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Chapter 2950: Destiny

“Who are you?” a cold voice streamed from the dome of the sky. Incredible destructive force exploded, but it had no target. Everything was in a formless state.

The Human Ancestor smelted the world and turned his body into the Heavenly Path. He controlled all of the material energy and comprehended the force of the original source. He himself represented the Law; he was undying and unable to be killed. But at this moment, he was trapped in the formlessness.

“I came from that era, just like you,” the voice replied.

“Time!” The Human Ancestor had never paid attention to the teacher of the Four Corners Village. To him, he was just an ancient emperor and not even a complete body. He had collected too many ancient emperors like him. It was not surprising that Donghuang the Great could meet one. He had not cared at all.

As the Human Ancestor, he was already standing at the pinnacle of the world and had become the Path. Indeed, he did not need to care, but he had never expected that the existence he had overlooked was now restraining him.

“You are the Time Walker, Mu Feng.” The Human Ancestor’s voice was filled with shock.

“It seems that you are very knowledgeable about the ancient Great Emperors,” the master replied. “Back then, the collapse of the Heavenly Path already put the world through tribulations. I am sure that you were a victim too. Since you already reached this cultivation state, why are you repeating it?”

The Human Ancestor did not answer. Instead, he said, “Why did you not die?”

All the gods had died under the Heavenly Path. The Time Walker had also been a Super Great Emperor. How come he had not died and still lived until today’s world?

“I was trapped in Time and survived with luck,” the master said.

“Since you could also become the Path and return today, why are you taking the other side?” The Human Ancestor’s voice was cold and carried a threatening feeling.


“After the Heavenly Path collapsed, the world experienced tribulations of doomsday. After countless years, it is time for a new era, and it is not the era you want,” the master continued to say. Everyone could hear their conversation clearly. They could even feel the destructive windstorm that the Human Ancestor released, but it could not threaten them. That force seemed to be existing in a different dimension than them.

“Master has a deeper understanding of time than me,” Ye Futian thought inside. If he were to defeat the Human Ancestor, he would have to become the Path. His father had become the Path of the Void but still could not kill the Human Ancestor. Master seemed to have become the Path now too.

Then how should he become the Path?

“Young Master,” a voice said. The String Emperor walked towards Ye Futian.

“Lady Qin, Lady Shu.” Ye Futian looked at the two. The String Emperor seemed to have something to say to him.

“Actually, your mother knew back then that if she wanted to kill the Human Ancestor, she could only be like him, but if you become the Path, you will no longer be yourself. You will only be the Path.” Lady Qin looked at Ye Futian. She seemed to be pained as she spoke.

Ye Futian understood instantly. Back then, the eight legions under the Heavenly Path controlled the law of the world, but the Heavenly Path was only the law. It did not have a true form. The Human Ancestor was the same. After he became the Path, he no longer truly existed. Only his consciousness existed.

After his mother became the Heavenly Path, she disappeared and stopped existing.

So if he became the Path…

“Young Master, with your current cultivation, you might be able to reach the supreme level even without becoming the Path and surpass the Human Ancestor,” the String Emperor continued to say. “You already created the Heavenly Path World, and you’re practically undying and immortal. You can travel across universes. Leave here and cultivate in another world. You can return and kill the Human Ancestor in the future.”

Ye Futian seemed to understand something from her words and asked, “Did Father know this too?”

The String Emperor’s eyes dulled, and then she nodded.

“Your father was like your mother,” the String Emperor said. “They both had very resolute beliefs. They wanted to return to the glory of the ancient era and let everyone have an unrestricted cultivation world. They had worked hard for that too, but after losing your mother, you were the only one that your father had. Thus, he always felt that he owed you. As long as there is a shred of hope, he would not want you to sacrifice yourself for this ideal.”

“So he chose to use himself as a gambling chip?” Ye Futian looked up to the dome of the sky and said, “Because of me, his resolute faith started swaying.”

“Perhaps, that is the only time he swayed,” the String Emperor said. “He hoped you could live.”

Naturally, Ye Futian understood. If he lived to leave in defeat from today’s battle, the world would undergo tribulations and suffer world-ending disasters. Even so, Donghuang the Great had chosen to keep it from him, not telling him.

Perhaps, this was Donghuang the Great’s selfishness as a father.

Ye Futian lowered his head and looked down. His eyes seemed to penetrate the vast world. He saw the tribulations of the Human Realm and the Heaven Realm. All of the seven realms were going through tribulations.

And this was only the beginning. If the Human Ancestor ruled over the world, he would destroy everything, upend everything. He wanted to create a world of gods, but they had to be gods that he controlled. He wanted to become the absolute ruler.

“I know what to do now,” Ye Futian said. He raised his head and looked toward the Human Ancestor with extremely resolute eyes. Even if this battle were not for the masses, it would be for his grandfather whom he had never met, his mother who had died to give birth to him, his father Donghuang the Great, the Devil Emperor, and others. He could not let the Human Ancestor remain in this world.

He could bring the people around him and escape freely, leaving this world, but who would take revenge for all this?

Countless people from the six legions had died in this battle, including those from the Ziwei Imperial Palace and those under the Heavenly Mandate Academy. Who would take revenge for their lives?

These people had fought for their faith. Some had also fought for him. He was their faith.

Countless eyes fell upon Ye Futian’s body. Hua Jieyu, Gu Dongliu, Yu Wuchen… All of these familiar faces. They had heard the previous conversation and knew what was going to happen, but no one spoke.

No one was qualified to decide for Ye Futian.

This was his destiny.

Turning around, Ye Futian did not meet those pairs of eyes. He was afraid that he would hesitate. With one thought, his body vanished from the spot and left this place.

Seeing him leave, this part of the heavens was deathly silent.

“Even if I become the Path, I will still exist, won’t I?” a voice sounded, landing in everyone’s ears. It was comforting them all. This voice penetrated their hearts, and tears appeared in many people’s eyes.

Donghuang Diyuan stood on the side and looked toward the disappeared figure. There were tears in her pretty eyes. Her second father had died in battle too.

She had learned of Ye Futian from a very young age, and she had met Ye Futian when she was 16 years old. Even though Ye Futian did not know her identity, he had always existed in her life.

Was everyone in her life going to leave her?


The String Emperor and Book Deity walked to Donghuang Diyuan’s side, comforting her softly. To them, Donghuang Diyuan was also their child, just like Ye Futian!