Chapter 458

Qin Jiu’s life was very fulfilling and unknowingly time passed, when her sachet was halfway done, she suddenly heard that the emperor was returning to the capital.

Gu Zezhi and Gu Zhen led the ministers out of the city to pick them up, attracting many people to watch which made the capital bustling after a long time.

After returning, the emperor listened to Gu Zhen’s various reports in the hall and became increasingly satisfied as he listened.

Gu Zhen was only 6 years old and yet at such a young age, he had grown so much in just one year, far exceeding the emperor’s expectations for him.

As expected, Gu Zezhi has indeed taught Gu Zhen well. His cousin was truly capable of governing a country with both literary and martial art skills.

Satisfied, the emperor started to plan whether he should let Gu Zhen live in Gu Zezhi’s mansion for a while so he could learn more and let Gu Zezhi partake in his knowledge. Successively, the two of them could assume the position of crown prince and Grand Tutor.

At the court the next morning, the emperor once again proposed to appoint the sixth prince, Gu Zhen, as the crown prince.

This time, there were significantly fewer who opposed than before winter hunting, and unlike before their momentum was very weak.

After retreating from the court, Lord Chengen walked out of Jinluan Hall with a heavy face, and with only a few people around him, looking out of place.

Lord Chengen walked in silence for a while, when, finally, someone could no longer hold it. A middle-aged courtier said with a deep frown. “My Lord, this official is afraid it won’t work.”

“Yes, Lord Chengen, with the current situation…” another old minister with gray hair sighed deeply and long.

The others also had complicated looks on their faces; some of them had regrets recently and wished they could go back in time and slap themselves.

Ai, why would they get on this ship just because they wanted the dragon’s power?

Previously, the emperor’s dragon body was deteriorating, seeing how he continuously used decoctions and elixirs, not to mention that he sought medical attention from the imperial physician every two or three days, which made the imperial physicians even more worried. Anyone could tell that the emperor was not doing well, and that he would not be able to survive for a long time.

If the emperor had a long life to live, his courtiers would naturally not be in a hurry to take sides. However, the emperor was seriously ill at the time, and although the sixth prince was the emperor’s legitimate son, he was too young. The emperor’s dragon body was unable to endure until the sixth prince reached adulthood, and the second prince was the eldest son, showing himself to be with great wisdom and capabilities.

Thus, when Lord Chengen came to them, they agreed. Of course, some of these people also took the initiative to declare their intentions to Lord Chengen.

But now ……

Thinking of the deficit case at Taipusu and the thought of Qin Zhun, who had his properties confiscated and his title taken away from him, these people felt as if they did not have lips, and their teeth felt cold*.

(*close relationship between good and bad)

The second prince has not even become the crown prince, and he was already a “cooked dog”*.

(*when the rabbit dies, the hunting dog will be eaten instead)

Qin Zhun worked hard and did his best for the sake of the Second Prince, almost squandering all his family’s wealth. However, even after giving so much money to the second prince, the latter did not remember his kindness and Qin Zhun did not end well, so what about them?!