4th Day:

"Master, she wants to meet you now...."

Clara spoke as she stood in front of me, dressed in her maid-style dress, but she stood with professionalism as she smiled at me. My eyes were taken off her as I looked outside to the world through the window beside me.

'So she is finally gonna fold.....'

I mused as I replied to Clara.

"Tell her I shall meet her, here..."

The implications of my words brought a smile to Clara's face as she bowed and replied.

"Of course....."

With that, she left the room, leaving me to prepare for what was to come. Just like I had predicted, the support for Angelina kept slowly being chipped away. Heck, I even got contacted by one of her siblings to make plans to take Angelina down. The sibling in question even gave me some desirable deals, of course, those deals being desirable to the norm, not me.

I asked for some time to think, while I let Angelina stew in her position. She has the power and strength, but in front of my connections, she has to take a knee, especially when she isn't at the pinnacle of power. Unless you have reached such a level of power where tricks won't work on you, a person shall always fall under the perfect scheme.

Of course, things went so smoothly because of Ron's 'public' help. He stood at the forefront like my friend, seemingly putting on the veil where he appeared to be the one leading the attack. This gives some sort of layer around me, to make it such that this isn't a human species attack on the demon-like power.

For if Angelina is brought to such a level by me alone, then that cold-hearted Emperor won't hesitate to bring down Angelina and take all her position and power away. That's why I had to play some double manipulation behind the scenes to keep at least a little bit of integrity with Angelina.

But I did make sure to show the truth of my abilities to Angelina alone. After all, I don't want her running into the wrong person.

'Sigh...I guess it's time I begin the part 2 of the plan...'


"Master, she is here."

The call of Clara filled my ears from outside the room. Turning towards the door as I fixed my posture, I spoke in a rough tone.

"Let her in."

As my words flourished the door to the room opened with Angelina walking in, her precise dull than before, but it would seem she did her work to make her presentable to me for the moment as she wore a very decorative outfit.

Angelina entered the room with an air of confidence, her eyes meeting mine as she took deliberate steps forward. The dress she wore clung to her curves, accentuating her alluring figure. The fabric seemed to be made of some ethereal material that shimmered in various shades of dark red, enhancing the seductive allure she exuded.

Her olive-colored hair cascaded down her shoulders, framing her face like a sensual curtain. The bright peach fox-like eyes glistened with a hint of mischief and desire. Her lips painted a deep shade of crimson, curled into a teasing smile as she approached.

The dress she wore had a neckline that dipped low, revealing just enough to entice without giving away everything. The fabric hugged her waist before flaring out in a tantalizing manner. Every movement she made sent ripples through the dress, accentuating her every sway.

The slit on the side of the dress traveled up dangerously high, showcasing the length of her toned legs. The stiletto heels she wore added an extra sway to her walk, making each step deliberate and alluring. Her seductive aura seemed to fill the room, making it hard to ignore the magnetic pull she exerted.

As she got closer, I couldn't help but acknowledge the craftsmanship of the dress. It was as if it was tailored to enhance her every charm, and Angelina knew exactly how to use it to her advantage. The black tail with a heart-shaped end rested on her back, adding an exotic touch to the ensemble.

"Hello, Austin," she purred, her voice dripping with a sultry tone that sent shivers down the spine. Her eyes locked onto mine, and she circled around me, her movements fluid and provocative.

I maintained a stoic expression, not letting her seductive demeanor affect me. I knew the game she was playing, and I had my own cards to play.

"You wanted to see me?" I asked, my tone firm.

Angelina's laughter echoed in the room, a melodic sound that seemed to dance in the air. "Oh, Austin, you always have such a serious demeanor. Can't we enjoy the pleasures life has to offer?"

She approached me with a confident stride, her hand gently grazing my chest. I remained unmoved, my expression unyielding.

"I've heard you've been making quite the waves, Austin," she continued, her eyes glinting with a mixture of curiosity and something more primal. "Rumor has it that you've been working against me."

I met her gaze, neither confirming nor denying the allegations. Instead, I let a sly smile play on my lips.

Angelina chuckled, her fingers tracing a delicate pattern on my chest. "You're a mystery, Austin. A puzzle I'm dying to solve."

She moved away, pacing around the room, the slit of her dress revealing glimpses of her legs with each step. The atmosphere was thick with tension, a silent battle of wills taking place.

"But you see," she continued, stopping in front of me, "I can be quite persuasive. I'm not used to people resisting my charm."

She lifted her hand to touch my cheek, her touch feather-light and teasing. I didn't flinch, maintaining my composure.

"I know what you desire, Austin," she whispered, her lips brushing against my ear. "And I can give it to you. Power, pleasure, anything your heart desires. Just say the word."

I could feel the warmth of her breath against my ear, and for a moment, the allure of her offer hung in the air. But I remained steadfast, not letting her seduction cloud my judgment.

With a sudden shift in demeanor, she stepped back, her eyes locking onto mine with a mix of challenge and amusement. "Or perhaps you enjoy playing hard to get. That can be quite enticing too."

The room seemed to crackle with a palpable tension as Angelina circled me once more. The battle between us was more than just physical; it was a clash of wills and desires. She was trying to unravel the mystery of my intentions, while I remained resolute in my own game.

As she continued her provocative dance, I couldn't deny the magnetic pull she exerted. Angelina was a succubus, after all, and her allure was almost supernatural. But I had my own defenses, a mental fortitude that wouldn't easily succumb to her charms.

The atmosphere hung in suspense as Angelina spoke again, her voice a seductive melody that filled the room. "What do you say, Austin? Will you let yourself succumb to the pleasures I offer, or will you continue to resist the inevitable?"

I met her gaze with a determined expression, the silent battle between us far from over. The room seemed to hold its breath as we stood there, the dance of desire and defiance unfolding in every subtle movement and lingering touch.

But then a smile came to my face as I leaned back to the sofa, a low chuckle leaving my mouth as I looked into the twinkling eyes of Angelina.

"First why don't you take a seat"

As I spoke I pointed toward the sofa in front of me, Angelina's eyes narrowing at my relaxed demeanor at her presence but then she held herself back as she moved to sit on the chair, her movements a symphony of sensuality. The fabric of her dress clung to her every curve as she gracefully descended onto the sofa. Angelina seemed to enjoy the display of her own allure, making sure every motion was deliberate and enticing.

The slit in her dress revealed more of her toned legs as she crossed them, elongating the already enticing view. Her stiletto heels rested on the floor, and she shifted her weight, creating a subtle sway in her posture. The room seemed to pulse with a newfound energy as Angelina settled into the seat, her eyes never leaving mine.

I remained seated on the other side of the room, a smirk playing on my lips. The game was far from over, and I was curious to see how far Angelina would go to maintain control.

"Now, Austin," she purred, her voice a velvet caress, "what is it that you desire? Power? Wealth? Pleasure beyond imagination? I can offer you all of that and more."

Her fingers trailed along the armrest of the sofa, a suggestive tease that didn't go unnoticed. The atmosphere in the room shifted, becoming more charged with an unspoken tension.