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Chapter 2948: The Ultimate Battle (6)

“All of you come back,” Ye Futian announced loudly, calling for all the fighters to return to his side.

At the same time, his Divine Power enveloped the vast space, raising his guard against the other.

“It is meaningless.” The voice traveled from the dome of the sky, and a face appeared in the Heavenly Path. Then limitless divine light shone down. It converged in one place. There, a humanoid figure gradually appeared. This figure did not seem real. It was an incredibly perfect person. Every part of the body was translucent—it was carved from the Heavenly Path and had no flaws.

“I gave you all chances, but since you did not treasure it, you will disappear now. Become a part of the world,” the Human Ancestor said. He did not believe in gods and did not believe in any person. He only believed in himself.

It was only absolutely real if everything was grasped in his own hands. Even if he created a world of gods, he still wanted to control all the gods. Everything in the world had to operate under his wishes.

The perfect figure that had appeared bathed under the divine light of the Heavenly Path. He lowered his head and gazed at Ye Futian. His eyes were extremely frightening. It was like he could enter Ye Futian’s mind with only one glance and rob his control over his body.

The other’s figure was projected in Ye Futian’s mind. He seemed to see the sky and also all the organisms. It was the entire Human Realm.

The Human Ancestor was no longer a pure “human” cultivator; he was a different species.

“Surrender!” the Human Ancestor said. His voice shook the world. Ye Futian showed signs of lowering his head to bow down to the other. This was a supreme intent—the intent of the Heavenly Path.

This is my world! A thought appeared in Ye Futian’s mind. He locked the other’s intent in his world and then destroyed it. However, at practically the same time, an extremely dangerous aura descended. The Human Ancestor attacked while holding the Sword of Law. It contained extremely frightening Divine Power; everything in the world was about to be destroyed.

Ye Futian looked up at the other. Everything in the surrounding world froze. All the Divine Power stopped flowing.


However, he could not stop the other’s actions. The Human Ancestor’s body was still descending. Even the Divine Power of Law of Time could not block his sword. His Law of Sword surpassed that of time and could shatter the time and space here directly. The Divine Power of Time did not have a form, but even so, Ye Futian could still clearly feel that time was collapsing.

Ye Futian tightened his grasp on the spear. When one reached the level that he and the Human Ancestor were at, everything returned to the basics. Those brilliant divine techniques all lost their meaning. It was a clash of the most primitive forces.

Boom! His body transformed into the Path and advanced. His spear broke through the air. This spear seemed to carry the force of a universe gathered on the spear. It could shatter every physical item in the universe. If it hit a world, it could be destroyed directly.

And at that moment, there was only one figure before them.

The instant that two streaks of light shot out, everything in the surroundings went still. Even the two streaks seemed like simple attacks; everyone sensed how frightening the one blow was. It was like time was suffering formless restrictions, and they could not move. The Human Ancestor and Ye Futian were all above their levels.

Finally, the two attacks crashed into each other. It felt like a long time had passed.

There was no intense explosion. This collision was already above the Law of Time and had also surpassed sound. Everyone felt the absolute stillness. They could hear their own heartbeats.

After that, the entire world in that area collapsed and shattered. It crumbled into nothingness in that instant. Everything no longer existed.

The strong figures of the Great Emperor Plane nearby all retreated quickly, releasing their Divine Power wildly to fend off the corrosion from that destructive force. But despite this, some people were still heavily injured.

Ye Futian was in the center of the battlefield. He felt the world inside his body collapsing and shattering. Many buildings in his Micro Heavenly Path World were collapsing, cracks appeared in the mountains, and the sea was roaring. It was like experiencing a tribulation.

His body was forced to an extremely faraway place, and he let out a muffled grunt from his lips. The space around him had already crumbled and turned into nothingness.

The perfect body that the Human Ancestor had formed also shattered, turning illusory. However, as divine light shone down from the heavens, that broken figure reformed and was reborn. It seemed to be eternal and undying.

Boom! Right then, a beam of extremely aggressive sword light hacked down, cracking the world. It cut down at the Heavenly Path. Billions of devil tribulations were released with the sword light, ripping through every existence. It was about to rip apart and destroy that part of the sky.

This was done by the Devil Emperor. In ancient times, the Heavenly Path had managed the world law and had a consciousness. The Human Ancestor had cultivated in ancient times, and now, he had become the Heavenly Path. In that case, killing his incarnate was no longer meaningful. They could only kill the Human Ancestor by shattering the heavens, like in ancient times.

The Human Ancestor turned and looked at the Devil Emperor. Scorn flashed past his eyes. Suddenly, countless beams of tribulation light dropped from the Heavenly Path, shooting murderously toward the Devil Emperor. At the same time, the huge face stared at the Devil Emperor, invading the Devil Emperor’s mind.

The Devil Emperor’s body was frozen there, but his eyes continued bursting with a really shocking demonic light. His body had turned into a tribulation form, and he uttered devilish sounds that circled up in the sky. Abruptly, light from billions of demonic tribulations swept up the heavens, wanting to cut apart that Heavenly Path. At that moment, the cultivators in the lower sky saw limitless tribulation light pass through the sky and ravage crazily in the sky.

“Suicide,” the perfect incarnation of the Human Ancestor, uttered. The next moment, his body vanished. A Sword of Law stabbed through the Devil Emperor’s body directly. The strength of the tribulation light weakened immediately, and the Devil Emperor’s magnificent body started breaking apart.

“Bang!” The Devil Emperor’s body transformed into nothingness and flew into the distance. The Human Ancestor gazed at the side coldly. However, a moment later, the Devil Emperor’s broken body rematerialized. A beam of divine light wrapped around his body so he would not die.

“Go!” Ye Futian cried out. The Human Ancestor did not plan on letting him go. Another beam of world-slaying light dropped from the sky, transforming into the Spear of Destruction. It was like the Dark Sovereign’s ability. It could penetrate the emperor directly and pierced the Devil Emperor’s body.

But at the same time, a silhouette escaped and left. There was a huge boom and the Devil Emperor’s physical body shattered, but his divine soul was not extinguished. Instead, it turned and escaped.

The Human Ancestor wanted to continue killing it, but Ye Futian blocked him. He raised a palm. Golden light wrapped around him and pushed up the sky, blocking that attack.

Everyone felt a bit of despair. The Human Ancestor had returned as the Path. He was undying, and it was impossible to kill him.

In the distance, Lady Qin and Lady Shu at Donghuang the Great, but Donghuang the Great shook his head at them!