Chapter 1267: Advance Payment

Even if she performed the surgery in a place full of dust, as long as the cause was removed, His Honor could still be alive and kicking.

These 10 days were mainly reserved for her to explore the Bijing Pavilion and find Wu Qi.

“Xi Yue, I finally found you!”

Hexi had just put the inscribed jade slip into the void when he heard Qian Dazhuang’s loud voice behind her.

Hexi hadn’t seen Qian Dazhuang in a while.

Seeing him this time, she found that his cultivation had improved a lot. Although it was not that much, his spiritual power had become much purer.

Moreover, his face no longer looked cynical, but instead, he had the cheerfulness and wanton of a big fool.

As soon as Qian Dazhuang ran to Xi Yue, he respectfully handed over the storage bag in his hands, “Boss asked me to give this to you.”

Hexi looked into the storage bag. Surely, it was some magical beast meat and monster essence pill.

Although the highest was only rank 4 magical beast, the number was really quite a lot.

Qian Dazhuang rubbed his head and said with a smile, “In the past few days, we have done a lot of missions with our classmates from the Huang Medical Branch. These people are really stupid and useless, but they are very obedient and hard-working. There are still some gains.”

Hexi smiled slightly and threw the storage bag into the void without hesitation. Little Egg and the others would naturally handle these ingredients.

Afterward, she took out 2 bottles of medicinal pills and handed them to Qian Dazhuang, “1 bottle is for Meridians Stage and 1 bottle is for Gold Core Stage…”

“No no no!” Qian Dazhuang waved his hands in fright. “Xi Yue, you have already helped us enough. Everyone in Huang Medical Branch is grateful for your help. Everyone agrees to give these magical beast meats and monster essence pills to you.”

Hexi shook her head and said, “Take it as an advance payment. In the future, you can send all the magical beasts you hunted to me. The higher the rank, the better the medicinal pills I provide.”

“Really… really?!” Qian Dazhuang was very pleasantly surprised when he heard this.

The medicinal pills in Xi Yue’s hands were all from Shengde Hall. Not to mention the best quality ones, even the upper grade pills couldn’t be simply bought, but they could exchange them with magical beast meat?

“Of course it’s true.” Hexi wanted to laugh at his stupid look. “You can also tell everyone from the Huang Medical Branch about this. Uhm, but, forget about the people in the other branches.”

She had no interest in providing medicinal pills to those who criticized and slandered her when she was in trouble.

“That’s great! I will tell Xiaofeng and the others now!” Qian Dazhuang jumped 3 feet with joy, “Hahaha, if those bastards in the 4 upper courtyards find out, they will be envious of our Huang Medical Branch. I’m going to take on more missions.”

Fighting was the best way to improve strength, Hexi of course would not stop him, but she still reminded, “Be careful, don’t take mission beyond your ability. In addition, let Jin Zeyu use my medicine to regulate his body. Don’t simply let him use spiritual power. If I find out that he forces himself again, hehe… tell him, he doesn’t want to taste the punishment.”

The young man had a beautiful face and a bright smile, but Qian Dazhuang felt a chill down his spine when he saw her smiling face.

“Xi Yue, don’t worry, we will definitely keep an eye on the boss and won’t let him act rashly.”

As he said that, remembering Hexi’s promise just now, he happily took the medicinal pills and ran away.