Chapter 456

Calculating the time, winter hunting would be almost over, which means that the emperor would return to the capital by the beginning of the next month at the latest. This also means that after Gu Jing finally arrived at Nanyuan Hunting Palace after his wedding, he would have to rush home again.

Gu Zezhi grabbed her hand and sent the skewered candied haws towards his mouth again, saying with a smile, “We’ll be married soon too.”

Qin Jiu this time also took a bite at the candied haws, the sugary coating on the outer layer of the candied haws melted in her mouth slowly, and the sweet taste spread from her mouth to the bottom of her eyes and heart.

“En.” She responded softly and was unable to stop the sweet smile flowing from her eyes.

Her smile was bright and beautiful, with a hint of sweetness and longing reflected in it, like the spring breeze blowing the branches of a tree full of flower buds, charming, and attractive.

Gu Zezhi looked at her, his eyes brighter and hotter, and with deep attachment.

Recently, there have been many happy events in the capital. The second prince, Gu Jing, married on the 27th of the winter lunar month. The next day, the couple was summoned back by the emperor to the Nanyuan Hunting Palace to greet their relatives.

Simultaneously, the imperial clan asked the Bureau of Astronomy to calculate the auspicious time for the County king, and thus early in the morning, he performed the rites and sent his betrothal gifts to the Qin mansion.

A hundred and twenty-eight people went out from the County King’s palace bestowed by the emperor to Gu Zezhi. From this group, some were carrying betrothal gifts, others beating gongs and drums accompanied by the Ministry of Rites and imperial guards.

These hundred people were headed to the Marquis of Loyalty’s mansion, attracting many spectators watching the excitement along the way.

In addition to the items within the regulations prepared by the Imperial Clan, the County King also provided a portion of the dowry, totaling 128 loads. Each load was so heavy that the pole carrying the box was bent.

It has been several years since they saw this many and grand betrothal gifts being sent in the capital. In comparison, the second prince’s betrothal gift previously could not even begin to compare at all.

Some curious children and teenagers walked along with the procession of the betrothal gifts, wanting to wait for them to be delivered to the bride’s mansion so that they could see what exactly was inside these boxes of betrothal gifts.

After the rites, the imperial clan and Old Madam Qin officially set a wedding date for Gu Zezhi and Qin Jiu.

The wedding date was set a long time ago, but it was only through verbal agreement between Old Madam Qin and Madam Xiao. Thus, today, when the imperial clan sends an invitation letter, it was finalized after the six rites.

Because it was just a process, both the acceptance and invitation ceremonies went very smoothly. After one hour, officials from the Imperial Clan and the Ministry of Rites left, leaving only the unique smell of fireworks in the air.

The servants of Marquis’s Mansion all walk with grace and honor. Today’s event was dignified, showing the honor of the Marquis of Loyalty, which also represents the emperor’s regard for the County King and the Marquis of Loyalty.