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Chapter 2949: Become the Path

“It’s effective!”

Ye Futian looked up at the Heavenly Path. Back when the Heavenly Path had collapsed in the ancient war of gods, it had meant that the Heavenly Path was not undefeatable. The Human Ancestor was not either.

The Devil Emperor’s previous attack had been effective, and it caused the Human Ancestor to grow furious.

However, the Devil Emperor had also paid a heavy price. He had used two lives in exchange for having his spirit soul escape.

“You are all looking for death,” a cold voice sounded from the dome of the sky. Then doomsday divine tribulations descended from the sky. Beams of the destructive divine light of law shone down, shooting toward Ye Futian and the other emperors.

Then Ye Futian’s body flashed, going up to the sky. An extremely frightening beam of divine light shot from his body and crossed the sky, piercing into the heavens. Instantly, it was as if the flow of time in the heavens slowed down. Then the space began distorting and collapsing.

Ye Futian’s body transformed into a beam of light and went upward. The beam of light crossed over the sky in an extremely brilliant manner. Holding the spear, he stabbed into the heavens. The glow of the spear penetrated it, seeming to spear the heavens. The space inside collapsed and shattered, suffering from extreme destructiveness.

At that moment, the sky of the Human Realm also collapsed and shattered crazily, but a frightening silhouette appeared. It stared at Ye Futian.

“Let us end now,” that silhouette said. As soon as he spoke, countless beams of the divine light of law fell, hitting Ye Futian’s body. At that moment, Ye Futian could only feel supreme energy going through his body, penetrating his spirit soul. No one could endure the impact of this terrifying energy.

The world inside Ye Futian’s body was collapsing and breaking crazily. He spat out fresh blood, and his body was forced to an extremely faraway place. His physical body was about to collapse, and his spirit soul was breaking and extinguishing too. It was like his entire being was disintegrating and would soon stop existing.

Bang! With a loud bang, Ye Futian’s body was shaken apart. This scene shocked Donghuang the Great and the others. Their eyes stared in Ye Futian’s direction, and many people had hopeless expressions.


Had Ye Futian been by the Human Ancestor?

“Hmph!” A cold huff came from the heavens. That Heavenly Path had been damaged too. He had only returned after waiting for centuries and did not think that someone could pose a threat to him today.

The destructive force of the law converged. He was going to kill everyone.

“Huh?” At that time, many people gaped and looked towards Ye Futian’s side. They watched as Ye Futian’s broken spirit soul actually started rejoining. His physical body was converging and reforming as if he also had an undying body.

This made the Human Ancestor let out a surprised noise. Then another gust of extremely frightening energy started gathering. He wanted to kill Ye Futian again.

Donghuang the Great looked at Ye Futian and his body transformed into a blinding streak of light. He rushed toward the Heavenly Path. After he entered it, his entire person turned illusory. A mighty Divine Power spread out. It was the Power of the Void.

“Transform!” Donghuang the Great uttered. His body became the Path, and everything surrounding him turned into nothingness. That part of the heaven kept dissipating as if it would be eradicated and disappear under the Divine Power of Donghuang the Great until it no longer existed.

“Father!” Ye Futian looked up to the dome of the sky, his heart twisting painfully. His father had always wanted to comprehend the ultimate Divine Power. The Void was indeed one of the top Divine Powers. It could make everything turn into nothingness.

But Ye Futian felt vaguely that even though his father had comprehended the Path of the Void, it was still not enough. He was not strong enough to destroy that Heavenly Path. The Human Ancestor had transformed the Path for countless years, and there was still a big difference.

His attack earlier with the Path of Time had also been extreme, and he believed that in terms of force, it was an ultimate force too. It could make time and space collapse, but it still could not kill the Human Ancestor.

Hua Jieyu also moved toward the dome of the sky. Her dress fluttered as she released the Divine Power of the Colorless Realm to the max. It seeped into that part of the sky, wanting to lock up the Human Ancestor. The Dark Sovereign also attacked. The light of doomsday burst from her body, shooting toward the sky.

Everyone was unleashing their strongest attacks to destroy the Heavenly Path.

That part of the heavens collapsed and shattered crazily. Chaotic law and order rained down, and destructive currents went wild in the sky.

“You think this will work?” the cold voice said from the heavens, making everyone feel chills over their body.

Countless beams of destructive light penetrated the body of Donghuang the Great. Under the blow of the horrifying energy, even the Divine Power of the Void lost effectiveness. Donghuang the Great’s body was destroyed and disappeared. He died in the dome of the sky. The others who had attacked suffered extremely terrifying blows and were sent flying back, even getting heavily hurt.

“History will not repeat.” An extremely cold voice streamed from the heavens. That frightening face was extremely cold, thinking back to the past two experiences. This time, he used the lessons he had learned and did not panic. He was stronger than any previous times, returning in whole and without flaws. He was perfect and had become the true Heavenly Path. He was undying and unkillable. No one could ever defeat him again.

Even so, he still encountered quite some trouble. This made him feel blasphemed.

However, everything was about to end. He was the ultimate god.

“Father.” Ye Futian looked at the disappeared figure of Donghuang the Great. After comprehending the Ultimate Path of the Void, his father had transformed into the path to destroy the Human Ancestor, but he had still failed.

“Your Majesty.”

The String Emperor and Book Deity also looked toward the vanished figure. After their master had passed away, had Donghuang the Great passed away too?

Then, who could stop the Human Ancestor?

Destructive doomsday might radiated out of the heavens. The Human Ancestor would not give them the chance to lament. He wanted to kill everyone.

Beams of divine light shot down murderously, going towards Ye Futian and the others, and were about to hit their targets.

But just then, a formless force swept across, and the entire world seemed to freeze at that moment. Even the Human Ancestor’s attack seemed to stop.

Ye Futian felt that an invisible force shrouded the entire world at that moment. He could vaguely sense golden light, but that was illusory and not real.

“This is time!”

That idea flashed through Ye Futian’s mind.

“Who is it?”


At that time, a voice spoke, and in Ye Futian’s perceptions, he saw a figure.


The figure in Ye Futian’s perceptions was his teacher.

“The Human Ancestor has already become the Path. He is undefeatable by human force. If you wish to defeat him, there is only one path,” the master said to Ye Futian.

“Please advise me,” Ye Futian said.

“Become the Path,” the master replied.

“Become the Path!” Ye Futian murmured. “Master, have you become the Path already?”

“I have always been imprisoned in Time. Not long ago, I finally had some enlightenment. I can help you trap him for some time, but the specifics of what to do depends on yourself.”