Rafinha’s enthusiasm was palpable as she stretched her arms, ready to embark on this new venture concerning the Order. “Us only…? It must be about the new Order. All right, let’s do this~~!” she declared, heading towards the auditorium exit with an air of determination.

Leone and Liselotte followed suit, their nods signaling their shared resolve. Inglis, trailing slightly behind, watched them with a mixture of pride and concern. Her smile belied a hint of contemplation – could this new initiative really usher in lasting peace? What ramifications would the acceptance of the Order of Arcane Wardens by neighboring countries bring?

Her thoughts were momentarily interrupted when Rochefort called out to her. “Heya. You’ve heard the big man. You’re our star in case a Prisma shows up. Take care of Arles, okay?”

Arles approached Inglis, her face alight with a hopeful smile, extending her hand in a gesture of camaraderie. “Let’s do our best, Miss Inglis!” she said.

Inglis shook her hand, responding with a mix of seriousness and jest. “Don’t mention it, Instructor Rochefort, Professor Arles. I can’t ask for more myself… But still, adults sure are always cunning, no matter the era. Ufufufu…”

Rochefort raised an eyebrow, intrigued. “Hou…? What do you mean? As a teacher, I am willing to listen to my students’ problems.”

Inglis shared her concerns. “You see, everyone talks only about the positive aspects. I’m worried that Rani’s strong sense of justice and kindness could be hurt by the complexities of reality.”

Arles, with a tone of anxiety, sought clarification from Inglis. “Wh-, what do you mean…?” Her youthful demeanor, a stark contrast to the more experienced Eris and Ripple, hinted at her relative naivety. Despite being a Hyrule Menace, whose age is often difficult to discern from appearance alone, Arles seemed to embody the innocence and inexperience that her youthful looks suggested.

Inglis elaborated, “Imagine if the Order’s influence expands significantly and countries, including Venefique, start cooperating through our efforts. What will happen then?”

Arles pondered the question, her answer reflecting a hopeful outlook. “Well, everyone will be working together… The Order’s shield could protect those unable to defend themselves from Magic Stone Beasts, leading to a more peaceful world…”

Her response mirrored the innocent perspectives of Rafinha and the others. Arles still harbored a youthful, perhaps even naive, view of the world. Unlike Eris or Ripple, who would have instantly grasped the deeper implications of Inglis’ words, Arles’ understanding remained on the surface, hopeful yet uncomplicated.

Inglis elaborated, “Between the people and the Magic Stone Beasts, your perspective holds true. However, we must remember this initiative is led by Special Envoy Theodore, representing the Three Archduke’s Party. If Venefique cooperates with this Order, it’s akin to them distancing from the Church Founder’s Union. This concept applies to other countries in contract with the Church as well. Essentially, while the Order of Arcane Wardens might seem like a peace-driven effort in Midland, to the Highland, it’s a bold, almost perilous move by the Duke’s Party to undermine the Church’s influence. The Order’s success is bound to aggravate the Church’s Union, possibly leading to an inevitable conflict between these major factions. And if I had to guess, we, the Order of Arcane Wardens, would likely be their first target.”

Arles gasped in realization. “So, are you suggesting that true peace might remain elusive, no matter our efforts?”

“Not necessarily,” Inglis replied thoughtfully. “The Magic Stone Beast threat will undoubtedly diminish, bringing us closer to peace. But we can’t ignore the rise of other threats. While it may seem cunning to overlook this, I personally wouldn’t mind facing the Church Union on a battlefield. Fufufu…”

Jeldegrīva’s words echoed in Inglis’ mind, highlighting the growing rift between the Three Archdukes’ Party and the Church Founder’s Union. The Order’s activities might just accelerate the looming clash. Inglis understood the gravity of their efforts: the more they strive to protect, the closer they might be to this confrontation. But, she reasoned, why not embrace this effort fully and let the future unfold as it may?

Arles looked at Inglis with a hint of apprehension. “M-, Miss Inglis…”

Inglis faced the grim predictions with a bold, unwavering smile. Arles, in contrast, seemed slightly overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation.

Inglis contemplated aloud, “But then, considering how pure-hearted Rani and the others are, this revelation could be quite upsetting. They’re still just young girls, after all.”

Arles, her worry palpable, nodded in agreement. “Y-yes, it certainly could affect them deeply…”

Rochefort, observing Arles’ worried look, sighed softly. “Goodness, Inglis, you’re scaring Arles. Even if she’s a Hyrule Menace, she’s not so different from your other friends. You really have a way with words that’s both intriguing and, frankly, a bit unnerving at times.”

With a slight shake of his head and a touch of humor in his voice, Rochefort lightly scolded Inglis while affectionately ruffling Arles’ hair.

Apologizing, Inglis offered a bow. “My apologies, Instructor Rochefort.”

Rochefort shared his perspective, “As soldiers, we shouldn’t dwell too much on these grand political schemes. We’ll just have to trust our Special Envoy and be ready for whatever comes our way.”

Inglis half-joked, “Then perhaps we should increase our training, just in case?”

Rochefort groaned, “Ah, heck. I’ve set myself up for that one, haven’t I?”

Arles, firm in her resolve, responded, “No, Ross, we really need to do this. As their instructors, it’s our duty.”

Rochefort, with a hint of exasperation, replied, “Seems like I’m in for more ‘training’ than I bargained for…”

But Arles was unyielding. “No excuses, we’re going through with it! It’s necessary!”

Inglis chuckled softly, “Fufufu. Thank you very much, Professor Arles, Instructor Rochefort.”

Rafinha, suddenly realizing Inglis wasn’t with the group, spun around in surprise. “Glis! Why are you still back there? I didn’t even notice you weren’t with us! We need to get moving to the principal’s office.”

With a swift and easy motion, Rafinha turned back and literally picked Inglis up.1

“Next stop, the Principal’s Office! Then, it’s off to Alucard with the Arcane Wardens! I can’t wait to see Lahti and Pullum again!” Rafinha exclaimed with bubbling enthusiasm.

“You’re absolutely right,” Inglis responded, her voice filled with a sense of eagerness.

Together, with a chorus of “Excuse us,” they left Arles and Rochefort behind, both wearing warm smiles. Inglis, comfortably in Rafinha’s arms, was whisked away towards the principal’s office, ready for whatever awaited them next.