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Chapter 2944: The Ultimate Battle (2)

Ye Futian’s body was forced into a retreat. That frightening fist intent also broke apart. The surrounding space was collapsing and cracking crazily while the frightening spatial currents ravaged wildly.

But neither Ye Futian nor the Human Ancestor cared at all. With their current cultivation states, they could pass freely within the space windstorm.

“Divine Power of the World?” Ye Futian asked, looking at the Human Ancestor.

“Divine Power is just the law and order. At present, I represent the law of the Heavenly Path, so why do I care about Divine Power?” the Human Ancestor said. His voice reverberated through the vast and boundless world, making many cultivators feel their eardrums quivering.

He was the heaven; he represented the Heavenly Path. His every casual move was the law. He was the law’s incarnate itself.

He agreed with what he heard from the other. After he had constructed the Heavenly Path World, his two eyes had transformed into the moon and sun, and he could form thunder and lightning by raising his hands. They were both the incarnates of the laws. Divine Power was no longer important.

The Human Ancestor’s one punch was like the force of a world slamming down. One could imagine how aggressively powerful he was.

Holy light enveloped Ye Futian’s body. He bathed under the halo, and natural phenomena occurred. The moon, sun, and stars revolved around him. Countless beams of light flowed around him like time and space were changing. The spear in his hand did not seem realistic, but it blazed with an incredible aura.

With one thought, Ye Futian’s body vanished.

Bang! His body carried the long spear and stabbed into the Human Ancestor’s giant body with a loud bang. The Human Ancestor’s magnificent body was penetrated, and Ye Futian killed his way in. But then he discovered that he’d broken into a wintry world that could even solidify space. The Human Ancestor’s physical body was its own world. Forcing in here did not seem meaningful.

Boom! Ye Futian’s body passed through from the other side, and he saw the Human Ancestor’s broken body heal instantly. It was just like before. It seemed as if it had not been injured at all. Ye Futian’s attack appeared to be futile and completely meaningless.

“I have transformed into the Heavenly Path and have an immortal body. Who can kill me?” The Human Ancestor’s voice was extremely domineering. He was the heaven; he was the Path. He had finally become an undying god from a mere mortal and was now the supreme being.

Now, he would not die. No one in the world could kill him.

“No one is infallible,” Ye Futian said in reply. Gods were people too. Since they were people, then there were no absolutely immortal beings.

His body vanished from the spot once again. The frightening long spear attacked somewhere on the Human Ancestor’s huge frame. A hole appeared on the Human Ancestor’s body, but divine spatial light shot out of that hole to imprison him there.

However, Ye Futian’s body vanished instantly and reappeared somewhere else.

He transformed into beams of light and streaks of shadows, sending blows onto the Human Ancestor’s body again and again. The Human Ancestor’s star-like body continuously shattered and collapsed. There were cracks everywhere, but just as he had said, he had an immortal body. This was not even his true form. It was just a clone. The Human Realm’s divine light continued to wash over his body. His broken body sent down countless beams of destructive tribulation light shrouded over the vast void. It included Chaos True Thunder, Tribulations of Destruction, and Shredding Swords.

Ye Futian saw this scene while his body hovered in the air. His eyes swept towards the vast space. In an instant, everything in his vision was enveloped in a domain. The attacks coming at him murderously from all directions suddenly slowed down and then stopped.

The Human Ancestor looked at Ye Futian. When he met Ye Futian’s eyes, his gaze froze too, seeming to stop there. One could not call Ye Futian’s eyes “eyes” anymore. They represented time and space.

Just as the Human Ancestor had said, they created a world and transformed it into the Heavenly Path. They had surpassed the category of physical bodies. Every part of their body was a Path.

Ye Futian looked at the still Human Ancestor. His two eyes transformed into Paths and were extremely frightening. He looked towards the Chaos True Thunder, Tribulations of Destruction, and Shredding Swords, and everything was destroyed. They were turned into nothingness and obliterated directly.

All this time, Ye Futian had been pursuing the extremes of cultivation. What was extreme?

How could you reach the extremes?

He had not figured it out yet, but over these past years, he had at least taken a few more steps down that road. After his Heavenly Path World was completed, he could establish a divine domain of time and space. In that divine domain, he could change the flow of time. At the extreme, he could reduce the flow of time by 81 times. The difference of 81 times was close to stopping.

But merely this was not enough. His father, Donghuang the Great, cultivated the Revelation Divine Power. The extremity of Revelation was nothingness. He believed that nothingness was one of the final points of cultivation.

The extremity of Buddhist was emptiness—for all to be empty. Were nothingness and emptiness similar?

Building from that, Ye Futian figured out the ultimate Path of Destruction, an evolution of the Path of Time and Space.

Time and Space Collapse!

He gazed into the distance, and all objects in this space collapsed and shattered, getting destroyed and turning into nothingness. The Chaos True Thunder and Tribulations of Destruction were also extinguished like this. Ye Futian looked towards the majestic frame of the Human Ancestor. That frightening divine body was also collapsing and shattering. All physical objects were going to be destroyed and turned into nothingness.

The long spear in Ye Futian’s hands blazed with supreme Divine Power. His body flashed, and he stabbed the spear forward, hitting the Human Ancestor’s majestic and giant body. In an instant, the entire time and space constricted rapidly and collapsed, turning into a horrifying black hole. Everything was going to be destroyed and buried.

The Human Ancestor’s boundlessly huge body was quickly shrinking too. It collapsed in an extremely short instant, shattering and turning into nothingness. It was swallowed by the black hole windstorm. This was also an evolution of the spear technique Entombed. It was practically an undefeatable spear attack.

Soon, the majestic frame that had stood in the vast void was destroyed and disappeared. It seemed to have been buried by this spear, but Ye Futian did not relax. His eyes continued staring forward. This battle was a battle that determined the fates of every soul. He had always wanted to wait until he comprehended the ultimate truth of cultivation. He would never take the initiative to attack if not for the crisis of survival of the seven realms.

Many people in the surrounding battlefields looked toward where the Human Ancestor had been.

The Human Ancestor’s magnificent body had been killed. Ye Futian had killed it. The hearts of many Great Emperors jumped in extreme shock.

Nowadays, the Six Emperors were probably no longer Ye Futian’s match. As for those average Great Emperors, they would be even less of a match for Ye Futian’s spear.

Was the Human Ancestor dead?

Some Great Emperor battles even stopped. They stared at Ye Futian’s battlefield. If the Human Ancestor had been killed, then it meant that this battle was over.

But could the Human Ancestor die so easily?

That had only been the Human Ancestor’s clone.

A horrifying aura circulated through the sky over the Human Realm, and limitless divine light shone down. An incredible and peerless divine might radiated out, causing the hearts of many strong figures to pulse. The Human Ancestor was alright, as expected. Ye Futian had only killed the Human Ancestor’s clone—his spokesperson in the Human Realm.

The true Human Ancestor had not yet appeared!