Chapter 460

The emperor slowly turned the jade ring on his thumb and turned his head to look at Gu Zezhi beside him, his eyes deep.

The corners of Gu Zezhi’s lips hooked in a smile and said, “Your Majesty, there have been a few more barrels of kerosene in the Jiuqi Garden recently.”

Emperor: “…”

The emperor’s face remained unperturbed and his eyes grew a little darker, carried with a touch of superiority as if he was overlooking all living beings in his high and mighty seat.

Gu Zezhi continued unhurriedly. “They should be making a move.”

“Zezhi, should we delay it for a few more days?” The emperor turned the jade ring twice, as he said, in a deep voice.

Gu Zezhi smiled faintly and rightfully repeated, “Your Majesty, I’m about to get married!”

He meant that it would be better if this matter would be resolved early, so as to not delay his marriage.

Seeing him acting like everything was less important than his marriage, the emperor could not help but burst out laughing again. Feeling happy, he was thinking of going to the Fengluan Palace for lunch later and talked to Empress Wei.

“As you wish.” The emperor took the ink and paper and approved the documents in front of Gu Zezhi.

It was almost like saying straight out that he was not going to delay his marriage!

On the same day, this document returned to Jiuqi Garden on the outskirts of the capital.

County Princess Duan Rou smiled with a smug while looking at the document. “Third brother, this imperial uncle of ours is really weak, as he has been for decades, and you said that he would not let us go so easily, and yet here is the document. Look, didn’t he approve of this so easily?”

“I don’t see how imperial uncle would dare to detain us in the capital, he’s still afraid that father will raise an army.”

County Princess Duan Rou’s eyes show a look of contempt, seeing how the emperor’s actions have repeatedly proven that he was just a weak and incompetent monarch who was not worthy of the throne.

Gu Xi pinched the document as he looked at the bloody-like ink marks on the paper, also turning his eyes red.

Unlike County Princess Duan Rou, who was optimistic, Gu Xi said softly. “I always feel that things are going too smoothly.” It was so smooth that Gu Xi always felt something was wrong.

Originally, he chose this time to hand over the document, hoping that the emperor would embarrass them and prevent them from leaving. He also thought about what to say if the emperor found trouble with them, but surprisingly, the emperor approved this so easily. Was it because he thought he could not stop them, so he should just be a good person again, or was it because he had some ulterior motives?

County Princess Duan Rou felt that her third brother had a convoluted mind and thought too much into it. He insisted on making things very complex when they were very simple.

Since Wang Yu had instructed Gu Xi to take charge of the trip before leaving, County Princess Duan Rou patiently asked. “Third Brother, then do we still have to go?”

Gu Xi closed the document and nodded, “Go, of course.”

Regardless of what the emperor’s intentions were, he would never dare to force the brother and sister to stay. At most, he would find a few reasons to embarrass them.

They have already accomplished the purpose of their trips to the capital. As long as they returned to Yuzhou, the sky was high, and the emperor was far away, who could do anything to them!


Gu Xi raised his hand and gave three consecutive claps, shouting, “Someone come!”

A tall and muscular body guard entered the study and greeted Gu Xi with a cup fist.

“Proceed as planned.” Gu Xi ordered succinctly.