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Chapter 2943: The Ultimate Battle

After the Dark Sovereign, yet another beam of divine light descended. The Evil Emperor had arrived too. He had fought fiercely against the Dark Sovereign, but neither could defeat the other.

However, the Dark Sovereign was not looking at the Evil Emperor right now. Instead, she kept staring at the Human Ancestor. “It’s you, right?” she asked.

The Human Ancestor was also looking at the Dark Sovereign. Then he said, “Chi’er, why do you not greet your master?”

Boom! Even though the Dark Sovereign already guessed it, her heart still twitched fiercely after receiving the answer. Her destructive aura swept through uncontrollably. Her eyes were filled with endless hatred as she glared at the other.

The gods in battles surrounding them were also quite shocked inside. The Human Ancestor was the Dark Sovereign’s master?

“Why? Why did I have to do all that?” As the will of the six emperors, the Dark Sovereign’s mindset had always been very determined, but she still lost control of her emotions now, as she demanded at the Human Ancestor loudly. The sealed memories—the memories she had buried—now flooded her mind, taking over her entire brain. It was like a nightmare.

It seemed now that the “dreams” from before were foreshadowing, or perhaps she had felt that this day would come.

“Because you have a pure heart, so I chose you. This is your luck to go from a mundane human and transform into a god,” the Human Ancestor said calmly. The Dark Sovereign seemed to be his experiment or project to create a god.

“It is not only you. He is my choice as well. Otherwise, do you think you really would have the chance to prove your path?” the Human Ancestor said, looking at the Evil Emperor. Even Ye Futian felt shaken inside. Half of the six emperors in the world had been created by him.

The Human Ancestor had been creating gods since many years ago. He had also been controlling the state of the world these countless years. Everything was under his control.


Only the Heaven Realm was not under his control.

The Heaven Realm first had the Heavenly Emperor and then the Sovereign Princess. They had all been very troublesome for him. In the current generation, it had passed on to Ye Futian.

The World of Buddhism and Devil World had nothing to do with the Human Ancestor.

“Chi’er, return to Master’s side,” the Human Ancestor said. “I could create you, so I can also destroy you. There is no need to be obsessed with past hatred and conflicts. You are a god now—a god standing at the peak of the world. You will help me manage the world from now on, becoming the leader of the gods. We will create a world of gods together.”

Boom! As soon as the Human Ancestor finished speaking, a horrifying world-ending tribulation appeared in the dome of the sky. Pitch black divine tribulations dropped down. The entire world transformed into a dark and dead world.

Seeing this scene, the Human Ancestor’s brows furrowed, but he recovered after a moment and said to the Dark Sovereign, “Why do this to yourself?”

He did not attack, but the Evil Emperor already had. Gold spatial divine light flashed and enveloped the vast space. It clashed against the other party’s Divine Power. It was like a world-destroying battle had erupted in the place they were located in right now.

But everyone on this battlefield seemed to be used to it already and was not shocked. There were divine battles everywhere with different Great Emperor cultivators in different spaces. Every grand battle was earth-shattering, destroying and upending the world.

Ye Futian glanced at this messy battlefield. Then his gaze moved towards the Human Ancestor. He had paused earlier, but now he started walking out again. The Nine Dragons divine light shimmered around his body and illuminated the sky, creating a natural phenomenon. A long spear appeared in Ye Futian’s hand, blazing with destructive divine light.

The Human Ancestor looked up and gazed at Ye Futian. His eyes grew a bit graver too. Then the clouds shone in the sky above the Human Realm, and countless beams of divine light fell, descending upon the Human Ancestor’s body. He bathed under these beams of divine light. Then the Human Ancestor’s body enlarged wildly. He crossed the vast space, covering the portion of the sky. His body was now big enough to cross stars as if he could destroy a continent with a finger.

The “Human Ancestor” now was like a god of creation. He scrutinized the people and also examined the insignificant Ye Futian.

Before him, Ye Futian was just like an ant.

The Human Ancestor’s eyes scanned Ye Futian. Divine light shot out of his eyes and transformed into chaotic divine thunder. Countless divine swords appeared from this mass of Chaos True Thunder that shot towards Ye Futian’s body. It was like he could kill and destroy someone with just one glance.

He was no longer borrowing power from the Heavenly Path. Instead, he was an existence comparable to the Heavenly Path. The thunder that his eyes summoned was the Chaos True Thunder; his force was the most original force in the world.

It seemed that the space Ye Futian was in was about to be flooded. The Chaos True Thunder’s attack was coming, and he was too minuscule in comparison. It was like an average human standing in the heavens, facing the thunder and lightning from the heavens. He could be drowned and buried in an instant.

If it were any other Great Emperor cultivator, they would not be able to fend off such a terrifying attack at all.

Ye Futian also understood why the other gods listened to the Human Ancestor’s orders. In reality, the Human Ancestor already possessed supreme Divine Power after returning. Even Great Emperors were not enough to be treated with respect by him, let alone an average person.


Immense Chaos True Thunder flooded the world, sweeping toward Ye Futian’s body like a raging current. However, Ye Futian’s body was unmoving. He bathed in the light of the Chaos True Thunder. He was actually ignoring the Human Ancestor’s super-strong attack.

Ye Futian’s eyes were frightening, dazzling with divine light. He stared at the humongous and giant divine figure across from him. He was minuscule, but he had created his own Micro Heavenly Path. He had a Path that was independent from the world. Nowadays, his Great Path was already complete. It would not be so easy to bring him down.

The Human Ancestor was not surprised either. In a certain way, Ye Futian was the one who was closest to him. He had created the Micro Heavenly Path with his mortal body, establishing his world and creating an independent law of time and space.

Ye Futian was already like a creator, a god of creation now.

They were the only two who had made such accomplishments in this world.

“Boom!” The Human Ancestor raised a fist and sent a blow towards Ye Futian. When the blow landed, the space of the Heaven Realm started collapsing like crazy. All the Law of the Great Path turned to dust under his punch. This punch did not seem to have the light of Divine Power, but it also seemed to contain the world’s strongest force.

The Human Ancestor had already returned to the basics. Every single move or action came from the source of the Path. The divine light that shot out of his eyes was the Power of Chaos, while the intent of his punch could destroy a world.

The windstorm swept over, shattering the void. The space around Ye Futian’s body started collapsing and crumbling crazily. His robes fluttered, and his white hair flew.

Moving his feet slightly, Ye Futian stabbed his long spear forward. The moment he stabbed it out, the spear in his hands enlarged rapidly. It blazed with supreme divine light and penetrated the space with one blow, crashing against the incoming punch from the Human Ancestor.

The instant that the blows crashed, a deep and low sound emitted from the vast world. Everyone felt this horrifying quake!