Chapter 1269: Confuse

The quilts around him that were crumpled and full of footprints. He didn’t know whether to pick it up; he could only sit there helplessly, looking extremely pitiful.

Tong Bing was about to get up when a pair of feet suddenly appeared in front of him.

He was startled, thinking that someone was going to bully him again. He raised his head and was about to step back, but after seeing the appearance of the person coming, he immediately exclaimed in surprise, “Mr. Xi, why are you here?”

But he immediately thought of something, and he said with a look of surprise and joy, “What nonsense am I talking about! Mr. Xi is so good, of course you passed the assessments! Mr. Xi, I… I’m also a student of the Miracle Healer Academy. It’s great to be able to study with you in the future.”

Hexi was no less surprised than Tong Bing.

After testing spiritual root that day, he never appeared again. With his cultivation and aptitude, it is impossible to enter the Miracle Healer Academy? Besides, why did he come out now?

Hexi asked, “I didn’t see you on the qualifying list. How did you get into Miracle Healer Academy? Where did you go before?”

Tong Bing’s eyes flickered. He hugged his quilt, lowered his head, and said with a slightly guilty expression, “The elder of the academy asked me to help with something. After I finished it, he gave me a chance to study in the academy.”

Hexi raised his eyebrows. Seeing that Tong Bing didn’t want to say more, she didn’t ask any more questions.

But she was very puzzled. What can the elder do with the Foundation Establishment stage? Moreover, until now, Tong Bing’s spiritual power is still very weak. He doesn’t look like he can be admitted into the Miracle Healer Academy at all?

Tong Bing seemed to remember something as he raised his head and said, “Mr. Xi, which branch are you from?”

“Huang Medical Branch.”

Huang Medical Branch was the worst branch of Miracle Healer Academy, but Tong Bing thought that Hexi only had a Foundation Establishment stage like him, so he didn’t doubt it. He immediately said excitedly, “Mr. Xi, do… do you also live in this dormitory? Can I live with you?”

Hexi shook her head, “The allocation of dormitories is not something I can decide.”

Not to mention her quirky roommate, the inscribed jade slip that entered each dormitory barrier was different. Although this barrier was not strong, it wasn’t feasible to forcibly break the barrier every time he went in and out of the dormitory?

The excited look on Tong Bing’s face immediately turned into frustration and disappointment. He said expectantly: “Mr. Xi, can… can you help me think of a way? You have also seen that if I live with other people, I will definitely be bullied. Besides, I really want to live with you.”

Hexi just brought Tong Bing to the management office that was in charge of the replacement dormitory.

When the officer Hexi, he immediately greeted her with a smile.

If one looked closely, he could see that there was a hint of fear in his eyes. This guy brings nothing but disaster! Because he was assigned to the Huang No. 1 Dormitory, we have already suffered countless punishments!

Hexi didn’t beat around the bushes as she pointed at Tong Bing behind her and said, “Is there any free dormitory at Huang Medical Branch? Arrange one for him.”

Without waiting for Tong Bing to speak, he waved his hand and said, “I will leave now. If you have any questions, you can come to the Huang Medical Branch or the library to find me.”

“Mr. Xi—! I don’t want to live in an empty dormitory. I want to live with you.” Tong Bing shouted anxiously.

However, Xi Yue had long disappeared.