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Chapter 2946: The Ultimate Battle (4)

“Donghuang!” a voice rang out. Then the Eternal Swordlord’s body was already gone. He had transformed into the divine domain of the Sword Path, becoming one with all the heavens. His huge silhouette appeared in the dome of the sky, formed by countless sword intents. These sword intents seemed to be immortal, eternally existing in the world.

Merely his voice contained an extremely sharp aura.

Zip, zip… There were sharp, ear-piercing sounds. The vast void was formed by the Eternal Sword Intent. Every beam of sword intent was extremely strong. This micro world was the world of the sword.

Donghuang the Great raised his head and looked at the Eternal Swordlord. He sensed an extremely strong threat. This micro world contained billions of sword intent.

“I cultivated the Sword Path and ruled the world. I did not think I would meet my match in the later world. You won my respect. This sword is the Eternal Sword. If you can take it, then this battle will be over,” the Eternal Swordlord said. His voice was extremely domineering.

The Revelation Divine Power from Donghuang the Great shrouded the vast space. The endless sword intent invaded it without resistance, but they could not hurt him at all.

Then Divine Power surged on Donghuang the Great. Divine light enveloped his body, and he looked brilliant. Emperor light wrapped around him, filled with an air of mightiness. He looked up at the Eternal Swordlord and said, “I respect you as an ancient senior. It’s not too late for you to give up now.”

“Presumptuous!” the Eternal Swordlord barked. Then he stated loudly, “Of the 3000 Great Paths, only the Sword is eternal.”

As soon as he spoke, all the divine swords seemed to solidify, becoming able to obliterate every single existence. Everything in that sword domain was about to turn into dust and ashes, dying under the sword.

Billions of divine swords in the dome of the sky converged into an Eternal Sword that could cross over the world. It stabbed down, and it seemed very slow, but it crossed the vast void in every second. The two were fighting at a large distance between each other.


Donghuang the Great sensed the sword might. The worlds in its path collapsed, and space shattered. Everything was turning to dust under this sword. In the dome of the sky, the Eternal Swordlord’s face was boundlessly huge. Sword light wrapped around him and illuminated the heavens. At that moment, many cultivators on the continents of the Heaven Realm could all see a highly brilliant arc of sword light in the sky.

The Revelation Divine Power was collapsing and shattering. It could not hold up against the sword intent at all. That divine sword killed its way over, shooting toward Donghuang the Great.

Right then, Donghuang the Great’s body transformed into illusory light, as if he was not genuinely tangible. But the divine light on his body was even more brilliant than earlier. His two hands formed an imprint, and he pointed his finger forward, uttering from his lips, “Become nothing!”

As soon as he spoke, his body moved forward. His finger transformed into a sword that went upward. The frightening Eternal Sword Intent fell from the sky, but it crumbled in an instant, turning into nothingness. That was not all. Everything under the path of Donghuang the Great’s finger was obliterated, turning into nothingness.

After that, everything surrounding his body also turned into nothingness. No type of Divine Power could survive.

The world-slaying Eternal Sword shot down from the dome of the sky, killing toward Donghuang the Great with an extremely aggressive force. It was as if Donghuang the Great’s body would be stabbed through instantly and killed right then and there.

But Donghuang the Great did not retreat at all. He continued forward, his finger clashing against the extremely domineering Eternal Sword. It looked like a moth trying to move a tree.

There was no intense explosion. There was only annihilation and nothingness.

The Eternal Sword was actually penetrated by Donghuang the Great’s finger. Then it broke bit by bit, turning into nothingness. The boundlessly huge sword was dissolved as if it had never existed. This scene made the expression of the Eternal Swordlord—who had become one with the sky in the heavens—change drastically.

Donghuang the Great continued upward. His finger pointed before him and landed on the massive face of the Eternal Swordlord, breaking the sky with a finger.

At that moment, the sky was shattering and turning into nothingness. The Eternal Swordlord’s face was twisting. Some sword intent wanted to escape and leave, but under that Divine Power of the void, no type of Qi was able to go. Everything turned into the void.

In that instant, everything was shattering.

The Eternal Swordlord’s face disappeared. That sword domain also shattered, transforming into nothingness. Donghuang the Great stood atop the void. His body resolidified, but his aura was a bit weaker. He consumed a pill and then sat cross-legged, closing his eyes to cultivate.

On the other battlefields, the Devil Emperor began sweeping in all directions after joining the battle. The Six Emperors were the top figures of the world. Even the ancient Great Emperors found it difficult to counter them. Only those Super Great Emperors could put up a fight.

At this time, the Devil Emperor and Yu Tu already had the blood of a dozen ancient Great Emperors on their hands. The Devil Emperor’s goal turned to the Evil Emperor, who was fighting against the Dark Sovereign. If they killed the Evil Emperor, the result of this battle would be set.

Meanwhile, Yu Tu charged towards another battlefield.

Of course, the most dangerous one was still the Human Ancestor, who had transformed into the Heavenly Path.

Ye Futian stood under the Heavenly Path of the Human Ancestor and saw an extremely frightening force shroud the vast space. Then Ye Futian discovered with shock that countless air currents rushed towards that part of the sky.

At that moment, the entire Human Realm sank into a mass of moans and cries. All of the cultivators in the Human Realm seemed to be out of control, but that was not all. Even the people from all over who were fighting there were the same.

The Human Ancestor had refined the Human Realm. Was he swallowing the energy of the entire Human Realm?

Was he going to use all the cultivators of the Human Realm?

“What is that?” Ye Futian stared at the upper sky. He saw countless illusory shadows. They were like various obsessions or emotions and desires. Many shadows were struggling, but it was to no avail. They all converged atop the sky.

Justice? This was the Human Ancestor’s justice, his Path.

Were all the cultivators of the Human Realm his puppets?

“I must stop him.” This thought appeared in Ye Futian’s mind. He realized that the most dangerous Human Ancestor was about to come into the world.

With one thought, divine light appeared around Ye Futian’s body, filling the sky. Strange phenomena and countless divine swords appeared. He pointed at the sky, and the billions of divine swords broke through at once, shooting towards that part of the sky.

A patch of sword rain appeared in the sky, shooting towards that part of the Heavenly Path. The converged force kept getting extinguished, and yet Ye Futian heard a mocking voice come from the heavens, “Don’t you call yourself the side of justice? Why are you committing bloodshed now?”

Ye Futian’s pupils constricted. Were the illusions that he was extinguishing real cultivators?

“This is your justice?” Ye Futian stared at the illusory face in the sky.

“After I control the Heavenly Path and create a world of gods, there will be absolute justice,” the Human Ancestor replied. “The Heavenly Emperor could not stop me back then. Your mother could not stop me either. Today, you will be the same.”

The entire heavens turned into an illusory face. All of the gods that were fighting looked up towards there as well. Their hearts pounded. Was the true Human Ancestor coming?!