Chapter 463

In the palace, there was a momentary uproar like the noise of boiling water, and everyone looked in disbelief at the direction of the flames.

“I’m running out of water!”

“Put out the fire!”

“The Dowager Consort’s chambers have caught fire!”


Hysterical shouts penetrated the silence of the night both inside and outside the Tai’an Palace.

The blazing fire greedily engulfed and burned the west side of the hall, and the scorching heat almost penetrated through the walls to the main hall, while the burning smell permeated the air, making people feel like they were on pins and needles.

An explosion could be heard outside, but the main hall was surprisingly quiet, with three people; one was sitting and two standing in an open hall.

The emperor and Gu Zezhi both had calm and unfazed expressions on their faces, while Dowager Consort Fang’s face was pale.

Dowager Consort Fang was widowed so she was dressed in plain and neat clothes.

However, the patient’s condition was well maintained. She was clearly in her forties, but she looked less than 40 years old, her fair skin was as smooth as jade, and her slightly furrowed brows looked charming, making those who looked at her feel pity.

Unfortunately, she was currently facing the emperor and Gu Zezhi.

Dowager Consort Fang tried hard to suppress fear and panic in her heart and pretended to be calm when she asked the emperor. “Your Majesty, what are you doing here?!”

“This Tai’an Palace is the residence of the late emperor’s concubines, although you are the emperor, you are also the son of the late emperor, how can you disrespect your mother consort!!!”

“What is the reason for your unannounced visit in the middle of the night?”

Dowager Consort Fang looked fierce in appearance, but weak in reality, as her every word became more resounding than the other.

In just a few words, she felt that the surroundings seemed to get hotter as if she were in a furnace.

The emperor’s gaze at Dowager Consort Fang resembled a sharp arrow that seemed to pierce her heart. His tone was nonchalant, “Didn’t Gu Xi come to the capital this time to take you with him? How come he hasn’t taken you yet?”

“Did you change your mind or…”

The emperor paused, his voice colder. “Or, did he bring the wrong person?”

How did the emperor know! Dowager Consort Fang’s eyes widened.

The next moment, as if a thunderbolt suddenly struck her heart, Dowager Consort Fang’s pale complexion turned even paler, and her body trembled slightly.

She suddenly realized that the emperor knew everything; from beginning to end, he knew everything.

The emperor sighed faintly, “It’s a shame that Gu Xi worked so hard to make this trip, but how come he got the wrong person before leaving?”

Dowager Consort Fang: “…”

Dowager consort Fang clenched her teeth tightly, while her complexion was now as white as a corpse, without any blood.

For the past 11 years, she has been living in the capital as if the day passes like a year. She wanted to leave every day, but could not. She was trapped in this small Jiuqu Garden by the emperor.

She misses her son, misses her grandson, and even more misses her past glory.