Chapter 1255: Harem

Nangong Yu’s skin is much fairer and smoother than Xuan Mu’s, but it doesn’t feel weak at all, on the contrary, it makes me feel excited. I can’t wait to touch it with my own hands.

Hexi snapped back to her senses, and her cold little face flushed red all of a sudden.

What, what was I thinking just now? I suddenly thought of Nangong Yu’s bathing appearance, evil smile, and the appearance of water droplets falling from his chest… As I thought about it, I felt my heart pounding. Even my blood seemed to be boiling.

That man, he has been separated from me for so long, and there is no news at all. I wonder how is he doing now?

The Little Egg in the void was still arguing with Little Golden Dragon and the others, but he suddenly noticed something strange outside.

When he saw Hexi’s face flushed looking at a half-naked man, he was immediately anxious.

Why is mom blushing looking at another man’s naked body?

Could it be that mom has fallen in love with this iceberg man?!

Little Egg in the void glared fiercely at the half-naked man not far away, clenched his small fists and cursed angrily, “You shameless freak! Why are you taking off your clothes in the room? What muscles are you showing off! You dare to seduce mom with your ass body? You can’t even match daddy’s finger!”

This scolding attracted Little Golden Dragon and Xiao Li too.

Xiao Li was a girl. After looking outside, she blushed and ran into Lingxiao Palace with her eyes covered.

Little Dumb Cow was stupid and didn’t understand what they were saying.

Only Little Golden Dragon laughed and said, “Why is his figure ass? I think this Xuan Mu has a good figure, and it is not worse than Nangong Yu. Besides, his strength is also good. I can’t see who is better between him and Nangong Yu! Boss can just take them both. No, she can take more and open a harem, hahaha…

After getting along with Little Egg day and night, Little Golden Dragon heard a lot of new terms from Little Egg’s previous life, causing him to speak more and more shameless now.

“No, no, no!” Little Egg excitedly waved his little claws. He was so hurry that he didn’t disguise. 2 tentacles popped out from his pinky head and shook non-stop, “Mom, daddy is the best! Mom shouldn’t choose this shameless man!”

“It’s not good to love the new and loathe the old!”

Of course, Hexi heard the noise of the little guys in the void, but she wasn’t super annoyed.

Little Golden Dragon even knows about harem now!

And Little Egg, whose spiritual pet is he? He is more like Nangong Yu’s spy. He dares to say that I love the new and loathe the old? I will teach him a lesson later.

As Hexi was thinking, Xuan Mu, who was meditating with his eyes closed, opened his eyes.

2 pairs of cold eyes met directly as if invisible sparks were intertwined in the air, making the temperature of the dormitory drop a bit.

Hexi raised her eyebrows, and a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth. Her expression looked leisurely and content. She was not ashamed of being caught.

Xuan Mu’s face still had that cold and indifferent expression, but a dim light flashed in his eyes.

Hexi came in just now and stared at him, of course Xuan Mu sensed it.

He originally planned to ignore it, but the young man swept over him with a strangely warm gaze, which made Xuan Mu feel a strange feeling in his heart.

So he opened his eyes and wanted to teach Xi Yue a lesson for her rudeness.