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Chapter 2945: The Ultimate Battle (3)

“Not bad!”

A voice traveled from the Human Realm. Divine light kept flowing in the dome of the sky as if an illusory figure was forming. It gave off a misty and intangible feeling.

“The Law of Time and Space. And you’ve touched onto the level of ‘substance.’ As expected of the god of creation,” the voice continued to say. “Ye Futian, I want to create a world of gods. You can manage the gods in my place. It would be an ideal land in the future, where all the law in the world is under control. Everything would operate according to my thoughts. The world would be so much more perfect than the current world.”

“What you want is a puppet world. Only your thoughts exist in that world. And what is the significance of that kind of world?” Ye Futian responded, looking toward the Human Realm. His voice rang through the void.

“What is the significance of this current world? And what was the significance of the ancient Heavenly Path World?” the voice continued streaming from that Heavenly Path. “Status, bloodshed… There will never be peace. It will cycle endlessly. How many people died in the War of the Gods back then? How many would have had any shred of pity for the world? The people need an ideal world, a perfect world of gods.”

Ye Futian did not reply. Whether it was people or the world, there were always flaws. Perfection itself was a trap. Absolute perfection did not exist in the world. Was the world that the Human Ancestor planned to create genuinely perfect? It was only he who wanted it. He wanted everything to operate under his ideas. And now, the Human Realm was under his control, but the cultivators of the Human Realm had been reduced to murder machines.

He stepped forward, walking toward the Human Realm, and stood under that sky. At present, all of the seven realms were under the other’s influence. If the Human Ancestor did not die, the conflicts would never be resolved. The tribulations of the seven realms would continue, and people would continuously die.

Another figure appeared on the battlefield of the gods. The figure wore a simple robe, but there was an aggressive aura about him. His gaze swept towards the sky of the Human Realm and then scanned the entire battlefield. There was a layer of contempt in his eyes.

This new figure was the Devil Emperor.

“You came just in time. Kill him now. I will help you,” the voice streamed out of the sky above the Human Realm. The Devil Emperor looked toward Ye Futian. Ye Futian was also looking at him and called out, “Senior.”

He did not say anything else. This battle was a battle of the gods. The ancient gods and the Great Emperors of this era had all appeared here. Since the Devil Emperor came, he naturally had made his own decision and choice as well.

He wanted to know if the Devil Emperor’s choice was like the Evil Emperor or if he would choose another path.

Ye Futian was waiting—waiting for an answer.

Then monstrous demonic might flared from the Devil Emperor’s body. His aura was extremely horrifying. He was like the body of tribulations. Countless beams of tribulation light flowed across his body, containing immense destructive power.

He reached a hand out, and a devil sword appeared instantly. Wielding the devil sword, the Devil Emperor cut down in one direction. The sword cut apart the void and hacked down somewhere. There was a battlefield there. On it, Yu Tu was currently fighting against a Great Emperor.

Just at that time, the frightening devil sword arrived in a flash. The expression of the opponent in front of Yu Tu was shocked. He wanted to block it, but his Divine Power shield was hacked apart. The devil sword came down and killed him directly.

A Great Emperor had been killed by one strike of a sword.

Yu Tu turned and looked at the Devil Emperor standing in the sky. There was a rare smile on his face as he said, “Brother, us two brothers have not fought together in how many years?”

There was some feeling of closure in his smile right now.

Even though he had always believed that he had chosen the correct path and did not regret it, he was still the traitor. This was not just an accusation toward him by the Devil Emperor. He had truly betrayed them.

The Devil World was the prison of the ancient Heavenly Path. It was the absolute opposite of the Heaven Court, Heavenly Emperor, and the later Divine Prefecture. They had always been enemies. All cultivators of the Devil World spent their lives trying to use their own efforts to lead the army of the Devil World out.

He had abandoned the Devil World without a doubt and stepped onto another path. Thus, he had always carried heavy guilt on his shoulders.

The Devil Emperor looked at Yu Tu and said, “I didn’t do this for you.”

“I know,” Yu Tu replied, not minding.

The Devil Emperor’s gaze swept toward the sky of the Human Realm and said, “The cultivators of the Devil World will not become slaves.”

He knew that if the Devil World chose to submit, they would forever be the subordinates of the Human Realm. If they were not obedient, they might be destroyed. What was the difference between that and the Heavenly Path era?

For countless years, they had carried the status of prisoners. They wanted even less to carry the status of slaves after this.

Plus, the Human Ancestor had threatened him with the lives of everyone in the Devil World, and this had already crossed his bottom line.

Thus, he would rather stand on Ye Futian’s side.

“Donghuang, Ye Futian,” the Devil Emperor announced. “I have already ordered for the Devil World Army to ceasefire against the Divine Prefecture. If we are defeated here today, I hope that the world can view the cultivators of the Devil World without discrimination.”

Being defeated may mean death. If he died, he hoped that the cultivators of the Devil World could live in this world.

“Senior, do not worry,” Ye Futian stated. “Furthermore, if we are defeated, I might be like you and not be able to see the future.”

This battle was all or nothing. If they lost, they might all die. They would not be able to see anything. It would definitely be an age of darkness.

“All right!” The Devil Emperor nodded. The Buddha of Destiny had predicted that he would encounter a tribulation. If today was his tribulation, he hoped that the cultivators of the Devil World would be unscathed and that they would be free of the Devil Abyss’s restrictions. Even if there was no Devil World in the future, even if everyone in the future forgot the will of the Devil World, it was no longer important.

The Devil Emperor stepped forward, walking toward one direction, and joined the battlefield.

After the Devil Emperor joined the battle, all Six Emperors were now present. They all participated in the fight. This battle gathered all the top figures.

If one had to name someone missing, then it was only Ji Wudao who was temporarily locked away by the current Heavenly Emperor.

In Donghuang the Great’s battlefield, he and the Eternal Swordlord were still in a stalemate. After seeing that the Devil Emperor had come to join the battle, Donghuang the Great felt gratuitous. The Six Emperors had fought for countless years, checking and balancing each other, but he always knew who his opponent was. He had never viewed the Devil World as his enemy and respected the Devil Emperor deep down.

Now, they finally had the chance to fight side by side. Four of the Six Emperors were on their side. Even the Dark Sovereign was now standing against the Human Ancestor.

Aggressive sword Qi suddenly appeared, but Donghuang the Great did not avoid it. The Revelation Divine Power seemed to evolve at this moment. The murderous sword intent filling the sky scattered and became formless, turning into nothingness. No sword intent could approach his body. This domain of nothingness was also expanding and shrouding toward the Eternal Swordlord!