Chapter 1274: Roommate

And, Mr. Xuan Mu promised to let that weakling Tong Bing to live in, that means Xi Yue won the fight.

Hexi of course… couldn’t really beat Xuan Mu.

It was just that the 2 agreed on the fight method was to fight in melee. The circle was the limit. Whoever got out of the circle first would lose.

Hexi used some tricks to make Xuan Mu accidentally step out of the circle, so it turned out that she won.

But in fact, with Xuan Mu’s true strength, if he really attacked all out, she probably died before stepping out of the circle.

It was just that this guy’s melee fighting ability was really not simple. Hexi thought that she had trained her close fighting skills to the limit when she was an assassin.

But facing Xuan Mu, she almost lost. The damage Xuan Mu had done to her could not be fully healed for at least a day.

Don’t ask her how she knew. During this time, they often had melee practice matches. As a reward for practicing with Xuan Mu, Xuan Mu would give her some cultivation tips.

Tong Bing hugged his quilt and followed Hexi back into the dormitory with joy and anxiety.

In the dormitory, Xuan Mu was already sitting on his bed, slowly patching up the wound on his left forearm with a bandage.

Hexi clicked her tongue.

Since Xuan Mu left a wound on her body, she certainly wouldn’t make Xuan Mu feel better.

The wound caused by Xuan Mu’s dagger couldn’t heal in a day, and her poison was naturally not easily relieved by spiritual power.

With a flick of her wrist, a small porcelain bottle fell on the side of Xuan Mu’s bed.

Hexi smiled lightly, “This is an external injury elixir for detoxification. Apply a little, then use spiritual power to soothe it. It will heal immediately.”

Xuan Mu paused. His deep eyes swept across her face. He quickly took the porcelain bottle and poured the powder onto the wound.

This powder had a detoxification effect, so it must have ingredients similar to hydrogen peroxide disinfection. It should be very painful to fall on the wound.

But Xuan Mu didn’t seem to feel the slightest bit.

After the medicinal powder penetrated into the wound, the 2-inch-long wound healed and scabbed at a speed visible to the naked eye. Finally, the scar disappeared without a trace.

Xuan Mu moved his hand, then he waved his hand and threw a transparent bead into Hexi’s hand.

Hexi was startled. Just as she wanted to throw away the unknown object, she felt a refreshed feeling coming from the bead.

Immediately afterward, the burning sensation on her wound quickly disappeared.

And the bleeding wound on her arm also healed quickly, turning into soft, crystal-like, jade-like skin.

Hexi picked up the bead with a hint of surprise, “This is?”

Xuan Mu said lightly, “Your poison is very interesting. Although it cannot penetrate my meridians, it can make my body unable to heal quickly.”

“This bead is a white obsidian pearl specially designed to dissolve evil aura, but it is the lowest grade white obsidian pearl. At most, it can only dissolve a very small amount of low-level evil aura.”

Evil aura? Hexi thought of the ghostly black dagger in Xuan Mu’s hand and raised her eyebrows. So that is evil aura? No wonder my spiritual power was dispelled when I try to heal the wound.

Hexi smiled and threw the white obsidian pearl into the void, then she said, “Thanks!”

Tong Bing, who was following behind Hexi, was full of panic. From time to time, he raised his head and peeked at the man sitting on the upper bunk.

It was already dark at night, and the illuminated crystal stone was lit up in the house. The luster of the crystal stone reflected on the man’s face, which made his clear facial features look cold and charming.