Chapter 1263: 60%

When Hexi said this, everyone present looked utterly ugly.

Uncle Qiu even gritted his teeth with anxiety and guilt in his eyes.

Wei Chengyuan walked over to Hexi and whispered in her ear, “I reported that you cured Zhang Yi a month ago, but it was President Lu Xuyang who treated His Honor at that time. President Lu said that Zhang Yi’s disease and His Honor’s disease only have the same symptoms but different causes. He claimed that changing the treatment plan at will will put His Honor’s life in danger.”

“That’s why this matter was delayed. Until just now, His Honor suddenly fell ill, but President Lu left early because he diagnosed that the trigger cycle was more than 10 days. So, they could only find you for treatment.”

Lu Xuyang, the president of the Doctors Association, the rank 10 doctor, the father of Lu Zhixi?

Hexi frowned slightly. He was right that Lu Xuyang and Zhang Yi have different causes.

However, with Lu Xuyang’s medical skills, he really can’t predict that the trigger cycle is just 2 days? Besides, from what I see of the changes in this middle-aged man’s illness, there is something strange about it.

It seems that the rate of deterioration of the disease is too fast as if it is not a natural change, but a man-made trigger.

Uncle Qiu discussed with some Nascent Soul Stage him for a while, and he finally stepped forward and said, “Xi Yue, how sure are you that you can cure His Honor?”


“Only 60%?!” Uncle Qiu’s face changed greatly, and he grunted, “Xi Yue, how dare you! With only 60% confidence, you dare to treat His Honor?!”

Hexi sneered, not at all afraid of the coercion emanating from Uncle Qiu, “If I don’t treat, he doesn’t even have 10% chance of surviving.”

Uncle Qiu was trembling with anger. As he was about to curse, a man walked up behind him and said in a deep voice, “Xi Yue, can you tell me how you can cure His Honor?”

This voice, Hexi knew, was the sound from before entering the enchantment.

Hexi smiled and said, “I can tell you my method, but I’m afraid that you guys don’t dare to try. So, before making the decision, let’s wait for your His Honor to wake up first!”

As soon as the words fell, Hexi poured spiritual power into the silver needle on the top of His Honor’s head again.

Strands of black smoke started to emerge from every silver needle.

As the black smoke dissipated, His Honor’s complexion gradually changed from dark green to normal.

After half an hour, seeing that there was no more black gas flowing out, Hexi carefully removed the silver needles.

Until the last half-foot long golden needle of Baihui Point was taken out, His Honor suddenly breathed out with his chest undulating up and down and opened his eyes.

“His Honor—!”

“His Honor! You finally woke up!”

Everyone rushed over with ecstasy on their faces. Uncle Qiu even had tears in his eyes.

Hexi’s eyes also met that of the middle-aged man.

It was a pair of seemingly ordinary eyes, but when the eyes focused, a strong oppression suddenly burst out.

That was not the oppression of spiritual power that was deliberately cast, but the oppression that was born with experience and strength.

Those sharp eyes swept over her, and Hexi only felt as if she had been seen through from the inside out.

Her heart froze slightly. His Honor also showed a hint of surprise in his eyes, and he said slowly, “You’re Xi Yue?”

Hexi slowly breathed out. She looked back without being humble or arrogant, “Yes.”