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Chapter 2942: Bigotry

A loud sound could be heard from the sky. The sound came from a massive maroon ancient bell that revolved ceaselessly. It gradually turned into bolts of maroon lightning that occupied the entire firmament, permeating the boundless void as they were rained down.

Bell sounds were produced from each flash of the maroon lightning that could destroy everyone’s spiritual soul.

At that, a Light of Buddha glared brilliantly. A silhouette with a magnificent Golden Frame suddenly appeared beneath the Primary Emperor. That figure was gleaming golden Divine Light—the Light of Buddha. The light covered the whole atmosphere with its brightness. There was a gigantic halo blocking the sky. Runes of Buddhism could be seen above the halo. Each of the runes was brimmed with the great power of Buddhism. Within the runes, an incorporeal phantasm of Buddha was awakened as the Sound of Buddha resounded in the atmosphere, clashing with the bolts of maroon lightning.

Bam! Bang! Boom! All the apocalyptic attacks were completely nullified. Lifting his head to look at the sky, Ye Futian could see the Buddha leading his legion of Buddhist cultivators as reinforcements.

“What are you waiting for?” Ye Futian asked in a deep voice. There were several Great Emperors who stood behind him. Their blood ran cold upon hearing his question. Those people were Haotian the Great and his men. Truthfully, they did not see eye to eye with Ye Futian since they were once enemies. However, they had no choice but to submit to his authority at that moment.

Following that, they finally headed toward the Battlefield of the Gods.

After glancing around the battleground, Haotian the Great caught sight of a figure of a child. Although that child seemed to be not more than ten years old, the aura that he exuded was rather formidable. Nevertheless, picking a kid as an opponent would be better on the battlefield full of Gods.

Immediately after he moved forward, he unleashed an emperor’s might toward the child who walked out from the Human Ancestor’s side. Activating the Divine Power of Haotian, he launched a colossal Great Palm that was covering a big part of the sky at the kid, intending to take out the latter.

However, that child raised his head to gaze at Haotian the Great with an indifferent and derisive look. The latter furrowed his brows at the sight of the kid’s disdainful demeanor. Right then, he instinctively sensed a dangerous aura.

Within a split second, that child made a move and turned into a bolt of lightning. Then, he threw a punch with his tiny fist that seemed feeble at first but penetrated the Haotian Great Palm with little effort and accelerated toward his opponent at an incredible speed.


Colors drained from the face of Haotian the Great. To think that the Haotian Great Palm that was generated with his Divine Power was effortlessly destroyed. Just how powerful was the force from that punch?

With that, Haotian the Great hastily withdrew from the scene. Nevertheless, that child turned himself into a flash of lightning and moved at full tilt. It was so fast that the former could not get away from the latter. In the next moment, that child raised his fist and hurled a punch at his enemy. A tremendous amount of power was imbued in such a simple punch from his small fist. The shock wave from the punch even caused the atmosphere to tremble.

The Divine Silhouette of Haotian manifested behind the figure of Haotian the Great. Stretching his hands forward, he tried to fend off the attack. In the collision with the tiny fist of his opponent, the child’s punch easily crushed his offense and struck his body, including the Divine Silhouette of Haotian. Nothing could halt it in its tracks. Eventually, the body of Haotian the Great was broken into pieces. His face blanched as terror flashed across his eyes.

His technique was rendered ineffective by a single punch again. The spiritual soul of Haotian the Great was disintegrated as he stared at the atmosphere in despair. Eventually, his figure and Great Path were reduced to nothingness.

This fight had attracted the attention of many surrounding cultivators. After all, the one who had gone for the kill was a child with terrifying Divine Power.

After turning his gaze in this direction, Ye Futian caught sight of that child.

Needless to say, this individual was no ordinary kid. To wield a Divine Power of this caliber, would this person be another exterior incarnation of the Human Ancestor?

Whoosh! Gu Dongliu turned his body into a flash of light and appeared above that child. A Divine Demon Diagram manifested following that, causing the mood of the atmosphere to change drastically.

Nonetheless, that child lifted his head and shot Gu Dongliu a mocking and disparaging look. Moreover, the former even shot two rays of the Divine Light of Annihilation from his eyes that traversed the void, firing at the latter.

Immediately, an ominous sound filled the air as the scenery behind Gu Dongliu began to transform into a massive catalog that appeared to hold a world within it. A blood-curdling aura of the Divine Power permeated from the catalog filled with immortals, monsters, demons, and gods. When the Divine Light of Annihilation was fast-approaching, a spectacular Sword Qi burst out of the catalog, colliding with the former and canceling out each other in the void.

Ye Futian did not worry much about his Third Senior Brother, Gu Dongliu, after watching the latter’s fight because he had been meditating on the Path Slaying Cultivation. Hence, the man had become an extremely powerful cultivator. He should be able to handle an exterior incarnation that the Human Ancestor had created alone.

There were destructive storms everywhere on the battlefield. The scale of the battle was so intense that the fabric of space was torn into pieces. Hence, it was the reason this war was called the Battle of the Gods. Their clashes in multiple locations had demolished the atmosphere of the Heavenly Realm, causing dimensional cracks to appear. With that, some of them left that place and headed to a different battleground.

Fwoosh! Some destructive turbulence swept across the location of Ye Futian. Instantly, he set his eyes in the direction of the Human Ancestor and noticed that the latter was standing still on his spot as he turned his gaze to the former.

He activated his Divine Power and circulated it within his body right after stepping forward. As expected, he had to be the one taking on the Human Ancestor personally, after all.

Before he could land his first strike, a bolt of black lightning flashed across the void and came into sight.

Noticing that, Ye Futian came to a halt and turned to peer at the silhouette. To his surprise, that person was the Dark Sovereign.

However, this time, the Dark Sovereign had unmasked herself, no longer keeping her identity a secret. The moment Ye Futian paid attention to her, he was stunned by the revelation of her real face.


Although the Buddha of Destiny did not mention this to Ye Futian, the latter had felt relieved by the fact. In retrospect, it would make sense why she could take control of a continent in the Dark World, which would eventually be called the Island of Miracles. After all, she was the exterior incarnation of the Dark Sovereign.

In that case, there must still be some light left inside the heart of the Dark Sovereign so that an island of light without any dispute could exist in the Dark World—a place filled with openhearted and genuine people.

Perhaps, that was the ideal world the Dark Sovereign had ever wanted.

Unfortunately, such a utopia could only stay as a fairy tale.

Ye Futian could tell that the Dark Sovereign was utterly disappointed at this world. Therefore, she had built the Kingdom of Darkness in the Dark World to destroy this world, plunging it into darkness so that light could be born in the absolutely wicked and corrupted world.

She was a bigot.

But even so, it couldn’t change the fact that she had goodness in her heart.

In contrast, the Human Ancestor might be deemed the progenitor of humankind and the embodiment of righteousness. But under the mask of his pretense, he was a man of absolute darkness who had shed innocent blood with his hands. He was the person who had started the War of the Seven Realms—one who had regarded the lives of the people as disposables. He, too, had wished to build his ideal world. A world that he had absolute control and sovereignty—a world of the Gods where he was their creator.

Did all those who had made it to the pinnacle of cultivation have the same extreme conviction?

He noticed that the Dark Sovereign had been glaring at the Human Ancestor with an aloof look ever since her arrival. She was emanating a deadly and destructive aura constantly. This must probably be the reason behind the insurgence of the army of the Dark World previously. Was there any grudge or hatred between the Dark Sovereign and the Human Ancestor?