

Qin Jiu felt embarrassed about being caught.

However, this emotion came and went quickly as the next moment she showed a brilliant smile and quickly walked towards Gu Zezhi across the street, affectionately hooked one of his fingers, and gently shook it.

“Are you here to pick me up?” There was a hint of coquettishness in her crisp voice together with a girlish charm.

“Of course.” Gu Zezhi smiled back, the wisps of sunlight reflecting off his pupils.

The cold wind swept through the street, and the branches adorned with plum blossoms swayed with the wind, emitting plum fragrance wisps, but it did not overpower the fragrant aroma of Gu Zezhi’s body that smelt like green bamboo carried to the tip of Qin Jiu’s nose.

His fingers were warm, and Qin Jiu coveted the warmth between his fingers, wrapping her cold hands tightly around them with her palms tightly pressed against his.

He took her hand, and, at a glance, he could see that her pale fingertips were slightly reddened.

“Does it hurt?” He asked.

When he asked, Qin Jiu remembered that she had just thrown two slaps, which hurt her hand.

“Hurts!” She nodded and said in a soft voice.

Gu Zezhi took out a moon-white handkerchief and carefully wiped her delicate and tender fingers, wiping them clean one by one. He also removed a small porcelain jar and slowly applied ointment to her hands.

The balm-like mutton fat was refreshing and cooling, emitting a delicate fragrance that was neither strong nor light, just right.