After Qian Dazhuang left, the fighting spirit and enthusiasm of Huang Medical Branch, which had been extinguished, revived like a prairie fire. For a time, the students of Huang Medical Branch were showing in the Immortal Mission Hall all the time.

For the first time, people from other branches tasted the jealousy and hatred toward Huang Medical Branch.

Of course, these were all later stories.

Hexi returned to her dormitory and was about to enter the yard enchantment. Suddenly, there was a loud quarrel in front of the hut not far away.

“Get out, we don’t welcome you here!”

“You… you guys are too much! Why are you throwing all my things out?”

Hexi was startled and stopped.

Just now, she seemed to have heard the voice of an acquaintance.

After walking a few steps forward, she quickly the few people who were arguing.

Standing in the courtyard were three Huang Medical Branch students, all of them were about 10 year olds and were at the peak of the Meridians Stage.

The person who was arguing with them had fallen to the ground at this time. His bed and bedding were thrown on the ground.

Hexi recognized at a glance the boy who fell to the ground. He had a handsome face and big teary eyes. He was actually Tong Bing who had disappeared before the first round of assessment.

Tong Bing’s face was covered in tears at this time. He was holding his quilt and an ancient book in his hands, and he stared angrily at the 3 in front of him with tears.

1 of the 3 young boys sneered and looked at him with contempt, “Why drive you away? Just because you are shameless and got admitted through the back door! It is an insult to let you live in a dormitory with us!”

Tong Bing retorted loudly with tears, “I didn’t come in through the back door. You’re slandering!”

Hehe, I slander you?” The other boy leaned on the door and sneered, “Then tell me, how did you get in? I don’t remember someone like you in this freshman.”

Hearing this, Tong Bing was speechless.

The man said again, “Or you can show your cultivation. If you are like Xi Yue, who can defeat the Gold Core Stage with the Foundation Establishment Stage, we won’t have anything even if you came in through back door!”

“Yeah!” Another boy sneered, “No matter how bad it is, your medical skills are always better than others, right? Or do you have any special talents? As long as you can convince us, we can let you stay. Dare to show it?”

“I… I…” Tong Bing was about to cry.

In his mind, he couldn’t help thinking: Xi Yue? Could it be the Mr. Xi I knew?

When the 3 boys from Huang Medical Branch saw him like this, they were even more convinced that he came in through the back door. They immediately ridiculed, “Even if our Huang Medical Branch is at the bottom of the school, we don’t welcome a student who comes in through the back door. If you want to live in our dormitory, you have to show us your strength!”

After speaking, 2 of the boys had already waved their sleeves disdainfully as if brushing off some dust, and walked into the room with a sneer.

But the last boy looked at Tong Bing coldly, “You better don’t step into our courtyard. Otherwise, we will break your legs.”

After saying that, the door slammed shut.

Tong Bing sat on the cold ground in a daze. The students in other courtyards also came out, ridiculing and pointing at Tong Bing.

Tong Bing’s face flushed with shame, and tears slid down his cheeks.