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Chapter 2947: The Ultimate Battle (5)

In many continents of the Human Realm, the trees were withering, and the rivers and lakes were drying up. Everything in the world was being destroyed. The people of the Human Realm all sank into endless despair. They looked up to the heavens. Was that their world savior?

Why was he now bringing doomsday to the Human Realm instead?

The Human Ancestor was refining all the energy of the Human Realm. The yin and yang, the five elements, and everything were melded into the Heavenly Path.

On the battlefield, Ye Futian and the others looked up to the sky. They sensed the might of the doomsday. The energy contained in that Heavenly Path already surpassed a Great Emperor. He was refining an entire world.

Many people stopped fighting. Even the Evil Emperor stopped his battle and instead looked up at that sky.

Everyone felt coldness deep in their bones. The Human Ancestor’s humanity was already gone—or rather, he was not a “human” anymore. He already viewed himself as a god of creation.

“After countless years of cultivation, I have realized the Ultimate Path. Everything in the world follows the law of conservation. This was the reason why the Heavenly Path collapsed back then. If the gods want to rise, then the Heavenly Path must be destroyed,” the voice streamed from the heavens. “However, they were still defeated in the end. Success was impossible. Nowadays, the world that has been in chaos for countless years will finally return to order. Everything will return to the correct path.”

“The way to return to the correct path is through bloodshed?” the Evil Emperor asked, looking at the heavens. He was shocked by everything that he saw the Human Ancestor do. All of this was too horrifying. If this continued, he could not imagine what the world would turn into.

“Since the world follows the law of conservation, then to create an era of gods, there can’t be too many humans.” There seemed to be a pair of eyes in the sky that looked at the Evil Emperor. “What, do you want to betray me too?”

“Everything you’re doing is incomprehensible,” the Evil Emperor said. He had wanted to follow the strong side, which was the Human Ancestor. Everything had been decided already, but at this moment, he started feeling belated fear. If the Human Ancestor achieved his “ideal” world, what would it be like?


“I spent countless years and ages to comprehend the ultimate ‘path.’ It is very typical for you not to be able to comprehend it. I do not need you to understand either,” the Human Ancestor said. “I am known as the Human Ancestor. Thus, I will reshape the world order today.”

The Human Ancestor—the ancestor of humankind. After he reshaped the world order, he would be the first ancestor of the new world’s humans. There would be generation after generation with no end.

Boom! Beams of divine light dropped down, falling onto everyone’s bodies. At that moment, all the cultivators felt their consciousnesses and minds become muddled. It was like a horrifying intent was trying to invade them and take over their bodies directly.

Even Ye Futian felt this horrifying strength. In his mind, he saw a boundless and domineering face invading with the might of the Heavenly Path.

Boom, boom, boom… Beams of frightening Divine Power burst forth. Divine Power flared crazily from the ancient figures whom the Human Ancestor had revived and brought back. Their eyes became extremely demonic as if they were no longer themselves. They released Divine Power crazily as they attacked the fighters.

“Turns out the ancient emperors being revived was all a sham. They’re all puppets controlled by the Human Ancestor.” Everyone understood now after seeing this scene.

Ye Futian broke free from the state, and he yelled, “Careful.”

This voice reverberated in everyone’s eardrums like a ringing bell. It helped everyone maintain clarity in their minds, but even so, several Great Emperors around them still suffered from the sudden attack.

At this time, strong Divine Power enveloped the vast space, covering all the cultivators. It was Hua Jieyu’s Divine Power of Colorless Realm. All the strong figures bathed in the Divine Power of Colorless Realm and blocked off the invasion of that intent.

Poof! Just then, there was a crisp sound. Ye Futian looked back toward a certain direction, and he saw that in that place, shock appeared in the Evil Emperor’s eyes. There was a golden spear in his body. The horrifying spatial Divine Power was distorting the space.

“This is the consequence of betraying,” a voice came from the silhouette. Then the space twisted and shattered wildly. The Evil Emperor’s body exploded directly, turning into nothingness in the distorted space windstorm. He was killed directly.

“Human Ancestor!”

Everyone’s hearts pounded. The Devil Emperor and Dark Sovereign looked at the figure who had killed the Evil Emperor. It was an ancient emperor, but right now, he had become the clone of the Human Ancestor. He was a puppet.

The Human Ancestor could come to the world by using them.

This had already been proven. The Human Ancestor that Ye Futian had killed earlier was exactly like this.

However, coming to this world by using the body of a puppet made the Human Ancestor even more frightening.

As one of the Six Emperors, the Evil Emperor had been one of the most supreme beings, but he had been killed directly. It was also with the spatial power that he himself had been skilled at. The Human Ancestor had truly touched the source of all. Just as he said, he was a god of creation. Divine Power was no longer necessary because he represented the law.

Ye Futian trained his eyes on that side. Extremely powerful Divine Power descended instantly, shrouding the other’s body. The Evil Emperor had shown the responsibility as one of the Six Emperors by realizing the end, but he was killed so quickly because of this.

That figure stared at Ye Futian with disdain and mockery in his eyes.

Boom! Ye Futian’s body vanished from the spot. He stabbed his spear out unwaveringly. Time came to a stop. The other was unmoving. The spear penetrated the other’s body directly, and he was annihilated instantly, killed instantly.

However, Ye Futian did not relax at all. This was only a clone, while the Human Ancestor could descend at will, appearing anywhere. Those ancient emperors were all his puppets and could all become his incarnates.

This even made Ye Futian feel fear. Who could stop the Human Ancestor, other than him?

If the Human Ancestor’s incarnates killed the others, who would be able to stop him.

Thinking of this, Ye Futian’s Divine Power instantly shrouded the vast space, covering all the battlefields with his divine thought. He sensed a commotion in one direction, and his expression changed with shock. With a thought, he pushed his Divine Power to the max. Everything seemed to stop, but a frightening figure was still shooting toward Hua Jieyu.

Hua Jieyu had released the Divine Power of Colorless Realm, attracting the Human Ancestor’s attention, and thus became the target that the Human Ancestor wanted to kill the most.

Boom! In that space, Ye Futian’s speed reached his maximum limit, moving like a shooting star.

Poof… The attack missed. It stabbed into where Hua Jieyu had been standing, but Hua Jieyu’s body had disappeared. She was standing at another point with Ye Futian.

Ye Futian’s heart pounded, feeling the aftershock. He trained his eyes on the figure in the lower sky. If he had been an instant slower, Hua Jieyu might have died in the hands of the Human Ancestor. Even now, everyone was still in danger!