Chapter 1258: Doctor

As soon as he said that, a figure flashed in the enchantment. The expert guard Uncle Qiu, whom she met in the side courtyard, appeared in front of them.

Uncle Qiu glared at Hexi coldly and said solemnly, “You better listen to what Wei Chengyuan said and keep it in your heart, otherwise, the consequences will never be bearable for you.”

When Uncle Qiu spoke, he released the oppression of spiritual power, but Hexi seemed to be unaware. She still had a mocking smile on her face, but when she spoke, her eyes were very serious.

“I’m a doctor. The only thing a doctor needs to treat with caution and sincerity is the patient’s illness and life. If I lose my common heart due to some nonsense external factors, how can I save people? Then you might as well invite someone else!”

For a time, both Uncle Qiu and Wei Chengyuan were a little stunned. The scene was extremely quiet.

Suddenly, a low, hoarse voice came from the enchantment, “What an interesting little guy, Old Qiu, please invite her in. Maybe, she can really save Master.”

Uncle Qiu snapped back to his senses and coughed softly, “Take out your inscribed jade slip.”

This time, his voice was still cold, but there was a hint of respect and equality in his eyes.

Hexi handed over her inscribed jade slip. After Uncle Qiu injected the imprint into it, he handed it back to her.

This time, Hexi followed Wei Chengyuan through the enchantment unobstructed.

Just as she entered the barrier, Xiao Li in the void exclaimed.

Hexi frowned slightly. Xiao Li’s trembling voice sounded, “Miss, I… I feel the aura left by my brother. Although it is very light, I’m sure that my brother must have been here!”

A gloomy cold light flashed in Hexi’s eyes, then it was hidden under the calmness.

In the void, Purple Abyss Vine obeyed her command and wrote her instructions on the ground, “Little Egg, remember every grass, tree and terrain here.”

Little Egg nodded immediately and said, “Don’t worry, mother, the detailed map here has been engraved in Little Egg’s mind.”

Hexi was very confident in void. She knew that no one here could see through the void and the existence of the little ones in her body.

However, if she used Divine Sense to talk to them, the Divine Sense fluctuations could be sensed easily.

Therefore, she could only pass the message through Purple Abyss Vine.

The further she went, the more frightened she became.

No wonder on Lu Zhixi’s map, this Bijing Pavilion was just a vague yard, not as detailed as other places.

Because inside this enchantment, there was no such thing as a small yard, the rockery and flowing water that pass by along the way, the hallway and the veranda, were simply bigger than the palace that she visited in her previous life.

And each entrance had guards, and each of these guards had a terrifying cultivation of Gold Core Stage later stage.

If it wasn’t for Uncle Qiu to lead the way, she wouldn’t be able to go anywhere after passing through the enchantment.

In the end, Uncle Qiu stopped in front of a palace, which looked simple and unadorned from the outside, but Hexi found that the black stone slabs under her feet were actually priceless black jade.

When she looked up at the beams, they were made of ligang wood that was rare in the Miluo Continent.

What kind of tycoon is the owner of this Bijing Pavilion!

Just as she was amazed, a man’s almost insane roar in pain came from the palace.